Santa’s Naughty Aunts Ch. 02


AUTHOR’S NOTE-This is a continuation of a story I posted nearly 2 years ago titled, interestingly enough, “Santa’s Naughty Aunt”. I always meant to continue it, and now, at long last, I have. You might want to check it out before reading these latest two installments, but it isn’t really necessary. Unless you want to. And I hope you do. Anyway, here’s the story, and there will be another a final chapter coming very soon, I promise.

Friday was Santa night for my mother’s church group, and as I had the past two years I got dressed in a small anteroom tucked in a hallway behind the big main hall. There was a gentle knock at the door, and I heard my mother say, “Honey, are you dressed?”

I pulled on my red coat. “Yes.”

The door opened, and it was Mom and Aunt Billie. “Oh my God, you look fantastic!” my aunt said.

“Wait till he puts on the beard,” Mom said. I did, and Aunt Billie shook her head in amazement. “I mean, honey, I don’t think you’re fat at all, but all dressed up like that, you ARE Santa Claus!”

“Well, I do work out!,” I said in my Santa voice, and she and my mother laughed out loud. They were still laughing when Aunt Jess came in. “I thought I heard Santa in here,” she said.

“Jess, how nice to see you!” Billie said, and my Aunts hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. Mom excused herself to see when I should make my appearance. Leaving me in a tiny room with my two rivalrous Aunts. Goody.

“My God, you look wonderful,” Aunt Jess said. “Your hair, you can’t see any of the gray around the roots!”

“Thank you! And you look fantastic yourself. I’m glad to see you didn’t put back on too much of the weight you lost last year.”

“How nice of you to notice,” Aunt Jess replied. “My goodness, look at those beauties,” she said, admiring the exquisite globes jutting out from under Aunt Billie’s tight white sweater. “A year ago you were flat as a board, and now, boing! Amazing what miracles technology can achieve these days!”

“Isn’t it, though?” Aunt Billie said. “If you want, I can give you the name of the surgeon who operated on me. You might want to get yours done before they’re sagging around your ankles!”

They both laughed cheerfully and I shut my eyes, waiting for the hissing and scratching to commence. But instead my mother came back in. “OK, Santa, you have a full house waiting for you!”

Thank God, I whispered under my breath. Both my Aunts gave me a little hug, and then it was showtime. I strode out the door and entered the hall with a stentorious, “HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Recently in the news you’ve probably read about how 60% of all Americans are overweight, and that the percentage is even higher among children. Let me tell you, they didn’t need a big study by the Journal of the American Medical Association to figure that out. Just ask a few poor bastards who play Santa Claus and we’ll give you the straight dope. These goddam kids weigh more a barrel of nails. Time after time these moron parents picked up their kids, veins bulging from the strain, and plopped them in my lap as though I was some kind of indestructible Robo-Santa. This one kid, maybe six years old, I swear to God he weighed a hundred pounds. Mommy AND Daddy had to hoist him into position over my lap, and before I could shriek, “No, please, mercy!”, they dropped him like a sack of potatoes. I squealed in agony as his fat ass crushed my pelvis.

“Are you OK, Santa?” he asked.

“Fine,” I gasped. “Santa’s just going to be urinating blood tonight.”

“Oh,” the oblivious tyke said, and launched into his laundry list of desired goodies. By the time he finished my color vision returned and I no longer felt like I was about to vomit. “This is the last year,” I croaked to my mother. “If you ever want to be a grandmother, this is my last year.”

“I am a grandmother, honey,” Mom replied. “Remember your niece and nephew?” She skipped away so fast she didn’t hear me say, “I hate those little bastards.”

After an eternity, it was over. The squealing kids and their negligent parents filed out of the hall. Aunt Billie came up and gave me a hug, her big beauties flattening against my shoulder. “You were so good with those kids!”

“I h…hate them,” I muttered. “H…hate th…them.”

“No you don’t, they’re just a bit much all together like that.” She leaned close and put her hand on my arm. “You look so fantastic in that suit.”

“Thank you.”

“Really, really wonderful. And it’s so sweet of you to help your mother, and make all those kids happy.”

She was stroking my arm. “It’s no big deal,” I said.

“Is it hot in this suit?” she said suddenly.

“Yeah, pretty hot,” I said. I didn’t add, “It’s even hotter with Bayan Eskort you touching me and your tits right there for the grabbing.”

