Five on One

Big Dicks

Sandi looked at herself naked in the floor length mirror of her hotel room. There was no mistaking that time and two pregnancies had stripped her of the slim physique of her 20s, 30s, and early 40s. The rest of the matter had been settled by a non-sexual but still monogamous relationship with her husband, and precious few moments where healthy meals and exercise failed to conflict with being a mother of two.

Her bust, though impressive, had certainly lowered over the years. Not that anyone could tell with the right bra, but if someone besides her husband happened to make it to the post-bra stage of fooling around, they would surely feel somewhat deceived.

Most men still attempted to sneak a peek on those days she opted for a low cut shirt. She was good at catching them looking but not betraying her knowledge of it. Those glances from interested men were a reminder that some things stay the same, no matter how old you or anyone else becomes.

Boyfriends and suitors of old were fascinated with her breasts. Amusing toys one minute, and objects of extraordinary lust the next.

She ran a finger from her chest down to her navel absentmindedly, as she observed herself.

“As true now as it ever was,” she thought to herself. “Short women with large breasts are highly desirable.”

As if the idea of imbalance itself was universally appealing. It had certainly been true most of her life. A great deal of her sexual partners were much taller men who bragged to their friends about her status as a “spinner”.

There lurked a voracious but dormant sexuality in her 54 year old body. It ached for attention.

This was a rare time away from family. From the responsibilities of home. She had left the kids under the care of her husband one day prior, and now was the first moment in years she’d had to reflect on herself as a person, as opposed to a wife or mother.

Though still a work trip, she’d decided to stay in Miami one day longer than necessary to unwind. While she was not confident enough to relax in a bikini by the pool with an umbrella drink or discover the city’s night life, time away from home was enough.

The work part of the work trip had consisted of several meetings, culminating in a rather stiff and underwhelming dinner. With that out of the way, all that remained was whatever she was to make of the remaining evening, and her free day tomorrow.

What she really wanted, and had wanted to do for so long, was to get good and drunk.

The mini bar was an option, though inexplicably expensive for what was on offer. There was also the hotel bar, which advertised itself as open late.

Sandi walked into the hotel bar in the floral, flowing summer dress she had purchased upon arrival. The cut was low enough to highlight her favored feature, and the lace thong beneath the dress was there only for her own pleasure, as a retreat to youth.

She did not plan on spending too much time in the bar. Just enough to have a few drinks to begin the buzz, and if need be, allow the contents of the mini bar to take her where she wanted to go.

Sandi ordered, and waited for her drink patiently. Though the bar was not full, the bartender did not seem to find urgency listed in his job description.

A group of younger men, possibly in their 20s, were huddled around a relatively small table in the opposite corner of the room. It was from them the room derived the most volume.

One or two of the young men had noticed Sandi as she walked in, and they continued to regard her as she waited for her drink. Though she acted as if she did not notice, it wasn’t easy to pretend that they would not let their fixation abide.

They spoke amongst each other while shooting glances in her direction, never being so forward enough as to point.

The drink arrived and was gone as soon as it had hit the counter.

“Another?” the bartender asked.

Sandi nodded.

Being a woman of no more than 5’2″ tall, and despite the slight weight gain, five drinks had been more than enough to catapult her to a place of drunkenness far beyond her original intention. Though despite the indulgence, what she really felt was free. She felt good. She felt happy.

Feeling happy and inhibition free, Sandi decided to take a late night trip up to the rooftop jacuzzi. Not knowing what sort of crowd would be waiting for her, she felt safest adorning the one piece swimsuit that seemed to hold everything together in the way she liked, without revealing the bits she didn’t.

To her surprise, the rooftop deck was empty. Though not closed, it was unmanned, and devoid of other hotel guests.

She beşiktaş escort slipped into the bubbling jacuzzi, and felt a thousand years fall off her shoulders. Street noise and city noise melted away, and all she could hear were her thoughts and the bubbles.

Her mind wandered from place to place, tamping down worries and thoughts about responsibilities whenever they popped up. She made mental notes about things she wanted to do before hopping on the plane home the day after next.

She thought about the group of men at the bar. Specifically the two who had fixated upon her.

The fantasy emanated as a kernel, but sizzled and popped without much time in the pan. Sandi imagined the two men finding their way to the rooftop, and sliding into the jacuzzi with her. She imagined a silent seduction. No words, only understanding. Understanding that no matter who waited for her at homes hundreds of miles away, tonight she was going to do whatever she wanted with whoever she wanted.

There had been times over the years where she had come close to having an affair. When the attention is there, it’s hard to let it go unrewarded.

Seeing as how she was alone, her right hand began to drift lower and lower until it reached its destination.

Sandi rubbed her clit as she thought about the men from the bar. The things they could do to her if only they knew where to find her.

Voices came from behind the jacuzzi, and Sandi let the fantasy dissipate. The fun was over, and the best she could hope for was that whoever it was went away. But they did not go away, and the voices grew louder until they noticed someone had beat them to the jacuzzi.

