A Night With A Surprise


Thank you to LustyMadame for all your editing help.

Me and Beth had been co-workers for 3 years, but never really spoke to each other until recently. We were both put on reception duties at the busy health centre. Working close together everyday meant we got to know each other a lot more, and I realised that Beth was really nice to get along with and wondered why we hadn’t gotten to know each other sooner.

Beth was like me; she had a husband and two children, similar taste in music, films and shared some of the same beliefs. We also both loved to have a good joke and laugh. As the weeks went by, we became really good friends and started hanging out with each other after work; meeting up for drinks and hitting the clubs or just going to each others home to hang out. We always seemed to enjoy each others company.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Kate, I’m 5’3, I have blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes, my skin is very pale , I’m of slim build but curvy where needed and my breasts are a 34D and perfectly round.

Beth on the other hand is a lot taller than me, but also has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a lot slimmer than me; her breasts look smaller than mine but very perky.

Even though I am bisexual and thought Beth was pretty, I never liked Beth that way. We were just great friends, Well, that’s what I thought anyway.

It was the 1st of August and I had invited Beth to my house for a few drinks, as both my partner and children where away. I made my speciality sangria with red wine and vodka and fresh fruit; it tastes deliciously fruity but does tend to get you very drunk.

Beth arrived around 9pm; a little later than expected but we would still have time for a few drinks and a good chat. The drinks flowed a lot quicker than I thought and was feeling the buzz as we chatted about all different things: men, work, sex. It was then Beth told me she to was also bisexual. I am an open-minded person so I wasn’t shocked when she told me this.

The topic of fancy dress came up and Beth said she loves fancy dress and has a lot of outfits a few she has made herself. I told her I had a sexy gangster’s outfit which consists of a short black and red pin stripe dress, a black hat with Bostancı Escort a red ribbon and a red tie and garter. Beth asked if she could try it on and I said yes for laugh.

We were both laughing as she put it on and I took some pictures as she posed. I thought she looked great in it and noticed what an amazing figure she had. She looked sexy in it and I couldn’t stop staring. I snapped myself out of it this daze that I was in, and went to pour more drinks whilst thinking to myself, what has got into me? She is my friend and I think she is sexy!! But I couldn’t get the image of her in that outfit out of my head, the way her long sexy legs looked and the tie just sitting on the top of her cleavage, I could feel myself getting wet.

I passed Beth her drink and we both sat on the floor. We were just chatting about nothing in particular when she kissed me, not firmly but gentle and soft.

“I fancy you, can we go upstairs”, said Beth

I was in shock and had butterflies in my stomach I don’t know why as I have never cheated on my husband, but I couldn’t control myself and got up and led the way.

I sat on the bed nervous thinking what was I doing, but before I could do anything she kissed me again this time with more urgency. Her lips were so soft, her hot breath on my mouth our tongues battled for dominance, she gently bit my lower lip and I let out a small moan I was on fire I couldn’t get enough of her and kissed her back with the same urgency, and I knew I wanted her. I wanted her right now.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.

“Yes you are so fucking hot”

Beth kissed all over my face, nibbled on my ear, and kissed down my neck. My whole body tingled. I was so turned on; I could feel my pussy juice leaking out of me.

She took off my top and bra, but stayed in the gangster outfit. She looked at my breasts with lusts filled eyes; she wanted this as much as I did. She kissed her way to my breasts, rolling her tongue over my skin, sending shivers through me, and she placed her mouth over my nipple and started to suck and flick her tongue over it. The feeling was amazing. I was squirming all over the bed; I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“We shouldn’t Bostancı Escort Bayan be doing this” I said in a low groan.

“Shhh Kate just relax”

Beth’s kisses started to move lower, kissing all down my belly. I was lost in the feeling of her touch on my skin. Beth removed my jeans and thong, which were soaked with my juice, to reveal my smooth, swollen-with-need pussy.

Without hesitation Beth started to eat my pussy, sliding her tongue up and down and in and out, licking every inch of me. I wanted to cum so bad I begged for her to put her fingers inside me, which she did. The feeling had me trembling as she pumped two fingers in and out of me. I grabbed her hair as I started to grind my pussy into her face, my climax building inside me. Beth added another finger and started to suck hard on my clit I couldn’t take much more and cried out

“Ahhhhh fuck, don’t stop” I came within seconds, cumming hard on her face.

Before I could recover Beth removed her lace knickers and asked me to get out my double ended vibrating strap on. This was something I told her about in my drunken state. She put it on; as she connected the straps I helped with the controls.

We were both laughing because she looked funny wearing it. She put the vibrations on high and told me to bend over as she was going to give me the best fucking of my life. Beth put the head of the strap on, on my clit, teasing me once more; she then suddenly thrust into my soaking wet pussy with deep long thrusts. I felt so full with the cock inside me, the feeling immense.

As she was fucking me harder and deeper, her breathing was getting faster as the smaller end teased her. She pounded the cock into my pussy, my juices leaking out, and I could feel another orgasm building – this one much bigger.

“Fuck Beth, I’m gonna cum again” I cried out

“Oh god Kate, me too”

She screamed as she fucked me faster. This was enough to tip me over the edge and I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life, we both rode the waves of our orgasms until it slowly subsided.

Beth removed the strap on and kissed me. Our bodies both covered in sweat, our chests heaving, our breathing tried to resume to normal.

“That Escort Bostancı was amazing”, I said to her,

“but now it’s your turn I need to taste you”.

I kissed and sucked on her tongue as she moaned into my mouth. Our kiss was intoxicating; I bit her lip, causing her to cry out. I kissed down her neck and she smelt so good. I unbuttoned the dress and took off her bra. She was fully naked and she looked so beautiful; her breasts firm and round, her nipples hard and pink. I kissed her nipples and sucked on them, gently biting and rolling my tongue around them. Her hard nipples felt so good in my mouth as I continued to tease. Beth moaned, her hands in my hair.

I kissed down her soft belly and flicked my tongue around her belly button, working my way closer to her pussy. My hand gently stroked her clit. Her pussy was smooth and wet from her earlier cum. Beth’s moans were getting louder and I couldn’t wait any longer to taste her, my excitement building at the thought of it. I looked at her pussy and I could see her clit poking out from behind its hood, I sucked it into my mouth, her hips bucked from the touch, and she tasted heavenly. I licked every inch of her pussy sticking my tongue into her hole.

I inserted two fingers in, which caused her to cry out, and pumped them in and out as I lapped at her pussy. Her moans got louder as I forced my face deeper into her pussy, eating her into ecstasy. She clamped her thighs around my head, her hips bucking, and shouted

“Yes, yes, I’m cumming Kate don’t stop”,

so I sucked on her clit and she squirted hot cum all-over my face and down my throat. I lapped up every bit and gave her pussy little kisses as she came down from her orgasm.

As she lay there, glowing, I grabbed the dildo and thrust it into her soaking pussy. Her breathing became fast, her moans getting louder. I fucked her till she screamed

“Oh god Kate harder, I’m cumming!”

I picked up the pace and rammed it hard and fast, and her cum squirted out the sides of the cock. It was such a turn on to watch her cum. I removed the dildo and I climbed up to find her fast asleep, I woke her up

“Do you want me to call a taxi” I asked.

“Yes please,” Beth said.

I waved her off as the taxi drove away. I knew what happened was most probably a drunken mistake, but it was fun. But we both had partners. I decided I would talk to her the next morning, but the next day she said she had no recollection of the night, so I just said we had a fab night and left it at that.

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