A Little Shopping Trip


OK, so let’s see, let’s go shopping. Would you like that?

I take you by the hand as we stroll through a nice big mall, lovely shops to look in with lovely fashions on display. You are in your lovely striped dress that hugs your shape so nicely.

Let me know if anything catches your eye, any shop you want to go into we can do that.

We stroll around the mall looking in at window displays until you see a boutique that you want to go into.

There is lovely red top that took your eye that you want to try on, so we make our way to the change rooms. The shop is not very busy, there are one or two couples shopping in the store. We find that the change rooms are the type where they are a simple stall with a curtain drawn across the front, there are three stalls to change in.

You go into the stall on the left with the top to try on and I notice that the middle stall is already occupied I assume by a woman, as there is a guy standing there waiting. He looks like a third wheel, there is no way he wants to be here shopping.

I see your hands go up, over the top of the curtain and your dress seemingly raises itself off your arms and hands.

After a minute you call to me that you need a smaller size as the top is a little big on you, I ask if I can look. “Sure.” you reply.

I open the curtain just a few inches and poke my head in to see you standing there just in your panties and the nice red top, but you are right it is a little big on you.

“Come here” I say, “turn around and look in the mirror.” As I reach in and snug the top at the back so you can see what one in a smaller size might look like. “Do you want me to grab one in a smaller size for you?”

I look past you in the mirror as you try to decide and I can see past me to see the guy waiting for the woman in the next stall has moved over and is trying to pretend that he is looking at clothes on the rack but I can tell that from his position and the way his eyes are darting about he is surreptitiously looking at your legs and your butt in your panties through the gap I have made in the curtain.

Well, it looks like you have an audience. I cannot say I blame him, I like everything I see so no doubt he will too.

“So what do you think sweetie? Do you want me to get you one off the rack in a smaller size?”

“Sure”, you say.

“Ok, take that one off and I will grab you another one.”

I close the curtain over but I make sure I leave just an inch open, in the hope that the random guy gets a little look through the gap at you taking off the top.

I make sure I do not make any eye contact with him and I purposely go in the opposite direction to where he is to go to the racks to get you another top. I position myself in such a way that I can see him still pretending to be looking at clothing as I rummage through the rack trying to find your size. He appears to be looking at the clothing rack but I can tell from where he is standing he will have a view of you through the small gap I have left in the curtain.

He is doing a good job of pretending to be looking at clothes, but I can tell, you have his undivided attention.

I make my way back to you with the top in a smaller size and I can just make out that you have taken off the top waiting for me there in just your bra and panties. No wonder random kuşadası escort guy was having himself a good old look.

I open the curtain slightly more than last time to hand you the top and then close it over fully to allow you to slip on the top. Then his partner calls for him to give his opinion on the outfit that she has been trying on. He pinches the curtain and makes a hole for his face so that he can look in without showing anything of his partner to the outside world. So he is very aware of how revealing these curtains can be.

I slip my head and chest into your stall and whisper in your ear, “did you know, you have an audience watching you?”

You look at me very surprised and a little embarrassed. “Don’t worry.” I say and I move forward to kiss you, at the same time I slip my thumbs into the hem of your knickers and slide them down over your hips, then thighs and knees to slip them off your ankles. I bend and pick up your panties and slip them in my pocket.

I back out of your stall, making sure I leave a little more of a gap so our new friend can check out your now naked butt and bush. I wander around the shop like the bored hubby, making sure I keep an eye out to see when the lucky guy notices that you are now naked from the waist down.

His partner lets him go and I notice, he immediately positions himself again to get a look at you through the gap in the curtain. I can see he is not even bothering to pretend to look at clothes anymore, it seems something in your change room stall has his full attention.

I roam around the shop for a bit to give our friend a good chance to have a good look at you. Eventually, I make my way back to you and open the curtain to ask if you like the top. Yep we will get this one. Ok, slip it off then. It is over your head and off and as you turn to hand to me the one that did not fit. I can see in the mirror behind you that our friend is checking out your tits in your bra and your lovely pussy. I make a token effort to close the curtain to let you slip back into your dress.

You throw open the curtain and walk past our guy as you make your way to the counter to pay for your top, he looks everywhere but at you until you pass him, then he cannot take his eyes from your butt. I knew that dress would look even better on you without any panties underneath, it seems he agrees.

I make my way to catch up with you at the counter as the shop assistant wraps and bags your new top, as I pass our friend it seems his attentions has been drawn by a selection of clothing on the racks. I take your panties from my pocket and drop then onto the rack that seems to have his attention.

His shocked face turns to mine and his mouth hangs open as I smile as I walk past him to meet up with you at the counter then as we make our way out of the store I see that his partner opens her curtain and busts him staring at your panties crumpled on the clothing rack. That should take some explaining.

We both burst out laughing as soon as we get out of the shop, I grab you by the waste and draw you into me as we walk further up the mall. As we stroll, I let my hand caress your waist, hip and every now and then it strays down the material of your dress over your arse.

Fuck you are gorgeous, I love the feel of your waist, hips and butt.

Ok, so where to now sweet? What other mischief can we get into before they call security on us and throw us out of the mall, or even worse, call the cops.

