Taking revenge with my step son

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My name is Lisa. I have curly red hair and blue eyes. About 6 years ago now I married a man named Joe. He already had a son named Tim who has brown hair and eyes. At the time he was 13, and I was 29. His mom divorced his dad after he was caught cheating. Even though I heard that story and a few others, I still loved him and wanted to marry him. But after 6 years of marriage, I’ve had better luck with his son. He never lived with us, but still made sure to come over at least every other weekend. But unfortunately he came over when his dad was out for the weekend on business.

“Hey Lisa, how are you?” Tim asked as he came in the living room and dropped his bags.

“I’ve been better I guess. Sorry I guess your dad didn’t tell you he’d be away this weekend,” I replied.

“I guess not. Well, I guess I’ll head back then. I know even a married woman needs some time alone every now and then too,” Tim said.

Truth be told, I really did like his company, so I had to say something.

“No, it’s OK. I can always use some company too,” I replied.

So he stayed over at least for that night. His mom’s place was about an hour away, and I wasn’t gonna have him just drive all the way back right away. So we both hung out and watched a couple movies together. We did have some chemistry, a little more than what his dad and I had honestly. Then nature called and I had to go to the bathroom.

“Pause it, I’ll be right back,” I said.

“Sure,” Tim replied.

So I went to the bathroom, but as I was done and about to walk out the door, I got a call, It was Joe. So I answered of course, but I couldn’t hear much. I just heard some breathing and some other weird noises in the back round. Then I heard some yelling.

“Yes fuck me harder!” A woman yelled.

“Who the fuck is this?” I asked.

But I got no response, then I heard some more yelling, but not from her.

“I’ll fuck you Jeanne, I’ll fuck you real good!” Joe yelled back.

“You asshole,” I said.

Once again I heard nothing back. Then I just hung up the phone, I felt heartbroken so I was in there for a few minutes. I just wanted to be alone, but eventually I came out and when I did, Tim was gone.

“Tim, where did you go?” I asked.

I got no answer. We had 2 bathrooms, so I thought he’d be in there, or maybe his bedroom. So I sat down on the couch for a few minutes,but then I felt lonely and just wanted to talk to someone, and the bastard’s son was the best I had. So I went to find him, and it’s not like it was Tim’s fault that Joe was cheating, but unfortunately I wasn’t really thinking when I saw his door was closed. I just opened it and caught Tim masturbating.

“Oh I’m sorry Tim, I should have knocked,” I said.

Then I just closed the door and went back to the living room quickly. As if it was possible, I felt even worse. So I just sat down and did nothing for about 10 minutes. Then Tim came back out and sat next to me.

“I’m sorry Tim, it won’t happen again,” I said.

“What’s wrong?” Tim asked.

I hesitated to tell him, I didn’t think he’d like hearing about this, but Tim knew me and knew when something was on my mind.

“Your dad is cheating on me,” I replied.

“What? How do you know?” Tim asked.

“Your dad accidentally called me as he was doing the deed,” I replied as I parked few tears.

He consoled me the best he could, he hadn’t had any experience in that area before though. I shed a few more tears for a minute and he gave me a hug.

“You are too good for him, he doesn’t love you the way you deserve to be loved,” Tim said Sex hikayeleri as he had me lift my head up.

Then I just shed a few more tears and then I just kissed him. He didn’t object to this at all, and we just kissed for about 30 seconds straight.

“You don’t have a girlfriend right now do you?” I asked.

He just had a blank stare for a minute before he responded.

“No, I’m single at the moment, but why do you-?” Tim asked just before I kissed him again.

But this time I made him lean down on his back. We both made out for about 2 minutes straight, but he broke the kiss.

“Whoa Lisa, we can’t do this,” Tim said.

“Why the fuck not? He cheated on me, and you’ve had your eye on me for awhile now. We’re attracted to each other, call it cheater’s revenge if you want,” I replied.

“But my dad never finds out?” Tim asked.

“I’ll do my best,” I replied.

“Good enough for me,” Tim said.

Then I got up and put my hand out.

“Well take me to my room now,” I said.

