An American Count Ch. 07


Author’s note: Once again, I’m taking liberties with noble and royal titles and Austrian geography. There’s also going to be a little time-hopping in this chapter, so bear with me. Hope everyone is still liking the storyline and the cliffhanger from last chapter. Let’s see where this one will go. Please leave me your constructive feedback in the comments. I appreciate all civil responses. Happy Holidays!


“Oh, Luke…” Sophia said softly, choking back her tears and halting the Count’s proposal. “I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you…”

Sophia could almost see the wind fall out of Luke’s sails and he dejectedly looked at the floor of the raised dais where the bed in the penthouse stood. Luke moved to stand from his kneeling proposal, but Sophia stopped his progress. Her lips spread in a sly grin and she looked at Luke through her wet jade eyes.

“You didn’t let me finish.” Sophia started. “What I meant was, I can’t marry you unless you propose to me properly; like a Count would propose to a Baronetess. With witnesses and grandeur.” Sophia took Luke’s hand and led him back out to the party on the rooftop patio. The guests were dancing and drinking the old year away and toasting to their good fortune in the new one. When Sophia and Luke re-joined the revelers, the crowd cheered wildly. Sophia led Luke to the front of the bandstand and waited for the group to end their song. Sophia took the microphone from the lead singer’s mic stand and handed it to Luke. The television cameras were starting to pack up for the night, but the operators quickly reset and went live at the scene. Luke took the mic from Sophia’s hand and addressed the crowd as the cameras panned over to the noble couple.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please excuse me for interrupting the party. This won’t take but a minute.” Luke cleared his throat and continued. “I tried to do this in private, but I was told that we needed witnesses and with a little more flair. It seems that, with the TV coverage, we’ll have all the witnesses we need.” From the rooftop, Luke could see the electronic marquee in front of Caesar’s Palace was simulcasting his announcement to the thousands of people now stopped on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The young Count retrieved the diamond ring from his pocket then bent his knee to the rooftop pavement. A collective gasp overtook the crowd as Luke took Sophia’s left hand and slid the jeweled band onto her ring finger. “Sophia Lehner, Baronetess of the Freistadt District in the state of Upper Austria, would you do me the honor of accepting my proposal and becoming my wife?”

Sophia began to cry once more as she whispered to Luke. “Now that’s how a nobleman should propose.” She took the microphone from Luke and shouted her answer to his life-changing question:


The crowd, already charged up from the night’s festivities and copious amounts of champagne, roared its approval. Luke stood and took Sophia in his arms and kissed her passionately. The marquee in front of the enormous casino broadcast the couple’s kiss and captioned the image in capital letters at the bottom: SHE SAID YES!! The onlookers on the street joined the fray and voiced their approval to Sophia’s acceptance of Luke proposal. Within minutes, the scene was broadcast on network and cable news around the country and then virtually around the world in less than 3 hours.

“I think we’d better go back to the room while we can.” Luke told his new fiancé, who was admiring her new 4.6 carat accoutrement. “After tonight, I don’t think we’ll be getting much privacy for a while.”


Luke and Sophia ran back to their penthouse suite and locked the doors. Luke pushed a button and the blinds automatically shut giving the couple complete privacy from the partygoers on the rooftop patio and the paparazzi and TV cameras for one more night. Luke and Sophia locked lips as they furiously undressed each other. Luke pulled the zipper on Sophia’s dress down her back and let the emerald velvet garment fall to the floor, revealing Sophia’s silky white skin and sexy figure. As Luke was removing Sophia’s dress, the Baronetess was working on the Count’s tuxedo jacket and bowtie, desperately trying to return the favor. The newly engaged couple were ravenous for each other and Sophia ripped the buttons from Luke’s white pleated shirt as she strived to make her lover as nude as she was. She undid the fastener and yanked the zipper down on Luke’s black pants, then peeled the trousers down along with the young nobleman’s red boxer briefs. Luke stepped out of his pants that pooled around his ankles then stripped off his shoes and socks. Luke then kneeled and took Sophia’s left foot, still clad in her black stilettos, in his hands. He slipped Sophia’s dainty foot out of the high heel then did the same with her right foot, leaving the lovers completely unclothed.

“Just one thing before we… you know…” Luke said to his new fiancé. “Why did you make me ask you twice?”

“Your fantasy was to break the bank in Vegas,” Sophia answered. “Mine was to be proposed to in a glorious fashion. Well done, my Lord.”

“Fair enough.” Luke replied. “Now let’s bring some bursa escort more fantasies to life.”

