Leather Bar Sex Party Ch. 02 – House Party


[This is a followup to my earlier essay here, “Leather Bar Sex Party.” Go back to read that one first if you like, or not! If you enjoy it, feel free to leave a note in comments about what you liked most. I’ll try to work up that angle in future. These mostly true stories are a bit on the long side, so thanks for those who enjoy them to the end — they are inspired by the erotic stories I secretly enjoyed in my teens. Cheers, mates.]


“Hey buddy, this is Ed.” The text arrives on a lazy Friday afternoon. “From a week ago. My husband and I had quite the time with you at the bar last week. He can’t stop talking about watching us fuck. What might you be up to tonight?”

I say thanks again. I had a blast too, in case you failed to notice, lol. How’ve you guys been? Not much planned on my end tonight. What’s up?

“Bruce and I were out the other night with a few friends and we all got to talking about how hard it is to find a great bottom, lol. We all like hairy, fit, verbal, insatiable. Uninhibited. Bruce told them about your fucking hot performance at the play party. Our buddies got super intrigued. And horned. One of them wondered what it might be like for us to all have you over some night…”

Fuck! My dick starts to lengthen in my jeans. Ed continues: “Any chance you’re free tonight? We’re having them and maybe a few other guys over. Pretty hot guys. Start with some drinks…”

Fuck! They’d mentioned that night — after I got pounded by Ed and a few others in the sling, then again up against the bar by Ed and his husband, and later, the bartender — that they’d like my contact info, to call later and set something up. And here we are.

I tell him, hell yeah, would be fun to reconnect. “Count me in. For anything.” I’d actually been in the mood to top more lately, but that can wait.

He texts their address and says 8 or so would be ideal. I wrap up my work for the day, grab a light dinner, then prep for whatever might cum my way. I do some pushups and setups to pump up a bit. It’s late summer, so I throw on a tight white tank, short denim shorts, a cock ring and a jock, and suede work boots with thick white socks. A tad trashy, maybe, to waltz out the door and hop in a Lyft to head up to their place. But I know it’s a look that’ll get them and their guests revved up when I arrive.


Around 8 I land at their bungalow on a leafy street on the city’s north side. Bruce is mid-50s, shaved head and glasses, about my height, 5′ 8″. He greets me at the door, sneaks a quick deep kiss, and ushers me inside their nicely decorated home, to the kitchen. Ed is maybe a bit older, wiry, muscled, hairy, about 6′ 5″. He and three guests are hanging near the bar.

“Hey, it’s our guest of honor!” Ed grins. “What can I get you to drink?” I notice they all are having whiskey. “The same’ll do.” Ed does introductions all around. The other guys seem to perk up.

We make small talk. One of the guys admires my erect nipples pushing through my white tank, brushes them, pinches lightly, moans, “fucking niiice…” No boundaries with this group. Ed tells him, just wait’ll you see the rest. He grabs the bottom of my shirt and rolls it up and off, exposing my hairy chest and pits to the group. He unbuttons the waist of my jean shorts. Rubs my chest. I grin. “What’d we tell you guys? Smells great, too,” as he lifts my arm and sniffs a sweaty pit. “Better than poppers.” Two guys lean in to steal a whiff. One licks my pit deeply, the other presses his tongue in my mouth.

My dick is now squirming in my shorts, the cock ring is doing its thing, and one of their guests seems to notice. “We’re gonna need these to come off, too, buddy.” He unzips me, and I’m helpless as he strips my shorts down to my boots, and I step out, exposing my jocked bulge.

Here I am, sipping whiskey with Ed and Bruce and their three friends (whose names I’ve already forgotten), all looking in their 40s or 50s or a bit older but in great shape, all fully clothed, and I’m wearing nothing but a goddamned jock! Oh yeah, boots and socks. But damn!

My cock is aching in its pouch and they turn me around, critiquing my fuzzy muscles and ass. I’m on display and loving it. Hands caress my chest, play with my nips, make their way to my butt. Fingers explore the length of my crack. A few guys grope their crotches, we all sip our drinks, Ed and Bruce make out, then Ed leans over to make out with me. One of the guests mutters, “holy shit this is off to a hot start,” and I instantly agree!

