I Went Back


After my first cock sucking I was on fire. I came so hard and my thoughts were filled with the texture and smells of his fat package. The taste of his wonderful cum and the smell of the leather in the car and his aftershave and I could remember the rough feeling of his pubic hair. I couldn’t remember, was he shaved or full? It was rough but like a beard more than what I remembered from pussies that were uncontrolled. And I couldn’t stop masturbating and when I came I moaned and swallowed my own cum like I was out of my mind. I had to see him again or I had to see that cock again!

So the next week I went back and I walked around the cars but his car wasn’t there. I was shaking with anticipation and probably just wrong for this world I thought. One time and I was now addicted but not to cock, but to one cock. It was awful. Sort of. Not really awful, women had ruined me many more times that I could remember. I was willing to wait. And I didn’t have to wait long!

The şişli escort week after I returned and this time, as I walked the familiar path, my heart leapt up as I saw the familiar door. He saw me too and this time he stared right at me and he opened his mouth and I could see his tongue, thick and licking his lips. I tried not to hurry but I think that I did hurry and went over to his car and got in. This time I couldn’t stop myself, I grabbed him and kissed him hard. Our faces were rough and the beards pulled and scraped each other as our tongues probed each others mouths and throats. I was so happy that he sucked my tongue as much as I sucked his. But then I noticed that his cock was out again just as two week before and I had to feel it again.

I had to and I dropped down, feeling my face run over his bulging belly and then onto the fat mass of dick and nuts that he was squeezing up again. I smelled the aftershave he must have put it on his crotch and çapa escort it was heady with his own musk and I opened my mouth gratefully and began to lick the head. Precum!! So sweet and salty and thin like slippery water. I probed the piss slit and began to suck over that massive glans. I loved that rim on the edge of the head of his cock. I loved his tight nut sack. I put his balls into my mouth and rolled them around and back to the cock and licked the rough pubic stubble. Yes, he was close cropped. And the cock was shaved but it was still rough perfect for my desire.

My own cock was a monster in my pants. He put his hand into my pants and I felt his fuck finger probe and penetrate my anus and I arched my back in love with the feeling that he wanted to fuck me too. I went back to his cock and began to suck with a purpose. I wanted that cum again. I wanted to pull every drop out of his nuts and have his fat bloated head spew jizz into my guts again. He kept up the fingering fındıkzade escort of my ass, not two fingers and three. I could feel my cock ache with its own agony to let the cum out. I reached my arm around his big hips as I had last time and sucked like a whore, hard and wantonly. Our breathing was racing. We were mad for each other, now we knew who each was and this was the most amazing feeling I had ever had.

As he got fuller in my mouth and closer to cumming he stroked the inside of my anus like a wet pussy. I would have gladly taken him in me there but I was too greedy for his jizz. And then that wonderful cock started to cum again. I closed my eyes and my tongue milked down the urethra to his wonderful nuts and I let the big head into the back of my throat and just swallowed that delicious juicy seed squirt after squirt. My own cock was cumming as he handfucked my anus which now was swollen and loose, ripe with the lubrication of my rectum welcoming him into me. I swallowed a gutfull, I bet I hadn’t seen him the week before because he was saving. I just stayed there swallowing and loving it for as long as I could. I think that we were both going to see more of each other.

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