My Daughter’s Boy Friend

My Daughter’s Boy Friend

By DDDDave

Big tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking

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I am employed as a Professor at The Institute of Technology and Science. I started there about two years ago. It was just after my daughter graduated from high school.

At the same time that I started working there my daughter started to attend. It worked out well. She got a big discount on the tuition and had a chance to attend a prestigious school. I encouraged her to live on campus so as to instill a sense of independence.

Things were going really well. I mean, sure there were some hiccups. Some anomalies that I couldn’t explain. After I had been there about six weeks I started to hear rumors of unusual events. Strange things happening in the library. Teachers and students experiencing odd events. But I put it all down to the usual rumor mill and paid it no attention. I probably should have paid more attention.

My first indication that weird things might be closer to me than I thought was when I had to buy some new clothes.

I’d always been a nerd. I took pride in that! I was as smart as any man and just as ambitious! My degree in Theoretical Physics was hard earned and a source of great pride to me.

And honestly, when I was hired I looked like a stereotypical science nerd. I eschewed makeup. My hair was frizzy and almost unmanageable. My figure was, well, ‘Mom Bod’ would have been a compliment.

I had gotten married young and bore a daughter, and then my husband died to leave me alone to raise Prunella. I know, I hated the name but he insisted as it was an old family name. I called her Pru.

After a few months at T.I.T.S. I noticed that I was changing. Physically. My waist became more pronounced. My hips and thighs lost some of the fat and cellulite that I had assumed were normal for a person like myself that did not exercise. Most noticeably (at least to me) my breasts began to grow. Almost like I was repeating puberty! When I joined T.I.T.S. I was a saggy B-cup. Slowly I began to evolve. My boobs (yes, I started calling them ‘Boobs’) firmed up and stood out more proudly. Every few months I would have to purchase larger bras, ones with more commodious cups. I tried my best to hide theses changes. I was embarrassed by the occasional stare that I was subjected to. I had never been the subject of leers and catcalls. And I wasn’t eager to become eye candy!

My dark hair lost it’s frizz and became curly with reddish highlights. And my skin became smooth and blemish free! My lips plumped up for some reason and I found that my tongue was more limber and longer than I was used to.

After Eric died I had sort of lost interest in sex. But now, to my embarrassment, I was becoming more attracted to the opposite sex. And I started to notice some of the cute faculty and students. I was surprised to find that I was actually attracted to them. And more attractive to them as well!

Not that I did anything about it. Well, I did buy a dildo! A large dildo. “El Toro Magnifico”. That turned out to be a good investment. It’s not uncommon for me to treat myself to a series of orgasms before I fall asleep.

So here I was, two years after joining the faculty at T.I.T.S. I was a dark haired, plump lipped woman with showgirl legs, a booty to die for and an embarrassingly magnificent large set of 34 Double G breasts. Boobs. Tits. I had a hard time hiding them! And sometimes I discovered that I didn’t want to hide them. But I stayed focused and avoided any urges to show off!

Anyway, to start this story Pru brought home her latest boyfriend to meet me and have dinner. I knew that he was trouble the moment I met him.

Pru had always been good looking so it was no surprise that Horace was a good looking kid. He was, in fact, gorgeous! Slim, fit, chiseled jaw bone, piercing blue eyes and a roughish grin that was just so lovable!

He wore tight jeans and a tee-shirt with some rock bands logo on it. I have to admit that I watched him as he moved around. He and Pru seemed to have a good relationship. They smiled at each other and from time to time they would touch each other on the arm or what ever. Nothing too obvious.

And I finally noticed that Horace was checking me out too! I was surprised. But he was definitely looking at me! I was flattered but I didn’t do anything to encourage him. Really, I didn’t! I didn’t stand in profile and flaunt my breasts which at 34-GG were much larger than Pru’s! I didn’t bend over to allow Horace to get a peek down my blouse! Nor did I ever crouch down so that he could admire my firm butt! And when I had to bursa eskort bayan change out of my pants because I’d spilled soda onto them? The mini skirt I changed into was just the most available thing I could find in the third drawer I looked in. And I had to wear spike heels since they matched the skirt! If Horace noticed my legs and butt that wasn’t MY fault!

