Romance With My Mom Ch. 04


Sorry for the delay of the chapter. It took longer than I thought to complete the chapter with my studies and other stuff. Thank you to all the readers who didn’t even vote or comment. And special thanks goes to everyone who commented and voted for my stories so far. This is the chapter 4 of the Jason and Jessica’s love story. They planned on getting Jessica pregnant with Jason’s baby. Let’s see how they are going to make that night special.


I laid there on my bed for a while planning our evening. Then I finalized my plan and got up to make my plan work. It was 2.30 p.m and I had 3 and half hours to do all the stuff. First I changed the bed sheets and curtains in mom’s room. I replaced them with new red colored bed sheets and light pink colored curtains. I put all the curtains and cum stained bed sheets to the laundry basket.

Then I took my bicycle out from the garage and rode it to the nearest shop and bought some red colored candles including fragrant candles in 2 different sizes and some CD’s of slow romantic music. Then I came home and took a little nap until 4.30p.m. Then I woke up and gave a telephone call to the nearest restaurant and ordered Chinese food, her favorites for dinner. I told them to deliver them by 5.45, I still remembered we didn’t have lunch so that I wanted to have an early dinner. Then I placed the larger candles at different places in her bedroom so that they would dimly light up the whole room. I took out the old candelabrum which was my grandmother’s and cleaned it to use it during dinner. I placed the it on the center of the dinner table and with the smaller candles on it.

Then I opened her wardrobe and picked out a dress with a matching pair of panties and a strapless bra for her and placed them on the bed. The dress was an open shoulder dinner dress just like the previous evening, but this time it was red in color. I chose red for everything because red is considered as the color of love.

The dinner was delivered by 5.45 and I made the table ready for our special dinner. The last thing I had to do was to stick the notes on relevant places. I stuck the note, ‘Hi mom, be ready at 6.30. Love.’ on the back of the front door and the note, ‘I’d love to see you in the dress I chose’ on the back of her bedroom door. We didn’t have a bathtub. So I couldn’t do anything with her bath. But with the available resources that was enough.

I had a bath and went to my room to get dressed. I wore a pair of trousers and red colored shirt. Then sprayed some perfume just to be presentable.

Meanwhile I heard the front door open. I heard that sweet voice of mom, “I’m home sweetie.”

Then I heard mom go to her room and the sound of her door closing. I went to the living room and waited for her. Her bedroom door opened right at 6.30 and there she appeared in front of my eyes like a goddess. She was wearing the dress I had selected and had applied a little make up with red lipstick. Her hair was fallen over her left shoulder and the perfume smell coming from her was intoxicating. She looked taller with her 4 inch high heels and it made both our heights equal. Simply, she looked absolutely stunning.

I could hardly speak as I was looking at her like in a trance. “Wow mom, you look fantastic. I can fuck you right here, right now.”

She pouted her lips and shook her head in disagreement. “Don’t be hurry, young man. I’m starving here. You can take me when I’m done.”

I smiled, “Same here mom. So, shall we go, my lady?” I stretched my right hand and mom gladly held it.

Both of us walked to the dining table where I had lit the candles when mom was in her room. She was surprised by it and kissed my cheeks. “This is a real surprise. I always wanted to have a candle lit dinner. Thank you honey.”

We sat opposite to each other and had dinner silently since we hadn’t had anything after the breakfast. After the meal I put the dishes to the sink to wash them later. Then I played the music CD I brought earlier and asked mom, “Would you care for a dance, ma’am?”

She smiled and gladly accepted my invitation. We slowly stepped to the rhythm for about half an hour. We were looking into each other’s eyes for the whole time and didn’t even say a single word. No words are enough to describe the feeling you get when you are dancing with your dream woman while she is looking at you with all the love in the world. In the end we engaged in a long sensual kiss with our tongues swapping our saliva.

Then we moved to our bedroom hand in hand. I lit the candles to see room was lit quite dimly but enough to see mom’s beautiful face without switching on the light bulb. The fragrance from the candles too began to spread through the room. I held mom’s face with my hands and once again pulled her to another french kiss. My hands went around her back to find the zipper of her dress. I found it and pulled it down in one swift motion to allow the dress to fall. I was able to İstanbul Escort unhook her bra without breaking our kiss. Then I stepped back to admire this true beauty. Then only I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. And she had shaved her pussy too. It was glistening with moisture in anticipation of what’s going to happen next. I looked at her, “Wow mom, you are so naughty. You haven’t worn the panties I selected for you.”

