“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!” Sally said. Yeah sure, fun for a bunch of horny guys maybe, Jeanna thought. She clearly felt anxious about going to the party, but as usual, Sally had managed to drag her along.

“Okay, we’re here,” Sally said with a big grin. “You excited?”

“Uh, yeah, sure. Can we go home now?”

“Very funny. Let’s go.” Jeanna reluctantly got out of the car. She was a blonde of medium height with a great body. Her tight outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination either. She and Sally walked up the path toward the house. It wasn’t really a big deal anyway, she figured. There would only be six or seven of them. Greg answered the door, with a beer already in hand.

“Sally, Jeanna, so glad you could make it! Thank God, too. I didn’t want to sit around all night with these bums.” Jeanna looked to where Greg was pointing. There were a couple guys she didn’t know. Sam was also there, standing next to them, thank goodness. She didn’t think she could make it through the night without him. They had been going out for a little while. Nothing serious yet, but she had a good feeling about him.

Beers were handed around to everyone. Jeanna gladly accepted them, knowing she would need all the help she could get to relax. After some talking and joking around, Greg stood up and said,

“Okay then, are we all ready for tonight’s movie?” Sally and the guys cheered. Sam looked over at Jeanna and shrugged. A movie–that didn’t sound too bad. Greg came back with the videocassette. “Let’s see,” he was saying, making a big show of it, “what do we have here?” He held the tape at a distance, pretending to have a hard time reading it. One of the guys told him to get on with it. “Ah yes, here we are: Face-Cummers 8. Hmm, that sounds like a nice family movie. Ooh, Ebert & Roeper give it two thumbs up!” The guys laughed at this. Sam gave Jeanna a look that said, “I didn’t know he was going to do this.” Jeanna got up to leave but Sally pulled her back down.

“Come on now, Jeanna,” she giggled, “be a little open-minded for once. It’s harmless. And you never know, you might even learn a thing or two.” Sally winked at her and laughed again. Jeanna sat back down. Maybe Sally was right, and anyway, she didn’t want to spoil the fun.

The movie started. After a lot of corny dialogue, the woman started licking the man’s penis and sucking on it. Jeanna hadn’t ever seen porn before so it was all pretty surreal to her. She couldn’t help but be a little fascinated though. After several minutes of the woman playing with the man’s cock, she let go of it and he stroked it himself. Jeanna saw the woman get down right in front of his penis, waiting eagerly for him to spray her. Jeanna had to admit that it was exciting her to see the woman so willing, so hungry for him. The man breathed faster and louder, letting the woman know that it was almost time. She smiled at this and shut her eyes lightly, tipping her head back, in preparation to take everything he had for her.

Finally, the man reached his climax. Jeanna watched in awe as seven or eight thick streams of semen erupted out of the man’s cock, right onto the woman’s face. He hit her forehead, her chin, her cheeks, and her lips. The whole scene had such an effect on Jeanna that she couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. When she finally got herself under control, her mind started to race wildly. This is what she was so reluctant about? Good God, what she had just seen was so beautiful! Nothing had ever made such an impression on her. In fact, she would love to try something like that herself! She smiled as she was thinking this.

The other guys were Beylikdüzü escort clapping and joking around. Jeanna hadn’t even noticed, being so lost in thought. She had seen all she needed to see. She grabbed Sam’s wrist and pulled him out of the room. The others just kept their eyes on the screen. Jeanna couldn’t blame them.

“Hey, Jeanna,” Sam said. “You holding up alright?”

“Come with me.” She led him into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. Sam thought she was still upset.

“I swear I didn’t know Greg was going to play that tape. I don’t know why I even hang out with those freaks. I hope that scene didn’t scar you for life.” Sam smiled and rubbed her shoulders, trying to be the good boyfriend as best he could. Jeanna replied,

“Yeah, it was pretty nasty–definitely disgusting. I think we should try it.”

“Try what?” Sam had totally missed it, which wasn’t surprising, knowing what he did about Jeanna. She whispered in his ear.

“I want you to shoot your cum onto my face. Will you do that for me?” Sam just stared at her for a while, and then a different smile started forming on his face.

“You naughty little girl… You liked it!” Jeanna smiled bashfully, but at the same time she boldly reached out and started rubbing the bulge in his pants.

