“Where Are You Now?”


“Where Are You Now?”

When I was in my mid 30’s I was hired to manage a large grocery store that sat on the edge of a high crime district. Shoplifting was a major problem at the store and after a shoplifter was caught I had complete discretion in what to do with that person. I found out the first day on the job that if a shoplifter told you they were on probation or parole they would do just about anything not to be arrested again. What happened was that an attractive female who was caught stealing my first day was in this situation. She offered to have sex with me if I would not call the police and I took her up on it! After that I began to hint about this possibility with other female shoplifters that I was sexually attracted to if they were in this same situation. Every single one of them took me up on the offer!

This one particular time happened when a woman was caught trying to steal a 2 liter bottle of Vodka. When I walked into the office I was surprised to find one of the women who had agreed to one of my trades about 4 to 5 years earlier. With her was a young girl that I assumed was her daughter. When she was caught the first time she was very attractive, now she looked terrible. Her body and face looked like she had been abusing hard drugs for a long time. The daughter had a blank stare on her face that made me wonder if she was also using drugs. The daughter was skinny with long blond hair and pale skin. Even with the blank stare and worn, dirty clothes she was still probably one of the cutest kids I’d ever seen.

As soon as the woman saw me she started talking about doing another trade. I told the woman that I had no interest in trading sex with her again and she kept pressuring me into telling her why not. I don’t know why I was concerned about her feelings; I should have told her that her appearance was revolting. But so as to not to hurt her feelings I came up with an excuse over Sex hikayeleri which she had no control; her age. I just told her that she was getting too old now for my sexual enjoyment.

I thought the matter was over until she grabbed the arm of her young daughter who was sitting down and dragged the girl over to me. She said if she was too old then I could have her daughter instead! I looked at the woman in complete amazement. I couldn’t believe what she was implying. But the mother left no doubt about what she was saying when she said that even though the girl was only ‘leven’ she had been ‘fuckin’ since she was nine. The mother then told the girl ‘let him do whatever he wants’, grabbed the bottle of Vodka, and just walked out the room!

I stood there in shock. For what seemed like a long time and the girl and I just stared at each other. The girl looked bored but I was racked with emotions. I couldn’t believe that a mother had just traded her eleven year old daughter off to a grown man for sexual purposes. And while I never would have believed that I would have considered sex with a girl that young, I realized I was standing there with a full erection. I was thinking about what it would feel and look like to slide my cock in and out of that cute, skinny, pale little girl! But I wasn’t sure I wanted to cross that line or even if the girl would agree to it if I did want to.

But when the girl looked around the room and nonchalantly asked ‘you go’na fuck me here or take me someplace else’ that made up my mind for me. I was going to do her, I was going to bang this little kid! When I told her I was taking her to my house all she said was ‘whatever’. After we got into my house she calmly walked into the bedroom and began undressing. I knew she was only a kid but I was still shocked at how smaller and immature she looked when she was nude. She looked so fragile with her thin arms and legs that Sikiş hikayeleri looked like toothpicks sticking out of a pencil. She was completely flat chested with no tit development what so ever, I could have been looking at the chest of a young boy. I looked between her legs and could not see any hair of any kind.

As she laid back on the bed she asked if I had some ‘lube’ so I reached into a drawer and handed it to her. In amazement I watched as this young girl began rubbing the lube between her legs with experience that only comes from doing this many times before. And then, as if I already was not in shock, she began to rub the lube into her asshole! I had been thinking I might not be able to get my thick cock into her cunt much alone into her asshole. Doing her in the ass had never crossed my mind.

Since she was so young and small at first I planned on being gentle with her. But as I crawled between those legs I remembered why the mother gave the girl to me. The girl was given to me to be used and abused so that’s just what I did. I fucked that kid as hard and fast as I could while lying between those thin white legs. After I had an orgasm I took about a 20 minute rest, put on a new condom and told the girl to turn over. As I pulled her to the edge of the bed she never asked what I was going to do to her and I wasn’t sure at that point myself. But she reached between her legs and began spreading some of her juices over and into her rectum. Then she raised her hips, grabbed her ass and pulled those tiny butt cheeks apart. My cock was right in line with that little puckered ass hole and I decided to go for it! As easy as my cock slid into that little opening I knew many other cocks had been in there before mine! In a way I kind of felt like a spectator, being unable to fathom the idea of what I was actually happening. Here I was, holding the hips of a skinny eleven year old girl, while sliding Porno Hikayeleri my thick cock in and out of her tight little ass! The view and feeling was unbelievable! As I fucked that ass in nice, long, slow stokes she was started making an immature, grunting type of noise that sexually excited me even more. When I was ready for another orgasm I pushed into her as deep as I could and just held it there as I filled another condom with my cum.

We rested for a while and I told her we should clean up so we took a shower together. Afterwards I led her to a different bed that had fresh sheets on it. We both fell asleep and when I awoke the next morning she was lying across me using my shoulder as a pillow. I laid there thinking about what I wanted to do to her before I took her home. So I woke her up and told her to suck me off. She didn’t say a word, she just put her mouth over my cock and began to suck. Based on how she was using her mouth and hands it was obvious she had done this many times before. When I ready to cum I rolled her over onto her back, straddled her chest, and jacked off into her open mouth. She swallowed that load without thought or hesitation.

I took her back to where she lived and as she got out of the car I slipped her one hundred dollars in twenties. I told her that for her alone; not to tell her mother about it. I also told her I would pay her if she ever wanted to do it again. Over the next two months she came back three more times and it seemed to me that we were becoming friends. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. I didn’t see her for about a year and then one day she showed up at the store. She didn’t want money or sex, she just wanted to say hello. I took her to lunch and we talked for hours. After that I never saw or heard from her again.

If you are this girl I wanted you to know I’ve thought of you often wondering what ever happened to you. I now manage a large retail chain store on the other side of the town and I look pretty much the same. If you still live in the area or ever get back to the area stop by for a visit, I’d like to hear the story.

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