Let me explain, I love fucking another man’s wife. I love the way they lie and run around to get me to fuck them. They always cum hard and it is always straight to sex – no mind games and no bullshit.

I met Linda at my work. She was a part time employee and had married a guy that had recently retired. The guy was an OK guy but Linda was sexy and she knew it. She was 5’ 7” and her weight was no more than 125 lbs. Linda was Chinese and had straight long jet black hair. She was only a B cup on top but a very nice round ass. She always wore a skirt and blouse and after I started to flirt with her, the skirts got short and the blouses revealed lacey bras underneath.

One night I helped her after a big meeting, staying to clean up the room. At the very end as we were ready to leave I grabbed her and hugged her saying thanks and “you did a good job.” She pulled away and I thought I had over stepped but her pulling away was only a way to plant her lips on mine. I pushed her head tight to mine and forced my tongue inside her mouth. This surprised and excited her. She went a little limp and trembled slightly. I broke the kiss and gave her ass a big hard two handed cheek squeeze.

I released her and said that we had better go before they lock the doors. She was breathing hard and her nipples were very noticeable. We walked out and I walked her to her car. She got in and before she could say anything I told her good night and walked to my car. I like to give a taste and then let them think about it. I believe that while sneaking around and wildly fucking me is a certain amount of fun – cheating on a spouse is a dangerous thing and not to be done without planning and mutual understanding of the situation and hopefully a discussion of expectations prior to sex.

Linda called me as she drove home. She said thanks for the help and she really liked the hug. I asked “So you’re not unset about me forcing my tongue in your mouth?” She paused and the phone was a lot more quite. I heard her put her car in park and realized she had stopped on the side of the road. “Are you there?” I asked. “Yes, I needed to pull over. I never learned how to start a French kiss. I liked the way you did it.” She said softly. “Oh, you liked my tongue on yours or the way I forced your head to me?” I said. “Both.” “You didn’t mind me grabbing your ass cheeks then? Besides your beautiful face, legs and tits your ass is your best feature.” I said. “Thank you. I didn’t want it to end.” She whispered. “Next time I’ll rub your ass longer, as long as that’s not all I get to rub.” I said. I realized she likes dirty talk.

“Linda?” I asked. “Yes?” she said. “Tell me. Is your pussy wet right now?” I asked. “Very wet!” she replied. “Too bad we don’t car pool. You Sex hikayeleri could be riding my hard cock right now.” I said. “Oh god.” She whispered. “I’d be sucking on those hard nipples, kissing your lips, playing with your asshole with my fingers.” I said. “OH,, My asshole?” she said breathing hard and voice slightly pleading. “Sure. You have a great ass. Besides if you were on my cock, working it for a big orgasm before going home to your husband. Working me to shoot a big load of cum up your hot cheating pussy, so you can stand at your house with my cum dripping down your legs telling your husband what a boring day you had. Then I can play with your asshole all I want.” “YES, OH,, I’m cumming! I’m Cumming.”

“You are cumming now but just you wait until You point my cock at your little married Chinese pussy hole and slide my meat into your cunt. You’ll really be cumming then.” “Oh God, I can’t wait. When?” she asked.
“Next week. I’ll see you next week.” I said hearing her restart her car. “Be sure to clean up your hands, they probably smell like pussy.” “Ha. They do, I rubbed it so hard! Thank you.”

The next week she played it cool but I caught her looking at me a few times. On Thursday I had to drive out to survey a site. It was a mall with a closed office in the main mall area and a closed Auto Nation car dealership on the far side of the property. Linda called me as I was driving to the mall. “Hey, are you at that mall?” “Just about there. The car dealership will be the big work. The inside office is easy.” “I’m going to that mall too. I’m going to buy some new panties. Maybe I’ll see you there.” “Great, you can model them for me.” “OK!” she said softly.

Linda called again an hour later. I had finished the small office and was taking pictures of the dealership. Photos along with notes would let me finish my report at my office. “Where are you?” she asked. “I’m at the car dealership. Are you done shopping? Meet me at the admin entrance.” She walked up to the entrance and in the bright sunlight I could see she had changed from her work clothes. She was wearing a black micro mini dress and a black blazer. She had an expensive white blouse on and as she saw me she unbuttoned the blazer. She was sans bra today and her long pointy brown nipples were easy to spot from 100 yards. I locked us in and said “WOW, You look hot. Did you change for me?” “I’ll change back before I go home.” “Let me get a good look at your outfit. Spin around.” She turned and I saw that round ass and a skirt that didn’t want to cover her. “Raise your arms straight up.” Linda stood inside the car dealership and looked at all the glass around her. It was 90% windows out to a mall that was open for business. Cars were driving past and parking within Sikiş hikayeleri 50 yards.