We had a nice dinner. I allowed Pru to have a few glasses of wine while Horace and I stuck to water. Horace offered to help me clean up which was so sweet and Pru moved into the living room and settled down on the couch.

I was rinsing the dishes and putting them into the dishwasher while Horace cleared the table and then joined me in the kitchen. I could see that Pru had drifted off to sleep, probably from the wine. She wasn’t much of a drinker.

Horace was standing right next to me as I finished at the sink.

“You’ve been such a kind host,” he remarked. “Can I show you something?”

“Why yes, I suppose so,” I replied. What could he want to show me, I wondered.

With out a word Horace swept off his tee-shirt! Oh MY GOD! He was all muscle! Large, well defined pecs and chiseled abs! His shoulders and arms were corded with muscles that I could see moving under his tanned skin.

I didn’t realize I was doing it, but my hand caressed his abs and then I found my fingers were toying with his nipples! He just felt SO GOOD! SO STRONG AND MASCULINE!

“You have a nice touch, Mrs. Smith.” He murmured.

“Um, aah.” What was I doing? And why wasn’t I stopping?

“Yeah, a real nice touch!” He repeated. And then I felt his strong hand grasp my butt and pull me closer to him! I felt my large breasts pressing against his muscular body! He was so warm! He was so toned! It felt SO GOOD!

He leaned over and kissed my neck. Someone was moaning and sighing. Was that ME? His lips nibbled at my ear! His tongue was toying with my jaw line and moving toward my… HE WAS KISSING ME! His tongue dove into my mouth and explored every inch! And I was holding him to me with both arms as he forced me to feel his sculpted body. He felt magnificent as I moved against him! I could feel my breasts being flattened against his torso! My nipples were completely erect! The feeling as they scraped against him was amazing!

I wanted to object but I was too busy sucking on his tongue and teasing his lips with my mouth!

“Ohh, Horace,” I gasped. “You feel so good!”

He just smiled down on me and as I gazed into his eyes I felt his hand slowly sweep up my body until it was cupping my breast! He started to squeeze and fondle me! All I could do was pant and mewl as he worked! He knew just what to do! I could feel my temperature rising as he went on and on! I was getting hotter and hotter!

I had one hand on his back, pulling myself closer to him and the other was moving over his shoulders and arms. Now that hand moved to the front and began to slide over his pecs. His abs were being stroked. My hand was moving slowly down toward his groin! I wan’t doing this! Some how I had lost control!

Without knowing how I found that I was caressing the amazingly hard bulge in his pants! SO hard! It was longer than my hand! When my finger tips were touching his ball sac his cock extended farther than the base of my hand! Much farther! It was so THICK! And HARD! How could it be so big and so hard at the same time, I wondered?

“Oh, yeah,” he groaned. “You have a real nice touch! Go ahead! Get a good grip! Feel me up! Do you like that? Can you feel how excited you’ve made me?”

How excited I’d made him? I hadn’t done anything! I wasn’t doing anything! This was all someone else standing in my kitchen and getting sexed up by the hottest young man I’d ever seen!

A hot young stud with the body of a young God! And a penis, a cock, that was bigger than my dildo I realized, as I squeezed and fondled him! What was happening?

What was happening was I was slowly sliding down Horace’s body. I was kissing and licking as I went. Tonguing his nipples, nipping at his ribs, running my mouth over his sculpted abs! Using my tongue to tease his bellybutton! Some how his pants dropped to his ankles and I was confronted with a massive bulge in his shorts! So massive! So thick and so long! Truly larger than my dildo! El Toro Magnifico was one of the biggest dildo’s I had found. It had always been enough to bring me to rapid and frequent orgasms. What would this feel like I wondered as I caressed it with both hands!