Sandi left her eyes closed. She did not feel like acknowledging or interacting with anyone.

She felt their presence surround the jacuzzi. One by one they all got in, without saying anything. This, she thought, was odd.

Her eyes opened, and around her were the men from the bar. Not just the two that had taken notice of her, but all five of them.

She felt as though she should speak, but couldn’t find the words. She stared at them and they stared at her. Maybe it was the alcohol that made everything feel strange, but she was sure that this was an unusual moment.

“We noticed you were alone at the bar. Here by yourself?” asked one of the two men that had been staring at her.

“Yes,” she said. “Just me.”

“First time in Miami?”

“It is.”

“Here to relax?”

“A little, sure.”

“Good, good. We all like to relax too, don’t we?”

The four other men nodded.

“That’s what this city is all about,” he said. “In fact…”

As the sentence trailed off, the man reached beneath the bubbles to remove his swimsuit. One by one, the other men followed.

“Now see, that’s much better,” he added.

Sandi wasn’t sure what to do. Here she was, suddenly, with five naked men. Two of whom she had been actively fantasizing about ten minutes prior.

“So you tell me when I start getting things wrong,” said the man.

“Okay,” Sandi responded.

“You’re married…one or two kids…”


“This is your first time away from home by yourself in a very long time…”

“Still correct.”

“And you’ve never cheated on your husband…but now that you’re by yourself…”

Sandi wasn’t sure how she was supposed to respond.

“Now that you’re by yourself, you’ve decided to cut loose, have some drinks at the hotel bar.”

She stared at him.

“Let me tell you a little bit about us. I have a talent for spotting women visiting the city by themselves who are curious about a good time. I’d say 9/10 I know what I’m talking about. In this particular instance, I’m pretty sure I know what you’re looking for.

Sandi was silent.

“So here’s what we’re gonna do. All of us are going to stand up, leave the hot tub and you’re going to take us down to your room.”

Five men stood around Sandi in her room, caressing her. Fondling her. Slowly stripping away the wet one piece swimsuit that clung to her body. When her breasts became bare, two of the five men bent down and took a nipple each into their mouth. Rolled their tongues around them in a circle.

Once she was fully nude, two of the men lifted her in the air. Stretched between them, her head lay on the left shoulder of one, while the head of the other man was buried between her legs, as they lay draped over his own shoulders. As he began to run his tongue around the folds of pussy, and up to her clit, her legs began to twist around the back of şişli escort his neck, as she pulled his tongue in closer.

She turned to face the man whose shoulder her head lay upon. Their lips locked.

They placed her back upon the floor. The five men stood looking down at her, and she up at them. There existed a foot of height, roughly, between each of the men and her.

The man who had done most of the talking, the man who had seemed to lead the group, put his hand upon her head, and pressed down gently. His eyes, connected with hers, looked down to his hard dick, intimating to her the next phase of the group’s pleasure.

As his pressed down on her head, she nodded in approval. So she sank to her knees, and the men closed ranks around her. The talkative man looked down at his willing pet, and slowly opened her mouth with his thumb. He grabbed his dick, and placed the tip of it upon her lips.

Sandi remembered the first time she’d had a man in her mouth. She had been nineteen, at a college party. It was Halloween, and as her physique naturally filled out the Playboy bunny suit, it was an obvious choice as a costume.

She had been drinking, and flirting with several frat boy. Eventually, one picked her up, and slung her over his shoulder. He took her back to his room, and several of his fellow frat brothers followed.

He closed the door, but not shut. Open just enough for anyone to peek through, if they wanted.

As he pulled her off his shoulder, and placed her on the floor, he grabbed her chin, pulled her forward, and they began to kiss. At first his hand had moved from her chin to the side of her neck, gently holding her closely to him. But as the kissing went on, he became increasingly aroused.

He took one of her hands, and pressed the palm against the bulge.

She groped it, the length of it. Rubbed her hand along it to judge its size. It had girth, certainly. Length she couldn’t tell. Not yet.

The frat boy unbuckled, unzipped, and pulled it out for her to play with. She paused the kissing to take a look at what hung below. It was sizable. Long, but thick. Sandi grabbed in, and stroked it gently.

And that is when he placed his hand upon her head, and pressed down gently.

She sank to her knees. Through the crack in the door she could see several of the frat brothers watching.

She turned back to the hard dick in front of her. He opened her mouth slowly with his thumb, and used his other hand to place the tip on her lips. She opened slowly, and let him push inside. Further and further her pushed. Though she felt like gagging, she did not.

He began by moving in and out of her mouth slowly, but graduated quickly to interlocking his hands begin her head, and deep-throating her hard.

On her knees again, the man in front of her began by slowing pushing his way into her mouth. She could see the hunger in the other men’s eyes as they watch her take the man’s dick further into her mouth, and down her throat. All these years later, she still did not gag.