She chuckled and asked, “So, don’t you like it sweetheart? I even shaved my pussy for you.”

I said, “Oh my god, no. I really love it,” and knelt down in front of her to have a closer look at my birth canal because I was yet to have my first taste of the best pussy in the world.

Mom pushed me away. “Mmhhh…,” she shook her head in disagreement. “It’s not fair for me to be the only one naked here. So you better get undressed before everything.”

I got up and mom started to unbutton my shirt. I let her do the undressing and watched her beauty. I pulled my shirt from my arms as she proceeded to kiss my chest and belly to go down on me. Then she unbuckled my trousers and pulled it down with my boxers. She kissed the head of my semi erect cock to make it fully erect like an iron rod. I pulled her up and kissed her full on her lips. “Now it’s fair. Isn’t it?” I asked. Her response was another passionate kiss.

I slowly pushed her towards our bed and carefully laid her on it. I knelt beside her on the bed. I said, “Mom, if sex is my religion, you are my goddess and your body is my shrine. So, let me worship my goddess and enter my shrine, mom.”

She smiled at me again and she looked really happy. I moved towards her feet and lifted her left foot with both of my hands up to my face. I kissed her delicate feet like it was some sort of a sacred object. I kept kissing her feet alternatively until she pulled them away. “Honey, what are you doing? Aren’t we supposed to make love tonight?”

I lifted her left foot again and said, “Mom, I need to worship your body before that. Please let me do it mom.”

She closed her eyes in response and I knew what that meant. I licked her toes and then began to suck that red nailed toes. I sucked each and every one of them to my heart’s content. I was attracted to her beautiful legs since I could remember. They weren’t long, slender model like legs. They were quite chubby but had enough length to match her height.

Then I proceeded to kiss her legs towards her thighs. They were so fleshy that I could keep kissing and caressing them all throughout my life. Mom was squirming under my touch probably anticipating that I would turn my attention to her dripping pussy sooner. But it was not to be. Her breathing became audible as I got closer and closer to that sacred place. I skipped it intentionally and moved to her belly. I heard a sigh of disappointment as I began to kiss and caress her belly.

I spent more time around her belly button and licked around it. Then I pushed my tongue inside it quite a few times to arouse her more. She was moaning as she said, “Oh baby, please don’t tease me honey. Oh my god…”

After her belly button, I kissed my way up to her gorgeous 36DD breasts. They were slightly falling to the sides as they were heavy, natural and mature. I used my hands to place and hold them on her chest. I kept my hands on the sides of her chest to hold them in place. I kissed the sensitive undersides of her breasts and looked at her face. She was looking at me and had a beautiful smile on her face.

I blew some air onto her aroused nipples still looking at her eyes. I knew how sensitive they were from our earlier couplings. They got harder and harder after each and every blow. Then I started to suck her right nipple like a hungry kid. “Lie on the bed, honey.” Mom said pulling her nipple from my mouth.

I obeyed her like a good son and lied by her side with my mouth at the level of her breasts. Then mom turned to my side and guided her breast to my mouth again. “This is comfortable for both of us. This feels so good baby. To get my tits sucked by you again.”

I was sucking her tits peacefully as she was speaking. She was rubbing my head with one of her hands and gently rubbing my cock with the other. My hands were busy holding and teasing her tits, specially the nipple of the other breast. Both the nipples were diamond hard and at their full length by the time. Mom continued to speak as I continued to suck her nipples, “Do you know how much I enjoyed breast feeding you?”

I shook my head without bothering to release her breast. “I never thought breastfeeding was such a joy until I fed you. My whole body gets aroused when it is time to feed you. When you suck my sensitive nipples it sent the signal all the way to my pussy. My pussy was always dripping when I was feeding you. That was the only thing in the world that would arouse me endlessly. I’ve never told this to anyone baby. I’ve always masturbated Bayan Escort after you sucked my breasts and fell into sleep. And you too liked to suck my tits. I couldn’t wean you until you were 5 years old. You always wanted to have both the breasts exposed when feeding. You sucked one while rubbing the other one with your hand. That was the thing that turned me on so much. I really loved it,” Mom said.

