Terra Gets What She Wants

This is the lastest version of an ongoing story plot between Marte and Terra. This story can be enjoyed on it’s own accord, however. If you would like to read the earlier stories, you can find the previous stories about Marte. Vote and let me know what you think of the story. If you feel compelled, please leave a comment also. Enjoy!!


“You know it is just me and you now?” Terra says, putting her arm around Marte. “Now that Cindy has a serious boyfriend, she will not have time to engage in our female adventures.”

Marte laughs. “She will still make time for us. We are her best friends.”

Terra looks at Marte. “Yes, we are her best friends, but when was the last time she hung out with us?”

“We see her everyday at work.” Marte retorts, trying to defend Cindy.

Terra rolls her eyes. “If it were not for seeing her at work, we would no longer know she exists.”

Pulling away for a brief moment, Marte looks at Terra with a serious look. “It has been almost a month since she has hung out with us. Damn them men.”

Both girls laugh. Terra repeats Marte. “Damn them men!”

Terra pulls Marte close to her and presses Marte’s head against her chest.

Cuddling up against her best friend and one time girlfriend, Marte enjoys the warmth of her friends’ body heat. The cold weather outside makes it a great day for cuddling in front of the fire.

The sound of cracking wood in the fireplace creates a relaxing, romantic mood. The chilling sound of wind outside sends chills down Marte’s spine. She pulls the blanket up over her legs and uses Terra’s soft breasts for a pillow.

“Are they soft enough for you?” Terra asks, breaking the few moments of silence.

Marte ponders the question for a few seconds before asking for more information. “What ever do you mean?”

Exhaling, as if to express her disbelief that her friend does not getting what she is referring to, Marte answers in a condescending tone. “My breasts silly. I know you are naturally blond, but I didn’t think you were that blond.”

They both burst into laughter. “You know things go over my head all the time. That is only because I am short though. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

Terra squeezes Marte tighter against her own body. She loves the feeling of Marte’s warmth pressed up against her. Her perverted mind cannot help but wonder. She can feel her body begin to tingle in excitement. “You never answered me.”

Laughing, Marte responds, “Your mind is like a steel trap. Yes! Yes, they are nice and soft. They feel better than a pillow against my face. I am so jealous. I wish I had big, soft breasts too.”

Terra reaches down and cups Marte’s breasts. “They feel plenty soft to me. I love them just the way they are.”

Pushing her hand away, Marte says, “You are worst than a man. Sometimes I think you have a man’s brain inside your female body. I think you were definitely a male in your past life and it has somehow carried over to this life.”

“Don’t be jealous, my love.” Terra retorts. “I have an idea…”

Marte starts shaking her head back and forth, interrupting Terra. “Uh uh. I don’t think so. I know where all of your ideas lead to.”

Hugging Marte, holding her close, Terra continues speaking like a stubborn bull. “I have been studying relaxing techniques and I thought we could try some today.”

The thought of relaxing does sound good to Marte. The problem is, she knows everything with her friend has a silver lining that ends up leading to sex. Today she just wants to cuddle and enjoy the company of a friend. If Terra’s idea of “relaxing” involves softly touching, then she is out. Soft touching always turns into inappropriate touching which leads to removing clothing, which leads to adult behavior.

“What kind of relaxation are you speaking of?” Marte asks, playing along.

Terra is happy Marte has taken the bait. She may be simply nibbling, without going all in and taking the bite, but at least she has her interest. She ponders a moment, trying to decide how to word her explanation. The words must come out right from the beginning otherwise she will lose Marte’s interest immediately.

“I have been reading this book about positive vibes through the word of mouth. I have been mentally preparing the therapy techniques, but I need someone to try it with, to see if it works.”

Marte is intrigued. This sounds interesting. She wants to make sure it is exactly how Terra presented it, at face value. She has heard innocent sounding explanations before and fallen for the innocent sounding rules only to find there was touching involved. “No touching?” she asks softly.

“No touching unless you ask me to. It can be used in combination with soft touching, but it works without as well.” Terra explains.

“Fine.” Marte huffs, almost in disbelief she is falling for this. “How do we start?”

