Camping with my Muscleman Neighbor

Annika Albrite

The neighbor across the street from us is a real muscular guy. He’s single and works from home. I’ve seen him lifting weights in his two-car garage because he usually leaves his garage door open, especially if it’s hot. Saying he is extremely muscular is an understatement.

My guess is that he is in his late 20s. I can watch him lifting from my bedroom window directly across the street. It is a somewhat filtered view because of a tree which interferes with what would be an unobstructed direct look into the garage. I’ve been watching him for a while now, and he’s getting more and more muscular. He normally just wares shorts. I found out from another neighbor that his name is Clark.

I’m a 19-year-old guy, thin, and short. Jogging is my only exercise, but I try to do it daily and keep a toned and thin physique. I’m attending the junior college a mile from my house. More specifically, my parent’s house. Both my parents work so I have the house to myself during the day. Summer break started and I have a lot of free time.

My father likes how Clark is always working around his house and admires his carpentry skills. Father makes a habit of pointing out Clark’s dedication, skills, and work ethic. He is concerned about me and wasn’t sure if I had what it took to be a responsible man.

I started to make a point of jogging past Clark’s house in the hope that he will be working out in his garage when I pass by. I figured out his training schedule and I tried to time my jogging to coincide with it. If I was lucky, he would also be there when I returned, getting even more pumped up at the end of my jog. He really was getting massive and I liked to observe his progress.

I had one girlfriend but it didn’t work out very well. She wasn’t very attractive anyway, and a real prude. I don’t think my parent thought much of her. Frankly, I wasn’t attracted to her anyway. There were a couple of girls at school that I thought were sexy, but they had no interest in a shy, short guy who only weighed 110 pounds.

My parents encouraged me to get to know Clark in the hopes that he would have a positive influence on me and I could learn a thing or two about being self reliant. I found myself watching Clark workout from my bedroom window much more frequently. One afternoon, when it was very hot, Clark only had on what looked like little tight posing shorts. He was sweating and looked more muscular than ever. His crotch was all filled out and really bulging. It was as if a softball was stuffed inside them.

I was getting very horny and I ended up jacking myself off as I watched him. I felt so inadequate given that giant bulge Clark exhibited, but I wasn’t thinking about my little cock. Instead I was thinking about Clark’s bulge and sweaty pumped up body. I even started having fantasies about him flexing for me in his little shorts right in my bedroom, coming into bed with me, and letting me touch his giant muscles and massive bulge. All that would always make me cum very hard. I thought it was all innocent and normal. After all, Clark was so manly anyone would be intrigued and even turned on at the sight of him like that.

The next day I went out for my jog, but this time I slowed my pace as I passed by Clark’s garage and looked in for a better view. He was lying on the bench and pressing up an enormous amount of weight. I slowed almost to a stop to see him lower and raise the heavy bar at least ten times. He grunted with each rep. His muscular body looked so thick and dense on the bench, straining. Then he got stuck attempting one repitition too many. He looked over, and seeing me said, “Little help here.”

I realized he wanted me to lift the weights up. I ran over and luckily he didn’t require a lot of assistance, but I helped enough to get the bar back on the rack. He got up off the bench and said, “Thanks, you’re pretty strong for your size. My name is Clark.”

“Oh hi, I’m Andy. Glad to meet you.”

Clark looked much bigger close up. He was just incredibly muscular. I could see big veins all over his heavy muscles. He was all sweaty and for the first time I could smell him. His big body had a very strong odor, but I really didn’t mind, and sort of liked it. He had those little stretchy shorts on again and I tried not to look at his big crotch except when I knew he wouldn’t notice me doing so. When I did look at it, I didn’t want to stop staring. It was so massive and very damp with sweat.

Clark had no reservations about being almost nude around me, and while I watched he would periodically look at his big muscles in the full length mirror on the wall as he flexed. He was obviously comfortable around me and loved to show off his body. It made me feel a lot more relaxed around him and more inclined to stare at his body. I looked at his amazing body like he was a god.

I figured he must shave a lot of his body because the only hair I saw was on his big chest. It wasn’t super hairy, just the right amount, and dark brown in color. I hardly have any body hair, even on my legs, and what hair I do have is beşevler escort very thin, fine, and sparse. The hair on my cock and balls was almost non-existent, and I wondered if he shaved his big package along with most everything else but his chest.

