Judy’s Very Merry Christmas


It had been several months since I watched my beautiful wife Judy, give in to her carnal lusts and desires at the hands of three contactor buddies. It had been one of the most amazing and erotic experiences of my life, and judging by how many times she came, hers too. My beautiful wife, who had never been fucked by anyone other than me, gangbanged against her will by three men only to slowly give in to orgasm after orgasm, finally screaming, begging for them to fuck her.

It was amazing!

I waited for her to come to me and tell me what happened; would she claim rape, would she admit she had succumbed and had cum several times but was ashamed, or would she come to me and confess her new found sexual desires and finally, open up to a world of new thrilling and erotic adventures. This was my goal in setting her up for the gangbang, but as I waited, days turned into weeks and weeks began to turn into months. I could not understand how, much less why, she kept this secret to herself.

There were indications that she had changed, that the experience had opened a sexual door for her. Several time during while we were fucking she would ask about me sharing her with another man. While on top of me pumping up and down on my cock she would ask;

“Does my pussy feel good, is it tight? Do you want to feel my cunt get tighter?”

“Ummm yes, oh yes baby” I growled.

“What if my ass was filled with a big cock while you fucked my cunt, would that be tight enough for you?”

Each time we did this dance I thought this was it she was about to open up for me, tell me about the gangbang, admit she loved it, and beg me to get a partner to fuck her. Instead she would simply take a dildo, which she had bought on her own after the rape, and slide it deep into her ass while posting on my cock. Now don’t get me wrong, it was hot, very hot and we both came hard each time, but I was starting to think I had let three men have their way with my wife and my ultimate goal was never going to be fulfilled.

Well the months passed and the Christmas season came upon us. I love Christmas. The sights, sounds and smells are just wonderful. Judy does an incredible job decorating the house and it just shines with the season. Plus, she has this great sexy Mrs. Clause outfit that she will wear, only during December. It looks fantastic on her, its all red velvet and has white fur trim on the bottom. The skirt comes down about six inches below the bottom of her round and firm ass. The bodice top pushes her beautiful 34C tits up and together making for an incredible cleavage show. She wears the outfit with nude hose and racy 4-inch bright red stilettos, and tops it all off with a red Santa hat. Each Christmas she pulls out the costume as she decorates the house (after the kids have gone to bed) and we role-play; me as Santa and her as Mrs. Clause.

As the excitement of the season, and ALL that meant started to sink in I gradually moved past my frustration and even anger over sharing my wife and focused on Christmas. It wasn’t tough to do, the house was decorated and looked stunning, Christmas carols flowed throughout and the smells of Christmas cookies wafted from room to room. Judy had not yet donned her costume and each day I would wonder if that was the day that we got to play.

We are a very social couple and often have friends over for dinner parties. I love to cook and Judy sets a great table and is a beautiful hostess so we look for opportunities to have guests. Christmas gave us a wonderful reason and we usually had several dinner parties during the month. It was during one of these dinner’s parties, or more specifically after the party that Judy’s next adventure occurred and her sexual door was swung open, wide open.

We had invited 3 couples over for dinner about mid December. Our kids were at her mother’s house so we were able to relax a bit. The evening was a smashing success. The house glowed; the food was spectacular (if I do say so myself) and the conversation light, jovial and abundant. Eventually the party broke up and two of the couples left leaving Judy’s best friend Emily and her long time boyfriend Bret. They were a good couple and seemed to have a healthy relationship that may be headed for the alter. Emily was very striking. She was tall at 5’11, had long sandy brown hair that fell past her shoulders,long fit and tanned legs, slim waste and beautiful, full, round 32D tits.

I had more than once fantasized about fucking her silly and even watching her and Judy fuck each other. I thought at one time that fantasy might come true on its own when Emily started to get very loose after several drinks and seemed to hit on Judy. Judy, however, did not respond so it didn’t go anywhere.

Tonight she and Bret stayed behind to help clean up the dishes and continue the conversation. Emily looked gorgeous in a deep green velvet dress that hugged her curves and pressed gently against her luscious tits. It was mid thigh in length and she had on black thigh highs, I know because as she sat in the living room her dress rode up enough for me altyazılı porno to see the lovely lace of the top of her stockings. Her stilettos matched the green of her dress.

Judy was in a deep purple dress also velvet that reached to mid calf, much to my disappointment. It too fit closely although not as tight as Emily’s and her tits were not as large. Still she look wonderful and the two made quite a sight, as Bret and I had commented while brining the dishes into the kitchen as they, together washed them and put them in the dishwasher.

