I’m late. But he knew it might happen; I told him I wasn’t punctual, so I don’t worry too much.

I wonder if he’s being a good boy and getting ready for me. I told him I’d have no time to lose; I’d meet with him and spend the evening, maybe the night, if his cock pleased me enough.

Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed with cocks. I like them big. Well, not exactly big, but meaty. I know that ‘there’s a man attached to it’ and that ‘it doesn’t matter how big it is, it’s what you do with it’…

Still, there’s nothing I like more than to feel a thick, throbbing cock, between my tiny hands; or to have to stretch my mouth really wide to be able to take it all in, or to wince, almost in pain, but mostly in bliss, as he slips his big cock in my tight, insatiable pussy.

Jeff isn’t the first guy I met through an online dating service. But he’s the first I am truly head over heel for. He has an amazing cock! Long and thick. Sometimes long cocks are too slender, and thick ones are too short, but his is just right.

Well, based on the pictures he sent me. Pictures can be deceiving. But if the photographer isn’t talented, pictures don’t do justice to the model.

My pussy is getting wet already as the elevator slowly takes me to the 15th floor of the airport Hilton. I wonder if that cute guy riding the elevator with me can smell how horny I am… I sure can.

Finally my floor! I’m only 25 minutes late. Not bad. I knock three times on the door and wait. Eager, I press my ear on the door and listen.

I hear Jeff walk in the suite and unlock the door. I am so excited my heart pounds in my chest and my clit throbs. My hard nipples are stretching my white tank top. It’s hot this time of year and the air conditioning kind of dried the sweat on my chest. My pussy’s still on fire though.

He opens the door, wearing a thick, cozy robe. I quickly look down at his crotch and happily notice he is big and hard. He slams the door shut and kisses me.

I usually don’t kiss my toys, but Jeff is kinda cute so I kiss him back. His lips are soft and his kiss is firm. Looks promising…

I slide the hotel robe off Antalya Escort his larger than I expected shoulders and the thick, white cotton thuds to his feet. I gently push him to have a better view of his naked body.

He knew I’d scrutinize and test him. He doesn’t seem to mind me being silent; judging from how stiff his cock is I’d say he’s enjoying it.

I lick my lips and sigh, half appreciating what I’m seeing, half anticipating how good he’ll feel. He’s cuter in person. Good start. Bright blue eyes, curly light brown hair, silver strands, cute little mouth… I chuckle my approval and bite my bottom lip as I continue my inspection.

Hairless chest… I prefer my men hairy, but of course I don’t let that stop me. Hmm Jeff could use a session at his local gym; he has small love handles. Well he’s in his forties so… understandable I guess.

He shifts and inhales, as if he was about to say something. I quickly lift my eyes and raise a brow to shush him.

He looks uneasy as I continue my inspection. Good. He doesn’t know he has nothing to worry about, that I’m going to ride that meaty cock of his, but it is so much fun to see him lick his lips in anticipation and hear his little nervous sighs, not to mention how wet his blushing is making me.

He’s still hard. Very hard. I decide to continue playing with him for a bit and reach for his balls with my manicured hand. He gasps between his teeth as I fondle and massage his balls, making them roll in the palm of my hand, my long fingernails grazing his delicate skin, his thick cock brushing on my forearm the whole time.

I plunge my hand in pocket and take out my measuring tool. Jeff got me quite horny with his unexpected kiss so it is in a hurry that I drop to my knees and unroll my measuring tape on the upper side of his shaft, from pubic bone to head. I then circle his swollen shaft with the tape.

“Yes,” I whisper, smiling at him. “You are the first who told the truth; 31 centimeters long, 28 centimeters thick.”

His hands are forming tight fists and pre-cum is leaking from the tip of his cock. With a hungry moan, I lap Antalya Escort Bayan his pre-cum. His cock is big… I will have a hard time swallowing it all.

