Comforting My Neighbor’s Daughter Ch. 04


The following day a sheepish Debbie called to apologize for the previous night. I assured her I had enjoyed myself and that I was glad she was feeling good now. Debbie went on to say that she was going away for the week to visit her husband while he was working away and asked if I could look after the house. I perked up at the thought of having the eighteen year old Cindy to myself for the next few days, however my joy was short lived when Debbie went on to explain that Cindy will be staying at her friend’s house and all Debbie expected was for me to look after the empty house.

The next few days I was disappointed that sexy Cindy didn’t come to to see me and chose to stay at her friend’s house the other end of town. Instead of having a few sex filled days with Cindy I had to survive with my memories of the previous weekend’s sexual exploits. It didn’t help that work was quiet and I had too much time to daydream about what Cindy and I could be doing together.

It wasn’t until the Friday afternoon that the doorbell rang and I found beautiful Cindy standing there. She wore a sexy miniskirt showing off her long smooth legs but it was her pretty face that really stood out, framed by her long blonde hair. She looked almost perfect in the bright sun.

“Hello Mr Matthews, its nice to see you again,” and, giggling, she flung herself at me throwing her arms around me in her excitement.

We kissed and hugged and my cock stirred in anticipation while I held her young firm body against me. I may have imagined it but I felt her nipples stiffen through her top and bra as we held each other close, but the excitement was disappointingly short lived when she pushed back, freeing herself from my longing grasp.

“Sorry Mr Matthews, but I can’t stop right now, but I’m glad to see you still like me,” she said smiling while tracing the outline of my hard cock through my clothes. “But we’ll have time later.”

“Why not now?” knowing that a fuck now is better than any number of broken promises.

“Me and my friends are hanging out at my house for a bit, but when they’ve gone I’ll pop round,” she answered.

“Does you mom know you are having some friends round?”

Shrugging, she answered, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll be back later. Wait up for me!” and she turned on the spot and rushed off next door.

I hesitated at the door for a moment, once again finding it hard to keep up with the energy and enthusiasm Cindy has for life. Closing the door I went back to my work trying to keep myself focused but always ending up thinking about Cindy and her perfect young body. After a while I abandoned my attempts to concentrate and started reading the news as an alternative distraction.

Before long I heard several cars arrive and I glanced out the window as some of Cindy’s friends arrived. There were eight or nine of them jumping out of their cars and laughing as they entered Cindy’s parents’ house. They all looked about her age, which was no surprise, and I was drawn to the girls a couple of whom looked almost as stunning as Cindy in a selection of tight and skimpy clothes. In particular a brunette with a short skirt caught my eye, but entered the house with a boy who I guessed was her boyfriend judging by the way he kept trying to put his arm around her.

Giving up on reading the news, I prepared myself a meal and settled down to watch some TV to divert my mind off the sexy Cindy. It clearly worked because a few hours passed before I was startled by the crash of breaking glass and raised voices coming from next door.

Rushing to the window I witnessed a couple of the boys yelling at each other outside my neighbor’s house. Two girls were out there too, waving their arms and shouting and screaming. With such a commotion I couldn’t work out who was angry with whom but I did notice that Cindy wasn’t out there.

Hastily putting on some shoes I hurried outside and I purposefully walked over to the argument bellowing “Hey, what’s going on?”

My loud voice immediately caught their attention. Pausing, they all turned to see me striding towards them.

“Stay out of it mister,” the boy furthest from the house retorted. His speech was slurred and I noted that he was unsteady on his feet.

“No. You leave now!” I answered forcefully. My heart was beating fast, and I could feel a familiar tingling from adrenaline coursing through my body. Taking a deep breath, I turned to the others, “Now, tell me what happened.”

One of the eighteen year-old girls answered me, explaining that they had been having a party, some dancing, a little drinking and then Chad, who was the swaying drunk boy, had started swearing at his girlfriend and the others, and finally had begun fighting. The glass I heard breaking was an empty beer bottle he had launched at the wall in anger.

While were were talking, Chad had sunk to the damp grass and was sitting there, the bravado and fight deserting him. More of the eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds had joined us outside the house on the green lawn.

“Right, Fatih escort bayan who can take Chad home?” I demanded and one of the boys held up his keys and said he could take him.

“The party’s over, so get all your things and leave.”