“Now,” she murmured, “you think you can help me out, or not?” Sam answered by quickly unzipping his pants and pulling them down with his boxers. His huge erection bounced into view, pulling Jeanna’s gaze directly to it. “That’s a good boy,” she said smoothly, not looking away from it.

Jeanna fell to her knees and stroked his cock with both hands. She focused all her attention on it. She knew that any second, it would smother her face with cum, just like the woman in the video. The thought drove her wild. Her hands massaged and tugged madly.

“Oh God, Jeanna. That feels so good,” Sam said. He pushed his hips forward, giving her free access to his cock. “Okay, I’m ready,” he panted. Jeanna let go so he could take over, just like in the video, except this time it was really happening to her, Jeanna thought excitedly.

Sam stroked his cock smoothly and evenly. Jeanna’s hands were at his sides. She couldn’t keep quiet.

“Yes, Sam, come all over me,” she said. “I want it so bad. Ooh, come for me. Come on my face!” This easily pushed Sam over the edge. He held onto the sink to keep him steady on his feet, and aimed his cock at Jeanna’s forehead with his other hand.

Her heart beat powerfully with the knowledge that she was now in the line of fire. As soon as the first jet of semen struck her face, Jeanna thought she was in heaven. It seemed as if nothing in the world mattered but that very moment. She felt weightless as several thick strands of his cream lined her cheeks and lips. She drank some of it down without even thinking about it, as some of the rest ran down her neck. As Sam’s shootings slowed down, he got in closer and dripped onto Jeanna’s nose. Her nails dug into his thighs in the ecstasy of the moment, and after what seemed like a great span of time, it was finished.

Jeanna was breathing so hard that Sam was afraid she might pass out. When she finally slowed her airflow, she said,

“My God. That was wonderful.”

“You’re telling me!” Sam replied, in complete awe of her. “Jeanna,” he said seriously, “you were absolutely amazing. I don’t think any woman could lose herself in the moment the way you just did. Hell, you’re easily as good as any porn star could ever be.” This last part really hit home with Jeanna.


“Definitely.” Maybe it Beylikdüzü escort wasn’t such a crazy thought. After all, anything that could fill her with such complete joy had to at least be considered.

“So how do I look right now?” she asked, giggling.

“You look great! Have a look.” Jeanna stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She had rosy cheeks and her face was moist from sweating. Her face was more than halfway covered with Sam’s sperm.

“Wow,” was all she could say.

It had been a life-changing experience for Jeanna, no doubt about that. She didn’t want to stop there though; it was time for the big leagues. She never in her wildest dreams thought she would want such a life if you had asked her a week before, but clearly, people change.

She didn’t have much of a clue about how to take the next step. She figured she would ask Greg for the videotape box. Maybe it had an address or Web site or something.

As soon as she asked him about it, he gave her a very suspicious look.

“Why? Is this some kind of trick?”

“Ugh, Greg, don’t be so paranoid. I just want to see if there’s an address on the box.”

“Right, so you can write to them and complain, right?”

“No, so maybe I can be in ‘Face-Cummers 9.'”

This took Greg so completely by surprise. Jeanna had stated her intentions so plainly, without a trace of sarcasm in her voice.

“Holy shit. You’re serious aren’t you?”

Jeanna nodded, a little shyly. Why was she telling Greg? Well, she figured she might as well. Everyone would find out eventually. And anyway, Greg seemed to know a lot about it.

“Hmm, life just got interesting didn’t it?” Greg started rubbing his hands together and pacing back and forth. “Well you won’t find anything on the tape box, but I can hook you up. Their studio is right over in Santa Monica. Hell I’ll drive you myself, if…” A big smile spread over his face.

“If what?” Jeanna asked, smiling a little too.

“Well, I mean, obviously you’ll need a little more practice to uh, prepare for your audition, right?”

“So… you want to come onto my face then?” she asked matter-of-factly. Greg stared at her again.

“Umm, yes ma’ am, I do believe I would enjoy that.”

