His Slave Boy ‘Good Wife’


I called before I got home. He answered on the first ring. He knows better than to not answer immediately. Before he could say anything I cut him off in mid-sentence.

“Naked, at the door in just a pair of sexy heels, nothing else, I want you. I’m hard in my pants thinking of your submissive little ass. Your makeup and hair better be perfect, little boy, fucking perfect. I want that ass.”

I hung up before he said a word. I could feel my cock throb in my pants, could feel the wet spot at the end of it. I knew that put him in a panic, having to change quickly out of his domestic house-girl outfit and redo his makeup, his Master coming home an early. Him, not knowing if I’m an hour away or minutes away, I smiled to myself thinking of his no doubt frantic state of mind.

When I entered my house he was at the door as ordered with that submissive eyes-to-the-floor look that makes my dick hard instantly. His hair and makeup were, as ordered, perfect. He would be a passable barely legal girl if it were not for that little penis of his sticking out in front of him in his cock cage. He is, as always, baby smooth and soft, the perfect sissy.

I firmly lead him by the wrist to the basement, quickly, as soon as he closes the door behind me. He is naked expect for 3″ high heel shoes and his locked CB-6000 penis restraint. His shoes are the prefect heel length for what I want to do with him. And the open toes show off his pink manicured toenails, thin little ankle straps complete the ‘piece of sissy candy’ picture.

He feels my hand in the small of his back as I push him up to the wall. He feels the cold steel of the eye-hooks at chest height on the wall as I take a key to tiny padlocks hooked to them and unfasten them. I unlock them and then relock and restrain him by his permanent tiny gold nipple rings to them. He is facing the wall, his nipples pulled slightly up and locked firmly in place. If his cute little shoes were removed he’d have to stand up high on his toes to accommodate the eye hooks he is locked to. I can see goosebumps rise on his naked rear end as I softly run my hand up between his legs from behind. I feel his naked soft and smooth thighs against my probing hand. I feel the heat of his crotch. I stroke, pet and inspect him briefly before I gently take his penis cage in my hand and unlock it. I pull it off of him so fast he cries out. His small boy-like penis falls free of it, ‘snaps’ back against him as the cage pulse free. I drop the cock harness to the floor at his feet in front of him. I cup him with my hand and feel his penis spring to life. He goes hard almost instantly. I run my hand over him as I cup his butt, moving up close to him. I see him start to breathe deeply, see him close his eyes lost to it all. His erection sticks straight up as I pull back and away from him. I admire this ‘work in progress’ in front me. I admire and savor the sissy sex slave I own and use at will.

I see his little barely 3 ½” inch erection bob, throb and bounce, bump against the wall. I smile to myself and think, ‘my always ready little man’. Then he feels my hand come down across his right cheek so hard and fast that it makes him cry out loud. He rises up onto his toes. I lean in toward him, up close. I put my mouth to his ear and whisper as the loud ‘slap’ across his butt reverberates off the basement playroom mirrored walls.

“You couldn’t be prettier than you are right now.”

I kiss his cheek as I pet his bare butt, cup and squeeze it. He is shivering slightly, covered in goose bumps. He is where he craves to be. I pat him.

“Reach up and pinch your nipples with your hands. Don’t take them away until I tell you too. If you move your hands away I’ll put a neck collar on you, restrain your wrists to it and whip you.”

I keep patting his butt gently as I say that to him, hear him mumble through excited breathy tone, ‘Yes, Sir…yes…’. I don’t have to say it but he knows I’m thinking ‘good boy’ as izmir escort his hands rise to the bottom of his chest, fingers up around his taught and stretched nipples. He holds them up and out and pushes them to the wall.

I undress, tossing my clothing to a chair against the back wall. I see the two of us in the mirror, me naked behind him. I see that delightful little rock hard erection of his in the mirror. I see him struggling to hold his nipples up as ordered. He is always hot for what I do with him. I smile. I look to my 9″ rock hard cock moving and wet in front of me. I run my hand over it as I look at the two of us in the mirror. I’ve been hard in my pants ever since I called him from my car and told to be ready for me.

