Camping in the Rain


It was raining again, for the fourth day in a row. The rain splattered on the roof of my tent and then dripped down the sides. Each drip slid down the side until it landed on the lush green grass. Of course the grass was green. It was one of the worse summers for rain. I believed the cute weatherman when he said that it would be sunny this week. I believed him and decided to book off a week to go camping. I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea but at the time I was beyond excited.

Now I was sitting in my tent, alone, unable to do anything because I would be soaking wet. I finished the two books I had brought with me and was now day dreaming. Even my daydreams were getting boring. I lay back on the queen size air mattress and wished away the rain.

It had been a perfect plan at the time. My best friend Beth and I were going to go camping for a week. We had gone camping while in university but then once jobs, and kids for her, got in the way, our life took a different spin. I wanted something to remind me of the old days but instead I got four days of a torrential downpour.

I needed to get out of the tent. I was imagining myself writing on the walls of the tent. Maybe something like no fun makes Katie go crazy. Yeah I needed to do something. I put on my rain jacket but kept my shorts and t-shirt on. It wasn’t cold outside which was nice. My camping clothes were different then the clothing I wore to work but even these were still worth a small fortune. As I stepped out of my blue and yellow three man tent I felt the humidity even more so then in my tent. It was drizzling, which was nice. It had poured rained all morning and so the light rain was a much-needed break. My beige rain jacket was longer then my green khaki shorts but I had ulterior motives. The outfit made my legs longer then they looked and I didn’t zip up the jacket. This showed off my cleavage and the deep tan that I received from spending every weekend at my parent’s beach house.

I started walking, unsure where I was going but I figured as long as I remembered what site I was on, fourteen, I would be fine. I ended up at the beach and as expected, I was alone. I sat on one of the picnic tables and looked out as the rain dropped on the calm surface of the water. Each droplet created a ripple effect and it was enjoying watching as each ripple collided with another.

“Can I join you?”

My whole body shook as I looked up to see a man standing there. I’m sure he didn’t mean to scare me but he did.

“Jeez. Yeah sure. Scare anyone much?”

I smiled right away, knowing that I was doing two things. The first was that I was checking him out. The next was that in the split second that I heard his voice and saw his body I was flirting with him big time. He was tall, at least six feet tall with short brown hair and blue eyes. Even though it was raining he wore blue reflection sunglasses on his head. He was wearing a white t-shirt and beige shorts. He sported green flip-flops on his feet and looked tanned like me. In the few moments I stared at him I decided that I wanted him.

“I’m sorry I scared you sweetie. I didn’t expect anyone out in the rain. Wanted to make almanbahis adresi my presence known in case you thought you’d be alone. I mean I didn’t want you doing something crazy like skinny dipping.”

“Is that so bad if I was?”

I wasn’t smiling because my mind flashed to why I was camping alone. I bit my lip, trying not to look upset. He had just met me and had no intention of suggesting that it would be disgusting for me to skinny dip. It was the fact that the reason I was camping alone was because on the first night Beth and I had fought. It was childish but I had stood my ground. I was stubborn that way. She had told me that she was losing weight because her husband wanted her thinner then she already was. I had objected and in the fight she mentioned how he thought I was overweight and shouldn’t be wearing two-piece bathing suits. She had packed and called him to come pick her up. Hence why I was camping alone.

“Of course not. I’d love to see you skinny dip. I can even close my eyes while you undress so you can get in the water without my peering eyes. Of course you would need to exit the water so I can stare.”

I liked him. He put me at ease and so I decided to do a little teasing myself.

“Well if I went for a skinny dip you’d need to as well. And I’d be staring the whole time.”

As I stated that I stared down at his crotch, grinning as I saw the bulge growing larger. He was aroused and he was checking me out. I had almost forgotten the fight with my best friend when he reached his hand over and caressed my face. It was so gentle and soft that I couldn’t help but whimper. It was so sensual but in a split second I turned that motion into something very sexual. I turned my head and pulled the tip of his two fingers into my mouth. I sucked then flicked the tip with my tongue. He groaned and smiled.

“You’re a little firecracker you know. I bet your boyfriend can barely handle you.”

“Who says I have a boyfriend?”

“True. You might be single. You might have worn out your boyfriend out from hours of sex and he’s resting in the tent. I really just said that to make sure you were single.”

“I am. I’m Katie.”

I reached my hand out in a friendly gesture but whimpered when he pulled me into his lap.

“I’m Brent. Single. Camping alone and it’s a long story.”

“Hi Brent.”

My voice cracked because between each word of his statement he kissed a different part of me. First my forehead, then my cheeks, then lower to my shoulders. By the time he finished what he was saying his lips were inches from my left nipple. I wanted to pull his face down but I resisted. I was rotating my hips in circles as I straddled his body and when he pulled off his t-shirt I groaned in pleasure.

I didn’t have a chance to say anything because he stood up and placed me on the top of the picnic table where I had been sitting. He then sat on the bench as if he was going to eat something. He was going to eat something all right, my delicious pussy. He lifted my hips and yanked down my shorts and panties. As he placed my legs on his shoulders I felt his breath on my wet pussy. It felt amazing and soon I was crying and almanbahis adres moaning as he sucked and fingered me. He would begin by sucking hard on my clit then let go and finger me with two or three fingers. Just as I started crying out that I was close he’d stop and do something else. He’d rub my clit in small circles or slide his tongue into my pussy and flick his tongue up and down. Everything he did felt good and soon I was taking control. I grabbed his head and pushed him down.

