Kelly Celebrates Freedom


The Divorce

So its over, 5 years of marriage, just like that a first class letter from my solicitor and at 32 years old I am free. I had known Tom since I was 15 years old and he had been my only boyfriend and lover. Its not like we had, had a big bust up or anything, we’d just grown apart until one day we both agreed that we had separate interests and we went our separate way. Even so, as long as we were legally married there was no way that I would cheat on him and as far as I know he had the same attitude, maybe it was because of our catholic upbringing or just out of loyalty to our memory. Now was different, now I had a letter that said that all those things that other girls had got up to I could get up to and experience.

Life had been good to me, smart middle class home (which I kept) Finance Director of a small company that paid me well and gave me my Mercedes. Even at 32 I still had my youthful looks, kept by lots of nurturing — 3 times a week at the gym, once a month at the beautician for an all over cleanse, tone and wax, shoulder length blond hair, good boobs (34 C), long shapely legs. I know that I am a looker, so why should I have hidden inside an apathetic marriage — well no more.

I have to be careful though, my tastes in fantasy had gone beyond just playing with other partners, my excursions onto chat rooms had opened my eyes to all sorts of potential escapades. What I needed to be careful of was that my work and my new experiences did not clash other wise my world would come tumbling down. Not many sluts keep their jobs as Finance Directors — anonymity is the name of the game.

I stop at Starbucks for a latte and a think. I’m in my office clothes black trouser suit, white silk blouse, white lacy bra underneath and black leather heels — I know I look good, but I’m thinking of how to look slutty, what should I wear for my first adventure into being a total sex slave for some discerning man –or should it be men?

Finishing my coffee, I return to work anticipating the experiences to come, my underwear soaked at the thought.

I leave work early and decide to go shopping, I decide not to be too posh — my normal clothes are designer, but visit Primark a low cost clothes outlet and choose a red polyester blouse, a white half cup lacy bra, which won’t quite cover my nipples, two polyester cotton mix skirts that are so short they only just cover my pussy and a flimsy burgundy thong.

When I got home I had to decide where I was going to go. I remembered that in a couple of my on line chats a club in Thornton Heath, a rough part of south London, was mentioned, it was called the Gumshoe. I googled the name but nothing came up, so I looked through the local paper. At first I saw nothing, then at the bottom of the page with small ads for escorts and massage parlours was an ad, all it said was the name Gumshoe and a phone number 092 14560 222.

I picked up my mobile and called the number, it rang three times and I lost my nerve, what was I thinking about. I put the phone down and decided to take a shower. My mobile rang, without thinking I answered it.

“Hi you just phoned the Gumshoe” Said a female Australian voice, “You must be a first timer” I said nothing shocked. “Don’t worry, if you want me to go away I will, but we often find people call us and just need to be nudged a little to fulfil their fantasies — is that what you want to do”

“Yes” I answer

“Are you slutty, sub or dom, straight or bi, any experience?”

“slutty, sub and bi, only experience in chat rooms” I whisper

“OK, sweetie, we can give you the time of your life, here is the address, when are you thinking of coming”


“See you at 11.00, no charge to single ladies, plenty of condoms and lubricant around so no need to worry about that and whilst things can get a bit wacky, we have security Beylikdüzü escort all around so there is nothing that you do that you don’t want to, see you later, oh I’m Cathy and I’m bi so if you fancy ……. give me a shout” She rang off.

What had let myself in for, I had to carry it through, she had my number. I was scared shitless, but suddenly realised that I was soaked and excited. It was only 7 o clock and I lay back on my bed and began getting more and more excited. By 9 — 30 I knew I had to get ready, I put on my new bra, blouse, burgundy thong and chose the white skirt, knowing that the thong would show through.

I had an old Mondeo in the garage and decided that it would stand out less if I drove into that area and I drove to the Gumshoe. I drove up and down the road two or three times before I noticed the half hidden entrance way, number 32. I parked and walked to the entrance, two big bouncers were at the door, my mouth was so dry that when they said “Gumshoe” all I could do was nod.

As I walked in my coat was removed and I could see the admiring looks, I was greeted by a blond in a tight t shirt and hot pants,

“Hi I’m Kelly” I said

“Hi Kelly, I’m Cathy we spoke earlier”

I was still nervous, she reached out and pulled me forward, kissed me full on the lips and whispered,

“don’t be nervous you look stunning, come with me I’ll show you round”.