I move to a table and take k-y jelly from it. I slowly rub a hand full of it over my cock. I put a bit extra on the middle finger of my left hand. I quickly move to him and with my right hand I push my fingers into the crack of his rear end. I spread his cheeks apart just over his tight little hole. I feel them separate, see him quivering slightly. He whimpers, moans and closes his eyes. He feels me push my slippery middle finger up to his hole and just press it there firmly. I can feel him melt, submit to me completely. I move my index finger and thumb inside of the crack of his butt to expose it more. He feels my middle finger slip into him slightly, just to the first joint. I feel him clench tightly. I feel myself throb, feel precum drip from my cock as he whimpers those girly-like sounds he makes. I pull my finger back out slightly, not all the way, just a little bit, push it back in. I play with his rear end, make a small circle motion with my finger spreading his tight little hole all the way open. He feels me kiss his back, his shoulders gently as I push it in slowly all the way and hold it there. I feel him grip my finger tight and rise up on his toes as I push my fist up into the crack of his butt, my knuckles and fist holding him up high on the tips of his toes.

“Stay up on your toes, sissy boy. Don’t you fucking move and inch.”

I start to finger fuck him slowly and methodically. The only sound in the room is my finger moving in and out of him, a long full length slippery sound. That and his breathing, gasping, whimpers and moans fill the room.

I fuck him for ten minutes straight like that. Long and slow, I watch him move to my fist, watching him move slightly from toe to toe. He knows better than to come back down onto his heels until I tell him to. I feel his tight little hole open and close tightly around my finger. The head of my wet cock rubs up against the side of his naked smooth leg, the side of his hip. I feel like I could make myself cum like that.

I pull my finger out of him. I hear him cry out as I do, a short little yelping sound. As I move to the back of him he feels my erection press up against his cheeks, spread them slightly as the length of my cock presses up between them.

“Reach back with your right hand and put me in you.”

He can feel my breath on his ear and neck, feel me pressed up against him and into the crack of his rear, pinning him to the wall. I feel his hand move back and close around me. I feel him take my cock in his hand. I feel him try to guide the head of it to his little hole. He knows better than to let it slip, not hold such that it will enter him. He’ll be paddled hard, whipped, if that happens. He knows that that all too well.

I feel just the head of it enter him as he moans softly then cries out loud. I feel my cock ‘pop’ into him, feel his hole close around the head or it as he opens for me. I feel him guide it into himself as he holds my shaft in place. I feel his hand still on me tightly as I push halfway into him, feel my balls press up against his hand. As he feels me very slowly push up and into full length I feel him totter slightly on his toes.”

“Put your hand back where alsancak escort it belongs. You may come down onto heels.”

I put my teeth on his neck, bite him gently as I slap his butt. I feel him shake and quiver quickly. I feel myself push deep into him, hear him gasp slightly as he comes down off of his toes and back onto the floor. I feel the tip of my cock at the deepest part of his ass. His hand back at his breast, I bite his neck harder, kiss his shoulder as I hold myself perfectly still and deep inside of him. I look to the side, see us in the mirror. He cannot come back down all way onto his heels. My cock has him impaled on the end of it. He could not be prettier. And he could not be more ‘mine’, more owned.

I hear him whimper as I hold him up like that for a couple of minutes just watching him struggle in the mirror. I start to fuck. I feel that little hole open and close for me. I hear the noises he makes, the noises that make me want to not stop fucking him. I reach down and take his hips in my hand. I pull him back away from the wall slightly. My hands firm on him, he feels my fingertips dig into the sides of his butt. I hold him in place as I move in and out of him full length. He struggles to hold his nipples out tightly. He pinches them and pushes them to the wall as he bounces. I fuck him like that for almost forty minutes. I stop only to push up deep into him, to feel him rise up onto his toes and squirm as he tries to move with me.

He feels me start to fuck to cum. I hear him whimper as my fingers dig into him harder. I fuck him rapidly, sharp deep strokes. He hears me start to breath deep, grunting into the back of his hair, his shoulder as I slam into him.

When I am ready to cum I pull out of him quickly, so quickly it hurts him slightly. I hear him cry out as my cock rips out of him. I feel the slipperiness of my hard on as I milk myself into my hand. I masturbate behind him and fill my cupped left hand with my cum.

When I finish, when I milk myself completely to the last drop, I look at him from behind. I the slippery and messy crack up his boy-like round butt, see his nipples cupped and restrained to the wall. I see his makeup slightly running from tears in his eyes. His tiny erection faded, semi hard in front of him bounces as he shivers and shakes.

I put my cupped hand to the side of his face, up toward his mouth. He doesn’t have to be told. I watch as him open and eagerly swallow as I empty my cum filled hand into his mouth. He licks my hand clean anxiously.