After the dishes were finished we retired to the living room for some cognac and port. As the evening worn on and the amount of cognac consumed increased the conversation turned racy with Emily and Judy at one point comparing notes on how to give a proper blowjob. Judy, as I have said before, is an expert at sucking cock and from what Emily was saying she was likely pretty good at it too. The conversation turned to fetishes and other sexual activities, including costumes. I mentioned that Judy had a number of costumes that I had bought for her that she looked hot in.

“Dean” she squealed, “you’re not supposed to tell anyone about those!”

“Well you do look awfully hot!”

“Geez you just can’t keep anything secret!”

The conversation continued for a few minute. Judy excused herself to go to the bathroom. She went to the upstairs bathroom, which I thought was odd since the downstairs bathroom was just in the next room. We sat talking about what costumes Judy had, Bret was very interested in the subject and I’m sure was taking mental notes on which ones he wanted to see Emily wear.

Bret was in mid sentence when he suddenly stopped talking, his mouth fell open. His eyes transfixed behind me.

Emily looked up and simply said, “Oh my!”

I quickly turned around to see Judy dressed in her sexy Mrs. Clause outfit, for the first time this season. She looked just as sexy, amazing and fuckable as she had the last three years.

“Whoa! Honey you look amazing but…” I stammered stunned she had decided to show our friends this side of her and our sex life.

“Well you wanted to talk about the costumes and our role-playing I thought they just may as well see one and since this is the Christmas season, Mrs. Clause seemed appropriate.”

“Oh, well, uh, yea it’s definitely appropriate. I mean it is Christmas after all, and you look” Bret sputtered out. “OW!!” Emily slapped him hard on the shoulder “What was that for!?”

“I was hoping to start you breathing again before you pass out” tease Emily “I don’t think you’ve taken a breath since she came down.”

“I’m sorry honey I just, I mean she, well its” stammered Bret.

“No, no I get it, you do look very sexy Judy” said Emily.

“OK, OK guys I’m starting to get embarrassed here,” said Judy. Her words were slurring just a little and I knew she was just a little tipsy. Judy moved to the couch and retook her seat, next to Emily. The two of them now really look good together. Judy in her red Mrs. Clause outfit and Emily in her short green velvet dress looked like a helper elf.

Emily could not keep her eyes off of my wife. I watched, as she kept looking Judy up and down pausing to slow her gaze as she took in the full length of my wife’s legs all the way up to the slight hint of the white velvet panties she wore underneath the costume. I started to wonder if there was a possibility Emily might make a move on my wife. The thought caused my cock to grow rock hard.

We continued to talk, and drink. Judy was really enjoying herself. She had stopped drinking as much but was still a little loopy. She had become the center of attention with everyone focusing on her and her sexy outfit and she was drinking it all in.

At one point in the conversation Emily placed her hand on Judy’s thigh to make a point. The point made she kept her hand where it had landed. Judy looked at her hand, looked at Emily and just smiled. As we continue to talk and joke I noticed Emily was slowly sliding her hand up Judy’s thigh and then slowly down, gently stroking her leg. More than once I saw Judy close her eyes and exhale deeply. Every other stroke Emily would move her hand slightly higher up Judy’s thigh. When Emily’s hand had made it’s way to Judy’s pussy I could tell she had run her finger over my wife’s sex. Judy gave a slight jump, more like a hiccup really, and looked quickly at Emily and then at me. She closed her legs instinctively, but slowly opened them giving Emily access all the while keeping her gaze on me.

Judy jerked again and inhaled, Emily had slid a finger inside her and was now, judging by the motion of her hand slowly finger fucking my wife, right in front of me!

Bret noticed it too and started to make some sly remarks about the pairing.

“You know Dean, those two look like they planned this whole thing. Judy Mrs. Clause and Emily her naughty Elf.”

“Yea Bret, now that you mentioned it” I said playing along, “I think you’re right I think they did plan this little show.”

“What?” asked Judy türkçe altyazılı porno “what do you mean?’ She had clearly wondered off in her mind, caught up in the moment of having her pussy fingered by her best friend. Our comments broke the trance and brought her mind racing back to the reality of what was happening and who was in the room. She tried to move away from Emily and close her legs.

She did not get very far.

As she tried to move back and away Emily thrust her fingers deep into my wife’s pussy and held her down by using her fingers in my wife’s cunt! The act forced a moan out of my wife’s lips as she closed her eyes in reaction to the motion more out of reflex than conscience act.