The club was two old terraced houses knocked into one, there was a main large area and then we went into the back rooms two or three were dark with mattresses laid on the floor, one was like a living room with a couple of large sofas and the last was a dungeon style with ropes and pulleys and couplings, Cathy holding my hand felt me tense. “This room of interest then” She said, turning towards me “Uh, huh” “OK, but lets get back and have a few drinks, but first lets make you even sexier” She again pulled me forward, this time there was no resistance we kissed, I tasted another woman’s lips and tongue for the first time, our bodies ground together, her hand held my butt tightly. Then she drew away and undid the 2nd and 3rd button of my blouse, pushing the shirt open to just below the centre of the bra, exposing the tops of both my breasts and my nipples.

“That’s better, now lets go and get a drink and warm you up a little more.”

We went to the main room which had now filled up, probably 3 guys to every woman, ages ranging from 30 — 60. She had shown me where the condoms were kept, but I declined, I had never liked condoms and if I was going to enjoy myself tonight then it was definitely going to be a bare back experience and on that basis I would not need any lubricant, whatever happened. Cathy nodded her approval and indicated that she too was a bare back rider.

The barman poured me a very large whisky with cola, which I knocked back quickly. Cathy called a guy over who French kissed her and stroked her breast. With a big grin on her face she said

“Jake this is Kelly, Kelly this is Jake. Jake this is Kelly’s first time here and I want you to be make sure she gets a good hard servicing. Oh Kelly, Jakes my brother, so I’m relying on you to look after his every need”

With that she flounced off towards a group of guys. Jake never said a word, he just reached behind my head pulled me forward and planted his lips on mine, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth, I could not resist and despite the rudeness of the introduction, my body responded. He pulled me off the bar stool onto the dance floor and pulled my body to him grinding his groin against me.

I looked around and people were dancing, some women wearing little more than a g string, no one seemed self conscious.

“Well bitch tonight you are mine and you are going to have more cock than you have ever had, every where, in every way, what do you think”

I Beylikdüzü escort could not reply, except with a violent thrust of my hips and a deep intake of breath. His hand was on my breast, I realised he had released me from my bra and was pulling and pinching my nipple, it sent sharp jolts of electric pleasure through my body. His other hand had deftly un buttoned the side of my skirt, so that it just fell to the ground, there I was dancing breast exposed, in my thong for all to see, I should have been embarrassed, but he excitement was too great, at that moment I would have done anything for Jake, in fact for anyone, as it proved.

As we continued to dance, guys would come up and just stare at me, a couple stroked my butt, one guy with no clothes on rubbed his cock against me, but Jake sent him away, I was getting hornier and hornier. I felt a hand go down the back of my thong, I opened my legs to give it easy access, but in stead it ripped the thong from my body — I heard a small ripple of applause as my lower half was now completely naked. Jake removed my blouse and bra and left them on the floor, all I wore now were my heels, Jake had removed his t shirt and I licked and kissed his nipples, one of which had a stud.

“Get on your knees and take off my trousers”

I did as I was told and as I unzipped him his cock sprang out, he wore no underwear.

“Eat it”

At last I was unsure, there were people all around some involved in their own adventure,, others watching them and me.

“Can’t we go some where else?”