“Alright,” she answered. “Let’s go to the bathroom.” Greg led the way, not hesitating for a second. He looked like three Christmases were happening at once. When they were safely hidden in the room with the door locked, Jeanna took charge. “Okay, Greg. Whatever might happen later, this is my show now. Keep quiet and let me do what I want with you.” Greg had no objection whatsoever to such an arrangement. He put his hands behind his back and simply said,

“Yes, ma’am.” He knew better than to mess with a perfect situation like this. Jeanna looked down at his crotch. She could already tell that he had begun to harden. She got down on her knees in front of him, causing him to sigh deeply in anticipation. She opened him up and pulled him down, making him shudder at having his privates exposed to Jeanna. She smiled at how his bravado disappeared in the heat of the moment.

Jeanna reached out and cupped his balls, waiting for his cock to become fully erect. She enjoyed the feel of them, massaging them slightly. Greg was completely hard in no time. Jeanna took his shaft in both hands, squeezing hard without really meaning to. Her hands then stroked up and down together like a machine, twisting and rotating all the while. Jeanna tried to resist the urge to use her mouth but couldn’t. She slipped Greg’s cockhead into her mouth, and from there, she engulfed his entire Escort Beylikdüzü penis, causing him to moan slightly. Jeanna had to admit that the full feeling in her mouth was pleasant enough, but she went back to using her hands. The idea was to take it on her face, after all, not down her throat, at least not all of it.

Jeanna could tell that Greg would be coming soon by his loud, even breathing. She felt the same excitement she felt with Sam: Cum would soon be all over her face. The thought made her moan a little, but she knew she couldn’t lose her head; she had to aim his cock just the right way so all his semen would land on her face.

Greg came as Jeanna stroked him wildly. His first shot sailed clear over her head, but she corrected immediately and took the rest on her lips, chin, and forehead. When Greg finished, she took his knob back into her mouth to make it shiny and clean, relishing the bitter taste in her mouth before swallowing. She finally looked up at Greg again, who was staring down at her in awe.

“You’re fabulous, you know that?,” he said. “They’d be crazy not to hire you.” This made Jeanna smile. After all, she figured, with Greg’s knowledge of porn, he ought to know what’s good and what isn’t.

The next day, Greg dropped Jeanna off at the studio in Santa Monica. They took her through a short interview to find out her experience. They were reluctant to give her a shot since she’d never had sex on camera before, but Jeanna, as in any other interview, made it clear that she would do her best to learn the business. The interviewer loved the way Jeanna looked right away. He told her that she was turning him on and asked for a blowjob as a type of audition. After thinking briefly how crazy this all was, Jeanna agreed.

She sucked the man off while he sat at his desk. As soon as his cock came into view, Jeanna had no trouble focusing on the task. The penis seemed to have a power over her these days, no matter who its owner was. She knew this meant that she was a total slut, but frankly, she didn’t really care. She gave a nearly perfect blowjob, swallowing everything the interviewer sprayed in her mouth. She was starting to acquire a taste for cum.

Because she expressed in her interview that her main interest was the cumshot on her face, inspired by the “Face-Cummers” video, the studio offered her $500 to do a naked, one-man cumshot clip on camera, and Jeanna agreed right away. She was nervous about getting naked in public, but as soon as her costar saw her pretty face and nice body, his cock rose very quickly, giving her great confidence. She found it all extremely exciting and arousing, which is why she was there, after all.

The clip was very straightforward. The camera roamed her naked body, paying closest attention to her face, breasts, butt, and crotch; then she went down on her knees to accept the cumshot from her costar, (a black man with a thick, ten-inch penis in this case). Her knowledge that many men would see her dirty nakedness and sexual degradation by a black man only enhanced her performance. During the seconds of the cumshot itself, Jeanna was as if possessed, caught up in the lust and ecstasy of the moment. She knew then that it was definitely something she could get used to in a hurry.

She easily wowed all the producers. Before she knew it, she had earned quite a lot of money, (which she shared with Greg for hooking her up), starred in “Face-Cummers 9,” “10,” and “11,” among other things, and had a blast along the way, a truly unforgettable time.

Sally, Greg, and Sam all stayed a part of her life after her dirty porn days were behind her, and Sam could always be counted on to provide her with a nice facial every now and then, for old times sake.

And it all started with a little videotape at a little party that she got dragged to not so long ago. The thought always made Jeanna smile.

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