Sullenly, the rest of them headed back in the house while I stayed standing near to Chad to make sure he didn’t try anything. Soon the teenagers came back out of the house, some of them carrying the remains of whatever drinks they had brought with them. From what I could tell it seemed like the three drivers were sober enough to drive and they all looked a bit sheepish. I had the feeling they weren’t naturally wild kids and they appeared shocked that Chad had behaved violently.

I stood tensely while they piled into the cars, taking a subdued Chad with them, and I sighed when they drove round the corner out of sight. Turning to the house I realized I hadn’t seen Cindy yet and entered the open door, carefully avoiding the glass shards covering the paved path.

“Hello? Cindy? Where are you?” I called out, carefully closing the door behind me.

“In here.” I moved towards her voice.

The room was a mess. There were discarded chip packets, empty bottles, half-empty bottles, food wrappers and crumbs all over the living room. Only after seeing the debris I noticed that Cindy wasn’t alone. The pretty brunette I had seen earlier was sitting with Cindy on the couch, and looking closer her eyes were red from crying.

“Is everything OK?” I asked, rather lamely.

Cindy looked up at me. “Sure, its OK now. Kayla’s boyfriend… I mean Kayla’s ex-boyfriend… was being a jerk.” Turning to Kayla, she continued “I can’t believe he was calling you frigid, that’s horrible. I told you he was stupid.”

Kayla looked at her lap and quietly muttered “I hate him, I’m not…not…you know what. It’s his fault, he was always pushing me around.”

“Exactly! He was a jerk,” Cindy agreed.

I suddenly felt embarrassed to be here while this conversation was going on, so I indicated the debris strewn around the room “Um, Cindy, let me help clear up here.”

“Oh thanks Mr Matthews,” and turning back to her friend she continued “Come on Kayla, let’s go and clean you up.”

I wasn’t expecting to have to do all the tidying when I offered to help, but I supposed the quicker I cleaned up the sooner I could have Cindy to myself again. I set about tidying the room and surprisingly it didn’t take too long to get the litter out the way and make the room look fairly presentable. I even had time to clear up the broken bottle from out the front of the house.

While I was searching for any other remnants of the party to dispose of, I shifted a cushion and was surprised to find a garishly colored box of a game called “Dare To”. Curiously I read the blurb on the back and saw that it was supposedly a “romantic and intimate game for parties”. Intrigued, I was about to open the game when I heard Cindy and Kayla in the hall.

Kayla didn’t look such a sad mess now. She now looked ravishing. She was slightly taller than Cindy with long honey colored hair and soft green eyes. Her thin face accentuated her full, red lips and her body was wonderful. She was surprisingly slim but her bust was full and her low waist short skirt showed off the soft curves of her feminine hips. Her legs were long, smooth and tanned and she wore white sandals.

Standing next to Cindy, the two of them were my dream pair of girls, and I stared for too long because Cindy spoke to Kayla, smiling, “I think Mr Matthews approves of us.”

And how could I not approve of two extremely sexy eighteen year old girls wearing enticing clothes standing near me. The blood headed for my cock again.

Fortunately Kayla wasn’t offended by my ogling of her, and I hoped that she was flattered to have a man think she was sexy. Her red lips moved and the hint of a smirk suggested she was a bit of a tease too.

Cindy noticed the game I was holding and frowned, “I see you found the reason for the fight.”

I didn’t understand and just looked at Cindy questioningly.

Seeing my puzzlement she went on, “Chad wanted to play it with us, but Kayla refused, and so the jerk Chad called her a chicken, frigid and a cock tease.”

“I’m not!” Kayla exclaimed, “It’s just Chad I don’t like. I would have played if he hadn’t been so mean.” Kayla’s face had gone from pretty and smiling, to pretty and pouting. No wonder Chad had got frustrated if she changed demeanor so quickly. I decided she was definitely a cock tease.

I tried to calm her down, “It’s OK Kayla, it’s not a problem if you didn’t want to play this game.”

That didn’t help, because she stamped her foot and exclaimed: “I did want to play, I’m just fed up of him messing around.”

She was behaving like a spoiled little girl and I was getting a bit tired of how she was clearly used to getting her own way, whilst teasing and being sexually provocative. I started to feel sympathy for the frustrated Escort Fındıkzade Chad.

“Don’t worry Kayla, you don’t have to make excuses for not playing.”

