Training Day


The company I work at specializes in managing databases for real estate brokerages. Brokerages and their offices can manage their listings, photos, billing, etc by acquiring our system. My job is training our new clients how to use everything and managing the client once everything is up and running. We’ve been growing over the past couple of years, all across the country so I’ve been flying and doing lots of on-site work.

Recently we acquired a new client in New Jersey and I’d been talking to the various offices I needed to train. In early November I flew out to New Jersey from our base in Chicago to train the half dozen offices who’d be using everything. The week went OK. One good thing about this job is real estate office’s staff are virtually all women. I’m a pretty good-looking guy, so I’m told. At 35 I’m told I look about 28, (27 and a half in the right light). I’m tall at 6’1 and I exercise and diet well so my weight is a trim and toned 190. I get a share of flirting and I respond. It helps the sessions move along.

After a week in a hotel, cable TV, the pool and some aimless driving around the area I was ready to go home. My last office on Friday was pretty out of the way. I had to drive two hours to get there from the hotel, so I checked out and would have to split the office by 2 at least to make my 6 pm flight. Worse, it was already raining and cold when I left. I slammed a Red Bull and danish on the drive and turned up the music. Only a few more hours.

I arrived to meet the office manager, Carmella, and her office administrator, Teresa. It was more of a jolt pick-up than the sugar, caffeine and taurine I just had. First off, I’ve always had a thing for big women and these two were right out of my favorite BBW magazines or pornos. Carmella was in her early 40s, an easy 5’11 with probably a 40DD chest not obscured by her blouse and grey suit jacket. A high, big round ass and thick but shapely, muscular legs showing under her shorter grey skirt. Her long curly brown hair had highlights of blonde (Sarah Jessica Parker style). He voice was husky but smooth as velvet, a touch smoky. Her hand’s touch on mine was warm and electric when she greeted me. I had to swallow before I spoke.


“You have got to be Eric,” she said. “Very nice to meet you.” Her had slid across my back as she led me into her office. Inside I was greeted by the second punch of the combination. Teresa stood to greet me and shake my hand. She was about 30, pure honey blonde, about 5’8. Her loose red sweater V dipped to generous 38D cleavage. Tight jeans wrapping her wide bottom and thick legs. Perfect hourglass with sweet green eyes and sparking smile. Her long red nails matched her sweater. Carmella introduced us.

“So you’re here to show us the ropes, huh?

“It’s an easy system, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time.”

Teresa’s smile flared. “I hope so.”

We got down to business after coffee and small talk about my stay. When I mentioned my situation a crease went over Carmella’s brow.

“Really? This weather is supposed to get really nasty.”

“We’ll we better get started then.”

Teresa and I were working close at the computer with Carmella hovering behind us or at either side, asking questions, touching my shoulder or arm, lips close to my ear. Her perfume had my cock half hard. I had to scoot several times to adjust. An hour into it Teresa’s leg kept touching mine. I would move and she would move. Finally I kept it there. So much for HALF hard.

Before we knew it it was noon and we all slid back bug-eyed from the computer screen. Teresa looked out to notice the rain had turned to heavy freezing rain and slush. A real ice storm was brewing.

“Wow, Eric. You might want to call the airport and check on your flight.”

I checked on line and my flight was cancelled. Chicago was getting it even worse than New Jersey. Carmella and Teresa let me have the office. I got on the phone and tried to book another flight. Even if I had to fly to LA to get there I wanted to go home TODAY. 30 minutes and no dice. Nothing was going into O’Hare and not much was going out of Newark. And that window was closing by the minute. I hung up, frustrated.

“I am totally fucked,” I said to myself.

“Totally fucked? That sounds serious,” Carmella said, walking in. Teresa behind Escort Çankaya her.

Half hard.

I sat down. “We’ll that’s rhetorical but I’m not leaving the state tonight. Nothing’s flying out and the hotel – The hotel I already checked out of – is two hours away.”

