Chapter 01


Jarno Nash had taken a meeting with the bagman for a potential client. A meatball, some big business hustler who wanted his trophy wife followed and surveyed for signs of cheating. The couple had a rural estate a few miles outside of Trenton where Nash had been asked to meet with the businessman’s rep. Theoretically it actually made for a nice drive and a pretty way to kill an afternoon. It had seemed a trifling enough case that he’d decided to make it an afternoon of hooky with his girlfriend and fellow bail agent, Patty Peres. However, the man’s elderly male secretary, who had made the initial contact with Nash, had left out a crucial piece of information that had sent the meeting plummeting straight into the toilet.

The client turned out to be a Saudi on an extended visa, and the strict Sharia Muslim bagman had reacted violently to Patty’s presence at the meeting. While Nash had assured him that she was as qualified an agent and investigator as he was, the man was unconvinced. He hadn’t planned on dealing with any trifling-ass females, he said, especially not ones who chose to assault his eyes with an egregious display of flowing black hair, high-heeled boots and a tight-fitting Chanel suit. He hadn’t actually used the phrase “trifling-ass females” but that’s what Patty had heard, and angrily repeated several times to Nash later.

Patty, not one to let misogyny and condescension go by lightly, had replied that she hadn’t planned on dealing with any minimum-wage secretaries who sat down to pee but she was willing to hear his shit out. The guy had thrown a full-bore fit and kicked them out of the house, creating a tense, angry vacuum for their ride through the beautiful countryside of New Jersey.

Not a lot of the anger came from Nash’s end; since he’d merged firms with his old friend Fielder Hiss and the firm had taken on security-guarding gigs, car repossessions, and crisis negotiation, business had expanded and picked up and they could absorb the loss of such a bullshit client easily enough. But Patty was upset and flustered; she didn’t like being dismissed by anyone and Nash really couldn’t blame her, she worked her ass off and was as good as any man at what they did. She was a badass.

He attempted to be conciliatory with her but as he made several dead-end attempts at conversation, a strange thing happened: he began to get turned on by her humiliation and helpless, recalcitrant fury. He found himself distracted from the road, unable to take his eyes off her. Later he would look back and wonder why this happened; normally her black moods were one of the very few things on God’s earth that truly frightened him. Why did he suddenly begin to want sex, that afternoon of all afternoons? He didn’t believe in fate but there were times when all of this certainly felt fated.

Patty wasn’t feeling fated at the time, nor would she feel fated later. At the moment, she was feeling humiliated, helpless, and savage — darker emotions playing close to the surface.

Having already arranged to write the afternoon off, they went to their condo so Patty could change into some more comfortable clothes for lunch. After their encounter with the bagman she felt like showering as well, but Nash was watching her closely and she didn’t want to keep him waiting, so she just went into the bedroom to change. He was still staring at her, so she closed the door firmly behind her. As far as she was concerned, she’d already been completely degraded and humiliated in front of him but she kidded herself that if she at least had privacy while undressing it would afford her some dignity. Her face reddened as she remembered the things that bagman had said to her, the names he called her, the true revulsion in his eyes when he looked at her. Patty was a beautiful woman and, while she never used this attribute for gain as the world seemed to expect her to, the man’s vehement disgust had knocked her off her game. She hadn’t been able to look Nash in the eyes since they were in that office.

The bedroom was actually cool and comfortable, even though it was a miserably muggy, hot day outside. The blinds were down and the fan was pulling in cool air from the shady side of the building. Patty took off her clothes and savored the feeling of the cool air on her skin, taking her time as she looked for something else to put on. Nash opened the door softly enough that she didn’t hear him, so when he shut it behind him she started, cried out and turned around.

“Jesus, I’ll be done in a second,” she snapped. Her face went red and hot again but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of having startled and embarrassed her, so she stood up straight and grabbed her robe, covering the front of herself with it. Nash stepped towards her, his eyes glittering. It threw Patty off balance. Usually Nash didn’t have much of a sense of humor, but he seemed to be laughing at her now.

“What an embarrassing scene that was,” he said with a little smirk. “For you, I mean. Not for me.”

“Yeah, well, I’m glad you got a laugh out of it,” she snapped, not knowing what else to almanbahis say. “Could you please let me finish changing? I’m really not into having you ogle me after that.”

