A Change of Habit


In my former life, my name was Jackie Daniels…JD for short. I was, still am, an attractive thirty year old with a knockout, buxom 36-24-35 body. I’m a 5’4″, 115 lbs green eyed gal with long auburn hair and perfectly shaped 36DD breasts. My various past professions included high priced cocktail waitress with benefits for private high stakes poker games in Vegas, a brief stint as an anything goes party girl for professional black athletes down in Miami, an up and coming actress in the Los Angeles porn industry and last but not least…the girl friend of Johnny Palumbo…the gangster. However, now I’m simply known as novice Jan and I’m in my final weeks of my court ordered three-year sentence and punishment. When Johnny was arrested on some minor charge last year, the Feds were looking for anything that would send him to the slammer for a long time.

Soooo, being the main squeeze of a big time gangster suddenly made me a person of interest to the Feds, but after countless hours of interviews, they realized that I knew nothing about Johnny’s criminal activities and cut me a deal. Three years in the State Pen or hard time at a convent. Needless to say, I took the convent. Actually, it isn’t so bad living in a convent because now I’m actually getting my out of control life under control. However, there are some temptations that still plague me…one of which is the plague of smoking and the other…well, for a better term…lust of the flesh…sex. Given my past, I just loved men too much.

After three years of purging myself of worldly thoughts and desires, I’m still not sure if I’m ready to take my vows and take my place as the newest member of the Sisters of The Immaculate Conception here in Watkins Glen, New York…a picturesque tourist town tugged neatly at the southern end of Seneca lake. Actually, our convent is two miles north of Watkins Glen, over looking Seneca Lake and we are famous for the wine we bottle…since we do live right in the middle of the New York State wine region. It’s a rather good wine if I say so myself and perhaps you heard of it…Nun Better?

In my former life, I was a rebel, but I knew I was on a down ward spiral to self-destruction. So, when my new life was literally forced on me, I saw the light and repented of my sins too many to mention other than the two…cigarettes and sex I mentioned earlier. Thus my desire to become a nun and maybe save my pitiful soul from the hell and brimstone that was sure to be my eventual end. But yet, I couldn’t quite shake off the strong habits of my former life…no matter how much I prayed and repented. The desire of lust and passion were just too embedded in me to overcome, but I was trying. Gosh, smoking was an easier habit for me to quit…and I was a two pack a day chain smoker.

Our life was pretty Spartan to say the least, but we ate well, and worked hard. I had “dormies” on either side of me and they were my friends and partners in crime as it were. Um, there were thirteen other novices in our dorm…for a total of sixteen. Besides our Army barracks type metal beds, we were allowed one half of a five foot tall double locker where we could hang our clothes and shoes and down below were two drawers for unmentionables…no frills cotton bras and panties and whatever personal items we liked. Two beds shared a common double locker, and only one personal family picture was allowed to be displayed openly… otherwise it had to be a picture of Jesus, Mary or the Pope.

Before I continue with my story, I should reveal to the reader a little background info about my dorm mates and why they were here and why we get along so swimmingly.

First is Diane Lane…a slender 5’6″ thirty two year old blue eyed blonde, 126 lbs, nice 34DD’s and very pretty and very sexy. Diane was a former high school teacher from Albany. Why was she here you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Diane just couldn’t say no to four eighteen year old male students, all horny football jocks, whom she was tutoring at her home every day after school to help prepare them for their upcoming SAT exams. Eventually, the daily study sessions turned into alternating fuckfests with each of her students, but on Saturdays, she was gang banged by all four. She rested on Sunday, to keep it Holy I guess.

Anyway, their kinky study sessions lasted a mere two months until one of the student’s mothers blew the whistle on Diane and she was arrested. At her preliminary trial, which made national news, Diane had no choice but to plead guilty because of the overwhelming evidence against her. Even the four football studs testified against her and they revealed all the sordid details to the judge https://www.escorthun.com because there was no jury as this was a preliminary trial. I guess she looked so pathetic when she broke down and started crying…some people actually felt sorry for her, however, a sworn jury would have found her guilty if her case went to trial because she was guilty. The Judge was old school and wanted to send her away for a very long time, but he allowed her attorney to plea bargain her case. This same Judge gave Diane a choice of where she wanted to spend her sentence…three years in the state pen or go to a convent and mend her ways. Like me, Diane took the convent hands down. Smart move on her part.

My other “roomie” is Shondra Johnson, a gorgeous 5’2″, sinfully slender twenty eight year old black woman with big brown puppy dog eyes and small, perky 34C breasts, but she was here under much differing circumstances than Diane and me. As Shondra explained it to me, she joined the Army as a way to get away from her abusive, drug dealing live in “gangsta” boy friend, Tyrone, who often made her have sex with his friends to seal the deal after they bought drugs from him. Shondra just got fed up and wanted to save enough money to start a new life and maybe meet a nice “white boy” who will treat her better. She also admitted that since high school, except for Tyrone, she always liked white boys and dated them exclusively.