Luke scooped Sophia off her feet and cradled her in his strong arms. He was careful to be gentle with her left side as the knife wound from the assassination attempt was still showing hitches. Sophia showed no ill effects from the stabbing as she wrapped her arms around Luke’s neck and pressed her mouth to his. Luke carried his new fiancé to the raised dais where their bed for the night stood and tenderly laid Sophia on the silk top sheet. Luke started his light kisses at Sophia’s painted toes on her left foot and traveled up her leg then left side to her beautiful C cup boobs an up her neck, then continued the process in reverse down her right side ending at the red polish on the nails of her toes on her right foot.

Luke climbed on to the bed and moved behind Sophia in a spooning position, his protruding hard-on nestled in the notch between her sweet ass cheeks. Luke reached down to slip his hard cock into Sophia’s velvety folds, but she stopped him and laid the nobleman on his back. The lights of Las Vegas’s most famous street shined through the glass enclosure covering the pedestal. The large diamond in Sophia’s engagement ring sparkled with assorted colors from the ambient glow as her hand grasped Luke’s stiffening rod and she began to stroke her lover.

Sophia kneeled on the bed as she jacked Luke’s rock-hard dick then bent her head down and licked his tingling foreskin. A bead of precum slipped from the tip of Luke’s cock and Sophia swiped her tongue up to meet his wetness. A slight “Mmmmmm” escaped the ginger beauty’s lips as she tasted the Count’s leaking fluid. Sophia hovered her head over Luke’s rigid prick, a flagpole waiting for her salute. The fire-haired nymph did her duty and slipped the nobleman between her lips and engulfed his erect pud. Sophia sucked Luke while her diamond-adorned left hand tugged at the base of his rigid prick.

Luke threw his head back on the pillow as Sophia took him in and out of her hot mouth. Luke’s outstretched hand found Sophia’s wet gash and slid two fingers into his woman. A muffled groan hummed out of Sophia’s mouth and resonated on the young Count’s dick. Luke took his digits from Sophia’s hot box and tasted his lover’s wetness. The red head’s love juices were sweeter than the champagne they had been drinking earlier and Luke wanted more. He grabbed Sophia’s waist and lifted her bottom half off the bed while her mouth stayed attached to his hard dong. Luke swiveled his soon-to-be wife’s body so that her legs straddled his head and her pink pussy was inches from his mouth. The billionaire Count spread Sophia’s thighs slightly and her sizzling twat sank down on to his waiting tongue. The lovers bestrode each other in a sixty-nine position as their mouths danced across one another in search of combined bliss.

Luke felt Sophia’s body twitch once, then twice and knew she was close to her limit. He clamped his mouth around her lower lips and jammed his tongue up her sweet cunt, eager to taste her cum. As she orgasmed, Sophia took her mouth off Luke’s concrete-like dick and a room-filling “OHHHHHHH!!” involuntarily shouted from her. Luke’s tongue was coated with his lover’s milky cream while convulsions of ecstasy overtook Sophia’s sexy frame. When she regained control of her body, Sophia fell over on her side and Luke pounced on her like a tiger on its prey. Sophia, lying on her trim belly, hung her head off the side of the circular mattress. Luke grabbed the titled lady by the ankles and pulled her backside to him. He lifted her bottom half to her knees and parted her thighs. Luke swiftly plunged his engorged cock into his lover’s slick snatch and buried himself balls deep in one stroke. Sophia gasped as Luke bottomed out in her abyss then began to savagely pummel her. Luke was her conqueror, her vanquisher, and he claimed what was rightfully his. Sophia willingly gave herself to Luke and slammed her ass back to meet his thrust. With one last powerful lunge, Luke pounded his swelling prick into Sophia and blasted his load deep into her dominated womb. The Count’s balls jerked in his sack as he fired rope after rope of hot cum into his satiated lover. Luke wrapped his arms around Sophia’s middle and held them both in place until the pleasure waves subsided. Luke lifted Sophia off her knees then laid her down on top of him. He stuffed his semi-erect cock back into her flooded pussy and stroked her hair until she fell asleep, her head resting on his toned and sweating chest. The young Count whispered in his fiancé’s ear just before she drifted off.

“I love you, Sophia… Thank you for saying “Yes.’ He said softly.

