An Encounter to Remember


The train pulsed a constant rhythm that my mind set to music. My heart throbbed in perfect tempo and my loins felt the beat. We had often written of this moment, we had even described just how it would all develop. Yet nothing had prepared me for the anticipation and the apprehension I suffered. My mind posed questions I had never encountered before. Will she be disappointed? Will my touch be soft enough? Will I know how to thrill her? Will my tongue drive her to ecstasy? The image of a sweaty handed teen-ager approaching his first date made me laugh. I was just that boy!

We had been writing for so many months and had shared so many details of our lives that we probably knew more about our desires and needs than we ever could have through any other form of communication. We finally decided the time had come for a meeting of real bodies. We both needed to know if what we had imagined and written would really happen. I knew that my anxiety came from the fear of not attaining the heights we both expected. But I simply had to taste the issue of your core. So often we had described the joys of my tongue sliding the length of your seam that I felt as if we had already shared this delight. I had even drawn, from my imagination, what the scene would resemble. The contrast of my white hair against your skin inflamed pink by your excitement, the dark color of your lips, the glistening of your nectar, and my fuchsia tongue seeking your center, all of this on paper in watercolor. But now, as the moment approached for reality, my fears grew.

The panic was confused with an impatience to be with you. I wanted the train to fly for I needed to touch you, to smell you, to taste you, and finally to see you. I kept looking at a map to see how close I was to New York. Slowly the train inched across the map taking me to your arms.

Suddenly the train dove into a tunnel and I knew I was near the end of my journey. Upon reaching Grand Central Terminal hurried to be on time for your arrival at Penn Station. Again my nerves were driving me into a frenzy. But I did find myself on the platform waiting for your train to appear with ample time. As the engine hissed passed me I felt a cloud of panic envelope me, however I had no desire to run. I saw you alight two cars away.

Suddenly we were embracing, bags falling against our legs, and words spilling onto the platform. You felt so warm and tender, your aroma intoxicated me, your heart beat in sync with mine, and finally your lips touched mine. All my plans and all the intended words evaporated as we fell into the easy conversation of old friends. I rushed you into a cab to carry us to the Plaza. We had a big room waiting with a view of Central Park and I wanted us to be in each other’s arms in that room.

The ornate, over decorated, room was a perfect lover’s nest. The heavy curtains outlining the two windows gave it a feeling of cozy intimacy. The view of twilight in Central Park made us feel as if the city was a stage on which we would perform our dance of love. We had ordered wine, cheese, and fruit brought to the room as we had checked in, it all materialized while we unpacked our few effects.

“I will run you a bath, dear Anne, serve you wine and cheese, and then I will reserve a table at the Oyster Bar. If you so desire.” I said while nuzzling your neck to inhale your aroma.

“I would like that, but first you must undress me. I want you to take care of me.” You answered.

I started the water flowing then stood behind you to slowly unzip your dress. The thrill of seeing your back reveal itself as the zipper descended made my heart race again. I softly kissed and nibbled you as each inch of your skin appeared. I dropped the delicate material to the floor and fell on my knees to bury my face in your belly. I pulled you against me to fully inhale you. I reached up your back to unhook your bra and let it fall on my head. It felt so wonderful to feel you against my face and to run my hands along your spine. Without moving I slipped your panties down your thighs and then buried my nose in your fur. Finally I was inhaling the aroma of which we had so often written. Finally my face had found it’s desired home!

“I will take the bath now.” You said. “You must undress and join me bringing the wine and something to nibble upon.” You disengaged from my arms and walked into the bathroom. I watched every step, marveling in your beauty and sensuality.

I uncorked the wine, placed some grapes and cheese on a plate, and undressed. Before entering the bathroom I called out.

“I hope Madame does not mind a naked waiter with an erection!”

I handed you a glass of wine to sip while I gently washed you. Delighting in feeling your warm skin while stroking your lovely curves. We caressed each other’s naked bodies but refrained from anything more intimate, creating more istanbul escort anticipation for our eventual coupling. We dried with the enormous fluffy towels and you stated your desire to dress in black for dinner.