She stared at me, silent for a moment, annoyed that I was not buying her hard-done-by act. “I am not making excuses. In fact I’d play right now if I could!” she shouted.

“OK, let’s play.” I said calmly.

Kayla was stunned by my reaction. She wasn’t used to having a man stand up to her tantrums. Fortunately for me she was too stubborn to realize she was falling into a trap.

“Yes, let’s play the stupid game. I’ll show you!” Kayla’s face was set, determined to be in charge.

Cindy was standing slightly behind Kayla and I glanced at her to judge her reaction. A wry smile on her pretty face and a shrug of her shoulders told me that I was clear to continue.

I opened the game and put the board on the coffee table and sat down on an easy chair.

“Come on then.”

Cindy casually walked over and sat on another easy chair opposite me. Her skirt rose up her legs when she sat and she purposefully parted her legs for a moment to let me glimpse her white panties. Kayla hesitated, but not wanting to back down she walked heavily to the couch and sat down, sitting upright, her hands on her legs. She looked at me, defiantly.

I pulled out the rules and saw there were too many to read and I decided to make them up. I glanced at my watch and said “We don’t have long so we’ll choose this deck of cards and we’ll play one round of the board. First to the end wins, and once we start we have to all agree to stay in the game until one of us reaches the finish. Understand?”

I deliberately looked at Kayla, and she held my gaze with her soft green eyes when she responded, “What are you waiting for, let’s play.”

The board wasn’t very big, and it had different colors on it, so I decided that we all would chose a color and whenever anyone landed on someone’s color we would have to draw a card. The pile of cards I had chosen had a discreet picture of three red chilies in the corner and I was hoping these were the hottest selection in the box.

“The youngest starts,” I announced.

“That’s me!” squealed Cindy, seemingly excited by playing. “By over a week.” Rolling the dice she moved her counter forward and landed on blue, my color.

I had placed the cards next to me and I turned over the top one and looked at it. It was split into a question section marked “truth” and a “dare” section. I decided to ignore the truth part and just read out the dare.

“Take off one item of clothing.” I shrugged at Cindy and Kayla, “I guess I have to obey.”

I stood up, reached down and undid both my shoes and slipped them off before sitting down.

“Kayla, your turn.”

Kayla didn’t even hesitate to pick up the dice and roll. She was determined to play and prove herself. She brushed her silky hair away from from her face as she leaned forward.

“Ha! You again Mr Matthews!” she exclaimed when she landed on blue.

“I hope I’m not going to be this unlucky all the way through,” I laughed and picked up the next card.

“You’re not going to chicken out are you?” challenged Kayla, obviously eager to win this game by making me back down. I ignored her and looked at the card. The dare was interesting but I wanted to play this game at the right pace and I said it told me to take of another item of clothing. I took off my socks.

Picking up the dice I rolled them and landed on red which was Cindy’s color. I took the top card and pretended to read it before announcing she had to lose an item of clothing. It wasn’t what it said but I kept this card separate ready for later.

Cindy stood up and bent over at the waist and took off her sandals whilst revealing her long sexy legs to my view. She sat down, and picked up the dice, rolling quickly, and getting blue again. Once again I said that I had to take off a piece of clothing and I removed my shirt leaving me bare chested.

Kayla laughed as I took my shirt off, “Bet you wished you weren’t playing now Mr Matthews.”

“Your turn Kayla,” I said quietly, not worried yet.

Kayla landed on yellow for Cindy and I read the dare: “You must kiss a man in the room of your choice. Kiss him deep for 30 seconds.”

“Bet you give up now Cindy,” Kayla taunted her friend.

But Cindy just stood up and walked towards me, “I have to obey it Kayla, they are the rules of the game.”

Cindy bent over and I could hear Kayla’s gasp of surprise when Cindy and I locked mouths, kissing deeply, our tongues entwined. We kissed passionately, our hands reaching out for each other, before Cindy broke off and looked at Kayla.

“You are timing this aren’t you? That was at least 30 seconds.”

“Oh, right, sorry Cindy I forgot,” answered Kayla, still shocked from seeing her friend passionately kiss her older neighbor.

Cindy sat down and passed the dice to Kayla, while I tried to surreptitiously hide my hardening Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan cock. I loved kissing and tasting Cindy’s young warm mouth.