“Let me come Brent. Please. Fuck I really need this.”

I know I was begging. I hated doing it but I felt comfortable taking control with him. I would never have done this with anyone of my boyfriends but here I was having my pussy licked by some stranger and I was being dominant. I barely had time to think about what else I wanted when he stopped and stood up. His face was covered in my juices and he had a big grin on his face.

“I want to watch your face when you come. Something tells me you’re not quiet.”

I gritted me teeth as he seized my right hip in one hand as the other hand fingered me using four fingers. He thrusted hard, pushing up every few strokes. I thrashed around. I cried out. I didn’t care if the whole campsite could hear. I was cumming and I was cumming hard.

“That was hot. You are a little firecracker. Let’s go swimming.”

I didn’t even have a chance to recover when he moved off the bench and stripped naked. He already had his shirt off but whipped off his shorts. He wasn’t wearing boxers and I could see his cute white butt and the contrast between that and his tanned legs. His cock was what I couldn’t stop staring at. It was beautiful. It was thick and average length with a deep purple mushroom tip. I saw fluid dripping down his cock and watched as the droplets slid down his shaft and landed on his balls. It was then that I noticed he was shaved. No guy I had ever dated, and not that I dated a lot of guys, had shaved themselves down there. I was amazed and shocked and so aroused. I glanced up and watched as he turned and ran into the water. He took four giant leaps and then dove under the water. When he surfaced he stood up so the water level was just below his hips. It was such a tease for me because if he just stood up on his tiptoes I could see his cock again.

I stepped down from the picnic table and yanked off my clothes. I was in such a hurry to get naked and get in the water with Brent. I ran down the sand and dove in beside him. As I slid through the water I felt him grab me and when I surfaced he had his arms wrapped tight around me.

“God I love your tan lines. I could lick them forever.”

Brent pulled me up a bit and began to trace his tongue around my breasts. He then licked my nipples but then moved up to my earlobe. I whined a bit, wanting more. He was such a tease and I loved it. He pulled my legs up so I could wrap them around his body then he held my left breast with both hands and sucked.

“Your breasts are so much more then a handful. I love it.”

His voice was soft and sensual but then I cried out as he bit down on my nipple then pulled back, his teeth dragging against my sensitive nipple. almanbahis adresi He did it again then sucked the entire nipple into his mouth. I couldn’t even say a word. I was grinding against him and wanted his cock in my pussy. He let go of my left breast but then did the same with my right. Then I cried out because while he bit and sucked on my sensitive nub he was rubbing my left nipple, tugging it then rubbing it.

“You’re driving me crazy.” I panted.

I reached down, trying to guide his cock inside me. He ran his hand down my body then moved so that the tip of his cock rubbed against my clit. I groaned, desperate to have him inside me.

“Inside me. Please. Brent!”

Brent nodded and slide me down. In one motion I went from my pussy begging to be full of cock to exactly that. My pussy stretched around his cock and soon I was being bounced up and down in the water. He grunted and held my hips tight. The water splashed around and had the beach been full of people we wouldn’t have cared. I needed him to fuck me and I needed it now.

“Do I feel good inside you baby? Does my hard throbbing cock feel good fucking you senseless?”

He wrapped his lips around my right earlobe and pulled. I had never been one to talk dirty during sex but I was like a new person around him.

“Yes. Fuck me. Please. Do it harder.”

I couldn’t even believe I was saying what I was saying. He did as I asked and more. He was slamming me down. I had never had sex in this position because of my size and I loved how it felt to be suspended and fucked at the same time. He pulled back and pushed me down so I was crouching. His hand was wrapped around the base of his cock and I knew he was going to jerk off. I leaned forward and opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out. He slapped his cock against my tongue twice then exploded. It was truly an explosion as ropes of cum landed on my tongue, on my face, and in the water. He took a deep breath when he was done then pulled me back up. I had swallowed the small amount that had landed in my mouth and already wiped away the cum from my face.

“I guess I should have warned you I come a lot. Sorry I go it in your face. You don’t look the type to like that.”

“Are you serious? You’re actually apologizing? You’re right I’m not the type but I loved it.”

I was blushing and then just before he was going to open his mouth we heard noises. Looking up we saw a family walk past the beach. It was our cue that we might want to move somewhere else.

“You camping alone?”


I nodded and once the coast was clear I rushed out of the water and got dressed. My hair was dripping water down my back but I didn’t care. I watched as he dressed then he grabbed my hand.

“I love summer storms. Especially when I get to meet a cute girl.”

I giggled. He was very cute and I wanted to know more. I wanted more of him too.

“I’m on campsite sixty two. Come find me if you want more. I know I do.”

And with that he walked off, leaving me stunned. Had he just left me there? Wait. He had said if I wanted more to come over. I decided that I did want more, a lot more. I changed into dry clothes then headed off to Brent’s campsite. I laughed as I remembered the mean comment Beth had told me her husband had said. Brent had no issue about my size, or anything else for that matter. This was going to be a great camping trip after all.

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