Faraway Places


Faraway Places

How I long for the return to the days of exotic travel, taking in the sights and sounds of ancient cities, reaching back in time to experience life in another era. The world has changed so much over the last twenty-five years that even imagining this type of adventure seems alien but the memories of past exploits are still fresh.

Recently I came across photos from a trip when I visited several ancient cities along the Silk Road in Asia. It was in July when the daytime weather was very warm, but the nights were cool and the sky was clear. The day’s activities included hiking around the ruins of past civilizations or wandering through the bazaars and shops of the towns and cities, stopping for lunch and/or dinner at local stands or restaurants before settling in for the evening to gaze at the billions of stars in the night sky. It was pure pleasure with very few cares.

One evening found me in a Samarkand, a city in Uzbekistan, that had an ancient section and a semi-modern section that was home to most of the business enterprises. My hotel straddled the dividing line between the two so it was easy to leave the hotel to go to a local restaurant/club that featured entertainment as well as excellent food. It was a chance to sample the food and listen to local music before it changed to something more modern for dancing. Tables were set up family style and people tended to mix quite amicably. Having a strong Russian influence also meant that bottles of vodka adorned each table and once the cap on these bottles was removed, it could not be closed again so once opened it had to be finished. Needless to say the evening’s mood fluctuated in direct proportion to the level of the vodka in the bottle; great fun.

While I was walking to the restaurant one evening the interpreter/guide mentioned that I should be aware that it was customary for men to dance with other men so I should not be offended if a stranger asks me to dance. The locals enjoy dancing and when strangers are in town they like to show off their skill and make friends in the process. I was told that it was fine to refuse but the rejection should be done politely so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. It seemed like good advice and I took it to heart for future reference should the occasion arise.

Dinner was indeed excellent as was the vodka. There was a lot of laughter and conversations in many languages could be heard over the music. After the tables were cleared and the entertainment finished, the music changed and the floor was open to dancing. Sure enough, within minutes some of the local men started asking people to dance and I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Looking up I saw a handsome young man in his twenties smiling at me while holding out his hand. I did not have to think very long about his proposal before standing up, and taking his almanbahis hand in the process, I was led out onto the dancefloor. The young man turned me to face him and put his arm loosely around my waist, assuming the lead position. Clearly the young man was happy that his offer of a dance was not refused and that he had scored one of the few foreigners in the club. He smiled at me and I offered a warm smile in return while we swayed to the music.

When the song was over he walked back to my table with me, thanked me in a bit of rough English and headed back to his friends as another song started to play. I could not sit down before I felt another touch on my arm and another young fellow held out his hand to me. How could I refuse?

As we got to the middle of the dance floor, I felt an arm around my waist but holding me tighter than the last time. Male dancers usually hold their partners somewhat tight to lead them and this man showed the technique of a good dancer. We moved easily together and I felt comfortable following his lead. After several turns he increased the pressure on my back, pulling me closer to him so that our bodies were touching and his leg was between mine in a classic stance. I enjoyed the closeness of his embrace and the feel of him moving to the music excited me.

When the song ended I started to move back towards my table but felt resistance. The next song started and my partner pulled me back towards him again, smiling broadly. I smiled back and allowed him to bring me close and hold me tight. We moved to the music and our bodies rubbed against each other, exciting both of us. I felt something hard and stiff against my upper leg and I am sure that my partner felt the same since I had a rock hard erection and I knew that it was pressing against him. We danced and I enjoyed the intimacy that the music and the dancing allowed us.

When the song ended the young man asked me how long I would be in town, in excellent English. I told him that the plan was to leave tomorrow so this was my last night here. He said in that case we should not waste the time and invited me to come to his house for drinks, music and conversation. He said that his brother, the young man who first danced with me, would be there as would as would a couple of other friends from his table and I could bring some people as well if I desired. Not wanting to be impolite I said that I would ask one of the guys from my table, a fellow from Philadelphia, if he was up for some fun and if he agreed to come along, I would gladly accept his invitation.

Glenn, the fellow from Philly, was just getting back to the table after dancing with a young local when I came up and told him of the invitation. He was thrilled by the idea since he just had some fun dancing with my partner’s brother and welcomed the opportunity to hang out with some of the locals before heading out almanbahis yeni giriş in the morning. I relayed our acceptance of the invitation and we left the club as a group of six, laughing and chatting as we went.