“And… you’re not gonna need this any more.” He strips off my jock. I’m totally nude — just a piece of fuck-meat — among this fully clothed crowd. I loop one strap of the sweaty jock around my neck, as I did last week at the bar. Bruce remembers: “Damn, you almanbahis know I like that look.” I could not be more turned on. One dude gets on his knees and gives me amazing head for a minute or two, as everyone watches, and salivates. Just uninhibited man-sex, on display, naturally.

“A few more guys may be joining in a short bit,” Bruce announces, “after they get done with dinner.” (Just how many guys, I wonder? Jesus!) “Why don’t we head downstairs and get a little more comfortable till they arrive? Who needs a refill on bourbon?”


We descend to a large, nicely decorated TV / den sort of room, and in back is a bedroom with an open door, which seems filled with candle light. Inside I get a quick idea of what the night will hold: A heavy duty leather sling is hung with chains from eye-hooks in the ceiling, to which a large mirror has been secured. Goddamn! Pegs on the wall hold paddles, butt plugs, a variety of other toys. The room is warm, and smells of sweat and sex. Holy fuck.

Hands find their places on my hairy pecs, legs, ass, heavy nuts, and my exposed and extended cock. A finger gently explores my sweaty hole. I’m fuck-meat here tonight, that’s for sure, and I’ve got no problem with that.

I’m starting to leak, and one dude notes the generous precum oozing out of my head: “You seem to like where all this is going…” The blowjob pro from upstairs returns to his station, stroking my shaft and sucking me good and making my dick jump when he pulls away. I tweak my nips and another dude helps me out, dialing them like radio knobs.

Tall Ed has stripped nude, and the others quickly join. Goddamn this is every old high school locker room fantasy coming to life! He maneuvers me to the sling, I take his lead, grab the chains and back myself into position as he helps raise my feet, still in work boots and socks, into the leather stirrups. I grab the chains near my shoulders, and I’m completely exposed, ready for whatever use they’ll have for me. All parts of me, both eager holes. Ready for my closeup.

Bruce lowers himself between my parted furry legs and starts to rim me, periodically sucking on my nuts and reaching up to stroke my throbbing cock. Ed takes control at the other end, and glides his now erect 9-inch cock in my mouth. “Get to work, buddy, just like last time, you know this gets me so stoked to fuck.” Their guests are stroking semi-hard or hard penises, grinning and knowing they’ll have full access to whatever they want tonight. Five hot fuckers total, all ready to use me and get off! I love being watched, and can’t imagine anything hotter than what has started to transpire.

“Ok fellas, our fuckfest is about to start. Let me show you what this hot fucker likes.” And with that, Ed pulls his spit-covered dick out my mouth, walks around and nudges Bruce away from licking my ass, and positions his cock directly at my wet hairy hole. Unlike the start of the play party last week, there’s no discussion of rubbers — everyone’s clearly planning on boning me raw. I’m on PreP so I’m totally cool with that, excited about it, in fact. He squeezes precum onto my hole — “the sweetest goddamn lube,” he whispers — and shoves it in.

Fuck! As much as I love fucking, I love being watched by others while doing it. Huge turn on! Before I know it, I’m taking his full 9-incher in my gut, balls deep, and he settles into a good rhythm. The thick black bush surrounding his junk feels soft and sexy and amazing as he pounds me. Two of the guests, likely a couple, are making out and stroking each other like crazy as they watch us. Bruce has shoved his cock in my mouth, and their third guest awaits his turn, perhaps for either hole.

I’m going nuts with lust, and take my mouth off Bruce’s dick just long enough to tell Ed: “Welcome back into my fuckhole, hot buddy! It’s all yours. Pound my sweet ass with that big hairy bone!” I look up at our hot sex reflected in the mirror above us. I take in the group, make eye contact with each stoked fucker, and rock a bit in the sling, side to side, adjusting my hips to the position I think might give my ass and Ed’s cock the most pleasure. I grip his boner tight with my muscled sphincter and with his next raw thrust I feel his cock head suddenly connect with my prostate. Guaranteed to keep my dick at least semi-hard (and his, totally erect), for this round anyway.

“See what a fucking hot cock slut he is? Just like we told you.” Ed clearly loves showing off his fuck skills. “An absolute motherfucking champ bottom!” I grin, as much as a dude can with a hard cock fucking his mouth. One of Ed’s friends plays with his nips from behind as Ed nails me, probably nestling his cock into Ed’s crack as well.