I could see he had camping stuff stacked up in the garage. He saw that I noticed and said, “That’s for my camping trip next week. I go every year.”

“That sounds like so much fun Clark. I’ve never gone camping.”

“Andy, I can’t believe you’ve never gone before. It is a lot of fun!”

“You’re so lucky Clark.”

Then Clark moved closer as I was sitting on one of his workout benches and standing only several feet in front of me, asked, “Well, why don’t you come along. I’ve got a big tent, an extra sleeping bag, and blow up mattresses, and plenty of food for the both of us. What do you think?”

“I’ll ask my folks and let you know tomorrow. OK,?” I was looking up in his eyes as I said that, but then my eyes kept dodging around to take in his big muscles, and his big bulge, which was level with my face. He looked amazing and so close that his manly muscleman scent overwhelmed me. Then I basically locked my eyes on his big bulge and couldn’t break away. I didn’t even care that he knew my eyes were transfixed on it. The big bulge was too powerful and as a slight warm breeze entered the garage from behind him it intermingled with its scent and then engulfed me. It was so musky and alluring. I wasn’t certain, but it seemed like Clark rotated his hips a little forward to push out the big bulge, making it more pronounced, then he replied…

“Sure Andy, just let me know.”

I forced myself to leave Clark and resumed my jogging. Then I went home anxiously waiting for my parents to arrive so I could ask their permission. I was so excited that he actually wanted me to go with him! I’ve always wanted to camp in the mountains.

When I told my parents they were excited too, especially my father, who told my mother that, “A man like Clark would be a good influence on the boy.”

I informed Clark and he seemed very excited. I couldn’t wait for next week. Every time I jogged, I would always stop to visit with Clark as he worked out. I ended up always staying longer than I planned because I loved being around him, especially when he was almost naked lifting weights.

During those visits he explained everything about camping. I was fascinated by it. I was more and more comfortable being around him and he was with me too. Clark seemed more inclined to show off his body and wore even more revealing stretchy little shorts that basically looked like string bikinis. Bikini shorts certainly over-emphasized his massive bulge, which completely overwhelmed the bikiki pouch as it was streched to the limit. I could almost make out everything, and it all looked ridiculously enormous and very heavy.

The big day finally arrived and we headed to a remote area of the wilderness which was part of the national park. He found a great site next to a natural spring in the side of a granite rock wall. Fresh water constantly flowed from the spring and formed a little puddle of water underneath it. We happily set up camp, just as he described earlier, and within an hour or so we were done. He immediately made a fire and we settled in. The hardest part was blowing up the two air mattresses in the tent. He had a foot pump that did the trick after considerable effort. Our plan was to stay four nights.

After relaxing in our camping chairs Clark opened a large ice chest which he packed with food, and we selected what to cook for our dinner. We ended up cooking a few steaks and even made some flat bread on the fire. The weather was pretty warm and the fire was basically only for cooking, light, and general camping ambiance, not heat. In fact it felt a little too warm and we moved our chairs further away from it. Clark explained that it also tended to keep the mosquitoes away.

I really enjoyed being around Clark and felt safe and secure being with him. It was a little scary being in the middle of nowhere as night fell and I was so glad he was there. We talked in the fire light and snacked on some snacks. I had to take a pee and told Clark. He directed me to an area out past the car.

When I got there the utter darkness hit me and I was a little uncomfortable but looking back at Clark sitting in the light of the fire made me feel better. He looked so big and strong in his Levi’s and tight T-shirt barely wrapped around his engorged muscle mass. Nothing could harm me with him around.

I returned to the fire and then Clark went out to pee and suggested we should get ready for bed. We both went into the tent. Clark fueled the fire beforehand to provide some light during at least part of the night. He explained how to set up my sleeping bag and gave me one of his pillows. I tested out the air mattress earlier and it actually felt pretty comfortable.

Clark started removing his cloths and I followed suit. He removed cebeci escort everything and when I glanced over I could see his massive club-like cock hanging heavily way down his big muscular legs. It was swaying heavily and his balls were obviously extremely big and plump. It appeared everything was hairless down there. As he climbed into his sleeping bag, his giant cock bounced off his thighs making a slight slapping sound. I was so distracted by his manliness that I hadn’t kept up and still had my shorts on.

