Lori Ch. 13


Lori let me sleep in which meant she’d gotten up at the butt-crack of dawn to go jogging. Good for her.

It was a normal Sunday except for Lori continuously complaining how much her arm and jaw hurt, I just rolled my eyes.

After Church we had Lunch with the parents and grandparents before I went to work for a few hours to get caught up, stopping every once in a while to work on my plans for the ‘cabin’. I’d pretty much figured it all out but knew I’d need at least two people to help. I was pretty sure I could count on Eric to be there and maybe I could wrangle my brother, Tom, into helping. If not, Lori knew enough that she could run all the equipment while Eric and I did all the heavy lifting. I kept picturing it finished; it wouldn’t be a place to live, at first, but it would be a place to go for cookouts, swimming, and fishing on weekends and over the summer. And I could fix it up over time so it might become something more.

Dad was working on the mower when I got home, getting it serviced for the summer, but stopped to talk. I was so excited about my idea for the cabin, I laid out my plan. He listened as I explained the details then showed him my rough sketches. Looking it over he said he’d think about it. Noncommittal, but good enough.

I got cleaned up for dinner at Lori’s parents where we met the Dan, the guy Paula was dating. Pretty serious stuff for her to bring him home. He was going to school to be a pharmacist while working at one of the chain pharmacies in the city and seemed like a really nice guy.

Sam seemed to like him as well and that was infinitely more important than what Lori or I thought of him.

Paula, without actually coming out and saying it, made clear to everyone that they were not shacking up like we were. The third time she slipped it in, Lori and I both started laughing.

Dinner over, Lori rushed us through the cleanup before almost pushing me out the door without saying goodbye. Then she suggested we go to Sonic instead of our normal stop. I should have known something was up from the way she’d been acting.

When the call from Vanessa came she all but leapt at her phone. “Sure! We could be right over!”

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Sorry, gotta let Vanessa tell it.” was all she would say. Resigned to wait, I drove to Vanessa’s where we saw her Mother’s car parked in the garage.

Vanessa opened the door and came out bouncing. Naked! She crawled in the back seat with a “Hi Lori!”

“Why are you naked?” I asked.

“Hello to you, too, Mike.” she said brightly.

I paused. OK. “HI, Vanessa. Why are you naked?”

Lori was struggling not to laugh.

“Mom came home.”

“Yes. I see that.” It was going to take a while. “Let’s go to Sonic and get you something to drink while you tell me about it.” I suggested.

“NO! Please!” she screamed. Lori gave in and laughed.

“Where, then, am I going?” Patient, that’s me.

Of course, Lori’s final comment last night, that I was going to fuck Vanessa, had lodged itself in my brain. This had something to do with that. I just knew it. And, for some reason, instead of ogling the hot, huge-titted, naked chick in my back seat, that my girlfriend had expressly told me I was going to fuck, I wanted an explanation as to why she was naked.

Still not sure what’s wrong with me.

“I want to go out to that lease road.” she answered.

“Lori!” I growled.

“Not tonight.” Lori assured me. “Tonight we’re talking.”

Sighing in defeat, I drove out of town. When we’d parked, I turned and said “Now.”

“Mom came home, like I said.” I waited. “So, since I’m still following Lori’s rule that I can’t wear anything when I’m at home,” I had kinda forgotten about that. “I was in the kitchen making a sandwich only wearing these,” showing her wrist cuffs, “when Mom came in. I’m not sure which of us screamed loudest!”

Lori let out a snort but tried to hold it in.

“I think her words were something like ‘What the hell are you doing naked in the kitchen?’.” Yeah, I’ll bet that’s not all she said! “I think you would have been very proud of me.” she said matter-of-factly, “I looked her straight in the eye and told her that I’d decided that I wanted to be a nudist.”

“She bought that?” I asked in disbelief.

“No.” Vanessa said quietly with shoulders sagging. “Apparently Mom’s not as sheltered as I thought. She pointed to my ‘bracelets’ and asked me why I was wearing restraining cuffs. Restraining cuffs!” she exclaimed. “I’m wearing them and I didn’t even know what they were called!”

Yeah, that was pretty funny. Lori had obviously heard about this already because she was laughing so hard she couldn’t talk.

Vanessa continued, “I tried to say I didn’t know what they were but she didn’t buy it. I had to tell her!”

“So…?” I couldn’t imagine her Mother was THAT open.

“Oh, I didn’t tell it all!” she said quickly. “Just enough to know that Lori,” Lori snorted again, “and, uh, you had, uh, forced me to do it.” she got quieter as Kartal Escort finished.