Nash sat on the edge of my bed, giddy from horniness and the impending sense of danger from her fearsome temper, still smiling at her. “Go ahead,” he managed.

“I’d like some privacy,” she sniffed. He continued to sit there with that little smile on his face. Angrier than ever now, she let out a huffy sigh and turned her back on him, struggling helplessly through dresser drawers. His presence unnerved her but he was obviously not going anywhere so she draped the robe over her shoulders and tried not to acknowledge him any further.

She grabbed some clothes from the drawers and tried to step past him to finish dressing in the bathroom; she was almost at the door when he pounced.

She was actually a higher skill level in the Krav Maga they practiced together, but he had her consternation working in his favor and grabbed her and had her on her back on the bed before she even heard him get up. She gasped and tried to draw her knees up but he already had her pinned. He began touching her all over, roughly groping her breasts, pulling her hair and kissing her hard on the mouth. She squirmed underneath him and he forced his knee between her legs; Patty gave an involuntary cry as Nash invaded her, shoving two fingers inside of her. Her body made a wet sound when he did this and he chuckled softly.

“You’re wet,” he whispered in her ear. “You’re ready.”

“Get off,” she said, pushing. “Let me up.” Nash knew it was important to her to try and resist, because she was finding that he was right, for some reason she was slippery and found her body responding quickly to his touch.

He began to move his fingers, fucking her with them. “You want it,” he whispered, lifting his head a little to look into her face. “I can feel it.”

“Please get up,” Patty harped, embarrassed to hear her voice quaking. “I’ve had a rough enough goddam afternoon.”

Nash didn’t stop. Her cunt was getting wetter; it did feel very good, his fingers curling into her opening, moving slow. She drew a quaking breath and involuntarily began moving her hips. He laughed softly and moved with her. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” he whispered.

Patty was torn between trying to resist and letting it go on. Each time she squirmed she was helping him get his fingers deeper inside her. He was wiry strong and she couldn’t seem to fight her way out from under him; whenever she tried to sit up, she felt the springy tension of his muscles as he pushed her back. She could feel his hard-on rubbing against her thigh through his pantsleg. Something in her stomach coiled as she got a flash of years-old memory: their first fuck, climbing on top of him, savoring every inch of him as she took him inside her. Want bloomed in her, monstrous. She trembled as the last vestiges of desire to be anywhere but underneath him, naked like this, slipped away.

“I want to kiss you,” he whispered, lowering his mouth onto hers again. This kiss was slower than the first one, deep and wet and seductive. Patty returned this one, running her tongue along his lips and touching the tip of it against the tip of his. ‘Mm,” Nash moaned as she began swiveling her hips underneath him, now pushing on him to take his fingers further inside her.

“Yeah,” she groaned. “It’s good.” she reached for his fly, trying to touch him, but he wasn’t ready to let her have it just yet — he picked her hand off his crotch and rolled off her, sitting up, still fucking her with his fingers. He unzipped his fly and took his dick out, already fully hard. He stroked himself a little before waving himself in her face, rubbing his prick along her cheek. Patty opened her mouth, wanting to take him in, but he took more time, rubbing it all over her face. She already felt almost ready to cum from his fingers working her; she grabbed his wrist and held his hand hard, bucking her hips. He slipped the head of his cock into her mouth, looking into her eyes.

“Take it,” he ordered, his voice brusque and harsh. “Suck it deep.”

Patty made a noise of frustration, muffled by his dick in her mouth, as he pulled his fingers out of her. He straddled her face and pushed as much of himself as he could fit into her mouth.

He fucked her face, grabbing the back of her head to hold it at the right angle while taking his pleasure. Patty choked as he prodded the back of her throat, then began drooling; he laughed and pulled it out to rub it on her face again. “That’s good,” he chuckled. “Slobber on it.” He pushed it back in and she moved her head as much as she could. “Let me move,” he hissed, grabbing her hair to hold her head immobile again. He choked her some more and she realized that this blowjob was less about his pleasure than about dominating her, the control he knew she wanted him to exert. He alternated between choking her, hitting her gag reflex, then pulling out to wipe her spittle on her own face. “Lick my balls,” he snapped, arranging himself so they almanbahis giriş were at her mouth. She licked him eagerly while he roughly jerked his cock, his fist tapping lightly against her face with each stroke. Patty dipped her tongue lower, rimming him lightly; he gasped and laughed. “That’s it, good girl,” he told her. “Dirty girl. Tongue it. Lick it clean.”