I found my self slowly pulling his shorts away from his body and lowering them. Horace’s cock head got caught behind the waist band. I pulled further bursa merkez escort and further. The base of his cock was exposed but I still could not see much of his shaft. When I had finally pulled his shorts half way to his knees his dick snapped free and slammed into his abdomen! As it quivered in front of me I gaped in amazement! I had never imagined a dick of this size! It was past big! It was steel hard and at least as thick as my wrist!

I wrapped my hand around it and found that I could not touch fingers to thumb! It was that thick! And HARD! There was no give to it! I tried to squeeze it but it was too hard!

I put one hand above the other and there was still a huge amount of shaft in sight! I moved my bottom hand up and grasped Horace’s cock shaft. There was STILL a couple of inches and his enormous dick head exposed! Three hands full and more! I had no idea how long it was! A voice in the back of my mind was telling me to measure it! That voice was drowned out by a chorus that was begging me to mount the largest cock I’d ever dreamed of and see what it was like to get my brains fucked out! What was happening to me? I was losing my mind!

I was fondling his ball sack with one hand while the other made repeated trips up and down. His balls were as large in proportion as his cock! Each one was the size of a hen’s egg I guessed. Massive! And I could feel the heat from them as my fingers explored his immensity!

I looked up into Horace’s eyes. He was smiling down at me as I adored, no, worshiped, his gigantic cock!

“You’ve got a real good touch! Why don’t you use your lips on my dick and see what I taste like?”

There was no way I was going to do that for this arrogant young stud, I told myself as I pulled his dick down to my mouth and tried to suck it between my lips. No way, I told myself as I started to run my open mouth up and down his freakishly large column! So large! So warm!

“Oh, yeah, that’s so good! Keep doing that!” He told me.

And I was! I was going faster and trying harder and harder to take more and more into my mouth! He was leaking a lot and I was licking and sucking it all up! It was delicious! It tasted wonderful and had a marvelous texture as I swallowed as much of it as I could!

I had seldom provided oral treatment to my late husband. But some how, now, with this amazing example of masculine pulchritude I was not only doing it, I was enjoying it! Enjoying it so much! It was the most exciting thing I had ever done in my life!

Only the chorus of voices in my head yelling at me to get my brains fucked out kept me from continuing to provide oral gratification!

Slowly, I slid back up to give Horace the hottest kiss I could!

While kissing him and gyrating against him I managed to undo my blouse and let it slip to the floor. This, of course, exposed my bra to his gaze. My Double G boobs overwhelmed my bra! There was flesh pooching up out of the bra cups and the line of my cleavage was deep and enticing.

I watched as he stared at me. His hand slowly came up to caress and fondle my large breasts.

“Pru is so proud of her figure.” He told me. “You make her look flat chested! What a set of tits! I love big boobs and you sure have a pair don’t you?”

“Thirty Four Double G” I told him proudly while thrusting my bust out in front of me! “Pru doesn’t have anything like this to offer! Now fill your hands with my big tits and make them feel good, Stud!”

It turned out that Horace knew exactly what to do to make me and my tits feel good. For the next several minutes he fondled and squeezed me with both hands. He plucked at my nipples and licked and sucked my big fat tits until I was shivering with happiness!

“Now come with me,” I instructed him. Grasping his erection I led him to my room and pulled him onto the bed.

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this!” I told him while stroking him with both hands. “I want to get you as hard and big as possible and then I want you to fuck my brains out!” The chorus in my head cheered!

“My pleasure,” he responded. He gently laid me back and moved between my thighs. Even the voices in my head went quiet when we felt his dick head press against my pussy lips! So BIG! There was no way he was going to be able to press that monster into me no matter how eager I was. It was just impossible to fit that billiard ball sized dick head between my pussy lips!

Horace kept up a constant pressure while nibbling at my neck and tweaking my nipples and otherwise taking my mind off the size of his dick head as it pressed harder and harder against me.

I was completely surprised bursa sınırsız escort bayan when I felt it start to make it’s way into my pussy! It hurt! It felt amazing! I was being stretched in ways that I had never imagined were possible! But he was making head way! He began to move back and forth which made it possible for him to continue to make progress as I writhed beneath him! God, he was good!

