Across the Room Ch. 02


She laughs at my question, “You’re right, it is strange to ask that now.” Then she pushes me against the wall outside the club and her tongue invades my mouth. My hands move to her ass as she grinds her hips into mine. I had an intense orgasm only minutes ago, but I am more than ready for another. My boxers feel uncomfortable pressed against my swollen and wet sex. Low moans in the back of her throat tell me that she needs to come as well.

There is no way we will make it if we try to walk to my place. I really have no interest in being caught fucking on someone’s lawn and I know that is what is going to happen if we do not find a bed soon. It takes a while for my sex-addled brain to come up with a solution to the dilemma. But when I do, I break away from the kiss and mutter one word against her lips, “Taxi.” She nods her head and we quickly flag one down.

The five-minute ride to my house is excruciating. She teases me the entire time, kissing, nibbling, and licking a hot trail across my jaw and down my neck. I can feel her hard nipples pressed against my side. By the time we get there, I am sure I am going to come the second she touches me. I grab her arm and practically drag her out of the cab. While I am unlocking the door, she presses against my back and sucks on my earlobe, whispering, “I can’t wait for you to taste my pussy.” At that thought, I feel my own pussy flood.

Once we are inside, she grabs me and presses her lips to mine. Our tongues rub against each other, eliciting moans from both of us. It is a bruising kiss, one of desperation. My hands run over her back as hers comb through my hair. After several minutes, she pulls away and rests her forehead against mine. I am nearly whining with the loss of her soft lips and duck my head down to capture them again. Grabbing a fistful of hair, she prevents me from reaching my goal and, instead, she murmurs, “Bedroom?”

The question takes a moment to sink in, but once it does I quickly grab her hand and lead her to my bedroom. Briefly, I hope it looks halfway decent. Hoping that I had picked up my dirty clothes and made my bed that morning. But all those thoughts leave me as soon as I turn around to see her taking her shirt off. I am frozen, my clit pulsing along with my rapidly beating heart. She just smiles at me while she reaches around to unhook her bra and step out of her shorts. Moonlight shines brightly through my open blinds, bathing her nude body in its sensual glow. The body that made my mouth water when it was covered nearly makes me pass-out when I see it fully revealed. I slowly take Ataşehir Escort in her gorgeous body, from the sharp lines of her collarbone, to the soft swell of her breasts, to the gentle curve of her hips, and down the lean muscles of her legs.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.”

I do not realize I have spoken aloud until she laughs lightly and steps forward to press her nude body against my fully clothed one. “Thank you. Why don’t you take your clothes off so I can repay the compliment?”

That is definitely not something I need to be asked twice. She steps back and I grab the bottom of my t-shirt, ripping it off over my head. My bra and jeans quickly follow my shirt onto the floor. I feel like a teenager discovering sex for the first time again and I can tell she is amused by my eagerness. However, the promise of sex with this stunning beauty is enough for me to let go of my ego and forget trying to play it cool. I have no problem letting a woman know how badly I want her, how much she makes me ache with desire. I may lose some butch points, but I can tell my excitement is stirring her own passion.

When I go to pull down my boxers, her hand on mine stops me. “No. Let me.” She is standing close enough that her nipples brush lightly against my own chest. It makes me shiver and I can see her eyes darkening with pleasure. I nod my head and she smiles. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of my underwear, she slowly pulls them down my legs. Her fingertips feel like electricity dancing across my skin. Once she is finished, she stands up again and steps back to look me over. I allow her to return the frank perusal I had given her body only moments ago. The hungry look in her eyes banishes any self-consciousness I might have. The warm, earthy scent of my arousal reaches me and a slight twitch of her nose lets me know she smells it too.

“I was right. I definitely can repay the compliment. You’re just as sexy as I thought you would be.”

“Thanks, but, just so you know, you’re allowed to look and touch.” My comment is intended to be playfully seductive, but as she moves towards me, I am sure that I am not the one doing the seducing. She looks like a jungle cat advancing on its prey. The only difference is that this prey is willing. Very, very willing. When she is in front of me, she reaches down and firmly cups my center with her hand. I very nearly embarrass myself by coming as soon as she touches me. My legs shake and the blood pounds between my legs. I know she must feel my clit pulsing erratically against her palm Ataşehir Escort Bayan and my juices have surely coated her.

