The Very Best Ever


You stand, alone, in front of the mirror; naked to the world except for the sheer material which makes up your flimsy bra and panties. You admire the frame of flesh you see in the mirror. You slowly caress your cheeks and slide your fingers gently down your neck and to your breasts.
You are reminiscing; taking a trip down memory lane. You remember the last time you felt this excitement. In fact, you remember it vividly. You were with a lover who understood you more than you thought possible. You remember the gentleness of his touch and you breathe heavier. You remember the aroma of his body; the size and stiffness of his manhood and you feel the unmistakable tingling building within your loins. You are becoming more aroused. You regain your composure only to see you have slipped your hand inside the waist of your panties and have inserted two fingers inside your pussy.
The moistness you feel on your fingers and the heat and tightness drives you to inhale very deeply and release a lustful sigh. His face appears in your head and you can hold back no longer. You eagerly retreat to your bedroom, where you have the comfort of your bed and the easy access to your toys. Once there, you turn down the lights and put some slow music on the radio. Your breathing is, once again, deep and lustful. Your anticipation is mounting.
You pull down the comforter and position your pillows. Your panties are becoming more and more soaked. You open the top drawer of your night stand and peruse the choice of toys you have accumulated over the years. You select 3 of your favorites and then dim the lights. Your ambitions Sex hikayeleri are getting the better of you and you stop to compose yourself. There is an unexpected familiarity to all of this. Your eyes are glistening in the dim light and your forehead has beads of lustful sweat. You lie down on the bed and make yourself comfortable. You imagine the feel of your long-ago lover’s touch; his caresses; the way he kissed your flesh. He was able to stir the juices within you unlike any man you have ever been with. Your fingers begin to roam. You caress your nipples and gently rub your fingers across the slit of your pussy. You toy with your clit. You pinch your nipples and nibble them. Your juices begin to flow freely from your pussy. You sense you are being watched and this turns you on immensely. You decide to give a show to whoever might be watching you, although you know there is no one there but you. The exhibitionist in you is rushing forth. You unsnap your bra and slide it provocatively over your shoulders. You slip your fingers under the waist band of your panties and slide them slowly down your thighs and off your legs and discard them to the side of the bed in a heap with your bra.
You sit up abruptly on the bed and decide to make this fantasy as realistic as is humanly possible. Your pussy begins to drip and your loins are on fire. You reposition your pillows to mimic a man lying in the middle of your bed. You place two of your pillows end to end in the middle of the bed and place a rather large, purplish dildo between the two. You sit on your knees, straddling the pillows and Sikiş hikayeleri facing the head board, and begin to play with you breasts and pussy. You slide a small, silver vibrating egg over your clit and part just the lips of your pussy with it; holding it snuggly against your clit until you feel your imminent release mounting. You are horny like never before.
You play with yourself lustfully and lose yourself in the moment. As the feelings begin to build you close your eyes and “feel your breasts being held from behind by the man you have been imagining is watching you”. You feel as though he is behind you and rubbing your tits aggressively so you caress your tits with fervent roughness. You feel as if he were reaching down from your side to caress that which he desires. You reach down with your hand and fiddle with your clit while massaging your breasts with the other. The sensations wash over you like waves crashing on the beach. You decide you will be the dominant one this night and you position yourself over your mystery man. While snugly pressing the vibrating egg between your outer lips and firmly against your clit, you slide down over the plastic phallus you strategically placed on the bed to represent your partner. You part your lips with just the tip and hold there. Motionless, you caress your nipples and clit and feel your pussy muscles twitching around the head of the dildo.
Without warning and with the same lustful passion as your lover would use, you forcefully thrust your hips toward the bed and impale your pussy to the hilt on this make-shift man of your dreams. Your Erotik hikaye juices are lubricating the length of the plastic cock so well that you are able to rise up and down on it without having to hold it; all the while, continuing to play with your clit and nipples. The sensations are overwhelming. The desire to climax is becoming unbearable. You start to ride this cock feverishly. You are moaning aloud and biting your lip. You increase the pace and depth of penetration. You are fucking this “man” harder and deeper and faster. You place both of your hands on the top pillow and lean forward. Your pace increases. Your orgasm is building. You continue to fuck harder and deeper. You feel your muscles squeezing the plastic lover harder and tighter. You are unable to continue this without release. You feel your orgasm beginning to overwhelm you and you slam yourself down on the cock and hold it buried to the hilt inside you! You are twitching in the throws of the mother of all orgasms and your breathing is intense. You whine and whence and whimper and grit your teeth as you moan aloud as the passion over takes your senses.
Suddenly, without warning, you are painfully aware you were NOT alone. As your senses return and you regain your composure, you notice in the mirror above the head board of your bed, that there is a tall figure in the shadows of your room. You turn and look over your shoulder to find yourself face to face with the very man you were fantasizing about. He moves to the edge of the bed and grasps your face in each of his hands, looks deeply into your eyes, and, without uttering a word, slides one hand behind your head, grasps your hair and pulls your face to his as he kisses you passionately on the mouth. His tongue meshes with yours and…………………………………………………

*******To Be Continued*******

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