I finished taking my cloths off and could feel Clark’s eyes on me, and then heard him say, “You have a nice firm little body there Andy and very smooth.”

“Thank you, Clark, the jogging keeps me in good shape.”

I actually liked Clark looking at my naked body. Encouraged by what he said I found myself turning so he could see everything before I climbed into my sleeping bag. Then I purposefully bent down with my ass towards him and took my time climbing in, even getting on all fours. I knew he was staring and I liked to show off for him.

The weather was still warm but the sleeping bags were lightweight and cozy. Our sleeping bags were aligned and about two feet apart. I started to drift off to sleep and was awakened by a pumping sound. I turned my head and in the filtered firelight, I could see Clark’s sleeping bag was opened and he was pumping his giant cock. I pretended to be asleep as I watched through partially opened eyes.

I couldn’t fantom just how big and rock hard it was. It was so enourmous that he had to exert tremendous effort just to jack on it. The firelight reflected on an amazing amount pre-cum oozing out of it. The girth was unimaginable and it came up to the base of his big-muscled chest. He started moaning and I swear I heard him say, “Oh Andy!” Then he moaned again as his big muscular arm pumped faster.

He exploded like a firehose and rope after rope of cum shot out on his face and head, even hitting the wall of the tent several feet behind him. As he kept spurting wad it began to cover his face, neck, and chest. More thick ropes hit the tent and slowly dripped down. I didn’t think anyone could cum that much.

I was horny as hell but afraid to do anything about it. Afterwards, Clark got a towel that he placed to the side of his sleeping bag and wiped himself down. I turned my head to the other side and asked myself if I really just saw what I know I saw. I was so hard but too scared and intimidated to do anything about it, and eventually feel to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, Clark was already up and building a fire to cook our breakfast. I got up and still groggy, looked over at Clark’s sleeping bag. Pulling back the top of it I could see lots crusty stains on it from last night. The towel was tucked under the far side of the bag and it was soaked in sperm and the smell of cum was very strong. I quickly put everything back how I found it, got my cloths on, and emerged from the tent.

Clark was sitting in his chair, drinking a cup of coffee, and said, “Oh, hi there sleeping beauty, want some coffee?”

“Sure, that does sound good Clark, but I need to pee first.”

I was still stunned from last night but tried not to let it distract me, and looked forward to the rest of the day. Then Clark said, “Let’s eat breakfast then go for a hike….OK?”

“Sounds like a great plan Clark.”

Clark took care of almost everything. He was very efficient and purposed. I helped a little when asked. Breakfast tasted great and after cleaning up we set out on our hike. Clark said to wear layered cloths because it was bound to get real hot as the day progressed. He was right, after a few miles we ended up peeling off clothing and soon we were both down to our shorts. Clark looked as muscular as he did in his garage gym and just as sweaty too. He walked in front of me, leading the way, and I kept admiring his broad and massive muscular back. It rippled as he walked, and sweat was pouring down it’s layered slabs of dense muscle.

We returned to camp about three hours later. I was exhausted and hot. Clark brought some large plastic water containers and filling them up at the spring, used them like weights to get in a hard workout. He did it in front of me, just like he did in the garage. He even removed his hiking short to reveal his black bikini-like stretchy shorts. I’d never seen him wear black ones, but I really liked how they looked on him.

He was really pumping himself up and I just sat back and enjoyed the muscleman and giant bulge show. I felt no reservations about looking directly at his bulge, especially after seeing what was packed in there last night. Clark was really getting into it and I started to fuel his motivation, saying, “My god Clark, you look so fucking muscular, what a massive stud!”

He loved hearing that and my words made him want to get more pumped up for me. Finally, he flexed double biceps pose and I was overwhelmed. Then, he collapsed on his chair to finally rest kolej escort and I brought him some water. I got the urge to massage his upper back as he sat there resting and moved behind him. I caressed his massive protruding deltoid muscles. They completely filled my hands. Before actually massaging them I waited to see how he responded to my touch and he said, “Mmmmmmmm, that feels so good right now Andy.”