Carmella stepped over. That warm hand touching my cheek. “Oh, you poor thing. We’re not going to let you whither and die here. We need you.”

“I’m gonna need a LOT of attention before I can do this myself,” Teresa said.

Carmella took charge. “Here’s what we’re going to do. We are closing here in about an hour because of the weather. Teresa and I will take you out for some dinner and then we’ll find you someplace to stay tonight. OK?”

Soon my smile was back and I relaxed. I already was spinning fantasies about these two and couldn’t wait to get into a motel room someplace and jack off twice for both of them. After Carmella scooted any stragglers from the office she locked up and the three of us drove to a great Italian place. We started with wine, had more through the appetizers and main course and then some more as the meal wound down.

It was now obvious. These women were flirting. Teresa sat next to me in to booth. This time we were leg to leg and never broke contact. Carmella kept paying me compliments, asking if exercised a lot. My skin was so smooth. She’d kill for eyelashes like mine. She even pinched my cheek with a wink.

Into our second bottle of wine, Teresa ran her hand through my hair. “Don’t you think her looks like Bon Jovi, Carm?”


“I feel sorry for your girlfriend. After a week I bet you were really ready to give her a workout, huh?”

“I’m not seeing anyone actually.”

“Now THAT is a crime against women,” Carmella said, staring at over the rim of her glass.

To my amazement both of these super-fox Valkeries had fuckheads for boyfriends and husbands. Teresa’s left hers a few months ago after he kept cheating on her with “some skinny bitch”. On top of that he used to hit her.

“I don’t know,” Carmella said. “With my husband, if he’s not traveling for his job he’s playing golf or downloading teenage nympho sluts on the computer. Christ, it’s been months since anything. I can’t even remember when it was anything GOOD.”

“THAT is a crime against two beautiful women. Any guy who wouldn’t worship both of you is crazy. And you’re better off without them. Lots of guys would kill to be with either of you.”

Carmella’s brown eyes locked on mine. A smile curling her lips like a lioness. “I’m not interested in lots of guys.”

Teresa’s hand slid over my leg passing over my stiff cock. “Me neither.”

The air was gone from around the table. A silence filled with the buzz of sex. Carmella once again took charge. “I have got a great idea. My husband is out of town as usual. I have more room in that house than I know what to do with and I’m only ten minutes away. Stay over tonight and I’ll take you back to the office for your rental car tomorrow and we’ll see what’s happening at the airport.”

This time I locked eyes with Carmella, then turned to Teresa, sliding my hand over her leg. “That sounds perfect.”

We piled into the SUV, Carmella insisting I ride up front with them. I sat between them as we slowly navigated the slick, now dark roads. I could smell two distinct wet pussies. Carmella’s breathing was heavy, fogging the mirror despite the blowing heater. Both her hands gripped the wheel.

“You know what, Carm?”

“What’s that, T?”

“I think we should take Eric back to your place and fuck his brains out.”

“That’s why you’re my assistant, sweetie.”

Carmella’s house was not large but roomy and very modern. We pulled into the garage and as the door closed, Carmella put the SUV in park. She shut the key back and grabbed my face with both hands. Our tongues danced, she sucked my tongue as if thirty, getting recharged from it. Deep moans in her throat. Teresa had undone my pants and released my throbbing cock. She breathed out as she grabbed, stroking.

“Oh, wow” she whispered, leaning down to lick up its sides.

I grabbed the back of Carmella’s head, pulling her closer into me, breaking the kiss. Kissing her neck, quick nibble of the ear. She moaned. My hips bucked as Teresa swallowed my cock, pulling Ankara Escort back to suck the tip as she stroked. Her wet lips and tongue like paradise.

“OK. Stop. Stop. Let’s get comfortable,” Carmella said.

We boldly entered the house through the garage, my wet, hard cock jutting from my open pants. We hurried out of our wet shoes and coats. Carmella grabbed my shaft, leading me.

“Come on, big boy. Let’s have some fun.”