Goddamn, I wish someone was filming all this. I’ve had some hot sex almanbahis giriş in my day, but this truly feels like a real-life porno unfolding.

Ed’s pace quickens. His boner hardens, he throws his head back and moans, and I can tell from the two times he fucked me last week, he’s going to release a gusher of his hot wet DNA. Hell yes! He pulls out just before coming, landing the first spurt on my cunt for the viewing pleasure of others before plunging back in. “Get in close and look, men, this slut’s about to be bred hard!”

The other four gather by his hips, go nuts at the sight of his load hitting my hole, and watch us breed. They share lips and hands and cocks. One shouts, “Oh my god this is so fucking hot!” Ed pounds five, six, seven hot spurts of semen deep into my gut. I grip his ass for every last drop as he pulls out.

“Goddamn it, Ed,” I gasp, “I love your fucking hot seed! Who’s next!” I eye one of the guys I find the hottest, a dark bearded, furry and fit bear with a solid 8″ dick, and wink. “Ed’s done the hard work of pre-lubing me up, you’re gonna thank him soon. We’re both gonna thank him…”

The bear wastes no time getting into position. He grabs the chains holding my boots in the stirrups, and hands-free, he positions his raw fucktool at my hole like a torpedo. He swirls a big drop of Ed’s cum along my crack, then penetrates my warm, wet ass.


“Must be the other guys arriving from dinner,” Bruce says. “I’m gonna head up and make more drinks and then we’ll be right back down.” Jesus, total strangers are going to show up in a few minutes, and witness — and join in — the hot group fuckfest taking place in this room. I can’t wait!

Ed watches the bear fuck me and grasps my cock, stroking, keeping it hard while I service his friends with my hole, but he takes care to ask me if he’s going too far. He knows I don’t want to cum soon. The bear takes his time with a sweet slow rhythm but eventually grunts loud, pulls back tight on the chains, and pounds a sweet hot load in me. He urges the guy I take to be his boyfriend, a similar bear type with a slightly smaller but bushier cock, to take over: “Get in here, honey, this fucking creampie is all yours!”

The boyfriend shoves his throbbing dick in me, but apparently was so worked up watching his man and I mate that it doesn’t take long for him to bust his nut inside me, too. “Jesus, this ass is getting so fucking cummy!” he shouts as unloads in me. “I fucking love it!” He pulls out, drenched in sweat, and looks around to see who’s not yet been served.

The third dude, a slim otter of about 60 with a nice sized cock, swollen nuts and a furry silver chest, is more than ready. No discussion whatsoever — I will be taking as much dick and cum as they insist on giving me tonight. He plunges in, grabbing tight on to the chains and pounding me like a jackhammer, rocking the sling windly, just as Bruce reappears with their late-comer guests. Five new hot fuckers he’s invited over. Five! Jesus Christ!

Bruce welcomes them to our orgy: “I guess we’ve officially got a party in progress here, boys!” Now 11 of us total — quite the crowd. Fucking hot! Sweaty, unbelievable, pornographic. The new dudes all waste no time stripping, and the first one to free his bouncing semihard cock from a pair of bulging white briefs happily shoves it into my mouth. Obviously all good friends, they randomly take turns on each other, and me — making out, feeling each other up, stroking dicks, cupping nuts, feeling up asses.

Looking directly at me, one tells Bruce: “This is even hotter than the video clip you sent me just before we left the restaurant.”

Unbeknownst to me, I guess I’d been filmed getting fucked here earlier, and these dudes got a sneak preview! “We passed my phone around and all got so fucking boned we had to skip dessert to rush out.”

Goddamn! Getting gang-fucked, being watched, AND being filmed?? Did I fall in with the right group of uninhibited exhibitionist sex hounds, or what?

He grins and looks around: “Luckily we’ve got our dessert right here… fucking sweet creampie, anyone?”

Two guys who I recognize as a couple I’d seen at the bars take turns sucking each other, I hope getting their dicks nice and fluffed to help pound me out. Two other guys each take position at one of my armpits, sniffing in the heady aroma of sweat and sex that has built up over the last hour. One shoves his pit in my face so I can enjoy his scent, and my eyes roll in the back of my head from the rush. “Better than fucking poppers, man.”


