Job Evaluation – New Attitude


Ian stared at the ceiling as he lay in bed, his girlfriend Debbie asleep at his side. He could not sleep, all yesterday’s images flashed through his head. No way around it, he had sucked his bosses cock in his office and been forced to swallow his cum.

Even worse, his bitch of a line manager had watched him do it. The waves of shame and embarrassment washed over him. He had barely spoken to Debbie since he got home. Luckily, she thought it was the usual anger at being told off by a woman again that was behind it.

Worse for Ian, was in all honesty that he was unbelievably turned on by it all, and how Mike had made him feel made him rock hard. His brain screamed, ‘I’m straight,’ but that aroused cock kept giving him away, hearing Mike’s voice calling him a bitch echoed through his head.

‘I am twenty-five years old, how can I be having these feeling now? Have I been hiding this part of me?’ Reliving every moment of him sucking on his thick hot cock and swallowing down his cum made Ian wank his cock yet again that night. How was he going to get through work?

Ian set off earlier for work than usual. Maybe he was learning. Even his colleagues were surprised when he sat at his desk ten minutes early. There were a few jokes at his expense. He logged on and was into his work straight away with no chatting or having an early cuppa. ‘New leaf,’ he told himself. ‘If I don’t have to go to Mike’s office again then there’s no more question of my sexuality,’ he told himself.

Carol looked up from her desk with glee. The little cocksucker was early for once. She knew sending him to Mike would be enlightening for him but who knew it would be so entertaining? His workmates wouldn’t think him such the Jack the Lad after seeing him devour the bosses cock so enthusiastically. She knew his time as the last bastion of manhood in her department was over, and she was going to enjoy every second of it.

A Mail popped up from Carol, “aren’t we an eager beaver, I hope this will continue from now on, Good Boy blushing face emoji!” Ian fumed, ‘bitch, she just winding me up again.’ Every time he glanced over istanbul escort at her she smirked back at him. He thought, ‘well just calm down and don’t give her anything to complain about.’

He was pouring his coffee in the break room when he heard behind him Carol’s voice, “Not having any cream, I thought you loved it.” He spun round to tell her to fuck off, but she said, “go on you little cocksucker say something.” He blushed bright red and couldn’t splutter a noise out.

She grinned like a Cheshire cat, “yeah, thought so. Not such a big man now are you? Although you do like a big man, don’t you bitch?” He left her to her laughter and sat in the toilets, tears running down his face. How had he come to this? ‘How can I do this every day?’

He tried to ignore her gaze and ploughed through his work. Happily, time went quickly and as he left he told himself, ‘that’s how to do it. Keep my head down, behave and do my work.’ His new mantra went well, he was on time, worked hard and kept out of Carol’s way. Even she seemed happy with his newfound attitude.

The following week he was stood at the bus stop waiting in vain for his bus. ‘Fuck it,’ he thought, ‘I’m going to be late. Surely I won’t be told off for this, it’s not even my fault. I was here early.’

Carol’s glee told him otherwise. She sidled up to him as he made coffee. “Mike’s been told about your late appearance so I’m sure you’ll get an email from him later. Hope you’re hungry,” and left him with a laugh.

Sure enough, as soon as he sat down Mike’s mail popped in the mailbox. “Be at my office at five o’clock again.” Embarrassingly, his cock hardened at the thought. ‘Right, buckle down to my work and try to forget it,’ he thought. He tried but that thick cock kept popping in his brain. At half-past four his colleagues were leaving, Carol blew a mocking kiss at him as she left.

Ian got to Mike’s office early again. Alison, his gorgeous PA greeted him with a smile, “You here again? You naughty boy!” Ian forced a smile but inside pleaded that his fantasy girl never realized what went on in this office. He’s was sure şişli escort he was blushing as she left.


Mike checked his watch, nearly time for the bitch boy. To be honest he was rather glad when he received Carol’s mail about Ian’s lateness. He’d been really looking forward to seeing him again. He remembered those big brown eyes looking up at him as he fed him his cock. He stroked his bulge at the thought. His erotic memories were brought to a close from a knock on the door. “Come.”


Mike Dean stood leaning on his desk as he entered, “You again. I thought you were changing your ways eh, boy?”

“I am, sir. It wasn’t my fault the bus was late. I have really been doing my best,” pleaded Ian.

Mike walked towards Ian, facing him. His muscular bulk made Ian’s slim build look puny.

He whispered in his ear, “You were sucking my cock was for all your previous errors and you told me that it would the end of it. Yet here you are back in my office, like the little bitch you are.”

Ian blushed and tried to keep eye contact with Mike, yet all he could do was nod yes. Mike sat on a chair facing Ian, “Strip boy!”

Ian could hardly believe what he heard, he tried to reply but was silenced by a loud command of, “fucking strip now, boy!”

His heart pounded through his chest as his hands fumbled with his tie, then the buttons of his shirt. He looked up as he got to his pants. “All off,” barked Mike.

He unbuckled his belt and slowly slipped down his pants and boxers and stood naked in the centre of the office, his hands trying to hide his excited cock.

Mike grinned lasciviously and beckoned Ian closer. He looked him up and down, “Not bad, nothing much of a cock but a nice little body, boy. Turn!”

Licking his lips he admired the boy’s perfect round bubble ass, the type of ass only a man can truly appreciate. “Now where have you been hiding that beautiful arse?”

Ian turned his back to Mike, “Mmmm, now that’s a nice little arse boy.” His rough large hands squeezed each of his cheeks making Ian wriggle. Mike laughed loudly, “You even wiggle mecidiyeköy escort it like a sissy bitch.” Ian felt so ashamed and his bastard cock was rock hard again.

“Get over my knee now!” Mike patted his knee. Ian moved slowly to lean down, but Mike forced him over, his head upside down.

“I think a good twenty spanks should be enough for one lateness, don’t you, boy?” Ian nodded yes. He’d watched spanking in videos, and he never thought it was that hard. He was sure he could manage it and his ordeal would soon be over.

“Ok boy, don’t be ashamed to cry or whimper like a bitch.” Mike stroked each smooth soft cheek in anticipation.

Slap one on his right cheek took his breath away, the second made him whimper. With each hard spank on alternating cheek’s Ian’s resistance was gone. He wailed like a girl. Tears streamed down his face, and he felt more like the sissy he had been called.

His gorgeous bubble butt was reddening with each spank and Mike enjoyed this boy completely giving it up to him, his true submissive nature being brought out with each spank. Little sissy whimpers came from him as he helplessly ground his hard cock against Mike’s knees.

Ian was beaten, his stinging sore arse glowed under the hands of a real man. Mike’s glee in tormenting Ian had made him feel just like the sissy bitch he had been called. Worse for Ian, the feeling of being spanked against his boss had made him helplessly cum over his knee. The shame washed over him.

As he landed the last hard spank Mike ordered the boy up. “Well, what do we have here?” pointing to the cum stain, “some little bitch likes getting his arse spanked eh, boy?”

Ian’s face went as red as his arse, he nodded in embarrassment. Mike rubbed his fingers in the cum and lifted it to Ian’s lips, “Lick!” Ian hungrily lapped away at Mike’s hand and sucked each finger until it was clean.

Mike smiled, “You did well, boy. Don’t be late again.”

“Thank you, sir,” Ian collected his clothes and started to dress.

“Are you forgetting something boy?” Ian turned and Mike was sat on the edge of his desk and that thick hard cock was out.

“You’re my cock whore now. If you step into this office, this cock gets sucked. Now get fucking here now, you little bitch!”

Ian dropped his clothes and fell to his knees, resigned to his new position.

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