But that doesn’t matter right now. Right now, I want to get fucked. I stand and lick my lips, the salty taste of Jeff’s pre-cum still on my tongue. I look into his bright blue eyes and take his hand.

I walk to the balcony, holding Jeff’s hand, leading him like a puppy, and open the glass door. Looking over my shoulder I playfully smile at Jeff and he smiles back, though he looks at me quizzically.

I giggle and lead him outside, swaying my shapely hips. It is hot but not too humid as the sun is setting. I lean over the balcony rail and slowly lift my skirt over my tight ass, arching my back.

My pussy is leaking and since I am not wearing panties, my juices drench my pink lips and inner thighs. I look over my shoulder and catch Jeff leering over my available ass. I arch my back further and moan, presenting my hairless pussy, holding on to the rail.

I know he likes to tease. And I suffer his teasing when he starts to slowly stroke his huge cock. I let out a frustrated moan and deliberately brush my nipples on the rail, reaching a hand between my thighs and slowly running a finger along my slit.

So hot and wet! I slip a finger in, easily. Jeff moans, still slowly stroking his impressive member, the head sometimes rubbing on my cute little ass.

“What are you waiting for, Jeff? FUCK ME!” I beg looking over my shoulder.

With a low, satisfied, growl, he grabs my hips and positions his fat cock right at the entrance of my slippery cunt. I hold my breath, holding on to the rail, wondering if he’ll shove his cock deep or if he’ll slowly slip it in.

Turns out he does neither; he just slips the head in my needy pussy, and slips it out. In, and out. Fuck! That man was driving me insane with lust every time we chatted but that’s nothing compared to what he is doing to me now!

I start to squirm and wriggle, leaning forward, pushing my hips back trying to slip his dick inside me, yelping like a bitch in heat.

Finally, Escort Antalya holding my hips still, he sticks his big fat cock all the way inside my wet cunt. YES! Oh God! Yes!

His dick is stretching my tight hole, and goes in further than what I’m accustomed to. And of course I love it.

He pumps his cock in and out of my pussy, holding my hips, his balls slapping on my swollen clit. I turn my head to look at him. So damn cute! With his teeth clenched and his hair all messed up.

My tits are swaying on the rail, soiling my white top with dirt. I reach between my thighs and finger my clit as Jeff keeps on fucking me. And fucking me so good!

The build up of my orgasm starts in my toes.

“You’re making me cum Jeff! Don’t stop… Fuck me harder… please!” I whimper, my voice unusually quiet.

I notice some people walking below us but can’t pay too much attention as I am about to climax. Jeff’s grunts and moans push me over the edge and with a loud moan I cum.

My pussy clenches around Jeff’s fat cock, and my own juices drip down my inner thighs. My knuckles are turning white I’m holding on to that rail so tight. I wish I could shiver and moan like this forever.

But eventually my orgasm comes to an end and I suck my finger clean, panting, Jeff still pounding my pussy deep and hard.

He is holding on to my hips now, his fingers digging in my flesh. He’s so sexy, naked, vulnerable, his cock somehow bigger and ready to shoot.

I love to feel a man cum in my pussy so I urge Jeff to cum, “I want your sticky cream in my pussy Jeff… Shoot your fat load for me… Give me your cum!”

He grabs one of my big tits and with a powerful thrust cries out my name. That always touches me. I feel his cum starting to flood my tight pussy. His eyes are rolling back into his head, and his cute little mouth opens wide as he cums and moans. Oohh I never tire of seeing a man cum.

Out of breath, he leans on my back and kisses my cheek. His sweaty chest rubs on my back and his cum slowly drips on my inner thighs as he gently strokes my hair.

“Are you staying for the night, Alex?” he asks me in a little boy’s voice, his bright blue eyes begging me.

I nod and smile, “I am.”

I want that big cock deep in my throat at least once and back in my insatiable pussy as soon as possible. Now, did I say that out loud, or did I just think it?

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