She gently rubbed her finger over my brow. “You’re sweating, that’s why I ask.”

I was hard as a rock inside my suit. She felt the heavy red fabric of my jacket and smiled. “You make a very handsome Santa.”

I said thank you again, and tried not to quiver in my black boots. Aunt Billie withdrew her caressing fingers and said, “I was wondering, when you’re finished, maybe you’d like to go out to dinner? Carl’s at an office Christmas party, so I’m at loose ends tonight. It’s my treat.”

I tried to make my smile calm and relaxed. “I’d like to, but to be honest, after an hour in this suit I’m pretty sweaty and smelly.”

“You could shower and change and meet me somewhere…”

“Thanks, but I think I’ll pass tonight. I’m pretty beat up, and I’m pooped.”

Aunt Billie smiled. “OK, honey, maybe after the holidays.” My mother scooted past and Billie said, “I’ll be sure to say goodbye before I leave.”

Which, thankfully, was five minutes later. She trotted up, gave me a kiss on my whiskered cheek, and she said slyly, “I think I know what I’m going to get you for Christmas,”

“Hip replacement surgery?”

She wrinkled her nose and giggled. “Not quite, honey. Are you sure you’ll pass on dinner?”

“I’m sure, sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, you’ve had a hard night. See you Christmas Day.”

I wished her good night, and I watched her say goodbye to my mother, and then say something to Aunt Jess that had them both laughing like lunatics about to get violent. And then Aunt Billie went out the door, and I relaxed a bit. Five minutes later Mom left, and I relaxed a bit more.

Aunt Jess was supervising the cleanup effort, which mostly entailed straightening chairs and picking up the odd piece of wrapping paper. Across the room we made meaningful eye contact, and she blew me a kiss. I went into the anteroom, had a long drink of water, and ten minutes later, when the place sounded empty, I walked out into the big room and nervously called out, “Um, anyone here?”

“Just one naughty little girl.” Aunt Jess walked out of the darkness. She’d already stripped down to a lacy red bra and matching panties, and her lipstick and nails were the same fire-engine color. I sat down in my chair and beckoned her with my velvet-gloved hands. “Come tell Santa what you want.”

Aunt Jess did not crawl into my lap as I expected. She knelt before me and rubbed my erection through the heavy red trousers. “What did your Aunt Billie ask you before she left?”

“Huh?” I asked in my own voice. “Nothing.”

Aunt Jess reached inside the fly of my trousers, did some manipulations of my underclothes, and withdrew most of my penis. She began slowly stroking my erection. “Nothing? I saw her talking to you for quite a bit, so it wasn’t nothing.”

I was so overexcited from my conversation with Aunt Billie that the fingers caressing me had me squirming. “She just said that it was nice I helped my Mom out.”

“Was that all?”

“Yeah. She said I really looked like Santa.”

Aunt Jess played with me a few seconds longer, and then she smiled up at me. “Yes, you really do look like him.” And so the interrogation ended. I got back into character. “Of course I look like Santa!” I boomed. “I am the one and only!”

My aunt smiled as I played my part. “Do you know what I want for Christmas?” she asked in a little-girl voice?

“What’s that, my dear?”

“My mouth full of Santa’s come.” She lowered her bright red lips to my penis. I felt the wet warmth encompass my helmet, and then she began sucking my cock with long, liquid strokes of her wonderful mouth. The fingernails of her left hand played with my testicles, the fingers of her right hand circled my shaft and began pumping me as she loved me with her mouth.

“I think Santa will be able to bring you that present, my dear,” I groaned. I rested my gloved hands on the top of her head and caressed her short brown hair. “But I think I’ll have to give it to you before Christmas Day.”

“I think I want it right now, Santa,” Aunt Jess said, and she started sucking me fast, pumping me fast, her fingernails busy with my balls, and my hips gyrated desperately as my gorgeous Aunt gave me head. The huge room was filled with the wet sounds of her mouth sucking my dick. “Santa,” she cooed, “I want my present NOW! I want it NOW!”