Kayla rolled and landed on blue again. I knew there was time for this to turn around but it was a bit annoying that Kayla hadn’t had to do any dares at all. I announced I had to remove another piece of clothing and so I stood up and slowly undid my pants and took them off. I stood up straight after removing them, facing Kayla for a moment, and I was pleased to see her eyes drawn to the sizeable bulge in my boxers before I sat down again.

“My turn,” I said as I picked up the dice and rolled to land on yellow which was Kayla’s color.

“At last Kayla, it’s your turn to take of some clothes,” I announced after picking up a card from the deck.

“Easy!” said Kayla and quickly slid off her sandals and kicked them away, and she smiled at me knowing the game was going her way. Her smooth bare legs were longer than Cindy’s and her short skirt only just covered the tops of her tanned thighs.

Cindy took her roll and landed on Kayla’s color, at which Kayla pouted, but only in jest and I could tell she thought she was definitely in control again. It was her turn to kiss me and she only briefly hesitated and said condescendingly, “It’s your lucky night Mr Matthews, you won’t ever again get the chance to kiss two pretty girls in one night.”

She stood up and walked towards me, and despite her arrogance I was getting turned on by her pretty face and sexy body. But the kiss was nothing special, she went through the motions and her lips were soft, but she didn’t open her mouth and my attempts at touching her were repelled. I didn’t mind because there was still plenty of time.

Sitting back down, Kayla picked up the dice, rolled them and landed on Cindy’s color. This meant Cindy had to remove her blouse and it revealed a pretty lace bra which showed off her young firm tits for a cock stirring effect. Her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric.

Cindy groaned and put up some pretense at annoyance when I also landed on her color but I could tell she was enjoying this game. Standing up she faced me and undid her miniskirt and let it fall to the floor while I watched her. She was wearing a small pair of white lace panties which just covered her mound and teased with just a glimpse of her smooth skin underneath.

“You are very pretty, Cindy,” I said, openly admiring her young fit body only minimally covered in her lacy underwear.

Smiling back at me, she replied “Thank you Mr Matthews.”

Kayla was annoyed not to be the center of attention, despite not really wanting to play the game, “Come on, stop staring at her Mr Matthews. Your turn Cindy, I want Mr Matthews to lose again.”

I thought Kayla was hoping I would have to take off my boxers to leave myself naked, and at that point I would have to give up and Kayla would win. I knew that I would see this through.

Cindy sat down, rolled the dice and landed on yellow Time for Kayla to remove another item of clothing. Kayla the tease was back now and she thought she could tantalize me and get away with it; another man to add to a probably long list of males she had teased and dumped.

Confidently Kayla stood up from the couch and faced me, and started to slowly unbutton her blouse. She was pretty and sexy, and she knew it. Slowly drawing back the edge of her blouse she revealed her smooth, tanned skin, a flat stomach and a sexy, black demi-cup bra which left almost half of her pert breasts bare and only just covered her nipples. My cock couldn’t help but to react to this pretty eighteen year-old undressing herself in front of me.

Putting her blouse on the arm of the couch she nonchalantly turned and sat down again, not suppressing a smile of superiority as she looked into my eyes. Bending forward she reached out for the dice, letting me get a good look down her impressive cleavage.

Kayla looked up me when she rolled the dice, knowing what she was doing to me, but not realizing that I wouldn’t be backing down. Looking down she saw that she had landed on my colored space and Kayla looked at me in triumph, as if expecting the game would be over now if I had to take off my boxers. However she was disappointed when I told her that I must give the girl to the right a two minute massage.

“You’re making that up,” she challenged, but fortunately it was the real dare on the card and so she begrudgingly agreed and sat upright on the couch.

I moved behind Kayla and she looked tense and nervous when I went to touch her. She jumped when I first placed my hands gently on her bare shoulders, and she held her body rigid, understandably worried about what liberties I was going to take. I started gently massaging her shoulders and occasionally carefully rubbing her neck, my hands sliding under her lovely hair. I could feel her slowly relax as she gradually realized I was just going to massage her shoulders.

She was probably expecting me to grope her immediately I could lay hands on her, like any boy her age would do. But I knew to start slowly, and to gradually and softly massage her at first before trying anything else. Time was running out and so I rubbed down between her shoulder blades, feeling her muscles relax, and her whole body softening under my touch.

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