Linda raised her arms straight up and the skirt did also. Her round ass cheeks were showing the bottom two inches. Linda slowly turned around with her arms up and I could see the front of her black g string also a couple black pussy hairs peeked out the sides. “Very nice. You should shave that pussy if you are going to wear panties like those, especially if you are going to be showing it to me a lot.” “You don’t like the way my pussy looks?” she asked pouting. “Well, rise up your skirt and let me see it.” Linda raised her skirt to her waist and spread her legs. I walked around her slowly and hefted an ass cheek as I passed behind her. “Linda you have a great looking pussy. Most married women like you have cottage cheese and stretch marks. Your skin is perfect. I love the look smell and feel. Do you enjoy sucking cock?”

“Uh, Yes. Thank you for the compliment. Yes I really enjoy sucking a juicy cock.” Linda said smiling. I said “Let’s go in the back. I have a need to see those pretty lips around my penis. The juice is up to you.” I motioned Linda to go down the empty hallway and noticed that she didn’t lower her skirt. I took her into an office that still had a desk inside. I pulled out my eight incher and told her “suck me.” Linda kneeled between my legs and started off with a long bounce straight down. She took three quarters of my cock and bounced the head against the back of her mouth. I let her work it for five minutes and then took hold of her head. “Let’s see if you can take it in your throat.” She looked up at me and let her jaw go slack. I got the head into her throat but she started to gag. I pulled it out and let her recover then straight back to her throat she gagged hard and again I pulled it out. Linda took out a bottle of Bianca and put several drops on the back of her tongue. After a couple of minutes she said “Let’s try again.” This time it slid in with no gagging at all. I had my right hand under her chin and my left at the back of her head. I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her throat. Linda stayed calm and almost limp as a fucked her throat for three more minutes. I needed to cum badly and my first spurt launched while I was inside all the way. I pulled out and shot the rest onto her tongue. After the main eruption I let go of her head and let my deflating cock dangle in front of her chest. “What a sweet little whore’s mouth you have! That was great. You have a sweet mouth!”

I pulled Linda’s head to my stomach and let my cock head rub on her white blouse. The last little drops of cum smeared into the fine cotton blouse leaving a few cum marks. Linda followed me around the closed dealership for the next hour. Erotik hikaye I took a few pictures of her and she smiled for the camera. I told her “Let’s get a shot of those new panties. Raise your skirt again.” Linda raised her skirt and took several photos of her then her ass in the g string. The cum stain on her chest was visible in the pictures.

I locked the dealership up and walked back to the mall. The small office had a few office supplies that I was going to take back to the company. I also wanted to get inside my married slut again. “Linda let’s look at the other office. I think you will like it there.” “OK but I should get home in an hour and the traffic at this time..” “Let’s go over there. I want to use your pussy.” I said “OK” Linda smiled.

The small office was directly in the center of the mall and all the stores were open for business. I took her into the empty office and straight into the empty locker room/rest room. “Take off those panties.” I told her. Linda stepped out of the panties and handed them to me. I took her into my arms and kissed her. No hint of my cum on her from an hour ago. After a few minutes I spun her around and pulled her skirt up around her tits. My cock was ready for her and as I pulled it out of my jeans she started to whine softly. I thought it must be an Asian thing.

I lined the head up against her hairy pussy and slid deep on the first thrust. Her whining got louder and I slapped her ass. She stopped the noise but continued to push her ass back toward me. I started to plow deep and hard. After a few minutes her whining returned. I stopped caring about the noise and started thinking about her ass. As I was fucking her very wet pussy I put my left thumb in my mouth and got it wet.
I put my thumb on her anal opening and pushed in to the first knuckle. Linda got louder and started ramming her pussy and ass back toward me. I could feel her cumming and as soon as she finished I started. I dug my thumb in as deep as I could and shot another load of cum inside my cheating slut.

As we were leaving the small office Linda asked for her panties back. “Tomorrow.” She looked scared and kept her fingers at her hem as I walked her to her car. She got into her car and the hem was a half inch from showing her hairy vulva. “One more picture, scoot down a little.” She moved lower and this caused her hem line to rest just above her pussy lips. The picture shows her smiling with red swollen lips, some yellow cum stains on her blouse, hard brown pointy nipples, her hairy pussy which shows her labia lips slick with secretion and a couple shiny trails where our cum had run down her legs.

“Linda, did you like the thumb?” I asked. “It scared me. I did like it. No one has ever touched me there.” She giggled. “Bring some anal lube next time. I may want to put my cock in there. Goodnight Babe, time to go home to your husband.” I said. Linda had an excited scared look on her face as I walked to my car and left.

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