By the time he had gotten me to accept his dick head I was trembling on the verge of a massive orgasm. And when It hit I was screaming my lungs out!

Horace just kept on fucking me! He was taking longer and longer strokes! As he worked I could feel him getting deeper and deeper into my spasming pussy!

I had never felt anything like it! It was wonderful! Exciting! I was trying to push my pelvis up to meet his strokes. I wanted him to fuck me harder and harder! I needed to feel him deeper and deeper!

I ran my hands over his torso as he worked above me. I caressed his pectorals, toyed with his nipples and then I sent my hands down to my pelvis. I played with my pussy lips and clitoris. I teased his balls with my finger tips! He was inches deep into me but not even half way yet! His wrist thick shaft was making my pussy spasm in ecstasy as he kept on!

Without warning I crashed into another orgasm, this one even stronger than the first. I think I may have blacked out for a moment. When I became fully aware again Horace was driving at least nine inches of his beyond huge cock into my weeping puss-puss! SO FUCKING GOOD!

“More, you horse-dicked son-of-a-bitch! I want more! I want all of you! Don’t stop fucking me until I’ve gotten it all!” I was yelling at him and the chorus in my head was encouraging me to talk dirty to him!

“You are one hot slutty bitch aren’t you? You want more? You want all that I have to offer? Well, okay but don’t blame me for what’s going to happen,” he groaned.

To my surprise he began to fuck me faster and harder! Faster and harder! He was pounding my into the mattress with-out any concern for whether I was enjoying the treatment he was dishing out!

And I was loving it! I was trying to thrust myself back up at him but he was going too fast and hard for me to be able to really contribute. So I just laid there and took the pounding of a lifetime! I came again and again. I lost count of how often I came. I would no sooner get my breath back than I would be forced into another pussy rattling cum! Horace was amazing!

“Oh, GOD! I’m losing my mind,” I yelled. “I’ve never cum so hard or so often! You are the best! The BEST! So BIG, SO HARD! SO MUCH! MORE MAN THAN I’VE EVER HAD! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!”

And it didn’t seem like he was going to stop. He kept on fucking me for at least another twenty minutes.

“I’m going to cum you busty fuck doll!” He told me. “Where should I cum? Do you want it in your pussy? In your mouth? Do you want me to jack off all over your top heavy body?”

“Between my tits! I want you to slide that pole of yours between my big fat boobs and fuck them until you cum a river all over!” Where did that come from? I’d never thought of doing anything like that before!

“Oh, you are a dirty, dirty girl!” He moaned as he ripped himself from between my thighs and pressed his enormous cock between my tits!

It only took him a few strokes as I pressed my tits around him! With a groan of relief he started to spurt! The first two were trapped between my tits! The next several splashed all over my chest and face before I managed to pull him into my mouth so I could suck down the last of his immense ejaculation!

“God, you taste good,” I moaned while licking my lips and trying to shovel as much of his seed into my mouth as I could find.

Horace was panting and trying to catch his breath as he crouched above me.

“You are an amazing fuck, Mrs. Smith” he told me.

“You are the best I’ve ever had,” I told him. “You make my other lovers seem puny and inadequate! Let’s be sure to do this again. Often!”

Slowly we gathered ourselves and we returned to the living room.

I sat in his lap so he could feel up my tits and I could squirm on his slowly revving dick. Unfortunately Pru stirred and began to wake up.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry,” she apologized to Horace. “I fell asleep.”

“It’s okay your Mom and I had a nice, umm chat. Don’t worry about it!”

I hugged them both goodbye making sure to give Horace a quick feel while I mashed my titties against him. He pinched my butt in return and gave me a wink as they were going out the door.

Later that night I sent Horace a video of my as I plunged my dildo in and out of my cunt.

“It’s not as big as you are, stud, but I will make due until you and I can get together again!” I told him. “I want to feel your mouth and hands on my big tits while you destroy my pussy with your huge fucking cock!!”

I can’t wait until then.

The Endddd

Part One

My Daughter’s Boy Friend

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