I decided to wear my best silk shirt and soft leather jacket to compliment your sexy black outfit. You added a touch of color by tying a red scarf around my neck. We left the room feeling flushed and eager to show the world what a sensuous couple we were. While riding the elevator to the lobby I ran my hand up your thigh to feel the soft skin of your naked bottom. The top of your thigh and your ass became warm under my touch. I instantly became aroused again at the touch of your skin. I didn’t dare run a finger along the lace of your thong or I would have ravished you in the elevator. You looked deeply into my eyes and kissed me wetly. “Oh, Babe, don’t continue, or we will never leave this hotel.” You moaned into my ear. We separated, laughing, and walked to the restaurant our hearts beating and our faces smiling.

We entered the Oyster Bar acting like celebrities and were treated in kind. The dark booth in the corner was set for us to sit side by side. I was thrilled for I knew I would not be able to keep my hands from stroking every part of your body I could touch. I ordered a bottle of wine and told you that we must eat some shellfish to gain the energy for the loving we would be continuing shortly. I ordered oysters and a lean steak while you asked for the clam’s casino and a lobster. While waiting for our food I discretely stroked your thigh and touched your silky belly. Often we would touch lips in tender kisses. We ate much of the meal with our fingers licking each other clean. I would lick the butter off your chin and suck on your fingers as if they were your clit every time they were wet. We laughed and became completely engrossed in each other. We were lost in our world of sensuality and joy. All the months of writing and dreaming had made us completely comfortable simply enjoying the pleasure of actually being together. I kept looking into your eyes and finding the same desire that flamed in my loins. I would have swept the dishes off the table and placed you on your back to eat you as my favorite desert, but I was a bit worried that the management might not appreciate my actions.

We ordered strawberries and cream for dessert. I dipped one into the cream and fed you with my fingers. You licked me clean and returned the favor. By the time we had finished both bowls we were so inflamed we could no longer wait to make love. I threw a 50 on the table and told the Maitre D. to charge our room as we ran towards our erotic haven. In the street I lifted the back of your dress and caressed your ass while you rubbed the hardness in my pants.

I think we were almost correct as we crossed the lobby to the elevator, but once the doors were shut we devoured each other with our mouths. I pulled your dress over your head as we ran to the room and barely got inside before you had undone my trousers. You were so aroused I could not keep you still and used my scarf to tie your hands to the headboard. Once secure I finally started the dessert I had so desired. Your womanhood was dripping with nectar and I savored every drop. I repeatedly licked you from your anus to your clit, nibbling your lips and plunging my tongue into your depths. I was lost in the heaven of your odor and taste and could not stop despite your thrashing and pleas. I squeezed your nipples as I feasted on your pussy as I sensed you approaching your first climax. I wanted to taste your cumm as I brought you to orgasm so I kept my mouth in place. I sucked your clit while you began to spasm and push against my face. OH, the intense happiness you brought me with that flood of juices and moans. Your thighs clutched my head as your hips thrust in rhythm but I would not relinquish my prize.

You calmed slightly and opened your legs as I slowly continued to lap your juices and softly suck your lips into my mouth. Gradually your excitement began to build again and you began to plead. “Please! I want you inside me!” You moaned, but I would not let you have your way. For too long I had dreamed of this and I would stay where I was for while more. This time I used my fingers to probe your depths and search your inner heat. Your passion mounted as my lips, tongue, and fingers played on your instrument of pleasure. I curled two fingers deep into your core to feel the soft, moist warmth of your pussy. As they caressed the walls my lips locked on your little nub and gently sucked. Again your thighs closed on my ears and your hips pumped the rhythm of your release. Again I drank your honey as you cried out your pleasure. My mouth continued drinking and licking until you calmed and released my head.