“WHAT?!?!” I yelled. Lori lost it. She laughed so hard she started snorting and then laughed harder! Vanessa started to laugh as well. I didn’t think it was all that funny.

Between snorts, Lori gasped “Tell him!”

“I, uh,” then she coughed, cleared her throat, and sat up straight saying, as if to her Mother, “Mom, I’m 18, almost 19,” she said defiantly, “I fucked up. This is my punishment. Besides, I like being naked.”

“You did not!” There was no way!

“Actually, Mom and I have always been very open with each other. I’d already told her about me and Eric and she knew I was going to have sex Prom Night.” she looked at Lori. “We were actually talking about everything when Lori showed up.” I looked at Lori.

“They were in the kitchen” offered an out of breath Lori, “Vanessa was eating her sandwich and drinking a glass of milk, naked!” she tried to stifle a giggle, “Amber was across the counter with her usual drink, although, it might have been a triple!”

Vanessa just nodded as it were the most natural thing.

“Should I be worried about what you talked about?” I still couldn’t believe it happened.

“Not really. Mom knows about you and Lori. Well, she’s known as long as I’ve known. She wasn’t all that surprised to find out Lori has the keys.” Shrugging, “Mom just told me to be careful. Then she told us how it was OK to experiment but to be sure to remember that it’s just sex.”

Laughing, Lori said “She didn’t come out and say it but I think she’s munched a little carpet.”

“Lori!” cried Vanessa.

“Tell me she hasn’t!” defended Lori.

I have to admit, seeing Amber naked had always been a fantasy but to watch her…

“Anyways!” Vanessa changed the topic. “Lori said we needed to talk.”

“Mike doesn’t want to fuck you.” said Lori, bluntly.

Not surprisingly, Vanessa was very calm about it. “Why not.” I’m sure they had it all planned out.

“That’s what we’re here to talk about.” said Lori.

Vanessa perched between the seats with her arms around the headrests, the result was that her tits were thrust forward and very prominent. They really were beautiful with their large puckered nipples: deep red against pale white. It was impossible not to notice every…

“Mike?” I heard Lori calling my name and realized that I had been staring.

“What?” I asked.

Lori smiled “I asked if you liked Vanessa’s boobs. I’m going to guess that you do.”

Feeling myself blush, “Yeah. She does…Vanessa you really do have a beautiful body.”

“Tell me why you don’t want to fuck her.” She always said it like that. ‘Fuck’ not ‘have sex’, or whatever.

I tried turning it over in my head, trying to find the best way to explain it but it was simply, “I feel like I would be cheating on you.”

“But, it’s OK for me?” she asked.

“It’s not the same.” I didn’t quite know how to explain it but it wasn’t

“If I wanted to fuck Eric, would that be OK?” she asked.

I wanted to yell ‘NO’ but instead I asked “Is that what you want?”

“Absolutely not!” she was firm in her answer and somehow actually sounded a little hacked off that I even asked!

“Why are you so desperate for me to fuck Vanessa?” I countered.

“I love you. Vanessa is my best friend. I think it would be hot to see you two fuck.” she paused. “I guess it’s kind of a fantasy.” she admitted.

“I don’t want her to come between us.”

“Do you love me?” she asked.

“I do and I’m in love with you.” I answered, honestly.

Lori smiled. “You know we’re going to die two wrinkly old people fucking in the ‘old folks home’, right?”

Grinning, “That’s what I hope.” Looking back at Vanessa, “What about you? Do you want me to fuck you?” Vanessa looked at Lori before nodding her head.

“Without looking at Lori, why?”

“Lori and I…we talked about sex, sometimes before, you know. Back then I told Lori about how I’d given Paul a..uh handjob.” Naked girl was embarrassed to admit to giving a handjob! I had to laugh and she smiled but kept going, “She was so shocked! Then she asked me about it, you know, before you guys started going out. I didn’t know who or why she wanted to do it to…you know.” Lori just shrugged. “When I found out she was staying with you, I knew something was up but not everything. I mean, who would’ve imagined?” Closing her eyes she took a deep breath. “That first night at Eric’s was…I had NO idea that Lori could say the things she was screaming, let alone do what you guys were doing!” shuddering, “Then the next night she was screaming – begging! for you to stop licking her because she couldn’t take anymore,” she was getting louder, “but you just rolled her over and stuck your tongue in her butt!! I swear I thought she’d had a seizure! She came so hard…!!” wide-eyed and almost shouting, “Mike, you fucked her UN-FUCKING-conscious after Prom!! Every time I’ve watched you guys have sex, Lori screams herself Kartal Escort Bayan hoarse!”

Vanessa closed her eyes to gather herself. When she opened them, “I want that. I…I’d do almost anything to experience it.”