Emily took that as her cue and leaned over towards my wife. With her free hand she cupped the opposite side of my wife’s face and turned her head towards hers, bring my Judy’s ruby red lips to hers. Emily’s lipstick was more of an autumn or pumpkin color, clearly chosen to go with the dress. The pairing of the two colors, dark orange on the ruby red looked good. The fact that they were the color of my wife and her best friends lips as they came together made them a GREAT pairing!

The first kiss was soft, gentle, the first kiss between two new lovers as they tested the fire and intensity of the pairing. Judy tried to turn but Emily held her head firm. Bret and I were mesmerized by what was happening and fell silent. We didn’t dare break the moment for fear they would stop. The next was longer firmer as the two ladies began to feel each other’s mouth on the other. Emily must have play with Judy’s pussy because she inhaled again and let out a long slow moan while they kissed. Emily withdrew her hand and suddenly slammed it back in with great force causing Judy’s eyes to go wide and her mouth to open in shock. Emily clamped her mouth down upon Judy’s and slid her tongue deep inside my wife’s warm waiting mouth.

“Mmmpphh, Um, UM, UMMMMM” was all Judy could get out as she stared right it my eyes. I just smiled and winked. At that Judy closed her eyes and kissed Emily back, deeply, passionately with a hunger that had too long been caged. It was clear, she had fantasized about this moment as well, wondered what it would feel like, taste like to kiss her best friend in this way.

The two were locked in passionate embrace as their tongues flicked in and out of their mouths, teasing the other one moment, exploring the lines of her new lovers lips the next and then driving deep into her mouth as if trying to reach her throat. All the while Emily was finger-fucking Judy, increasing the rhythm and pace as the frenching session continue to grow in heat and intensity as well. Judy’s hips started to raise and fall with the motion of Emily’s hand, until she began to buck, first in single spasms then increasing too in pace and furiousity.

I leaned into Bret, who was practically drooling and whispered into his ear,

“She is about to cum, look you can tell by her hips. She starts to fuck back as she gets ready to cum.”

Judy was moaning loudly and more frequently now. “MMMMMM, MMMMMM” as her mouth would become free from the lock she would exclaim “oh god, oh god yes, yes please don’t stop please…don’t…stop” She started to buck violently against Emily’s hand, who was hammering my wife’s pussy now as fast as she could go.

“Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, Emily yes, please don’t stop…I’m…I’m…I’m cummmmmingggg, ohhhhhhhhh” Emily quickly clamp her mouth down on Judy’s and forced her tongue deep into her mouth as my wife exploded in a flood of cum.

Emily released her mouth as Judy panted for air,

“Oh god, oh my god that was amazing, I, I” she turned to me, “Honey I’m so sorry I didn’t, I mean, I…”

“My love it’s OK, that was amazing.” I said. “I always knew you wanted her, but that was just her hand. Emily that was very impressive what else can you do to my wife?’

“Hmmmmm” Emily purred “I’ve always wanted to taste your pussy Judy and now that it is nice and wet I think I need to do just that” exclaimed my wife’s former best friend, now lover.

“But, I, this is not what I was, I mean, you can’t be OK.” Judy stammered.

“Shhhhhh lover” cooed Emily, “Just lay back, let it happen, we both want it to.”

With that Emily gently pushed my wife over on to her back. She lifted her legs and removed the drenched velvet panties that were little more than a slight impediment to Emily’s invasion. Judy’s breathing started to grow rapid again as she waited with anticipation her friends mouth on her swollen and wet cunt. She did not have to wait for long.

Emily dove into my wife’s pussy and buried her face deep into the folds of Judy’s sex. She had wanted to be with Judy, taste Judy, and slide her tongue deep into her cunt not long after they had met. Emily had one lesbian experience, in college and found it OK but never something she wanted to pursue, until she met my wife. Now she was fulfilling one of her fantasies too and she was going to have all that she could get of my wife. She inhaled deeply taking hd altyazılı porno in all the sweet musky scent she could.

Judy groaned loudly then cried out “OHHHH!!!” as Emily slid her tongue into my wife’s pussy. As Emily worked her tongue in and out of my wife’s pussy, over her swollen clit, Judy began to reach orgasm again. “Oh yes, oh yes, that’s it Emily, oh yes lover your tongue feels so good.”