There is a high-end department store in this mall, let us have a look in there. We wander around the department store, with you picking up some outfits to try on. A couple of dresses and a skirt and jacket.

Let see where you can try these on, we make our way to the change rooms. In this store the change rooms are guarded by a staff member who takes note of how many items you take into the change room, she gives you a tag for the four items you have and we both make our way through to the change stall. This store the change room is the wooden box variety but like a lot of high end stores there is a little padded bench seat where I can sit in the stall with you as you try on your outfits.

As soon as we get into the stall, you hang up the outfits then immediately lift your dress up over your head so you are naked except your bra and I move you to me and you grab at my trousers and undo my belt and zip. My pants fall to my ankles and you push down my boxers as well to release my hard cock.

You push me backward and I sit back on the little seat and you move to me and throw you leg over mine to straddle me on the seat.

You look deep into my eyes as you slide your hips forward so that the lips of your pussy slide along the hard shaft of my cock. We kiss as you rock your hips back and forth sliding yourself along the length of my prick.

I let my hands run over your hips and around your waist to grab your butt. I press my hands into your butt cheeks so that I can press your pussy harder against my cock.

I kiss your mouth, your face, your neck, your shoulders and the top of your breasts as we continue to grind into each other. A woman’s shoulders are so very under rated, I have always found the view of bare shoulders very erotic. I slide one hand up your back and unclip your bra and let the straps move off your shoulders so that you are completely naked in my lap.

I can feel your clit hardening against my cock as you continue to slide your pussy lips up and down the length of my shaft.

I let my mouth encircle your nipple. As I take it in my mouth and press my tongue into your breast and nipple. You work your hips further up my cock so that the tip of my prick is at the opening to your lovely pussy. You push your hips in such a way that my cock only just enters your lovely wet pussy. Just the tip.

I sigh as I feel my cock enter you’re your sweet pussy but you are in full control and you pull your hips slightly away to stop me from thrusting deeply into you.

I hungrily devour both of your nipples, alternating between the two. I love the taste of you.

I grab your butt cheeks and pull you close but you hold me off as you let just the entrance of your pussy grasp the knob of my cock. You are driving me crazy I want to fuck into you so much. I want to fuck you so deeply but you’re a teasing me like you did to our new friend in the first shop.

It is obvious that you are so enjoying teasing me.

“Are you punishing me for showing you off to the guy in the other store? ” I ask.

You throw your head back and just laugh at me so I know you are making me suffer. You pull away again and my cock slides out of you and you again run your pussy lips down the length of my cock. I can feel your clit is massive now so you are certainly enjoying being in control.

You slide your body up mine again so that my cock lines up with your pussy and this time you put me out of my misery as you push your hips to mine so that I can fill you completely.

I sigh again, this time you do too. We will have to be careful, these change room walls are paper thin it will not take too much noise for everyone to know what we are up to in here. Security, or the cops are not that far away of we get busted.

I love when we are joined like this together, I feel alive and at home, safe, secure, content all at the same time.

You are still in full control and you are setting a lovely gentle pace even though I want to bang you silly. It is wonderful to let you set the pace.

Your pace slowly increases and the noises you make start to get louder and louder.

You grasp my shoulders and then extend your arms so that your body is away from mine so I can see your breasts bounce in time with your thrusts of your hips. I let one hand seek out one of your nipples and with my other I find your clit between us and massage it as we continue to fuck.

That gets an immediate response, your tempo and noise both escalate.

Knock, knock, knock. “is everything ok in there? ” a voice at the cubicle doors enquires.

“Fuck” I mumble as we both look at each other and giggle lightly. You are the first to react properly.

“Yes, all good thank you ” you reply in your most normal voice. Which is fantastic to watch you perched on my cock trying to act normal in your voice.

“Ok, let me know if you need a hand with anything.” comes the voice.

We both look at each other frozen together as we listen to see if they are still at the door. Once we are sure they have gone we resume our screwing. Slowly at first but we both now know that we need to get this over with before we fully get busted.

You move your body back into mine and grasp me around the chest, my hands work their way under your butt to support you as the thrusts of your hips increase. You start to make those lovely noises again. You bury your head in my chest to try to quieten yourself.

I press my hands into your butt and time my hip movements with yours to slide the full length of my cock in and out of your sweet wetness.

I feel your orgasm pulse through your body, and you cry out slightly in your ecstasy. Your fingers dig into my chest as you cum.

I keep thrusting as my orgasm nears. I cum in you and I wrap my arms around you and hold you close as we both catch our breath.

You raise your head and look into my eyes and we both giggle like school kids. You hop up and pop on your bra and grab your dress and throw it over your head. And try to straighten yourself up.

I get myself sorted as well,” do you still want to try those on?” I ask

“I think we better get out of here, don’t you think?” You reply.

“Yeah, probably a good idea.” I say.

I take your hand as we walk out of the change rooms and the look that the door woman gives us as we hand back, all of the outfits that have obviously never been off the hanger. I do not know if we will be allowed back to this store ever again.

Lets stroll about and I will see if I can catch the eye of our new friend, if we find him still in the mall. You could ask for your panties back.

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