“Uh…uh…I think…” her tongue swirled around the sensitive skin that crowned my cock and I REALLY started to sweat inside the suit. “I think…I’ll give it to you now…AHHHH!!!” My Aunt’s eyes rolled back in her head as Anadolu Yakası Escort my penis pumped semen into her greedy mouth. My balls twitched joyously as Aunt Jess’s sucking lips and stroking fingers coaxed more and more come out of them. When she finished, she lifted her beautiful face and smiled with smeared lips. “Mmm…that was EXACTLY what I wanted.”

“Is…is there anything else you want Santa to give you?” I panted.

“Actually, there is, but it might take a few minutes before you’re ready to give it to me.” She crawled into my lap and straddled me, my limp penis rubbing against her panties. “Doesn’t Santa want to see what I wrapped up for him?”

“Santa wants that very much!” I reached up and twisted the clasp that held her brassiere. It isn’t easy, unsnapping a bra while wearing thick red gloves, but I’m getting rather good at it. The lacy cups sprang open as I freed her heavy, straining breasts. They were magnificent, and I told her so. “I like this present very much!”

I leaned down and kissed the hard brown tip, kissed it a few times before opening my mouth and suckling it softly. “Santa, oh, oooh,” Aunt Jess sighed. She toyed with my beard with her long fingernails as I licked and nibbled and sucked her big, stiff nipples. “Santa, baby, baby,” she moaned. A hand reached between my legs and tickled my slowly expanding cock.

I moved to her other nipple and felt it also slowly firm and expand in my warm mouth. “Your beard feels so good on my breasts,” she said. “I wonder if it would feel good…between my legs.”

She stood up, slipped off her panties, and put her left foot on the seat next to my hip. I put her my hands on her waist, to steady her, and helped her stand on my chair. All I had to do was pull my head in just a wee bit and her pussy was right there for the tasting. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to perform cunnilingus in that position with a full, fluffy beard. I really had to mash my face into her groin to allow my tongue access to her most sensitive parts, but fortunately the beard itself provided so much stimulation that Aunt Jess didn’t seem to mind.

She exhaled loudly. “Oh! Oh, Santa, your beard feels so GOOD on my pussy…that’s it, rub it all over me…shake you head from side to side as you do that…ohhh, Santa, baby, yes!” My tongue finally found the tight little nub of her clitoris and she laughed. “Oh, yeah. Ohhh, yeah. Lick it right there, lick it, rub your beard all over me, lick it, come on baby, come on Santa, I’m a naughty girl, show me how naughty you are…OH!”

My head was gyrating so wildly that I thought my red stocking cap would fall off. But Aunt Jess pulled it down tight over my ears just as she started to climax. “OH! OH! Santa, eat me, baby, yes!” She started to quiver all over and I reached up and caressed her big tits. “You’re gonna make me COME, oh, baby, Santa, you’re gonna make me COME!” She pulled the hat down even further, until it nearly covered my eyes. It started to hurt, but I couldn’t really say anything, what with my tongue buried in the wet petals of her pussy and my beard muffling nearly all sound.

“Yes! Yes! Santa, oh, Santa, I’m…I’m…” And she let out a shriek so loud I thought for sure SOMEONE would hear us, but I was beyond caring about that, I just wanted my gorgeous Aunt to come so I could get her in my lap and start thrusting.

Come she did, Aunt Jess panted and moaned as my tongue and beard brought her to orgasm. Her fragrant juices flooded my face, and I realized that I’d have to wash the beard thoroughly before I played Santa again, or I might be asked some very embarrassing questions by the little kids. “What’s that smell, Santa? Why does your beard smell like…like…” I didn’t want to think about what they might come up with.

But that was about the last thinking I did for awhile, because Aunt Jess finally came down from her perch over my face and settled in my lap. I was hugely erect, and she tickled me with her fingernails. “I think Santa is ready for his next present.”

“I think so too!” I boomed. Again I put my gloved hands on her hips and helped her rise the few inches she needed to fit my penis between her legs. She rubbed me over the moistness her orgasm left behind, and then she eased her hips down, and her wonderful pussy totally engulfed me.

“Ohh…” we said in unison. A huge smile spread across her face as the full length of my penis penetrated her. She put her arms around my neck and leaned in so close her nipples rubbed against my red coat. “Santa, doesn’t it feel so good inside me?”

“Mmm, you feel as tight as a chimney after Santa eats too many cookies!” She laughed out loud, and I eased my hips back a few inches before sliding Pendik Escort myself inside again. It felt wonderful, so wonderful I had to do it again. And again. Pretty soon Aunt Jess and I were slowly fucking, the chair groaning lightly under our combined weight.