She led me to the white/neutral living room, setting me back on the white leather sectional sofa. Both of the women commenced to strip while I watched, jacking my cock. This was going to be good.

Carmella’s breasts were beyond exquisite. Round and hanging beautifully with long brown nipples that got my saliva flowing. They set perfectly over her puff of belly. A strip of trimmed hair above the shaven lips of her pussy. She set those powerful legs apart, rubbing her pussy with the same lioness expression, watching me stroke my cock. She took a nectared finger, placing it in my mouth, as she turned my head to watch Teresa.

Teresa’s breasts had wide, flat saucer nipples, light pink, taking almost the whole diameter of her breasts. Her smile melted me, looking like a sweet little girl who found the puppy she always wanted. Unzipping her jeans she turned around to show me the delicious, wide bubble ass. She gave a spank to her left cheek, making it jiggle. Her profile peeked over her shoulder as she did it. She then spread her cheeks, showing me her pretty, pink asshole. It looked like a little knot of bubble gum above her shaved , glistening pussy. I took note of this, knowing what to do.

Carmella layed me back. “I am going to feast on this beautiful cock.” She went to work with her mouth and hands. She was magical, drooling over it, slurping the way I love it while she jacked me, tongue swirling over the tip. She would suck the whole length, then work the tip. My ass cheeks clenched as I fought to keep control.

“Come and sit over my face, Teresa. I’ve got to taste you.”

Luckily, Teresa’s pussy occupied my concentration and I didn’t come – yet. Her wetness was like sweet summer rain. I licked up the juice flowing out of her, fucking her with my tongue. She rocked on my face.

“Oh, fuck yeah. Eric. Oh, lick my pussy. Oh fuck yeah that is so good. Oh fuck. Oh. Make me cum baby. I want to come all over you.”

I gripped those big, soft ass cheeks as I ate, finally working my tongue over her clit. I worked and worked, finding the spot.


Her whole body tremored in my hand. I caressed her big, beautiful ass and thighs, squezzing as I ate her. As she calmed I wasn’t done. Time for dessert. Bubblegum.

I licked around her asshole, using lots of spit. Gettting it nice and wet. This time her sounds were softer, cooing.

“Hunnnnnh. Oh, that is soooo nice. Oh, Carm, he’s licking my ass. Eric, oh, don’t stop. That is soooo good.”

Carmella’s mouth popped off my cock with a wet slurp. “I want you to cum, Eric. Cum for me, sweetie.”

She went to work with her hands and from the throb she knew she had me. She found my secret spot. Nasty talk. With her husky, smoky voice it was Nirvana.

“Mmmm. You like when I talk like that, huh? You gonna fuck me and Teresa really nice tonight. You like us big, slutty women huh? You wanna suck our big, fat titties. Stuff this beautiful cock in our hot little pussies. Would you like that, baby. You like T’s ass? I bet you wanna fuck it, huh?

I was getting close, feeling the cum boiling in my nuts. My tongue drove deeper, twisting in Teresa’s asshole. She bucked. Her hands gripping my thighs.

“You gonna cum baby? Would you like to put all that hot sticky cum all over my face? You wanna see Carmella’s face all shiny with your cum?

I grunted as I shot. My eyes were closed as I concentrated on Teresa, so I couldn’t see anything but I could feel the hot, ropy jets of come flying from my cock. It felt like 110 volts, going from my cock, up my backbone, tingling all the way into my arms. I gasped.

Teresa climbed off me, turned to give me a deep, tonguing kiss. I looked down my chest at Carmella. She smiled back at me. Her right cheek, part of her forhead and nose shiny with my thick cum. A blob even landed in her hair. Sincan Escort She licked the last dribbles off of her fingers.

“Looks great, Carm.”

“Come here and help yourself, sweetie.”

Teresa scooted down and licked the cum from Carmella’s face. This sight pushed my cock to start getting the stirrings of another hard on. I was going to need to recharge, but not long.