Ed and Bruce are loving the scene they’ve set in motion here in their basement sex room, and the men take turns pounding me out. At one point Ed ties a black handkerchief over my eyes, almanbahis yeni giriş and initiates a round-robin type deal where they each plunge their cocks in me for just two minutes, then switch off. I lose track of whose dick is whose, and how many times I get fucked, even who’s planted his nut! After about my seventh or eighth (maybe ninth?) raw load, Ed takes position between my legs. “OK guys, gather around and watch how it’s done. This is gonna be good.”He fingers a little cum out of my ass, slicks up my cock with it, and slowly plunges in with his dick. He firmly grabs my hard cock like a stick shift, and strokes me good.

Armpit couple is now taking turns kissing me and sliding their cocks in my mouth. Another dude (or two?) is working my nips, caressing and pinching, and rubbing up and down my sweaty pecs and stomach. I feel like a fucking pig, and I’m in heaven.

Ed is dicking me nice and slow. Bruce removes the blindfold, Ed grins and makes eye contact and raises his eyebrows at me, as if to say, “you ready?” I quickly get it — he’s trying to time our orgasms to release together. I’m so ready to nut! I lean back, close my eyes, grip his raw tool with my ass muscle, and we can each feel the other’s cock throb hard. He ups his pace, both the stroking and the fucking. I grip his meat tighter with my hole.

Like perfect champion Indy 500 drivers headed for a tie, we cross the finish line with perfection: I feel his gut tense up, he plants his bone deep, impregnating me with his second nut of the night, grunts and pushes his buddies’ loads in deeper. Simultaneously, a massive load of cum shoots out of my own slick cock, still gripped hard by his fist! First one, then two, then three hot spurts, when one lucky fucker places his mouth over my dick to claim the rest: four, five, six, and seven spurts of my hot fucking jizz, gliding down his eager throat. He scoops up the first two loads that landed on my furry stomach, and shoves them up my ass, in with the others. Fuck! All our DNA swimming around in my gut. So hot!

My body shudders in ecstasy. I’m drenched in fuck-sweat. The group knows they’ve pounded me out to perfection.The dude who swallowed my jizz leans over to make out with me — I taste my cum on his lips and tongue. Fucking hot! We make out and snowball my creamy nut and the guys watching are loving it. Just then, two of them announce they are also about to nut! I open my mouth and make eye contact with one, who indicates he’s more than willing to make a deposit. He shoves his pulsing dick down my throat, while the other quickly shoves his ready to burst cock up my ass! A fucking hot ninth (or tenth?) load of gangbang cum shoots deep up my ass, and one in my throat. Raped at both ends. Jesus.


I dismount the sling, having learned with practice the need to do so delicately, clinching my hole to keep what must be a massive amount of their sperm inside me. Love that feeling. I regain my footing, share kisses with a few guys. The couple who last fucked me approach, and without a word, spins me around and up against a mirrored closet door. I look used, and delirious, like I’m about to be frisked, my hands bracing me and my used back side exposed to the group. One kicks my boots apart with his bare foot, and wiggles his finger up my ass. Oh holy Jesus, I know where this is going. In seconds, one of them is on his knees with his tongue buried in my butt, lapping up what must be several loads of their combined cum! He then welcomes in his partner, who follows his lead, and the two take turns deep diving and cleaning me out with their tongues, pausing occasionally to make out. So fucking sexy and amazing!

Out of the corner of my eye I notice Bruce taking a hand-held camera off a crowded nearby shelf, where it was concealed but clearly positioned for a wide open view of our group fuck. He holds it and gets close in to capture the hot sweaty dudes felching my hole, and films my face in a state of ecstasy, jizz dripping off my closely cropped stache. “Hope you don’t mind, we’ve been filming you servicing us all night.” He scans the rest of the group: softening cocks in their hands, cum-soaked beards, grins and thumbs-up all around.

Holy fuck! I should probably feel violated, but goddammit, I hope and pray he shares a copy of the video with me as soon as possible.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get a copy. So will all our guests. And if you don’t return here whenever we want, and do exactly as we say, just like tonight… just remember, we’ll always have this vid. To upload to the web, or put out there anywhere, however we like.”

He winks, to suggest he may be half-joking. But, with or without the video blackmail threat, he knows I’ll be returning here for future fuck-fests, as often as they like. With these guests, or whoever the fuck else they want to invite.


(Did you beat off to this story? Bust a nut? Post in comments or DM me to tell me what you like most! I may feature more of that kind of action in my next essay.)

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