“Don’t call me Emily,” Emily lifted her head from my wife’s pussy just slightly, “I’m not Emily tonight. I’m Fiona the naughty little elf, that’s Santa (she pointed to me) and that’s Santa’s naughty elf helper Nickademus” she finished pointing to Bret. She immediately went back to work fucking Judy with her tongue.

Judy was used to role-play so she fell easily into the game Emily had just initiated, “Oh yes, that’s it Fiona, fuck me, I need it Mrs. Clause needs to be fucked tonight, fuck me you naughty elf fuck me.”

Bret and I both had our pants off and had rock hard erections. Bret was a decent size, about 7 inches. He moved in behind, Emily, and plunged his cock deep into her wet pussy and began to pound her furiously. I moved to straddle Judy’s face and sunk my cock deep into her waiting mouth.

“MMMMMM, MMMMMM” Judy was moaning loudly around my cock. I began to slowly slide my cock in and out of my wife’s mouth. Suddenly something made me jump, almost out of Judy’s mouth. I turned to see what it was and realized it was Emily, she had reached up and was fondling my balls. Our eyes met and she just winked at me.

“MMPPHH!!!!” Judy exclaimed around my cock which had grown even hardened in a quick shot at Emily’s acknowledgment that Judy was not the only one she planned on playing with tonight.

I went back to mouth fucking my wife as she was getting eaten out by her best friend, who was now getting ravaged by her boyfriend, Nickademus, Santa’s helper. Emily started playing with my balls again. Judy was moaning and groaning uncontrollably, her hips started bucking so I knew she was close to cumming. Judging by the moans, and gyration of her hips it was clear Emily was about to explode in her first orgasm of the night.

I thought to myself, this is amazing. I can’t believe this is actually happening. My conservative wife is having her pussy licked out by her best friend while sucking my cock, while her friend is getting fucked by her boyfriend. It was an amazing scene. Judy was starting to really buck hard against Emily’s face while Emily herself was pistoning her pussy against Bret’s cock.

I turned to Bret and mouthed, “don’t cum!”

“What?? Why?” he mouthed back.

“Trust me” I said “don’t cum yet.”

Judy had reached her peak and was cumming in Emily’s mouth…hard. I could see Emily trying to swallow the juices that squirted from Judy’s well-worked cunt. At that time she lost it and began to cum too. The two women were moaning and screaming almost in unison as they came together. I removed my cock so I could hear my wife cum for the second time this winter evening, both from another woman’s touch.

“Oh, Ohh, OOHHH, OOOOHHHHH GAAAAWWWDDDD, I’m cuuuuuuuummmmming!” Judy screamed as I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Oh yes, ohh yes, oooohhh yessssssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, oooooohhhhhh” Emily exploded around Bret’s cock, who had stopped fucking her for fear of cumming after I told him not to.

Emily collapsed on Judy’s stomach, her breath hard and labored from the explosive orgasm she had just had. Judy was nearly passed out from having cum so hard twice in such a short period of time. The two of them laid together, Judy had wrapped her legs around Emily and Emily was hugging Judy as the two slowly got their breathing first in a rhythm and then slowly under control.

Judy looked at me, “Why’d you stop Santa, didn’t you want to cum tonight. I thought you liked cumming in Mrs.. Clause hot, wet mouth. You know I love drinking Santa’s cum.”

I smiled, “Oh Santa’s going to cum tonight, but he wants his North Pole in Mrs. Clause’s ass” I said.

“Mmmmmm, that sounds like a good idea, lie down baby I want to feel that big thick pole in my tight little ass” Judy continued.

I quickly started to move into positioned. I winked at Bret and mouthed for him to wait a minute. My back was to Judy and I put up two fingers in front of my chest and motioned first to Bret, and then back to me, then behind me to Judy. Bret’s eyes grew wide as he realized I had just said the two of us were about to fuck my wife.

I was on the floor and Judy started to straddle my cock, all inhibitions were gone at this point and she clearly did not mind riding my cock in front of our two friends. She was straddling my cock facing me and I had her stop and turn around, “no baby reverse cowboy. I want to see Santa’s pole in your ass.”

“Mmmm you are so naughty Santa” Judy purred. She turned around, positioned her tight hole over the tip of my cock, and slowly began too lower herself on it. There was some resistance at first and she had to rise up and lower herself again a few times before her ass relaxed and succumbed to being invaded by my pole, but invaded it did. As soon as she had all 8 inches of my cock buried deep in her bowels she began her trademark posting motion, riding my cock like she was in a saddle, a nice easy post.

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