Well, Shondra embraced the Army with all the exuberance of a flag waving patriot…went through the hell of basic training and survived…graduated with honors and got the shock of her life when she found out she was being deployed to Iraq. No way Jose she told them and went AWOL and found her way here. It seems there’s a little know fact that Convents and Monasteries are considered religious asylums and the government can’t touch someone if they wanted to become a nun or monk. It’s not like taking political asylum in a church…that’s a different horse all together because once you take refuge in a church…you can’t leave or you’ll be arrested if you do leave.

Um, as Shondra explained it to me, “when you become a nun…you’re working for God and the betterment of man kind and there’s no higher moral authority than God.” Apparently, she can go wherever she wants to go and the Army or the government can’t touch her…as long as she honors her commitment to become a nun. To be honest, I have no idea what would happen to her if she chucked the nun idea and left the convent for good. Now back to the story without any further eloquence from yours truly.

About three months ago, my self doubts and questions about actually taking my vows became a concern when my two co-conspirators, both Novices and in their third year like me, and I would talk about our past lives…in the privacy of our dorm area when no one else was around of course. It wasn’t long before these talks became very candid and always sexual in nature. As we would talk candidly, we sometimes fingered our pussies and moaned quietly with utmost satisfaction while listening intently as each of us revealed our past erotic adventures. I have to admit that I felt pleasantly surprised that my dorm mates felt like me and they both had suppressed urges and lust for sexual pleasure. No wonder we got along so well…they were secret perverts…like me.

One incident comes to mind that sealed my fate and to this day I still can feel its erotic intensity. Well, to explain…it concerned my dorm mates, Diane and Shondra…both very attractive as I had mentioned and always full of mischief. It was our daily shower time before lights out and I was in the dressing room next to the showers and getting ready to take my shower. I was running late because I worked in the winery as a bottler and wanted to fill my quota before I quit for the evening. We bottled the wine manually and I was almost head to toe purple…like the Virgin Mary statue in our chapel.

Our dorm had a communal shower room at the far end of the bathroom with a small dressing room in between. The bathroom had a door to the hallway, and the dressing room had a door as well, but there was no door on the showers…just a wide archway. Um, the reasoning for a communal shower was that it was cheaper taking showers together than separate showers because of the amount of hot water we used. The convent wasn’t financially supported by religious charitable organizations because we were self supporting…so money for creature comfort was in short supply.

Anyway, I was minding my own business when I could hear muffled giggling emanating from the communal shower room. Being naked, I wrapped my towel around myself and tiptoed to the archway and quietly peeked into the shower room. My jaw dropped down to my chest when I saw Diane lying on a bath towel spread out the tiled shower floor while pleasuring Shondra’s shaved pussy in a sixty-nine position. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement, but then again, I’d seen it all before in my past life…not to mention the candid sex talks we three were sharing. There they were, bigger than life, moaning, groaning, writhing together like two serpents in heat while hot steamy water was raining down on the both of them.

I must admit that watching them was getting me aroused, but I kept a discreet distance. I slid my hand down to my moist pussy and fingered myself as I watched them and that’s when Diane turned her face from Shondra’s cunt and saw me. She suddenly gave me a rather devilish smile and waved me over to come join them. I guess I wasn’t as subtle in my spying as I thought I was…sooooo…I smiled broadly back and joined them. Soon I was kneeling under the delightfully hot water and running my hand over Shondra’s tight round ebony ass while caressing Diane’s lily white breasts with my other. Diane continued to lick and suck Shondra’s trimmed pussy while my passions were growing with every passing minuet. Shondra’s perky breasts bobbed and swayed beneath her as she moved rhythmically with Diane’s passionate pussy licks. In my past life as an up and coming porn actress, I made love to many men and women, on and off camera, but now, the prospects of doing it in a convent shower room with two sexy novice nuns made me suddenly horny…no…very, very horny. I had to be a participant, not a bystander in this erotic encounter. I spread Shondra’s ass cheeks wide and began probing her anal canal, then circling her anus opening with my tongue while Diane sucked and licked Shondra’s labia lips.

Then it was my turn to lay on my back and suddenly Shondra was at my bikini trimmed pussy while Diane straddled my face, my tongue sliding between the folds of her hanging labia lips…sending her as well as me to an unbelievable erotic high. My satisfied moans and groans soon joined theirs as the three of us pleasured one another…carnal lust and passion consuming us. Our passion unexpectantly came to an end when we heard the outer bathroom door creak open and hard no nonsense heels walking heavily on the tiled bathroom floor approach the dressing room door and it slowly pushed open. The no nonsense heeled footsteps paused for a moment just outside the shower room and we immediately sprang to our feet and pretended like we were still showering.

Mother Superior, a matronly, fifty-six year old just stood in the archway and watched us for a moment, but I have to wonder if she knew what we had just done. However, she didn’t look concerned…after all, communal showering was the norm and we were showering…right? Mother Superior just tweaked up her eyebrows and smiled and said,

“Hurry up girls…lights out in ten minutes.” When she left, we made sure we heard two doors open and close and then I sighed a sigh of relief and said,

“Guys…that was like…soooo close.”

