She Won’t Do THAT!


Glinda, a lesbian submissive Vampire, was enjoying Kinktober.So far, without uttering her safeword, she had gone down on thirteen menstruating witches, been Sex hikayeleri whipped by a Fairy, gotten branded and swallowed live piss from a Sikiş hikayeleri Succubus.Candace, her owner, was going all-out, pushing every Erotik hikaye limit she could imagine; she’d been trying to break the dirty little slut for years.That’s it! This would wring the safeword from her pet’s bratty mouth.Candace approached, leading a naked werewolf, pointed to his furry cock, and said, “Suck it.””MEATLOAF!!!”The werewolf looked puzzled.”It’s her safeword, she’ll do anything for love, but…”

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