I let my red velvet gloves roam all over her lush body, over her back, her buttocks, her stomach, her breasts. I returned her nipples to my mouth as I circled her waist with my arm and helped her bounce up and down my shank. “Oh Santa, oh Santa, Mrs. Claus must be a lucky woman.”

“Mmm, she doesn’t know how good she’s got it. All she does is complain about the cold, about the elves, how I weigh too much…”

Aunt Jess moaned. “You just need to give her this more often, she’ll forgive you everything.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and I put my hands on her waist and we repeated the act we committed two years before. I drove my cock inside her faster and faster, her big tits jiggled as my hips crashed into her buttocks, and I couldn’t take anymore. “Oh, you naughty little girl,” I groaned.

“Am I naughty, Santa?”

“Oh, very, very naughty. But…uh…uh…Santa likes the naughty girls much more than the nice ones!” I started breathing faster and faster, my hips kept the pace, and Aunt Jess finished me by tickling my belly with her fingernails. That’s all it took, the quiet rasping of her nails on my skin, and I bellowed, “M…M…Merry…CHRISTMAS!” as I came inside her warm pussy.

It took awhile for us to recover. I was tired from levering Aunt Jess up and down my cock, and she was exhausted from the excitement of once again living out this fantasy. She kissed me tenderly, on the lips, on each cheek, on my forehead. “That was the best ever,” she said.

“It was,” I agreed.

She climbed off of me and I saw the dark stain of our combined fluids staining my pants. “I think I’ll be doing some laundry tonight,” I rumbled.

She laughed as she hurriedly dressed. “I’m sorry, honey, we should get going. It wouldn’t do for us to be here too long.”

I was so glad to see Aunt Jess taking some precautions that I didn’t mind that she was basically saying, “Wham, bam, thank you Santa”. I grabbed my street clothes out of the anteroom and decided I would just drive home in costume. When I came back Aunt Jess was smoking a cigarette, blowing a contented stream of blue smoke to the ceiling.

“You’re amazing,” she said, and I wasn’t sure if she meant ME, or Santa. Then she said, “You make all those toys, deliver them all over the world in one night, and yet you still know how to fuck like an animal.”

“I’m a man of many skills,” I boomed.

“Yes you are.” She took my hand and led me out of the hall. It was snowing outside, the parking lot was already covered with a good half-inch. “You be careful going home,” she said as I helped her into her car.

“You too,” I said in my Santa voice. And then Aunt Jess leaned up and kissed my cheek. “You’re something else, Timmy.”

“So are you,” I said. I shut her door and watched her pull away, her tires cutting dark trails through the pristine white of the lot. I walked to my own car, tossed my hat inside…and turned around. I walked back to where Aunt Jess had parked and pulled out. Her tracks were fresh, the pavement clear where her tires had been. But there were another set of tracks, not quite as clean, but I could as least SEE them.

Another car had pulled out of the lot in the last few minutes.

I followed them back to a parking spot near the door. There had been maybe 80, 90 cars parked in the lot at one time or another during the evening. Who had parked in this particular spot? I couldn’t remember. Had the doors to the hall been locked? Yes…but when I tried the door to the church itself, it opened.

I got the shakes, and it wasn’t because I was cold. Someone had probably been here while Aunt Jess and I were having wild, noisy, taboo sex. Now, they might have been upstairs in the church offices, or in one of the classrooms. Had they gone downstairs and heard us in the throes of ecstasy, wouldn’t they have banged on the door and raised some ruckus? Of course they would have. And they wouldn’t have been able to SEE who was in there, so if I was accused of some post-Santa hijinks I could always say that I’d been with some girl I know who wanted to do something crazy. I’d get in trouble, sure, but not the Greek-tragedy variety I feared.

I drove home feeling uneasy, but not that concerned. I was still tingling all over from the wonderful lovemaking I’d just enjoyed, and I tried to focus on that. When I got home I washed the suit for the second time in two days, adding the beard and cap this time, and made myself a nice glass of hot chocolate. The cocoa made me feel better all over. I felt sure no one had seen us, or heard us, or suspected a thing. I drank my cocoa, put up my feet, and relaxed.

I stayed relaxed until the next morning, when Aunt Jess called to tell me about the letter.

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