No pressure there. Glancing at Lori, she had a wide grin on her face. Still no help from her. “You really think I can do that to you?”

“Lori teased me for three days. She WOULD NOT let me cum. Finally, when she did…it was in-fucking-credible!” Looking to Lori then at me, “I was with Eric on Thursday.” I wasn’t sure what to make of the expression that crossed her face, “He, you know, got me off. We fucked and I sucked him until he couldn’t, you know, anymore.” she shrugged, I was surprised at the lack of emotion. “Then Friday?” looking down at her hands that had started rubbing her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples, “Do you see what you guys do to me? I’m naked and masturbating in your truck!” she whined. “I get so worked up when I see either of you it takes everything not strip and, and…Please?” she finished with a whisper, “Just one time?”

Glancing at Lori, I saw she was staring at Vanessa, almost as shocked as I was! She smiled when she noticed I was watching her then glanced down, seemingly surprised to find that her hand had moved to her own chest and was absently rubbing a finger across a nipple.

It was inevitable. Not like it would be a chore. I had a smoking hot girl literally begging me to fuck her and my even hotter girlfriend was encouraging me to do it!

Without a word I starting the truck and headed back to town, making sure to drive down Main Street. When Vanessa started to sit back I told her, “Don’t move.” meeting her eyes in the rear-view mirror she nodded and thrust her chest forward. I made a full trip down and back. No saw us but that wasn’t the point. Pulling into her drive, “Let’s go inside.”

We all hopped out and walked to the front door. Vanessa proudly displaying her firm body. Then, with Lori leading the way, we made our way to Vanessa’s room where I asked her to show me her bras.

Vanessa looked at Lori who shrugged then went to her dresser and began pulling out different bras, none of them were anything special. I briefly toyed with the idea of cutting out the area around her nipple. “Do you have anything more…less, I don’t know, industrial?” Everything she showed me looked…functional, which, with her impressive set, she needed.

Nodding, she opened her bottom drawer, reaching way in back, and pulled out a small paper bag. I took it and looked inside. “It’s too…my nipples, it’s like I’m not wearing anything so they rub against my shirt.” she said as an explanation.

I pulled out a sheer cream colored bra and equally sheer pair of boy short panties and showed them to Lori before telling Vanessa to put them on. Then I sent Lori into her closet to find a t-shirt and pants.

Vanessa looked incredible. Her breasts, which barely had any droop, had been lifted by the bra and looked even larger! And she was right! Her nipples were clearly visible and very prominent. I understood her reluctance to wear it. The panties were super tight and accentuated every curve. She turned so I could see her petite ass. It looked fantastic!

Lori returned with a baseball jersey and khaki capri pants.

As soon as she put on the shirt, I knew it was wrong so I asked Lori to find her something that fit a little better. She came back with a faded green t-shirt.

Dressed, even Lori whistled in appreciation. The t-shirt was just tight enough to hug her chest but not strain. The bra straps were clearly visible and that somehow made it look more incredible! The pants were maybe a size too small but looked great. I walked around her and the seam in the back separated her cheeks nicely.

“You need a pony tail.” I directed.

“OK.” and walked over to the dresser and grabbed a scrunchy; instant ponytail.

“You look yummy!” said Lori.

Vanessa looked at me, anxiously, as I walked up to her. “Something’s missing.” This was the first step across the line I had to make. Her nipples were visible under her shirt but had lost most of their perkiness as she’d gotten dressed.

Looking down into her eyes, I placed my hands on her breasts. Vanessa gasped. They felt wonderful! They were only the second pair I’d ever touched so I spent a couple of minutes enjoying them before moving to her nipples. Still smiling, she groaned as I gently tugged on them until they were proudly poking through her shirt.

“That’s better.” I said, looking down at them. “That’s what I want you to wear tomorrow.

Her face glowed with pleasure.

“Now strip. We aren’t at school, yet.” I commanded.

Lori nodded in approval, laughing in anticipation as I turned her around and bent her over the bed. When Vanessa was naked again, I told her to get on the bed in front of Lori, facing away, ass in the air. She scrambled to comply.

Kicking off my pants, I stepped up to Lori, and flipped her skirt up, comparing Escort Kartal the two behinds in front of me. Lori’s was perfect: tight, high, slightly wider than her waist, firm! I dreamed of it. Vanessa’s was a petite little bubble. Bent over as she was, her cheeks were naturally spread open and I could see her pink little asshole and tight pussy. I immediately noticed how smooth it was compared to Lori’s, as her labia were much less pronounced: both were beautiful!