After walking about ten minutes down some side streets and across the main boulevard, we arrived a nice old-styled house with a wall separating it from the road and a gravel path leading to the main door. It was not a shack so it was obvious that the family had been prosperous back in the day which helped explain how these fellows spoke English so well.

The interior was comfortable but sparsely furnished, carpets over stone floors and simple couches resembling large pillows. Our host said that we should make ourselves comfortable and he would be back with some drinks in a minute while his brother arranged some music. Glenn and I, along with our host’s friends, settled into the couches and made small talk.

Within minutes our host came back wheeling a small cart with several bottles of wine, two bottles of vodka and various glasses. Music came on and the room became alive, people jumping up to dance and singing along. My host held out his hand to me and I accepted it without hesitation. Before we could dance I was handed a glass of vodka and after a quick toast with the others, let the cool liquid slip down my throat. We started dancing, tight and slow, grinding away without a care. Glenn was dancing with one of the other guys and he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. The party had started.

My host’s brother came back into the room only wearing shorts without a shirt. His smooth chest and muscular body looked really good in the dim light and I could tell that everyone liked what they saw. My host told him to stop showing off but that just brought jeers from the rest of us followed by laughter. One of the other guys took off his shirt and within a minute everyone was shirtless, dancing to the music. Vodka was passed around and as our bodies got warmer from the dancing, more clothing was removed until we are all dancing naked, skin glistening.

I accepted a dance from the host’s brother and I enjoyed feeling his smooth body against mine, his semi-erect penis against my leg and my penis against his, his hands on my hips. Suddenly I felt another body press up against my back and glancing over my shoulder I saw our host. He reached under my arms to my chest and took my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, squeezing slightly. His brother liked seeing that and pulled me closer which incited harder squeezing. I was feeling fairly intense pain and pleasure bringing me to close my eyes and tilt my head back. We swayed to the rhythm and I was in ecstasy.

When the song ended I opened my eyes and saw that Glenn was lying on his back on one of the couches and a friend of our host was kneeling down sucking his almanbahis giriş cock. He seemed very happy. Our host passed around another glass of vodka for us and then, as we were drinking it, he kissed me hard on the lips, forcing his vodka into my mouth, spilling some onto my chin and chest in the process. He took my hand and then his brother’s as well and walked us down the hall into a bedroom. His brother led me onto the bed and had me lay on my back while he straddled over my chest, his penis almost touching my chin. Our host grabbed my ankles and, laughing, pulled me down farther on the bed which in turn brought his brother’s penis onto my lips. I looked up into his eyes and opened my mouth prompting him to put it straight in, resting his erection on my tongue.

As I lay there sucking the young man’s dick, I felt a warm, wet mouth on my cock, followed by a rhythmic up and down motion. It was a fantastic feeling and it was not long before I had a wonderful orgasm and shot my load into this warm, welcoming mouth. Meanwhile I still had a cock in my mouth and I redoubled my efforts to get this young man to cum but apparently he had other ideas in mind. He got up from my chest and he pulled me sideways on the bed, letting my head hang over one side while my legs hung over the other. Our host lifted my legs and put a firm pillow under my buttocks positioning me perfectly to align my anus with his erect cock. Simultaneously I felt a stiff dick being pushed into my ass while another hard cock was going down my throat. My hands gripped at the sheets as the pleasure of this experience flowed over me.

I felt the synchronized movement of the two cocks entering and withdrawing from my body as I lay with my eyes closed. Next, I felt my hands being removed from the grip on the sheets and placed upon two more hard cocks; I stroked each one while I felt my nipples being squeezed and tormented. I was being fucked from both ends and I stabilized myself by holding onto, and stroking, a cock in each hand.

It was not long before I heard moaning coming from all around me followed by the throbbing and pulsing of the cock in my mouth and then a mouthful of semen. More moaning and then the final thrust of the cock in my ass before it exploded with its load of semen. The cock was withdrawn from my mouth and then each of the others completed their orgasms by jerking off into my mouth. Glenn was the last and he seemed to enjoy seeing me take it all in before he filled my mouth and watched me swallow it all.

I rotated myself on the bed and lay still for a moment, feeling my stomach full of semen, feeling the sensation of my ass dripping cum and also feeling drained and exhausted. I serviced five men after my own orgasm and it was spectacular. Our host brought a warm cloth and towel to clean me up and each of the others gave me a tender kiss before leaving. Glenn and I walked back to the hotel and he gave me a hug before leaving me at my door. I would see him in the morning when we headed out on the next phase of our adventure but I don’t think that either of us would forget our night of dancing in Samarkand.

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