With that I started massaging his delts and thick neck muscles with force. I couldn’t believe how big and hard his muscles felt. They were very veiny and sweaty. Standing above him I could really appreciate the heavy musk scent rising off his body. He enjoyed my touch so much that I decided to run my hands down his chest and massage his heavy pectoral muscles and bowling ball shoulders. I liked to run my hands thru his hairy chest. He moaned louder in delight. His skin was now more oily than sweaty and I used his man oil like massage oil to aid my efforts.

I was getting rock hard and at one point I thought I might spontaneously ejaculate. His big muscular body felt so good and his overpowering scent was driving me crazy. I stopped just in time, avoiding what I thought would be an embarrassing situation. Then he said, “Hey, why don’t you take off your shirt, sit down, and I’ll massage you now?”

I knew I could use a massage and said, “Sure, but you’re so strong you might crush my little body.”

“Don’t worry Andy, I’ll be careful. Here, let’s get your shirt off.”

I sat back in my chair and Clark got behind me like I did for him, and then he he paid me a nice complement…

“Wow, you really do have a tight little body with perfect proportions.”

He put his big hands on my shoulders and they engulfed me. He massaged all over my upper back, shoulders, chest, and arms. I moaned in pleasure not even meaning to do so. He seemed to love putting his hands on me, and I even heard him moaning lightly. As I sat there is deep pleasure I realized my little body was sort of smelly too but not anywhere as strong as his. In any event I liked getting smelly like a man and wondered if Clark liked it.

Clark’s big strong hands were amazing on me and I melted into them. Every time he ran his hands over my chest his fingers pushed into my nipples. I noticed my nipples were now getting very hard and erect. Clark seemed to focus on my them and inadvertently rubbed his bulge up against the back of my head. It felt so heavy and dense. Then, one time when I felt it touching me again I slightly tilted my head back into it. The first thing I noticed was the sheer weight of it.

Then Clark pulled away and ended the massage, probably for the same reason I did. When he walked past me I got a glimpse of the bulge and it had expanded from a softball to more like a bowling ball. It was staggering, and it was captivating. I think he wanted me to get a good look at it.

To my delight Clark kept wearing the black bikini shorts. He cooked dinner and we both enjoyed the food. I could sense a sexual edge was impacting both of us, but we both held back. There was mutual uncertainty. We opened up a bottle of wine and enjoyed sipping it as the sun went down. Soon after that, we retreated to the tent and got ready for bed. As Clark slipped off his bikini I got another real good look at the manly mass that sprang out of it. Giant cock and balls bouncing around very heavily. His thick cock hung down almost the length of his massive thighs. His balls were so big and plump that they pushing his cock outwards from his crotch, creating a sweeping downward curve of his thick cock shaft. Then he covered everything up getting into his sleep bag.

This time I wanted him to really get a good view of my little thin body too, and I stood there nude, raising my arms over my head, yawning. I was embolden knowing he was attracted to my body and I felt very sexy now. I had my own manly smell and had real pride in my little body after his complements and how his strong hands were all over me during the massage. I looked down at him as he was ogling my body, and gave him a sexy sort of mischievous smile, then climbed into my sleeping bag. I couldn’t believe I did that and realized he awakened my confidence. My actions made me feel so sexy and I know it drove him crazy.

We were both sleepy but neither of us could go to sleep. About that time I heard a blood curdling scream and totally freaked out. Clark immediately said…

“Don’t worry, it’s just a mountain lion. He shouldn’t bother us.”

A mountain lion! I was scared to death and panicking. Without even thinking I quickly got out of my sleeping bag and into his, holding him tight. As soon as he put his big arms around me I settled down and felt safe again. When I came back to reality the powerful feeling of hugging Clark, and my naked body on his, triggered deep and immense sexual urges.

Clark’s sexuality was so powerful that my only thoughts were about servicing him as lustfully as possible. I took great comfort being in his arms and pushed into his incredibly muscular body. His big hard muscles where so stinky and oily. His powerful manly scented body oil started to get all over my little firm body. It was like a skin moisturizer. I started smelling his chest and I really like his chest hair. It was just the right amount of hair, and I rubbed my face all over it, sniffy potent man musk.

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