“It sure was…I almost craped where I stood.” Shondra said with a relieved smile. Diane just rolled her eyes and said,

“Thanks for sharing that with us…Shondra, but I almost pissed down my leg.” We all laughed, but it was a relieved laugh. We got dressed and went down the short hall to our dorm room. We were very quiet when we talked as we changed into our ankle length nightshirts…but we didn’t go to bed. We were too excited and horny to sleep even though we were very tired.

Later that night when the other novices were sleeping, we huddled between my bed and Diane’s, sitting on the speckled green linoleum floor while leaning against her bed and facing the door…just in case one of the sisters were doing a head count. The door behind us was the fire escape door and no one can enter that way. We talked at great length at what took place in the shower room. I couldn’t help but ask because I wanted to know every kinky detail,

“Soooo, how long have you two crazy kids been getting it on?” Shondra blushed red but had to say,

“To be honest JD…that was the only time we actually did it, but we did talk about doing it many times. Um, we would have asked you to join us, but we didn’t know how you felt about girl on girl sex.” Diane agreed and mentioned,

“Even from the sexually candid talks we had with you …we had to be very careful because you seemed determined to become a nun and we thought you might tell on us if you found out? You are bound by moral righteousness…aren’t you? That’s why you’re here…in this…this prison.” I nodded with smile while looking towards the door and whispered,

“Yeah, but I’m not a tattle tail and moral righteousness be dammed. Um guys, I’m not so sure that I want to be a nun now and to be honest…I think I made a big mistake coming here, but then, I really had no choice. Like you guys, I’m here instead of doing hard time in the State Pen and I don’t give a rat’s ass if they drummed me out of this hell hole.” Shondra nodded and looked towards Diane and agreed,

“That’s how we feel. Um, I guess we’re not cut out for this religious stuff after all. To live the rest of my life without sex is really a hardship that I don’t think I can handle. I miss my white boys too much.” Diane nodded and said simple,

“I’m here because I made a mistake…a lapse in my better judgment, but I’m too young to go without physical love and intimacy…I’m only thirty two. I want get married and have kids someday.”

Diane got up and glanced towards the door and turned towards us and pulled her night shirt up to her neck and asked,

“Do you think I could turn a real man’s head and not the horny teenage boys that sent me here?” I nodded with a broad smile and candidly,

“Jesus Christ Diane…you’re a beautiful woman and any man with eyes could see that. Soooo, I take from what you said about getting married and having kids someday…you’re not a lesbian?” Diane rolled her eyes and said,

“Gawd…far from it. But being here…surrounded by nothing but females and having these urges and pent up passions…there has to be a way to find satisfaction.” Shondra looked at me and agreed…saying,

“I’m not a lesbian either…not even Bi, but it’s just this unbearable situation we find ourselves in. I even fantasize about Father Murphy when he comes for Sunday mass. I mean, the guy’s sixty if he’s a day, but he’s the only male we come into contact with beside the maintenance and grounds people and they leave at five o’clock when their work day is over.”

As we talked, Diane, Shondra and I removed our ankle length nightshirts and soon the three of us were naked and sitting on my bed quietly fondling and caressing one another while the bed squeaked. I gave out a soft sigh and said,

“Guys…hold it…this isn’t going to work. These beds are too small and squeaky for the three of us. Someone’s sure to hear us because of the noise and tell on us. Especially novice Sharon…that tight ass squealer…I hate her.”

Diane nodded in agreement and looked over the bedding situation for a moment…then quietly pushed her bed towards Shondra’s and then threw her quilt, followed by mine on the linoleum floor between our beds. Now there was a space of maybe five feet wide on the floor and I whispered with a broad approvingly smile,

“Now that’s what I call a divine inspiration.”

We quietly continued to make love well into the night, finally succumbing to sleep…only to wake up before five in the morning so we could rearrange our beds back to their predetermined places. We were already dressed for Morning Prayer long before the other novices even stirred from their sleep. However, the three of us continued to find time to have a threesome whenever and wherever we could and that made life in the convent a bit more bearable. Many times we snuck out after hours to make love in the maintenance shed or the grassy area behind the kitchen when the weather permitted. Once, we made love under the Mother Superior’s office window…after hours of course and she was none the wiser.

Needless to say, we never took our final vows and left the convent to go live our lives as we saw fit, because technically…we served our time of three years. Um, Diane eventually met a good man and settled down and had three kids. She lives happily in Anchorage, Alaska…far from the publicity she once had to endure. Shondra as ironic as it may seem, went back into the Army and somehow got herself deployed to Germany as a medivac aide on religious grounds. She met and married a German boy, who was a web designer of all things and they have a little boy…will wonders never cease. As a matter of fact, we three became such good friends…we stayed in touch even though we lived thousands of miles apart through e-mails and phone calls. As for me, with my storied past, there was nothing to do but become a much in demand porn queen in the DVD porno movie industry. My porn name is JD Lamour if you’re interested and I live on the west coast and just love it…LA is my kind of town. I guess when all was said and done and I look back at the life I lived so far…I was always the rebel. Hell…it’s the only way to live I think…wink, wink.

The End

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