I untied your hands and slid my aching cock escort bayan between those tasty moist lips I had recently licked clean. You pulled me forcefully into you with your legs and your hands grabbed my ass as you pushed your hips against mine. Our rhythm became frenzied and powerful. I lost all control of my body as the lust you inspired drove me to the inevitable zenith I so craved.

“Oh Anne, you are incredible!” I cried as your sensuality overpowered me completely. I felt my whole body flowing into your core as my seed pumped deep into your womb. My essence mingled with yours in the cavern of your womanhood. We met there and found our ultimate joy as all that we are became one. That magical climax confirmed our need for each other and our perfect harmony of mind and sex.

I panted in your arms, trying to catch my breath as I asked you. “My love, please don’t ever stop fucking me. I need this wild love; you must love me until I am no longer capable. Even then I will eat your pussy until you are too tender to stand even the lightest touch. I want to die of exhaustion in your arms.”

I noticed that you had dozed off after your efforts during our erotic exercises. I took the opportunity to call room service and order a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of roses. I had no intention of letting you sleep much but at least I could make you feel like a queen. I asked the waiter if they had any small cakes or cookies to help restore your energy. He said that they would send up an assortment with the champagne. After hanging up I called the spa and asked for an appointment for a massage. They told me they could take you at 9:30 in the morning for a full hour of massage and herbal treatment.

This was all working out perfectly, if I could just get you an appointment for a facial, manicure, and hair styling at 10:45 then you would be set. I asked the concierge if he could arrange the salon in the morning when they opened. He laughed and said, “I can make the appointment right now. We have the bookings here just in case someone such as you needs to plan the next day. Please tell the lovely Lady that they will be waiting for her at 10:45.”

I was thrilled everything was falling into place and that you would be fully restored to your natural beauty by noon tomorrow no matter how hard we played during the night. I slipped into the shower to restore a little of me energy and to shave. I planned to put my face in many soft places that I did not want to irritate with my stubble.

Upon emerging from the bathroom I heard a knock on our door. I saw you were under the covers and opened to the waiter. He wheeled in a table with the champagne in an ice bucket, a small cake, cookies, and a huge bouquet of deep red roses. As he was leaving you surfaced from under the sheets and asked, “What is all this?”

“A few items to make you strong and to make you feel like the queen I believe you really are.” I answered. I poured two glasses of champagne and took one to you. I dropped my bathrobe and asked you to come to the windows with me. We stood in the windows looking over New York, naked, drinking champagne, and softly touching each other. We sipped the cool liquid and kissed tenderly while watching the city vibrate below us. I lead you to the table and fed you a cookie.

“Take your glass and sit on the bed. Do not get under the covers; I want to look at you. I want to forever hold the image of you in this opulent room drinking champagne naked on the bed.” You sat, propped against three or four pillows with your ankles crossed. I gazed at you, marveling at your long legs. Your inviting hips and the delicate V of your fur stirred my loins again. You asked me to place the roses beside the bed so you could smell them.

I moved the roses and resumed my inspection of your lovely body. Your flat soft belly and your small high breasts drew my attention. I wanted to pay more homage to those succulent nipples; I began to devise a plan in my salacious brain. Your hair framed your face all disheveled and very sexy. Your dark eyes searched mine to see what I was thinking. Ah, but that was the wrong place to look! Another part of my anatomy was telling you my thoughts as it engorged itself with blood. I pulled the curtains wide open and turned off the lights. I wanted to make love to you by the lights of the city.

Suddenly I knew what I wanted and grabbed four of my ties to secure your limbs. I simply said, “May I?” as I attached your arms and legs to the corners of the bed. You were not tightly bound but you would not be able to control my lovemaking. I was free to play with your body and to tantalize you without your being able to stop me.

I knelt beside you and placed your glass on the nightstand. I started kissing you at your feet, taking each in my hands as I licked your sole and sucked on your escort istanbul toes. I massaged your calves as I kissed each leg, slowly moving up your body. I spent a long time caressing your thighs but never touching your junction. When I was satiated with your thighs I started on your arms covering first one with kisses then moving to the other.

