Lunch Time at the Office


I opted to head down the stairs rather than waiting for our building’s painfully lethargic elevators. Master had instructed me to join him at his office for lunch, at 13h00 sharp, and I had 4 blocks of walking to do. I wasn’t thinking about how I’d manage to get back to work on time. I wasn’t thinking about much at all beyond my desire to please him.

A few weeks had passed since he’d taken my anal virginity, and I was eager to repeat the experience. Master on the other hand seemed content to make me wait. To be fair, I must have seemed desperate. I’d been asking him when he’d like to fuck me again on a near-daily basis. I think he enjoyed torturing me by withholding his cock.

Lunch wasn’t quite the hard railing I was looking for but I craved his attention, and I was determined to be a good fucktoy.

I reached his office building, out of breath and heart beating fast. I’d practically jogged here. I signed in at security, noting that it was very nearly lunch time. I was cutting it close.

By the time the elevator doors slid open on his floor, I’d caught my breath. My heart however was pounding harder than ever. A curious mix of anticipation and terror filled me. I was tempted to turn back, block his number, forget any of this had happened… but I couldn’t. I needed to relive the surrender, the utter submission. I wanted to be taken. I wanted to be used.

I knocked on his door.


I turned the door-handle and entered as he’d instructed.

“Close and lock that” he said, without looking at me.

He was seated behind a large desk, which faced the door I’d come in through. There were istanbul travesti two chairs in front of his desk and a couch along the wall to my right. His attention was currently on one of his computer screens and I stood a little awkwardly, unsure of what to do next.

“Alright,” he said finally, standing up from his chair. “Time for a well earned break.” He stepped around his desk and came towards me. I was trembling, though I hoped he didn’t notice. I moved forward to embrace him but was stopped short by his outstretched hand on my shoulder.

“None of that,” he said. “I don’t have much time. On your knees bitch.”

I must have hesitated in my surprise, because he began to exert downwards pressure with his hand, as if I needed the encouragement. I dropped to my knees, face level with the large bulge in his trousers.

“Get to work little slut. I shouldn’t have to tell you what’s expected of you.”

“Of course Master. I’m sorry. I’ll do better.” I said as I frantically loosened his belt, opened his trousers and pulled them down, along with his boxers, until his massive throbbing cock sprung up in front of me. I moaned involuntarily, as the heat and aroma of my master’s godly member washed over me. My own cock, ignored though it was, throbbed in my pants.

Hurriedly, I engulfed his majestic penis with my mouth, forcing my lips down to the base, ramming the back of my throat with his dick. I didn’t know how to deepthroat, and I was definitely doing it wrong, but I was determined to keep trying for his benefit. My head lurched forward, my tongue caressing the full length of his shaft istanbul travestileri as I went, my throat accepted his fat meaty tip and a moment later my gag reflex would kick in and my throat would spasm around him before my head reversed direction, tongue once again at work, licking up now, milking his juices into my mouth before stimulating his frenulum.

It was hard to breathe and my eyes were watering slightly. My master’s appreciative grunts and groans spurred me on. I removed his cock from my mouth, though I honestly wanted to suck it forever, so I could show appropriate attention to his scrotum. I continued to jerk him off as I swallowed one testicle, then the other, then both.

Master was running his fingers through my hair, caressing me somewhat tenderly. I licked up and down the full, impressive length of his cock, drooling profusely as I went, getting him good and gobby, before swallowing him whole once more.

“Oh fuck, this is good mouth pussy” he said above me, as the grip of his fingers hardened against my scalp. Master began to rock his hips in time with the motion of my head. Each time I reached the base, the momentum of his thrust would crush my face against his crotch and drive him that much deeper into my throat.

It wasn’t too long before my master had my head gripped firmly in both hands, as he rapidly pistoned his hips. Anywhere I wanted to put my hands at this point seemed like they’d be in the way, and so I held them behind my back. I found myself imagining being restrained in this position and wished he would.

I’d given up all attempts at controlling travesti istanbul his motion, my focus was on maximizing the stimulation of my tongue and grabbing whatever occasional breath I could between the onslaught of his massive prick. I was light-headed and dizzy from lack of oxygen, saliva flowed freely from my face hole, drenching my clothes and puddling on the floor between my knees, and I was blinded by the tears streaming down my face. Every time I thought for sure I would vomit, he’d pause for the briefest of moments, as I sucked down as much breath as possible, and then thrust into me once more.

I didn’t know if I could keep going. I couldn’t bare to stop either. Suddenly, his thrusts became slightly more erratic and he grunted incoherently above me. His cock thrust as deep as it could go and held in place as rope after rope of his precious seed bypassed my mouth entirely and was deposited directly into my throat.

My master, no longer fucking my face, stood there, head tilted back. His cock, while no longer punching my gag reflex, was still in my mouth. I suckled on it eagerly as it gradually softened, emptying it of all residual drops of delicious cum. Abruptly, my mouth was left empty as Master withdrew. He pulled up his pants and walked back to his chair as I sat where he’d left me, gasping for breath. I felt euphoric, though I’d be hard-pressed to explain why. My erection still throbbed in my pants, straining for release it would not receive for several hours.

“You can go now” Master said.

“Sorry Master, I’m just catching my breath. That was wonderful, thank you.”

He grunted something in my general direction as his attention returned to his screen. I unlocked the door and left the way I came.

As I meandered back to my own office, my phone chirped in my pocket, alerting me to a new message from Master. “Don’t you dare masturbate until I give you permission” was all it said.

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