So he got up and actually picked me up. He carried me to my bedroom, I didn’t ask him to, but I think I got him really turned on. He set me down on the bed and got on top of me. We made out passionately for about 5 minutes straight and we both had put our arms around each other. And he was a much better kisser than Joe too, when he was kissing me, he was really kissing me, and I didn’t get the feeling he was thinking about something else.

“Wow, have you always been this good a kisser?” I asked.

“Well not always, I have practiced over the years,” Tim replied.

“I can see that Tim, now show your step mom what you’ll do for her when she wants to be fucked,” I said.

“But I don’t have any condoms though,” Tim replied.

“I’m sure your dad has some in his dresser for that other bitch he’s screwing,” I said.

Then he got off me and I got into his dresser. I found a few in his bottom drawer. Then I took one and I got down on my knees. I came over to the bed as he was laying down. Then I slowly began undoing his pants. I pulled out his nice cock and began stroking it a little. Call it revenge if you want, but that bastard cheated on me, and I was gonna make sure I got fucked too.

“Do you like that Tim?” I asked.

“Hell yes I do,” Tim replied.

Then I leaned my head down and took his 7 ½ inch cock into my mouth. It wasn’t very long, or very thick either, but I loved sucking on it though. It was out there you could say. I never ever thought I’d be actually doing this with him, but yet I had his cock in my mouth. And he was enjoying every second of it as well.

“Oh shit Lisa, you are some kind of lady my dad has obviously taken for granted,” Tim said.

“You could say that again,” I replied.

Then I got on the end of the bed and took off his pants completely, then his boxers as well. I climbed back on top of him and we continued to make out for a few minutes, but then he broke the kiss.

“Well, you have seen me half naked now, and what some call the good half. I think it’s time to let me see the twins,” Tim said.

“I won’t say no to that,” I replied as I leaned and got on my knees.

Then I took off my shirt exposing my D-cup boobs. Then still with my bra on, I thought his eyes were gonna pop out.

“So does that mean you like them?” I asked.

“Fuck yes I do,” Tim replied as he leaned up.

Then he put his hands on my back and slowly undid my bra. Then he threw it on the floor and took another really good look at my boobs. He was just eyeballing them for about 2 minutes straight.

“You Sikiş hikayeleri know my face is up here right?” I asked.

“Just admiring a great work of art that just happens to be located on your chest,” Tim replied.

Then he grabbed onto my boobs and began licking my nipples slowly titillating me a great deal. I immediately felt my pussy get very wet and I had absolutely no choice but to belt out some very loud moans.

“I had no freaking idea that you knew how to titillate a desperate housewife Tim,” I said.

“You are not that desperate Lisa, you needed to be fucked,” Tim replied as he leaned up his head.

Then he gave me another kiss and leaned his head back down. He began licking and sucking on my nipples slowly. I put my hands on his head and he accidentally bit my right nipple.

“Hey be nice to those. Don’t make me hit with these huge boobs,” I said.

“I’d like that,” Tim replied.

Then I just brought him up with him and we began making out very passionately for over 2 minutes straight. I just felt loved by him honestly. The way I think I had had been wanting to be loved all my life.

“You know you are a great lover too,” I said.

“Thank you, so are you my lady. My dad doesn’t deserve you,” Tim replied.

“I know, now I want that tongue somewhere else now,” I said.

So I laid down flat on my back and he put his face right over my pussy. He slowly leaned towards it a bit and gently licked it once. It tickled a bit and I just loved it.

“Oh yes Tim, fuck me the way your dad won’t. Get that tongue inside my pussy deep,” I said.

He spread 0out my pussy lips a bit and stuck his tongue deep inside my pussy. His tongue wasn’t really long, but still a good size. And I think he had just about every inch of his tongue inside my pussy. Then I had no choice but to belt out some really loud moans. I just felt so pleasured in only about 3 seconds. He fucked me in ways I hadn’t been fucked in years honestly.

“Yes Tim,” I said as I moaned and began breathing heavily.

Then I felt both of us getting rather sweaty. I had never been so sexually excited in my life honestly. I leaned up a little and got a good look at Tim fucking me like he had never fucked anyone before. He had my pussy lips spread out as far as they could go and then stuck his tongue inside my pussy as deep as it could go.

“So you like this too step mom?” Tim asked.