Sophia responded without opening her eyes, “I’ve wanted to say ‘Yes’ since the day we met… I love you, Luke…”


While Luke and Sophia were consummating their engagement, the party raged on at the patio. Anna, the couple’s maid/traveling butler, had seen to her duties for the night and was now in search of both a stiff drink and stiff partner for the night. The blonde bombshell needn’t have looked far as there were many suitors still at the gala. Anna bursa escort bayan grabbed two flutes of champagne from a waiter carrying a silver tray and quickly downed them both, making up for lost time earlier attending to the Count and the Baronetess. As she turned to hunt down the rogue waiter for more drinks, the TV cameraman and reporter confronted her and asked for a quick interview. They asked the buxom blonde if she had known about the proposal, to which she replied no, but that it didn’t surprise her. They then asked her where they were traveling to next and she told them somewhere in Florida, but was unsure of exactly where. Their last question asked what her plans were for the new year. Anna’s replied with a wink and her trademark devilish grin, “To serve my Lord and my Lady in any fashion imaginable.”

When the interview finished, Anna continued her search for the waiter with the champagne. As she searched, a tuxedoed sandy-brown haired man approached her with another glass of bubbly and offered her a seat at his table. Anna and the mystery man walked to the table that was occupied by a woman in a black dress. Nestled in her shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair was a black pillbox hat with a matching lace veil covering her face and a very expensive-looking diamond necklace hanging around her throat. The man introduced himself as Jonathon and his wife as Deborah. Jonathon told Anna that he and his wife were from California and he was the CEO of a Silicon Valley Fortune 500 company. Jonathon further explained that he and Deborah attended this party every year and knew almost everyone but her.

“Are you, by any chance, with the Count Wagner and his entourage?” Jonathon asked his new blonde friend.

“Ja,” she replied. “I am Anna, Lord Wagner and Lady Lehner’s personal assistant.”

“They have made quite a splash since arriving in America.” Jonathon said as he picked up his champagne flute for another sip. “Here’s to their happiness together. And to their, and your, continued safety in these dangerous times.” Jonathon clinked his glass first to Anna’s on his left, then to the tight-lipped Deborah’s on his right. All three sipped the sparkling wine then Deborah finally spoke.

“Anna, would you like to join us in our room for a nightcap?” Deborah asked the Bavarian beauty. “We’re staying right across the street at Bally’s. Please come and be with us for a while.” Deborah held her lacy gloved hand out and caressed Anna’s fingers and hand seductively.

“We really would enjoy you company, my dear,” Jonathon added, “but we understand if your duties to the Count keep you here.”

Anna flashed her devilish grin at the couple. “I am finished serving the Count and the Baronetess for the evening. Shall we go now?”

As the trio made their way across the dance floor to the elevator, Gunther, the head security guard stopped Anna before she could enter the lift.

“Anna,” the sentinel said as he held his hand in front of the busty maid/butler, “you cannot leave the premises without a member of the security detail and none are available to escort you.”

Anna moved her mouth close to Gunther’s ear and whispered, her lips brushing his skin as she spoke, “Gunther, you worry too much. I’ll just be across the street for a couple of hours then back to get meine Herr und meine Dame out of bed in the morning.” The sexy blonde flicked her tongue over the folds of Gunther’s ear and traced her red fingernail down his cheek. “I promise I will make it worth your while this time…” Anna didn’t wait for Gunther’s reply; she took Deborah’s hand, who in turn took Jonathon’s, and led them to the elevator.

Jonathon poked his head out of the elevator door before it closed and spoke to Gunther. “Don’t worry, I have security with me at my suite. She’ll be fine.” Just before the elevator doors came together, Anna blew Gunther a quick kiss and shot him a wink. It would be the last time Gunther saw the blonde bombshell.


January 1st, 8:17am

Luke awoke New Year’s Day to the whupping of a helicopter over his head. It took him a moment to get his bearings. At first, Luke thought he was at the castle and was catching his chopper for an appointment, but then remembered he was in Las Vegas and it was the first day of the new year. He looked up and saw the glass dome over the bed and the helicopter hovering twenty feet over him with a cameraman pointing a telescopic lens at him. Goddamn paparazzi! Luke thought. He looked down and realized he and Sophia were completely naked, a thin silk sheet covering most of their nude bodies. Sophia woke and moved to get out of the transparent enclosure, but Luke grabbed her arm and brought her back to the bed.

“The last thing we want to give them is cheesecake shots.” Luke told Sophia as he reached for the floor. He grabbed his robe off the raised dais and handed it to the Baronetess. “Take this. I’ll wrap myself in the sheet when you’re covered.”

Sophia put the coverup on then ran to the sitting area away from the helicopter and its photographer passenger’s line of sight. Luke tied the sheet around his waist then left the bed and pedestal, but not before escort bursa giving the annoying paparazzo a parting shot: Luke stuck his right hand high in the air and flipped the cameraman the bird.

“Oh, very noble, Sire!” Sophia said, kidding her new fiancé. “What time is it?”

