My Flirty mom


Hi I am a 18 year old guy.My mom is 38. She is so good in encouraging me of all my career skills and give mom is a teacher.i had a girlfriend namely “Priya”.WE two are school time friends and one day she came to my room for borrowing the book. my mom went to school.even she is my girl friend i chatted for some time with her and offered her a glass of drink. She drank it and placed the glass on the table. when she is seeing me, i slowly took the glass and licked the place where her lips got touched.she smiled me with a great eager and slowly come towards me and kissed my lips.We two are in a great sex mood and we get a great pleasur.she removed her tops and showed me her 38′ sized boobs. i was astonished to see my ANGEL in top less.i ate the bunch of mangoes for a great and she hold it for a long time.Then we went to the bathroom. She made me to stand outside and she entered the toilet to pissing.But i went behind her and saw the beauty of her back ass when she got uncovered. What an angel she was!!!!!!!!!!
When is in ready position to pee, i made my mouth straight to her pussy by lapped on the ground.She kiss my lips and then she squirted a lot in my face and Sex hikayeleri my mouth.her piss tasted well for me and we both returned to the bed.After this is over i poured a glass of wine in a cup and made her to squirt her urine to the wine.It made good cocktail. I drank it with great fun.then she spread her thighs and then i tasted her pussy with my sweet tongue ,.My tongue lasted even for a half an hour for licking and for fingering. her orgasms got out and i ate it . It is the best drink i ever eated. Then she sucked my cock with her cherry lips my 6 inched cock put a goood fooood to her rosey mouth.
then she fell on the bed and i inserted my cock in her hairy gives me a great pleasure of lifetime. then i fucked a few seconds in doggy style.suddenly my mom came finished from school and entered my room.i was shocked .My mom saw me and priya nude.She suddenly wore th clothes and went out.I was in a great angry . My mom leaved the place and entered kitchen.i went following her and shouted her.
“Mom what u have done?”
She said me sorry.But i am in great anger.suddenly my mind decided to fuck my mom.On Sikiş hikayeleri talking with my mom,i removed my bottoms and underwear.She was shocked but she ignored me.
“Son pls dont do this .wear the clothes”
but i masturbated even in before her eyes.On my seduction,My mom suddenly kissed my lips
and made me to lap on the ground.She forgotten that she is my mom and she sucked my cock like a porn-star.I thought to only seduce my mom but my mom mading sex with me,i was mom told me that ” I am a teacher ,so i want to teach my son to behave good in bed time.” my mom is now a prostitute for me. so i made a wonderful fuck with her in doggy and standing .Her milky boobs offerd me a milkful pleasure . then i Released my sperm in my moms ass. she released her orgasms in my mouth .
Now we are on the ground uncovered
Erotik hikaye

Now our conservation is,
“Mom do u have any anger on me?”
“No my son, every son will see his mom nude while birth,every child will drink milk when mom is topless. So in god’s sight these are good”
“And son i loved it and love u”
“I cant live with ur cock, so daily have fun with ur priya and ur fuckable flirty mom me.”


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