“Hmmm, look and touch? Lucky me.” She then leans forward and bites my lower lip while she rhythmically squeezes with the hand covering my sex. I breathe a groan against her lips and I can feel them turn upwards in a smirk of supreme satisfaction. I grind against her hand for a few moments; I am so close to coming. I can feel my whole body tensing and the first wisps of pleasure float in my belly. But I have other plans. I reach down and grab her wrist, moving her hand away from my throbbing clit. She looks at me in confusion, her eyes clouded with lust and her lips swollen from our kissing.

“What’re you doing? I can feel how close you are. Your pussy is so hot your come is dripping into my hand. Let me finish.”

Her words alone nearly finish the job her hand started, but I am determined. “No. I don’t want to come until I have your taste on my lips.”

At those words, she shudders and then uses my hair to yank my head back, exposing my throat. Her hot mouth glides over my neck, making me groan and thrust my hips against her. Lips pressed against me, she whispers, “Then taste me.”

With that, I am thrown into action. I reach down and grab her ass, lifting her up as I move towards the bed. She wraps her legs around me and the sensation makes me growl. I can feel the heat of her sex where it is pressed against my stomach. She is so wet that her come is dripping down my body. I ease her onto the bed until her back is against the headboard and then move my body over her. I let my weight press into her and moan into her shoulder at the feeling. Her skin is velvety soft and flushed with her arousal. Her heels dig into my ass as she tries to get me to press harder against her aching center.

I reach back and unhook her heels so I can move down her body. I stop only briefly to admire her lovely breasts with their hard, red tips. My tongue teases them and I nibble at the tender skin, making her writhe against me. I move farther down her body and lift her legs over my shoulders. I run my tongue along the inside of her thighs, tasting the juices that had trickled onto them. Her heels lock around me once more, this time behind my head, and she pulls my face into her. I am more than happy to give in to her unspoken request and I let my tongue play across her folds. Her moans of ecstasy and thrusting hips let me know she is getting closer to coming.

I wrap my arms around her legs. One hand I Escort Ataşehir use to hold her still and the other I use to pull the hood back from her clit. It is bright red, swollen, and throbbing as though it may burst. When I circle it with my tongue, I can feel it pulsing in time to her frantically beating heart. She reaches her hands up and desperately grabs onto the headboard. Her head is down and she locks eyes with me while my tongue is buried in her pussy. Seeing her face at the height of arousal sends shivers through my body and makes me moan loudly into her. The vibrations from my throat are what finally send her over the edge. Her back arches up from the bed and she lets loose one of those deliciously sexy moans that lets me know I have done well.

I rest my head on her thigh and lightly stroke her leg with the tip of my fingers while she relaxes from her orgasm. I am still hungry for more and, after she rests for a few minutes, I start kissing a path up the inside of her thighs. She stops me with a firm hand against the back of my neck.

“Oh, no you don’t. It’s your turn.”

“Let me just make you come one more time and then you can have me. I love the way you taste, it’s addicting.”

“Tell me you’re not ready to burst?”

Her comment makes me aware of the beating pressure between my own legs. She is right, I am ready to burst. But I am not about to give up my place between her legs, no matter how badly I need to come. Seeing no answer to the problem, I take a long swipe with my tongue in a bid to distract her.

She murmurs, her voice hoarse with arousal, “Turn around.”

Oh, I guess there is a solution. I quickly flip my body around so my pussy is hovering above her face and I can still reach hers. She quickly grabs my hips and pulls me against her mouth. Her tongue teases, avoiding the spot where I need her most. Groaning in frustration, I move my head down to repay the favor. She still tastes heavenly to me and I greedily lap at her ample juices. However, this time, I am distracted from my pleasurable task when she suddenly sucks my clit into her mouth. Knowing how close I am and determined to take her with me when I come, I thrust two fingers deep inside her as I flick my tongue over her exposed clit. She cries out against me as she orgasms and her shouts drive me to my own climax.

I manage to roll off her and move around until my head rests on the pillow next to hers. The smell of sex permeates the room and the only sound is our labored breathing. I feel her roll over onto her side as her arm drapes across my stomach and a hand cradles my breast. She teases the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. My eyes close at the delectable feeling and I know I will be ready for another round very soon.

Her tongue moves around the outside of my ear and I feel her breath wash over me as she whispers, “Do you have any toys?”

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