I felt mom remove her hand from my cock. She brought the hand to her pussy and pushed 2 fingers in. Then brought it to her tits. She held the breast I wasn’t sucking and rubbed the fingers on and around the nipple coating the juices on it. She pushed my mouth away from the breast and brought the one with her pussy juices closer to it. She said, “I may not have milk to feed my baby. But I’m going to feed him with mommy juices.”

I latched on to that one again to taste ‘mommy juices’. It tasted divine. I sucked it for some time and wanted to move to another part of hers that really turned me on. I released her breasts and once again made her lie on her back. Then lifted her arms above her head and pinned them with my hand. There was a questioning look on her face. I pushed my tongue out to tease her. Then I bent down and kissed her exposed smooth armpits. It was such a turn on for me to see those beautiful, fleshy armpits. I always kept looking at them when she wore a sleeveless dress and I would try to peek through the sleeves of her loose fitting dresses when I get the chance. She was squirming once again and tried to get her hands away from my grip. Probably my kisses must have tickled her. I really needed to taste her fleshy armpits. So I said, “Mom, please let me taste your armpits. I’ve always fantasized about them. Please let me make it real.”

She giggled like a school girl and said, “I never knew you were such a pervert. But what to do now? I’m all yours, so you can do anything with it baby.”

“Thank you mom. I love you,” I said and gave one of her armpits a long lick. They weren’t sweaty as much as I’d have liked, nevertheless it was great to lick those beautiful armpits at last. It was one of my biggest fantasies coming true.

I licked both of them for some time against her fading protests and proceeded to her sensitive neck. It wasn’t a neck what you’d fantasize in a perfect woman. It was quite the length to be good, but not that long slim type. It was long and full like the rest of her body. Mom turned her head to a side exposing a good portion of her neck flesh and I planted a soft kiss on it. An unintentional moan escaped from her lips as kissed it and it was the first of many to come.

Then I paid my attention to her face. I kissed each and every part of it except her lips. I knew if I kissed her lips, there would be no stopping to it. That’s how much I liked them.

Finally, I planted a soft kiss on her ruby lips. I was hoping for a simple kiss. But mom who was was frustrated of my teasing held my face with her hands and kissed me back. The kiss which I hoped to be a gentle peck became a deep loving kiss between two soulmates. Our kiss went on for several minutes at the slow speed both of us liked. Meanwhile, my hard cock was poking her pussy looking for the entrance. She pushed my face away lovingly and said, “Make love to me, baby. Plant your seed in me and give me a child.”

Mom held my cock with her right hand and placed the head on the entrance of her moist pussy. I pushed my cock slowly into her willing pussy while whispering, “I love you mom.”

She whispered, “I love you too, my baby,” and kissed me again. I bottomed out in a single gentle thrust. I waited there for some time looking at her lovely face enjoying the sensation of my cock in her with closed eyes and a simple smile. She wrapped her legs around my hips and said, “Love me, honey. Love me until your cum is overflowing from my pussy.”

“I’m going to make love until both of us can’t do it anymore,” I said and pulled my cock out until only the head remained in her.

That was the beginning of the best love making I ever did to the date. We made slow, gentle love whole night whispering our love to each other. We did it in many positions mainly in missionary, spooning and mom on top. All those positions were the ones that we could hold each other close when making love. We kissed, licked and nibbled our bodies and she marked me as hers by biting my shoulder while she was having one of her umpteen orgasms in the night.

I too had about 5 or 6 orgasms during the night and all the semen were released to the very fertile and unprotected womb of my gorgeous mother. There wasn’t probably more than a drop or two of semen when I came last. But still the destination was same as the earlier ones. The bed was totally a mess with our mingled juices flowed out of mom’s pussy and puddled at different places on the bed. We made love until it was close to 3 o’clock in the morning and we fell asleep Eskort exhausted, not even bothering to find a drier place on a place which would’ve been impossible. We just had the strength to cuddle with each other and that was the last thing I remember about that night.