Luke grabbed his cellphone from the kitchen counter and checked the time. “8:18am.” He answered his betrothed. “Hey, where’s Anna? She always wakes us up by 6am.”

As if it heard his question, the smartphone began to ring and displayed Anna’s name. “There she is.” Luke hit the receiver icon and answered the call. “Anna, did you have too much to drink last night?” the young Count kidded his traveling butler. The response he got first was a blood-curdling scream, then a voice he didn’t recognize.

“Good Morning, Count Wagner…” the male voice started. “I trust you and the Baronetess slept well?”

“Who is this?” Luke asked. “Where’s Anna?”

“Oh, she’s safe for now,” the voice responded, “but she won’t be for long if you don’t do exactly as I say, understand?”

“Yeah, I understand.” Luke answered. “What do you want?”

“Twenty-five million, Count.” The voice told Luke. “Twenty-five million dollars by 6pm tonight and you’ll get your little blonde friend back. Don’t even think about calling the police. If we see one cop, she’s toast, get it?”

“Yeah, read you loud and clear, scumbag!” Luke angrily replied. “You’ll get your fucking money, but let me talk to Anna so I know she’s OK.”

Luke heard a shuffling on the other end then a faint, tired female voice.

“…meine Herr…” Anna said hoarsely, as if she’d been gagged the previous night. “Help me, Sire!!” she quickly shouted. “I’m ac…” Anna’s voice turned into a scream and Luke heard the slap of skin on skin then a far-away female voice, “Try that again and I’ll kill you, bitch!”

“Goddamnit, that’s enough!” Luke shouted into the phone. Sophia was clinging to his free arm, desperately trying to hear the other end of the conversation. “I’ll do what you want, just don’t hurt her!”

“Ta-ta for now, Count Wagner,” the male voice returned. “I’ll call you in a little while with the drop-off location. Remember, don’t try anything or the little sexpot gets it.” The connection went dead and Luke brought the slim cellphone to his forehead in exasperation. He turned to Sophia to convey the kidnapper’s demands.

“They have Anna.” Luke told his red-haired fiancé. “They want twenty-five million dollars, or they’ll kill her. Where’s Gunther?!”

“We have to call the police, Luke.” Sophia said to him as the nobleman wrapped his arms around her.

“They’ll kill her if we do, Sophia…” Luke said. He released the Baronetess from his embrace and strode to the front door of the penthouse. “How did they get her?! Damnit, where the hell is Gu…” Luke yelled as he opened the door and stopped mid-sentence. Luke backed away from the door when he saw the dead body that was his chief of security hanging upside down in the doorway leading to the patio. Sophia screamed when she saw Gunther’s dangling carcass and buried her face in Luke’s chest. Luke swiftly closed the door then picked his cellphone back up off the counter. He found his accountant’s personal number and hit send to find out how he could get his hands on twenty-five million dollars in cash by 6pm on New Year’s Day.


January 1st, 2:09 am

Anna crossed the street with Jonathon and Deborah and pushed through the crowd of revelers still whooping it up for New Year’s on the Las Vegas Strip. The famous street was closed to traffic so that the partiers could easily cross to the many casinos and bars without fear of injury or worse from speeding vehicles. The three rooftop partygoers made their way to the Bally’s casino and resort then up the elevator to Jonathon and Deborah’s room. Anna finished her flute of champagne that she brought from the party, then moved toward Jonathon to embrace her handsome new friend. Jonathon stopped the blonde bombshell and redirected her to his wife.

“I think I’d like to have you and Deborah start, if you don’t mind.” Jonathon said as he removed his tuxedo jacket and bowtie. Deborah had taken her hat from her hair and began to pull the zipper down on the back of her dress. The CEO’s wife was a trim, sexy 45-year-old with a California all-over tan and 38 DD silicone implants paid for with Silicon Valley money. Deborah took Anna’s hand and led her to the other side of the room near the bed. She slipped the Austrian blonde’s little black dress over her shoulders and yanked the small covering to the floor revealing Anna’s stunning curves. Deborah gently pushed Anna to the bed and brought the fair-haired beauty’s hands above her head. Anna felt the restraints go around her wrists and grinned slyly. She had been tied up before, but never by a woman. Deborah’s mouth went for Anna’s pink protruding nipples and sucked on one then the other alternatingly. The older American woman traced light kisses down Anna’s taut midsection until she reached her bare mons. Deborah’s hands caressed Anna’s thighs then slithered down past her knees to her feet. The California MILF spread Anna’s ankles apart so that the buxom blonde’s thighs spread wide, showing off her salmon-colored slit. Anna felt the second set of restraints go around her ankles and realized she was completely immobilized.

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