“Mmmm. Now that’s dessert.”

Teresa licked up the last of it, sharing it in a wet kiss with Carmella. Their tongues danced and they laughed, caressing each other. Fat, round breasts meshing together.

Carmella led us both into the master bedroom. She left Teresa and I to kiss and caress on the bed, returning with a tray of three glasses of water. We drank and refreshed.

“God, you two are fucking amazing. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

Carmella laughed. “You? I could tell when you walked in that you wanted us both. Big women pick up the signals when a man’s interested in us. You were on fire. It’s a nice thing when a guy as sexy as you is into big women.”

“Like I said, you gotta be crazy.”

Carmella layed back on the pillows, rubbing her lips. “I’d be crazy about feeling that nice fat cock fuck me.”

Teresa layed on her belly, sliding up to my rising cock. “Let me get him ready for you, Carm.”

As Teresa sucked me Carmella watched, circling her clit. “You wanna fuck me, Eric. Do you like Carmella’s pussy? Wanna suck my big titties while you stick that hard dick in me?”

“Oh, Yeah, Carmella you are so fucking hot. I love your big titties and your big ass. So fucking sexy.”

Teresa stopped licking my cock and leaned back, brushing her long honey blode hair behind her ear. “Mmmm. I wanna watch this.”

I climbed onto Carmella’s long, thick frame. Her arms around my back as I licked and softly bit her long, brown nipples. She moaned, nails digging into me as I slid into her steaming pussy. It was truly HOT. It felt like an oven. We grabbed at each other, I licked her neck, licked her face as I thrust into her pulling almost all the way out and all the way in.

“GOD, that’s it. Fuck me. OH FUCK YES. YES YES YES. OOOOOHHHHH, Baby. Bite my nipples. Bite ‘em!”

I chewed and chewed as I fucked her. Her legs started to shake, belly contracting.


Her fist slammed my back as the orgasm hit. I laughed, loving that I was making this frustrated fox cum so good. I felt like a hero.

I pulled back, patting the sweat from my brow. Carmella leaned up and kissed me hard. Teresa watched us, giggling. “Wow.”

“He still needs to cum, T. What should we do about that?” Carmella said, stroking my slick cock.

“Didn’t you say something about him fucking my ass?”

“I did. Would you like to fuck Teresa’s ass? She prefers it, you know.”

“I can’t help it,” Teresa said, sweet as pie. “Besides, I’m not on the pill.”

I rubbed her big thigh. “Well why don’t you put that sexy ass into the air and let me make it shake for you.”

Teresa got up on her knees. “I would love to.”

As Carmella got up from the bed, I leaned down to lick Teresa’s ass some more. Carmella returned with a bottle of lube. “You’re going to need this.”

Carmella and I kissed as she lubed my cock. I smeared a generous glob on my fingers. Working one and then two fingers into her ass. Teresa worked on her own clit as I readied her.

Finally I got up behind her, easing my cock head in, taking time for her to adjust. We both had experience and it was unsaid, trusted. Carmella kneeled beside me, kissing me, caressing, rubbing her luscious tits against my back as I eased my cock into Teresa’s ass. Once in she began pushing back against me.

“Yeah, that’s it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck my ass. Fuck it deep. Harder!”

I thurst away, reaching to paw her swaying tits, pinching her nipples. My muscular thighs smacked her ass as it rippled and shook. It didn’t take long for me to cum again. I pulled out and shot three streams of cum on Teresa’s back. Carmella was on it like a hungry cat. Licking it clean as Teresa collapsed.

The sky was clear Saturday but I didn’t fly home until Sunday morning. Carmella, Teresa and I enjoyed each other the entire day. Carmella took us both out to dinner again Saturday night and we kept it at it until 3 am. I stumbled onto the plane and slept the whole way home. You can guess which of my offices gets the best service. And Carmella has made sure to mention to my boss that I may need to come back to New Jersey to provide “additional training.”

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