The Cat-Man Captain And The Creatures


The new captain of the Starfokker was a  Cat-Man. The Starship was occupied by the horniest crew in the ‘verse. Everywhere he looked, fucking, fucking, fucking. Porno 64

Everyone FUCKING! The telepathics’ mind-fucking each other, Konulu Porno the Avian-girls sucking lizard-men’s cocks, the Porno İndir gaseous Veen roiling together in foggy orgies. He shuddered at what the tentacled Nor’ash did with everyone! Nonstop FUCKING! He walked into his office, ANOTHER of the disgusting little creatures was sitting on his desk. The sixth today. He thumbed the conn. “Attention all hands, this is your Captain. I may be a Cat-Man, but Cat-Men DON’T fucking eat mice!”

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