She licked harder, poking her tongue into him, now reaching a hand down to play with herself.

“Slut,” Nash hissed. “Dirty whore. Touching yourself while you lick my arse. Filthy girl.”

She flicked her tongue harder, pushing her face between his ass cheeks. He groaned and laughed. She knew it ws disgusting, she was dirty and disgusting. She wanted to be. Just knowing how low she was sinking made her unbearably hot; she pushed even harder, she rubbed her clit frantically and moved her pelvis up and down, her cunt now filling the room with soft wet noises.

Nash still haven’t even finished undressing; now he paused to rise off of her, standing beside the bed. “That’s a good little whore,” you told her, slapping her belly lightly. “You do that so well. But that’s enough of that for now.” Patty continued to play with herself while Nash undressed.

“That’s good too,” he told her. “Put on a show for me, like the good little whore you are. Pump your hips.”

“Yeah,” she moaned. “You like it, baby?”

“Of course I like it.” He was naked now, stretching out on the bed beside her and idly stroking his cock. Patty looked at it and her mouth literally watered, her body quaking with the desire to have him inside of her, stretching her in that sweetly painful way, taking her just past her comfort level.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, reaching for him. “I want your cock in me. Fuck me.”

“Not just yet,” he said smoothly. “I like looking at you like this. Give me a show. Stick your finger up your arse.”

She brought her left hand down now between her legs but Nash grabbed her hand. “No, from the back, so I can watch it,” he ordered.

She lifted her hips, her cunt opening slightly as she shifted positions, making a small sucking sound. She pushed the tip of her middle finger into the tight ring of her asshole, groaning deep as she pushed the digit in to the second knuckle.

“All the way,” he whispered. “Finger-fuck yourself back there.” He ran one hand over her body, lightly slapping her big breasts back and forth, stroking his cock with the other.

Patty obeyed, moving her finger in and out of her ass. It felt good and she rubbed her clit harder, tilting her pelvis towards him. After a few thrusts she added a second finger, whimpering with the slight pain this caused her.

“That’s it,” he chuckled. “Go, baby. Move for me.”

Patty began moving her hips in time with her fingers thrusting into her own ass. Her cunt opened and closed, making more obscene sucking noises. She liked it, she liked losing control, shaming herself for his amusement. She grunted with each movement and looked into Nash’s eyes, seeking his approval.

“Yes,” he laughed softly. “Yes.” He grabbed one of her breasts roughly and pinched the nipple, sharply, painfully. She let out a cry of shock and pain and he mimicked the sound, mocking her. He took his other hand off his dick and pinched her other nipple. He mauled them both, squeezing and twisting them. The pain, commingled with the pleasure of masturbating and finger-fucking her own ass, sent an electric shock through Patty and she gasped and shuddered.

He leaned in and kissed her again, hard and aggressive, moving one hand down her body, cupping the hand she used to rub her clit. He took her other hand, pulling her fingers out of her ass, and rolled her onto her back. Pinning her again, he trailed kisses down the front of her body, his breath tickling her skin, until his mouth was between her legs, his hands prying her legs further apart.

In one quick lithe movement he was off the bed and kneeling in front of her, kissing her mound, her lower belly, the insides of her thighs. She stroked his hair, pulling him closer. “Please,” she moaned as he moved his mouth closer to her center. He ran his tongue along her slit, parting it, his breath hot. When he flicked it over her clit she shuddered and bucked against him, wordlessly begging for more. He moved his mouth over her like that for a while, his tongue a weapon, long, languorous laps along her lips, then circling on her clit like a writhing snake. He looked up at her, eyes curious, while your tongue played over her. Two fingers went inside her again and she couldn’t hold on any longer, it washed over her like a wave and she went over, helpless against an onslaught of bliss. The blood pounded in her head and her whole body tingled as she jerked like a puppet with its strings cut. His hand clasped hers, his eyes never leaving her face. He rose to his feet and before she had even finished spasming the head of his cock was in her wet, ready cunt, its base catching perfectly on her g-spot. She knew he must be ready to push all the way in but in a staggering almanbahis yeni giriş display of control he stayed right where he was, moving just the tiniest bit, using his cock to prolong her orgasm by toying with the most sensitive portion of her opening.