“You could say that, now put that face back in my pussy,” I replied.

So he did just that, and his face was getting drenched as well as my pussy. Then I laid back down on flat on my back. As he kept it up I felt an orgasm coming quicker and quicker. Soon I wouldn’t be able to hold it anymore and I’d explode all over his face.

“Well you got a nice pussy down here Lisa, you better make sure he is sorry,” Tim said.

“I will Tim, I will,” I replied.

Then he climbed back up on top of me and gave me one kiss on the lips. He really kissed me and really meant it, it wasn’t a quick kiss or anything else. He reinserted his cock into me once again and began thrusting his nice cock in and out of me slowly. He put his hands back onto my boobs and made sure to give them a more than gentle squeeze.

“I always knew you were a boobs man. You always had the big chest ladies. So you chose wisely,” I said.

“Tell me something I don’t already know,” Tim replied.

Then I told him something I think would have been the defining moment of this little fling it looked like we were getting into.

“I love you more than a step son. Erotik hikaye You have been there for me more than that asshole has. I want you to be the one that fucks me. Fuck him,” I said.

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming,” Tim replied.

Then I gave him a kiss.

“When my mom died, you gave me a hell of a lot more support than he did, and you don’t even live here. I’m surprised we haven’t screwed before honestly. You are sweet and loving, I don’t wanna lose that,” I said.

“Well I don’t know what to say,” Tim replied.

“Tell me you love me. It’s been 6 years, I know you got a mom that loves you more than anything, but face it, we’ve grown really fond of each other,” I said.

Then he kissed me again as well.

“I love you too Lisa, more than a step mom,” Tim said.

Then we both just felt the spark come, and both started moaning really loudly.

“Holy shit, I’m gonna explode now Tim,” I said.

“Me too Lisa, damn you are the best step mom there is,” Tim replied.

We both had big orgasms. Then we cuddled for a few minutes just trying to comprehend what just happened.

“Wow Lisa, you are a very sexual woman,” Tim said.

“Thank you, I guess you really bring it out of me now,” I replied.

We both just kissed each other numerous times and cuddled. Then we kissed one more time and then we got an unexpected visitor. Joe walked in and saw us together.

“What the fuck is this?!” Joe asked.

“This a guy and a woman relaxing after they both just had an emotional connection while having sex. One thing you would have no idea about,” I replied.

“What the fuck does that mean?” Joe asked.

“Well I heard you fucking other woman on the phone, and it sounded like there was no emotional connection,” I replied.

Then he just looked stunned and pissed at the same time.

“Well let’s not make things complicated, I found this guy that loves me, and after having sex just once, he gave me more emotional connection than every single time we had sex. He’s been there for me through thick and thin and you are off screwing other ladies. So you go fuck whoever the hell that was, and I’ll fuck him, fair enough?” I asked.

He didn’t know what to say, I busted him on it and he didn’t deny it, he admitted it. And he also admitted to doing it a few times before as well, but also he admitted that didn’t think he was in love with me anymore. So we both got divorced and I moved out about 2 months later. In the meantime, I slept on the couch and Tim slept over with me a few times. Of course Joe didn’t like it, but what could he say? Tim and I really just fell for each other. I didn’t mean for that to happen, it just did. I just wanted revenge on Joe. So first I moved into his apartment. About 2 months into that Joe wanted me back, but that wasn’t gonna happen. Also that’s when I couldn’t keep Lisa a secret from my mom anymore.

“Hey Tim how has life been?” His mom Judy asked as she came in his apartment.

But unfortunately, we were having sex on the couch at the time.

“What the fuck is this?” Judy asked.

Then we told Judy the whole story. Believe it or not, she was happy for us. I guess she always liked me, even though I married the guy that broke her heart. So after that, we didn’t have to hide it from his mom anymore, we went house shopping. About 6 months later, not only did we say we wanted the house we found, we said ‘I do’ to each other. I married his son, something I never thought would happen. Now we’re happily married in a house miles away from now Joe and Jillian’s house. That was the woman he was having sex with. So maybe we can call this a win win situation, but to make it better, Tim and I are expecting now. Who would have thought I’d get all that from just getting revenge on my husband?

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