A New Pair of Shoes


It had been a while since I’d had a date and the sexual need was getting to me. I decided to go strolling and see if I could find someone willing to play along with me. I showered and shaved, paying special attention to my pussy to make sure everything was clean and ready.

As I went through my closet, I settled on a black dress that fell to about mid thigh and had a halter style top, cut low. It clung to my curves and I felt excitement run through me and I smoothed the fabric over my skin. I chose a pair of silver spiked heels and a necklace that fell right in the middle of my breasts to complete my look. With my eyes done up and red lipstick applied, I headed out the door for the mall.

As I walked through the mall I saw a few men turn and watch me walk. I was looking through each store window to find just the right partner. After several stores I saw him working in a shoe store. He was in his early 20s, about 6 feet tall with a nice athletic body and shaggy brown hair. I thought he was probably a college student working to earn some extra money.

When I walked into the store he was busy with another customer. I walked around, running my hands over the high heels deciding what I wanted to try on. I found a pair of red patent leather sandals with a four inch heel. I looked over and saw that my young man was escorting his customer to the register. I walked over to him and asked if I could try these shoes in a size seven. He went back to the store room and returned with my shoes. He slid them on my feet and as he worked on fastening the buckle, I slowly slid my foot up his thigh. He looked up at me sokkan.org and I could see him swallow as I watched his throat. Oh, how that throat begged to be licked. When I finished I got up and walked around in my heels, rubbing my hands over my hips as I walked and stopped to look at my feet in the mirror. They looked sexy, but I needed more.

My next pair was a pair of black knee high boots, again with a high spiked heel. I slipped my feet into the boots and as he started to slide the zipper up, I spread my legs to show him my bare, shaved pussy. His hands started to shake slightly as they eased down my calves. Once again, I walked around so he could see me in these boots and I smoothed the dress over my ass when I stopped to see how I looked. He knew I wasn’t wearing any panties and he watched my hands glide over my ass. I could see the bulge growing in his pants.

I sat down again and he eased down the zipper on my boots. I told him that this wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I told him what I really wanted was a pair of thigh high boots. He had to go back to the store room again. I was getting wet and fighting the urge to reach down and touch myself. He returned with my boots. I could see that he was nervous. He knew his hands were going to slide up under my skirt in order to get these boots on me. He took his time sliding them on me and even more time sliding the zipper up. His hand slipped under my skirt and I pushed forward slightly so that his fingers made contact with my clit. I tingled from head to toe at this slight touch. His hand didn’t move, but we could not continue here. I told him görükle escort I needed to see what he had in the store room.

He took me back and I got to look at his tight ass as he walked. As soon as we were in the store room, I grabbed his bulge and was rewarded with a groan and a hard cock when I did. We found a corner where we might not be seen, but the thought that someone might walk in and see us made me even wetter. I pushed him up against the wall and furiously worked at his pants to free his cock. As I slid his pants down his shirt tails covered the part I wanted to see most. I couldn’t move his shirt fast enough. When I finally saw him he was rock hard and ready for attention. I did not hesitate as I engulfed him with my mouth. He reached all the way to the back of my throat. I sucked and licked his cock with everything I had and he was near the brink when he hesitantly pulled me mouth off. He turned me around so my back was now against the wall. He pulled the front of my dress apart so that my tits were out and eagerly sucked and nibbled on my nipples. I cried out in both agony and ecstasy as he continued to work my nipples. They were hard as rocks and loving all the attention, but I needed more. His right hand traveled down as he gently pinched and rolled my left nipple. I was near exploding. His hand continued down to my hip, then cupped my ass. Finally his hand moved forward to give me what I wanted. His fingers found my clit and flicked over it ever so gently, paused, then flicked again. It felt like a whisper but the jolts of electricity going through my body were anything but gentle.

As I removed his hand my chest was heaving as he was still lavishing my nipples with his expert tongue. He stopped and I was tingling, wanting more. He knelt down in front of me, shoving the hem of my dress up to my waist. I couldn’t wait. I parted my legs, ready for him to enter me. Instead I was rewarded with his tongue lapping me. He expertly licked and sucked my clit while he slid a long finger deep inside of me. He wiggled his finger while continuing to work his magic with his tongue. I had reached the peak and ground down on his face and his finger and rode him through wave after wave of pleasure.

He grabbed my ass and lifted me up, guiding me gently down on his cock. He fit tightly into me and he moaned as my hot, wet pussy encased him. When I had taken all of him in, he held still as he went back to licking and nibbling my nipples. He gently took each one his teeth and tugged lightly. After a few minutes he began to slide me up and down his cock. I tried to match his rhythm but he was in control as he gripped my ass and determined our pace. I could feel him grow harder inside of me and his thrusts grew faster and harder. I heard him moan a little louder and a little faster and then I heard, “Oh yes, that’s it. I’m going to come.” As he unloaded in my pussy, another orgasm hit me and my juices flowed over him. He lifted me up, and then set me down. As I Iooked down at his cock, I saw it still somewhat hard and glistening. I knelt back down in front of him and cleaned him up. The taste of us combined on his cock was incredible. Just as I was about to finish, I heard a voice yell into the store room, “Break time’s over lover boy.” We both laughed and I pushed my dress back down.

I left the store wearing those boots and think of him every time I look at them.

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