And, like all those years ago, the man in her mouth eventually began to use her throat as deeply as he could enter it, as fast as she could take it. One by one, all the men in the circle took their chance to throat fuck Sandi, as if she was nothing more than a sex toy. There was no gasping for air, there was no choking, there was no gagging. Every dick that slid down her throat as if she was breathing them in.

She was letting go. Letting loose. And she was feeling plenty loose.

Eventually, they threw her on the bed. She lay on her back, staring up at them. She spread her legs, and played with herself. Smiling.

Though she’d had two kids, the effects of labor had made he feel self-conscious. She knew she was ogled for her breasts, but what she had always been proud of was her pussy. Proud because it was perfect and pink. Nothing was where it shouldn’t have been, and everything was where she wanted it to be. So after the kids, she consulted a doctor, and paid for a rejuvenation surgery.

Not that her husband got much use out of it, but it she still knew how to have fun playing with it.

Hidden in her closet for many years had been a shoe box. A shoe box containing toys of all shapes and sizes. So when it came time to whip out on of her toys, she would look down, and admire the perfect little pussy that got to enjoy the fun she had in store for it.

One man climbed onto the bed first. On his knees, he grabbed both thighs, and pulled her towards him.

“Do…do any of you have…do any of you have condoms?” she bahçeşehir escort asked.

One of the other men in the room walked up next to her, knelt down, and whispered in her ear.

“I don’t think you understand…we will be dripping out of you until well after you’ve left Miami.”

The man on the bed pulled her onto his hard dick. She let out a moan she knew the people in the room next store would have probably heard. His dick filled the inside of her wet pussy, stretching it. And as each inch stretched in, she moaned harder and harder.

The man who had whispered in her ear tilted her head to the side, and pushed his dick into her lips.

Willingly, she became their little fuck toy. One by one the men took their turn inside of her. Not only in her pussy, but in her mouth. They fucked Sandi hard, and she flew around the bed like a ragdoll.

She was riding a man cowgirl with her hands pressed up against the headboard when she felt one of the others touch the tip of his dick to her asshole. As she had never tried anal, she was unsure of the sensation. Her fear was pain. Her hope was ecstasy.

The man pushed his dick into her ass, and for the first time in her lift, she was experiencing double penetration. The two men worked into and out of her holes at different rhythms. She felt slutty. Used. And it was such a relief. A relief from her boring life.

The men inside of her made the move to stand up. The one in her pussy stayed inside of her while the other man made room for another to enter her ass. When the man in her pussy was standing fully, another other then men walked up behind her, and fit his dick into the gaping asshole.

The two men inside her lifted her up and down on their dicks. At this point she was screaming with pleasure. Making more noise than she needed to. She wanted people to know. She wanted people to know that she was being fucked. Fucked hard.

Back on the bed, one man was in her pussy, another was between her breasts, and a third searching the depths of her throat. She was now positioned diagonally on the bed, near the lower left corner. The man inside her pussy was standing at the foot of the bed, the man between her breasts was kneeling on the bed over her, and the man down her throat stood to the left side of the bed. Her head hung over the bed, so the man could more easily slide himself down her throat.

Despite their stamina, time was soon approaching when they would all be finishing. She was exhausted, but didn’t want to experience to end.

The man between her chest, whether he had been the same man since the beginning or not, finished first. His cum shot up towards her neck, and before he was finished, managed to gain some coverage of her right breast.

The man in her pussy was second to finish. She felt his hot lake of cum fill her. His was an orgasm that seemed protracted over minutes, rather than seconds. She could tell by the end that his cum was dripping out of her.

The man down her throat, however, had staying power. It was at this point she became aware of the inactive members of the group. They had been stroking themselves slowly in preparation for this moment.

One of the men shot his load over her chest, effectively covering it. The other shot his over her face, or at least what parts were not blocked by the man down her throat.

The man that had been taking his time, feeding his hard dick in and out of her throat, grabbed the sides of her throats and began to thrust in a out fast. Pounding her throat harder than any of them had pounded her pussy.

And finally, he released what had been building.

He pull back enough to release the bulk of his cum into her mouth, so she would know how much he’d left inside her.

It was too much. It began to burst out around the corners of her mouth.

The man pulled out. He looked down to see how much she had yet to swallow.

They had gone, and Sandi the fuck toy lay naked on the bed. Exhausted.

She was covered in cum. Dripping with cum.

Her husband would never know how his wife had been used. Her friends would never know. Nobody besides the five men would know how thoroughly she had been fucked.

This would be a memory she would hold onto for those nights when she’s alone in her own bedroom, searching for a memory to make her wet.

At 54, she still had it. She was still an object of desire. Inspired aggressive lust in men. And she wanted it to happen again, and again, and again. For as long as men would want to fuck her.

She dragged a finger across a pool of cum, and held it in the air. She looked at the finger. A thick line began to forms droplets and fall from the fingertip.

Sandi took both hands, a scooped what cum she could into both. She looked at it for a moment, then placed both hands upon her face, covering her face in cum that had not already been there. Licking the rest off her hands, and they fell past her tongue.

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