I rubbed my dick up and down Lori’s entrance, teasing her, before slowly sliding in. “Uuuuuugggghhh! Fuck me, Mike!” she moaned.

Deep inside, I held still and asked “Do you see that tight little pussy? Are you really sure you want me fucking it instead of yours?”

Lori moaned again then hissed, “Yeeesssss. I can’t wait to see your dick in her, stretching it open like you do to mine!” her pussy clenched repeatedly around my shaft. Looking back at me, I get to watch you fuck her until you cum deeeeep inside!” letting out another groan, she finished, “Then I get to taste your cum mixed with her hers. Fuck!” laughing, “Does that make me a nasty slut?”

Yeah, I was going to be able to do it. “No, you’re not a slut. You’re my Dirty Girl.” and began fucking.

Vanessa reached under and began rubbing her pussy until her low moans echoed Lori’s. Grabbing Lori’s hips, I started pulling her towards me on each thrust. “Fuck me.” she groaned. “God, it feels so good!” Yeah, it did. Her grip increased as she got closer. “Fuck! Oh God, I’m going to cum all over you cock!”

I watched as Vanessa slid two fingers in and out of her pussy for a couple of strokes before pushing Lori forward so that her head bumped Vanessa’s butt. “Please, Lori, lick my pussy!” she begged.

Lifting her head, Lori dove in causing Vanessa to yell “OH MY GOD!!” as she pushed back and her hands reached back to grab her cheeks, spreading them wider, if that was even possible. “Please!” Lori put her hands on Vanessa’s hips to hold her still as she licked at Vanessa’s glistening slit.

I had to stop moving so I didn’t cum but I stayed fully embedded deep in Lori’s pussy. She, however, kept going and Vanessa’s cries got louder as she crested, “OOOOOOHH FUCK!! LORI!!” hips bucking back onto Lori’s tongue until she pulled away, lying flat on the bed where Lori would have followed but I decided to finish her off.

Pulling almost all the way out, I slammed back inside. “UUUNNGGHH!” Lori grunted as I began pounding into her just like she loved, nearly as hard as I could. “God, Mike fuck me!” she cried. I was close but she was closer. “Fuck my dirty little cunt! Fuck it! Fuck ME!” turned to her groaning wordlessly as I hammered into her, she tried to pull away but I grabbed onto her hips tighter, holding myself deep inside, grinding, against her as she came. “UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!! FUUUUUCK!” she shrieked and fell forward out of my grip, off my dick, and across Vanessa’s legs where she lay panting.

Breathing hard myself, I walked around to the side of the bed with my throbbing dick bouncing in the air. Lori was still recovering but smiling, “God, I love what you do to me!” she laughed.

Vanessa rolled over. “I can’t wait to feel that.”

Lori looked up to see my still throbbing dick, “OH! Sweety! Come here!” and her mouth enveloped the head moaning, “Mmmmmmmmm, I love how we taste, together.” she murmured, as she began bobbing her head, taking me ever deeper into her mouth before pulling back and allowing her lips to drag along my shaft,

Vanessa watched wide-eyed, only moving to get a better view of what Lori was doing all the while playing with her own swollen nipples; God, they were blood red and huge! I swear they’d gotten bigger as her excitement grew!

Finally, the thought of how those huge nubs would feel coupled with Lori’s incredible mouth sent me over. I just had time to tell Lori “Don’t swallow!” as I filled her mouth. Lori continued to suck and her tongue started to flick across the head even as a stream of cum escaped her mouth and she had to use her hand to catch it!

Emptied, I stumbled back against Vanessa’s desk making Lori to close her mouth or risk losing my load. I could see her moving her tongue around in her mouth as if trying to taste each sperm. “Lori…give it to Vanessa.” I gasped. Her eyes widened in surprise and she tried to smile but rolled over and grabbed Vanessa’s head with her free hand, pulling her into a mouth-full-of-cum kiss!

Vanessa hungrily accepted as Lori shifted so that she was lying next to Vanessa, their hungry lips never parting. Lori then took the hand that had caught the overflow and smeared my cum on Vanessa’s tits before moving down to clean up the mess she’d made, leaving Vanessa gasping. “Oh God! You guys are so fucking…!” she stopped as Lori latched onto her nipple and sucked every trace of cum away while her hand slid down to Vanessa’s open thighs “Again?” she whispered in wonder.

I finally got to watch Lori get Vanessa off. Beginning with her fingers expertly teasing Vanessa’s smooth skin, she soon moved down to lick and kiss just above her clit as two fingers hooked inside, twisting and sliding gently. Vanessa’s hips rose and fell as Lori quickly brought her off before moving her hand slightly lower and sliding her pinky into Vanessa’s ass.

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