Daddy’s BabySlut


She is about to meet her Master for the first time. The man that makes her heart pound and her cunt drown in it’s own juices. Such excesses of ecstasy. Without feeling his caress his kiss even his unexpected slap his power is such that as she sits at her computer she still feels him!

Driving to the car park seems to take forever. ‘Isn’t it always the way?’ she thinks to herself. She misses the turn- off. Driving around the block she finds the crowded car park. ‘How will he find me?’ she asks herself. She need not worry because within no time he appears and is sitting besides her talking to her and groping her. She grabs for the seatbelt and awaits his instructions as to where he intends to take her, to use her as any dirty slut should be used must be used and as any Master especially a “Daddy” Master has the right to do so.

Their journey was over in what seemed like seconds. Without hesitating, thinking, let alone any prompting or instruction she gets out of her car and kneels at his feet.

He unzips his trousers and instinctively she takes his cock in her hands and begins stroking it. Taking it in her hot wet wanton mouth. Sucking licking faster and harder extracting every last drop of cum from his balls to his cock to her mouth and down her throat. Before she has time to recover or enjoy the load she extracts and that he generously gives her he sprays her face with his hot piss which she tries to swallow but despite Beylikdüzü escort her best effort her attempts go in vain. His piss stream is so strong and plentiful that she has to accept and surrender to the fact that she is going to be drenched even though she is fully dressed. In this moment of surrender and acceptance she realises her destiny is to become his property.

This feeling is so strong the two appear to share the same experience simultaneously. She looks up to him to thank him for his hot piss. He slaps her face not once not twice but many times. All the while verbally abusing her as his hands meet her cheeks. Left hand right hand and left again repeatedly until he is satisfied.

They return to her car and he gives her further instructions to ‘she had no idea’. Shortly after they stop at the back of some run – down shops, a wooden staircase precariously leading up to a door. He beckons her she follows him. Stepping carefully over boxes yet to be unpacked and dishes of half eaten cat food yet to be washed. Until they are standing at another door ‘his bedroom door?’ she wonders to herself. On opening it, she is enveloped in a smell of sex sweat and some kind of incense trying ‘very poorly’ to mask the former. He disappears for a moment returning naked but recovered. His cock looking straight up at her. Again she kneels at his feet whilst remaining in her piss soaked clothes. Sucking him licking him paying no Beylikdüzü escort special attention to his cock but more so to his balls and arse, prodding the latter with her tongue.

As he pulls her by the hair guiding her to his bed she wonders how many women have been here before her, submitting to his every desire. He notices her mind wonder and slaps her bringing her back to the present to where she is, who she is and what she is. After he relieves himself in her mouth again he strips her of her piss soaked clothes spreads her legs wide and without any warning or warm up plunges his fist inside of her. She screams. He responds to her screams, slapping her fisting her slapping her fisting her, over and over. Her cunt throbs, convulses, it’s going to explode! . Then he asks, “Did I give you permission to cum, slut?”

She lowers her head feeling like the berated schoolgirl she is being treated as. She knows she did wrong. He walks away and in such a dimly lit room she is not even certain if he has left, since she had obviously angered and disappointed him. It seems like forever but he returns holding a small silver platter which as he kneels down she realises has a knife resting upon it. “Do you know what this is for baby?” He asks, in a whisper. It was as if the anger and disappointment he had shown previously had left the room with him. Replaced by this loving caring sensual parent. She is speechless; anxious excited Escort Beylikdüzü all at the same time but manages to nod “yes”.

He pushes her back gently, she relaxes, as he washes her with warm water and …disinfectant?

Preparing her, so kind, so gentle, so caring, so sensual his touch as he baths her and prepares her for the ultimate submission, ultimate sign of her love, devotion & giving of her entire self upto him. Owned by him…His property. Two souls, hearts, minds become one, become his in their entirety.

She holds her flap taught he cuts her flesh making the perfect X. Symbolising daddy’s kiss his love his ownership of his baby. He watches her bleed for him he kisses her bleeding flesh. She is so taken by him, she barely feels him cut her other flap only fully realising when he leans over and kisses her mouth sucks and licks her tongue, allowing her to taste her blood from his lips. Then his cock slowly & lovingly enters her throbbing cunt but soon the thrusts become faster and harder. However she remembers what anger and disappointment she caused her daddy when she orgasmed previously without asking his permission. She tries to resist, but it is as if he knows. Fucking her harder. Abusively. Aggressively. First her cunt then her arse she tries to ask permission, as she knows she must but his thrusts are so harsh, so violent. Her head is spinning. The room is spinning. His cock is… She screams. Sits upright, covered in her own sweat, her head IS spinning…The room is…She looks around, she is all alone. What is that she can smell? She wanders dazed, out into the kitchen where her mother is making breakfast. Her mother greets her “You must’ve slept like a baby.”

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