I stand and admire the picture before me. I walk to the table and take the key to his little padlocks. I unlock him from the wall. I lock the tiny padlocks to his nipple rings, let them dangle slightly like earrings, see them bounce as he moves. He feels me take his arm and turn him toward me. I pull him down firmly, make him go to his knees in front of me. I look down at him as he takes me into his mouth. I see his eyes look and meet mine. I watch as my soft semi erect cock is sucked clean. He looks up at me as sucks me, shiny pink lip gloss now being smeared all over his chin, my cock. I feel the tip of his tongue licking the hole of my cock, feel his hands on the back of legs just below my cheeks holding me in place as him cleans me, sucks me like the hungry little bitch he is. He is so eager, eager to be fed with what he is addicted to.

He feels my hand on the side of his face. I pet him, stroke him. There is no place he’d rather be. I reach down and take his arm, pull him to his feet. I feel my cock pop out of his hungry mouth as I pull him off of me. I lead him the couch against the wall and I quickly sit. I pull him down and onto my lap.

“Tell me.”

I look at him, see his flushed face. I see my cum on the side of his lips and chin. I put my hand on his now fully erect little penis. It feels so small in my hand, delicate. I feel it throb, pulse.

“I buca escort love you. I love you and will do anything for you, Daddy.”

I see him turn to me, slight tear in his eye.

“I am yours to do with as you please, Daddy. I’m yours completely. I love.”

I form a small ring with my index finger and thumb. I start to run the little head of his penis through it. He squirms slightly on my lap as I play with his precum around the hole. I cup his bare butt against my leg with my other hand and hold him firmly as I stroke him. He is like a barely legal teen boy.

“Shhhhh, just sit quietly.”

His erection throbs deeply. My hand moving over it, I notice his eye makeup. It’s perfect, model like even when slightly smeared with his tears. His huge lashes close as he starts to breath deeply. His pink lip gloss is smeared all over his chin.

“You really are my favorite. Your wife is much appreciated but you are my absolute favorite. You are more girl than she is. You’re ‘good wife’, little man.”

I laugh as I say that.

“Cum for me. It’s okay, I want that. Cum in my hand.”

I increase my hand motion on his erection. I feel him throb in my hand as he moves between my fingers. When he cums it doesn’t spurt like a man would. It drips out of him and over the top of my hand. I feel him almost collapse, fall against my shoulder, feel his arm go up around my back to support himself to keep from falling off of my lap. That makes me laugh. He pumps against my hand, little girly motions, as he drips and wiggles on my lap.

“Uhh, uhhhh, ayyee, uhhhh…oooooo…”

His sissy-like sounds fill the room. When he finishes he goes soft, his little penis no more than 2″ in my hand. I cup my hand over it. I feel my cock stir under his baby smooth butt as he squirms slightly on my lap.

“Tell me.”

“I love you. I couldn’t love you more. I am your slave. I love you, Daddy.”

I feel him push up against me. I scoop his cum up off of his lap, my leg, into my hand. I watch as he licks my hand clean a second time.

“Your wife is coming over later tonight. I want you in something deeply sexy. You know what I like. Nothing that even hints of slutty, you know I like showing you off to her. Short, tight, black, sexy, elegant, you know what I like. You’ll be serving us drinks before we go out.”

“I do. I know how to please you.”

I feel him sit up straight on my lap.

“She’ll be pleased with me and what I am for you.”

I slap his butt and see him rise up off of my lap as I push him gently toward the floor. I watch him mince to the wall and quickly put his cock harness back on, clicking it locked. I watch as he walks to the door, turns toward me and curtseys. I sit and watch him walk like the sissy super model he is for me. He is 100% sissy girl. ‘He is cuter sexier than is wife’, I think to myself.

“I have house work to finish, Daddy. Thank you for fucking me. And thank you for letting me cum. I do love you. I really do. I know you know that. Thank you. Is there anything else I can do for you, anything?”

I dismiss him with a wave of my hand and watch as he walks to the stairs. I feel myself get hard again thinking about it all. I think about much I love the fact that his wife gave him to me. I think about her and the things we’ve done with him.

I masturbate alone on the couch. I watch myself in the mirror as I stroke my erect cock. I cum all over myself thinking about the way he looked up on his toes with my cock up his rear end so far that he could not come back down onto the floor. I relive the noises he makes when I do that to him.

I also think about fucking his wife in my bed later tonight too, fucking her with him locked in his cage here in the basement. Or maybe I’ll suspend him by his nipples again while I fuck her upstairs in the bedroom. I think about whipping him in front of her. She likes that. It always gets her super wet. I will decide later.

As I move to the shower upstairs I see him doing his domestic chores. I tell him to clean up the basement as I pass him in the hall. I hear him mumble ‘Yes, Sir, yes, Master.’ and barely notice as he quickly curtseys and scampers toward the basement stair as I walk by him, lost in my thoughts.

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