I nuzzled your neck and began to trace my fingers in circles around your chest. I sat on my heels and watched my fingers barely touch your breasts. You looked at me pleadingly, but my intention was to proceed very slowly. I saw your nipples harden and your breath became quicker. I leaned forward and licked your left nipple. I then moved to the right. I continued lightly licking each in turn until your chest would heave upward at each contact. Then I began sucking each delicious nub and flicking my tongue across the end as it entered my mouth. My hands caressed your sides and tried to hold you still.

“Please fuck me!” you pleaded but I continued playing with your luscious tits. My mouth dwelled on your sensitive buttons. I became increasingly obsessed with the taste and texture of your breasts. I varied my actions between licking, sucking, pinching, caressing, and even lightly biting. You began to thrash on the bed trying to find some contact with your pussy, trying to release the overwhelming desire to cumm. I would deny you this. I was intent on bringing you to orgasm without ever touching your delicious sex.

You became a wild woman pulling against your bonds as I pinched one nipple and bit the other. You cried out as I sucked one breast and strummed the other with my fingers. Suddenly your hips froze in the air and you called out your climax. “Oh, my, oh yes, oh I love it! Don’t stop!”

I decided to bite your left nipple and pinch the right one hard as you let the waves of pleasure flow. You panted your joy until I finally released your breasts and sat back to look at the most stunning woman I had ever seen. I almost wept at the sheer beauty of your flushed face and body, your heaving chest, and your slowly scissoring thighs. Slowly I untied you and hugged you in thanks for your beauty.

“I want to feel you in me, please, now.” You softly cried.

I entered your warm tunnel slowly but strongly. I could feel the heat move up my shaft as I pushed to your core. When our fur finally meshed I stopped to enjoy the sensations, but you wanted to move. I followed your rhythm and let you set the pace. We rolled onto our sides and your thigh crossed over my hip. I caressed your face and hair as we lost our selves in the ecstasy of our movements. The heat became too intense for me to resist and I cried to you, “I am cumming! I can’t hold back!”

“Let go, my love, I am right there with you!” you answered.

My mouth found yours and I exclaimed my release to you as waves of pleasure erupted from my loins. You moaned back and pulled me tighter in your answering climax.

We slipped into a deep sleep despite our desire to continue the erotic exploration we were pursuing. When I awoke it was almost 2:00am and the city had become almost quiet. I gently disengaged from your arms and took another shower. Looking at you sleeping on your side, uncovered, and slightly curled awakened my lust for your rear end. I began to caress your ass and lightly let my fingers slide along your cleft. As I applied more pressure I could feel your moisture begin to seep from your core. You did not seem to be awakening yet your body was responding to my touch.

I lay behind you and slowly slid my hot lance into your sheath. I didn’t dare move for a few moments, as you seemed still asleep. The warmth of your tunnel and the soft texture of your ass caused my loins to commence a rhythmic motion of their own. I buried my face in your hair and gently fucked you while listening to your gentle sleepy breathing. You emerged from sleep with a whimper of surprise.

“Oh, my love, don’t you ever stop?” you breathed while pushing your hips against mine. I felt my deeper penetration and became more aroused with every thrust. I could smell your excitement as your body responded to my not subtle stimulation. We gently rocked to our increasing passion and swiftly reached our mutual zenith.

I pulled the covers over us without disengaging and fell asleep imbedded in your womb. Our loving had finally sent us into a long rest from which I didn’t awake until the morning. While ordering our breakfast I observed our room. The half finished champagne bottle, the cake, the cookies, our clothes everywhere, the roses, and the open curtains certainly told the story of what had transpired. I wandered around trying to pick up a few items and prepare us for a romantic breakfast. You looked so radiant, but totally disheveled and relaxed. Clearly our hunger for each other’s body had been satiated for the moment and we were comfortable together. I informed you of your appointments for the morning and said that I would meet you at 1:00 o’clock in the Palm Court. You looked at me wondering what I had organized but happy at the idea of being pampered all morning.

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