I woke up to the smell of bacon preparing in the kitchen. I opened my eyes, still feeling sleepy to see that mom wasn’t there by my side on the bed. It was around 12 noon as I saw it on our bedside clock. Then I jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom for my morning chores. I peed, brushed my teeth, had a bath and then I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to go to the kitchen. When I went to the kitchen I saw mom was preparing the lunch facing away from me. She was wearing a white bathrobe which was long enough to cover her knees. I slowly tip toed behind her and hugged her. She smelled fantastic. This time she didn’t scream like the last time I did that. “Good morning, mom.”

She lifted a hand and rubbed my cheek, “It’s good afternoon, babe. It’s 10 past noon,” she said.

“Oh, I don’t care mom. But right now I’m too hungry,” I said with a mocking anger.

We took our plates to the dining table as soon as she finished preparing the meal. She had prepared bacon, some boiled vegetables and orange juice. We ate in silence as both of us were in too much hunger. We washed the dishes and then retreated back to our bedroom. I sat on the bed first, resting my back to the headboard. Then mom sat between my legs and rested her back to my body. I enveloped my arms around her belly and started to slowly rub it.

Mom turned her head upwards and said, “Thank you for the last night babe. That was even better than the previous night.”

“Don’t thank me mom. You deserved each and every second of it. By the way, how was your afternoon? Your shopping trip with the girls?”

“Oh that… Umm…,” It was like she wanted to tell me something, but she was feeling uncomfortable telling me about it.

“Ummm… honey, would you mind if I tell you something? It’s not something that you’d be glad to listen.”

Now I was desperate to know what it was, “Tell me mom. What’s the problem?”

“Honey, you know, I went shopping with Megan and other friends. I always covered your teeth marks on my neck and everything went perfectly until the last moment without anyone noticing it. When we were done shopping, there was about 45 minutes remaining for me to come home. So, I suggested her to have some coffee. While the others went home, we went to a coffee shop. Then she saw the teeth mark on my neck,” mom was looking down.

“Oh shit,” I said. “Did she ask you abou it?”

Mom nodded her head to confirm it. “She asked me about it. I told her it was an accident. But she knew straight away that it was a teeth mark. I tried to change the topic, but she wasn’t going to let me go that easy. Then I told her it was a one night stand I had last night. But being my best friend for 15 years she knows I’m not that kind. Finally I had to tell her the truth. I’m really sorry baby, I had to tell her,” Mom hugged me and I heard her sob quietly.

I was shocked to hear that. “Did you really tell her that you slept with your own son?”

“No, no baby. I told her that you are my boyfriend.”

I was so much relieved. “It’s okay mom. I’m glad you handled the situation well. Please don’t cry now. Please mom,” and I wiped away the tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Thank you sweetie. Umm… honey, she said that she needs to see you. I told her that you are bit uncomfortable with meeting my friends right now. So she said, she wants me to come with you to the firm’s anniversary party,” mom smiled.

“Oh no, mom please. All your friends will be there. And what if someone recognize me as your son?”

“I don’t think so. Last time any of my friends saw you with me was when I took you to my office when you were 6. Now you’re grown up, so I don’t think anybody will recognize you.”

I thought for a moment and said, “That’s a good point.”

Mom turned towards me while opening her bathrobe. “Let’s worry about it later. How about you fuck my brains out right now?” mom asked with a sultry voice.

I kissed her lips hard in response and mom removed my shirt while doing it. We stripped really quickly in need of some hard fucking. We fucked like wild animals released from a cage. Both of us were talking dirty and trying to dominate the other partner. That was a real hard fuck with no love but pure lust.

There we were, about 20 minutes later cuddling to each other kissing and touching our bodies. My cum was dripping from mom’s pussy on to the bed. I kissed her and said, “I love you mom, forever.”

She smiled and said, “I love you too sweetie,” and we had a nap.


That was the chapter 04 of this love filled series. Next chapter will be mainly about how Jason and Jessica go to the anniversary party of the firm and how they handle Megan, Jessica’s best friend who is keen to meet Jason. And also we’ll be seeing more of Jessica’s naughty side in the coming chapters. Thank you all for your time and please don’t forget to vote and comment for the story. Thanks again.

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