She reached around him, grabbing his tight ass with both hands, fingers in the cleft between his buttocks. She allowed a finger to enter him slightly as she pulled him towards her, insisting on taking him deep. Now it was his turn to cry out as she took him off-guard. With a single hard pull Patty was victorious, Nash was inside her as far as he could go and she clenched her muscles around him like a fist. “Fuck,” he whispered, falling onto her. He moved with long slow strokes, throwing his head back and drawing quaking breaths. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around him, doing a slow up and down grind with her pelvis, meeting his thrusts and curling onto them. He filled and stretched her and it hurt a little at the end of each thrust as he went very deep, but she felt the pain was a small price to pay for his pleasure, in fact the hurt was sweet when she looked in his eyes and knew that it was good for him. She stuck her finger deeper into his tight, hot asshole, eliciting a low growl from his throat. She was filled with a longing to bring him to climax as primal as her own longing for pleasure. It was not entirely loving. She thought of the way he’d been smirking at her just before all this had started and she wanted to break him, to make him lose control of himself almost against his own will. She began moving faster, pumping her hips hard against him.

“That’s it, baby,” Patty whispered, locking eyes with him. “Give it to me. Ride me deep. Damn that’s good.”

“Fuck yes,” Nash growled. “So wet. Your juice is dripping on my balls.”

“You like that? You like how hot you make me?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Then cum for me, honey. Show me you’re diggin’ it.”

“Not yet,” he panted raggedly, but she could tell he was close. “I want to give you another one before I blast off. I want to fuck you right.”

Patty felt like she could go over again, but she wanted to savor her power over him. She begin to rub her clit a little, which slowed them down. She realized he was playing the same game she was playing and she laughed out loud and bucked against him more insistently, trying to quicken the pace. She still penetrated his ass with her left middle finger, so she started finger-fucking him now, pressing against his prostate. He groaned and clenched his asshole tighter, slowing them still more, and brought his hand down between her legs, seeking her clit. A current of electricity moved through her when his fingers touched her and she shuddered against him.

“One more,” Nash hissed. “Let me see another one, baby. Cum on my cock.”

“I want to get you off,” she groaned. “I want to see you cum. Then I can cum again.”

“Mm.” He massaged her clit and pinned her to the bed with his thighs, slowing their fuck to a near standstill with his cock fully inside her, stretching her wide. But she still had enough mobility to squirm her way up and down his full length — now she was fucking him. He looked in her eyes with something that was almost anger, his fingers rubbing more insistently on her clit. After eight years together he had been paying attention to her rhythms, he knew how to massage it the way she needed it done. Their bodies were nearly motionless but what was going on at the point of joining was frantic, wet activity. Patty had moved her legs so that her thighs were spread nearly flat on the bed, the better to engage her whole cunt in what they were doing. She still finger-fucked his ass, which clenched and unclenched slightly with his breathing.

The interaction has gone wordless, but they were without a doubt communicating, eyes locked, bodies joined with an almost painful intensity. The sounds of their breathing, heavy, frantic, and the wet sounds of their slow but strangely frenzied fuck, were clearly audible above the hum of the fan. They danced together along a razor’s edge, both determined to hold back but both driven to the precipice.

Nash won. Patty caved first.

Her orgasm slammed into her like a freight train, almost painful at the point of origin. Her clit throbbed with a terrible ecstasy, sending electric shocks outward through her whole body, waked by rolling waves of heat. Motes swam before her eyes and she worried for a split second that she would pass out but then more pulsing electricity filled her. Her cunt contracted wildly around him. “I can’t stop,” Patty grunted, my voice like an animal’s growl. “It won’t stop.” Her hips bucked in violent rolling jerks, obscene in their fury and intensity.

He joined her at the peak. She felt it first in his asshole clenching hard around her finger, then she felt his cock pushing in and out of her harder, pulsing and spurting. His whole body quaked and his eyes sought hers, all triumph gone, pleading. “Fuck,” Nash hissed through gritted teeth. “Damn. I’m fucking exploding.” He jerked and spasmed against her and she felt his thighs quivering and his belly slapping against hers. She felt a strange wave of compassion for him, she understood exactly how he felt. The look they exchanged as they came together was almost melancholy.

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