>< I just got slapped, that was not part of the deal, I tried to get up, he grabbed my hair and kept me there, pushing my face onto his cock, this was not right but I had no choice, resistance only hurt, my hands cupped his balls, my mouth opened, I took his cock, not too big not too small, all the way in, his hold on my hair released, but I was enjoying myself, sucking cock, being watched, being forced — Jake knew what I wanted, even if I did not. I suddenly realised that whilst giving the best head I had ever given my hand had reached my clit and I was violently frigging myself off , my mouth, my tongue and my fingers were working in tandem and it was not long before Jake throbbed and released into my mouth and I screamed the most amazing come. His come filled my mouth and throat, it dribbled down my chin and onto my breasts, it seemed never ending, meanwhile my orgasm went on and on. Jake moved back with exhaustion, whilst two guys picked me up, from my semi conscious state and took me to a back room, I thought to rest but for me the night had just begun. “Cathy says you want it rough, you little slut” Was whispered into my ear, as I was turned over and made to go on all fours, I felt a cock pressing at my pussy lips, whilst a cock was presented to my lips, I had no idea who they belonged to, as they entered me in parallel. The cock on my mouth seemed to go on forever as it hit against the back of my throat, making me gag, but continued to pound relentlessly. There was no respite for my pussy either, it was being pummelled. The room had another couple in the corner making out, they had been being watched by three or four guys, but their attention was now on me and my two boys. Sucking away, my hands on the hips of the guy in front, I felt my breasts being squeezed and kneaded by one of the spectators, whilst another was under me, seeking out my clit, before tweaking it, in rhythm to the thrusts from behind, causing my thighs to clench on the penetrating cock. Soon he tensed and with three or four dramatic thrusts he withdrew and came across my back, buttocks and pussy. A hand was wiped across my back as I was withdrawn from the cock in front and I was made to lick the fresh come from a strangers fingers. As I returned to lick the cock in front of me, I Escort Beylikdüzü soon realised that it was different, there was no foreskin (my ex had been un cut and I loved nibbling it and running my tongue inside it as it hardened), it was shorter and thinner. It did not matter and I soon realised where my erstwhile suckee had gone as he replaced the cock that had left my pussy.

I heard whispers

“She is a rampant whore, glad she came here tonight, where did you find her?”

A woman’s voice replied

“She got our details from a chat room and called up, I could tell from her voice she was a natural slut and her she is proving it, I’ll be back later maybe I’ll have a piece too”

There was no mistaking that it was Cathy, although sounding harsher than when we had been speaking . I felt guilty, demeaned, but more than that as horny as hell — hearing myself being talked about like that just spurred me on, rapidly bringing both cocks to fill me with their spunk, at the same time two guys either side of me who had been masturbating came over my head dribbling down my face.

I heard some clicking, I was being caught on camera, there was nothing I could do about it as I was turned over on my back. A black girl with long dread locks was running her finger across my face pushing the semen into my open mouth, then bending down and French kissing me.

She got on the bed raised herself above me straddled my face and lowered her self down, covering my mouth with her pussy. At the other end my legs were being raised, held and parted exposing my anus and my pussy. Come was being swapped between each hole, I had only ever had beads up my bum so a couple of fingers was a shock and if that hurt, as I ate pussy — what a great taste — I felt a cock being pressed against the rim of my ass, it felt huge as it unceremoniously pushed past my sphincter. My black lover held my face tight into her pussy, [probably to stop me from biting her]. The pain in my ass was excruciating. I later realised that the cock was bigger than anything I had had in my pussy, it was the black girls husband and he was the stereo type of black men with a huge cock. This was their thing, they would seduce a girl with the wife and whilst in the throes of lesbian ecstasy, deflower her ass. He soon came — I was tight — and left me like a piece of meat, to be used by others waiting around me. My ass was soon filled, but by a smaller cock, which it was able to accommodate and I soon enjoyed the thrusting. My legs were over my shoulders held by a guy who was also masturbating, this close to him I was fascinated by his hairless balls and reached my tongue out to lick them. Another dose of semen was shot into my ass and a new cock entered this time I knew the face it was Jake.

“Having fun?” He asked

He ignored my answer grabbed both nipples and used them as reins squeezing and pulling as he rode this willing mare. As he rode me faster he released my nipples and with one hand slapped my breasts, sparking a series of enormous orgasms, from me. Then he withdrew, pushed down my legs and pushed his cock into my mouth as it spewed its contents.

It was 3 0 clock in the morning, the club was emptying, I don’t know how long had been in that room or how many men I had had, but now I was lying on my back, resting my bruised, but satisfied body. Cathy came into the room, with a large drink for me, she was wearing her shorts, but was topless with obvious dry come on her breasts and round her mouth.

I swigged the drink,

“Right, little slut clean me up”

She pointed to the dried cum. I lifted my body and licked the come from her breasts, while her fingers explored my pussy and its contents, Licked her face clean and then she bought her come dripping fingers to between our mouths and we cleaned them up between us.

“Time for you to go my dear, but some how I think Jake and I will be seeing a lot more of you”

I smiled and agreed, noticing my clothes less the shredded thong, had been placed next to me.

A night to remember I thought to myself, never to be repeated — well maybe, next week.

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