Terra feels her heart leap. She cannot believe Marte is actually being a willing participant. Terra has fallen for her face value explanations that were a front for having sex so many times that she escort never thought she would give in again. A twinge forms between her legs.

The instructions begin. “Okay. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen to my voice. Keep your head against my chest so you can hear and feel the rhythm of my heartbeat. I give you concepts to imagine in your mind and instruct you on what to do.”

“Okay. I know I am gullible and I have reservations, but I will give in. I can definitely use some relaxing after the long week of work.” Marte answers, resting her hands on her lap and intertwining her fingers.

Terra’s mind begins to run wild imagining where this will all go. She knows she should feel bad for taking advantage of her friend’s gullible thinking. She does feel a tiny bit bad, but not enough to keep from proceeding. Knowing she has to block out the end result actions, Terra tries to focus on what she needs to say to begin.

“With your eyes closed, clear your mind. You see nothing but a deep blackness in front of your eyes. Take a couple deep breaths and slowly exhale. When you exhale, let your body go limp and release all the tension you feel. Listen to the crackling of the fire in the background and the rhythm of my heartbeat.”

For the next several seconds, Marte breathes slowly in and out. She can hear the crackling fire. She tries to block out the sound of the wind hitting the house outside. The sound of Terra’s heart is loud and can be felt against Marte’s face. Each team Marte exhales, she lets her body go limp. She can feel the tension in her neck and shoulders slowly dissipate. Marte is impressed. Terra’s techniques are actually working.

Softly, in a relaxing tone that is almost monotone, Terra continues with the instructions. “Now, I want you to imagine a happy place. Perhaps a magical place where only joy and happiness exist. Let the image formulate in your mind and manifest. Imagine yourself laughing and having fun. It is warm where you are. A soft, warming breeze blows over your body and cuddles you like a silk blanket. This is a place you would go every chance you get.”

Terra stops talking and allows Marte to manifest the image in her mind. Several seconds pass in silence. Terra can hear the rhythmic breathing of Marte. The breathing pattern coincides with Terra’s breathing. Each time Terra inhales, Marte is inhaling along with her. Terra looks down at her best friend and wonders if she has fallen asleep.

Her soft voice breaks the silence, giving the next set of instructions. “Now Marte, you will imagine there is nothing to fear in this world. No inhibitions, no drama. Only happiness and love exist in your world. There is no reason to question anyone’s motivations. Everyone’s intentions are pure and loving kindness. Imagine there are other’s around you. They can be animals, creatures, people…whatever you want them to be. You can see the joy and happiness in their spirit. The world around you is electric. Your body is alive with positive vibes.”

A warm smile forms on Marte’s face. Terra smiles also, knowing that her friend is totally immersed in the world that has been created in her mind. Terra softly starts stroking Marte’s free flowing hair with her left hand.

Terra’s voice continues to speak softly. “Each stroke of your hair sends waves of joy and warmth through your entire being and resonates with your inner soul. You can feel your heart smiling with happiness and desire to explore further. You see a light shining brightly in the distance. The light is amazingly beautiful. You can feel yourself drifting toward the light. The light gets brighter and fills you with a glowing warmth inside as you move closer. You can feel the warm winds increase, blowing through your hair. The closer you get, the warmer you feel. The love and happiness is all around you. You feel yourself being drawn to the light until the light is all around you.”

Marte’s head falls forward and her body slumps over. Terra is sure her friend has fallen asleep. The hypnotism books in the other room said this is how the body would react once the subject has totally submitted to the instructors voice.

Terra lays her best friend over her own lap so that Marte is curled up in a fetal position, using Terra’s lap as a pillow. Now that she has submitted to Terra’s words, there is only one phase left, the guidance.

“As I mentioned earlier, there is no need for fear or resistance in this world. You feel the bright light surrounding you. No matter where you look, all you see is the bright light that is amazing. You feel free like a bird soaring in the sky with nothing to restrict it’s path. You feel weightless like you are floating in the sky. Hold onto this feeling. Lock it in your mind and your soul. The light around you slowly begins to fade. You can feel yourself returning to the real world. As you move toward the real world, you hold onto the freeness and weightlessness. In five seconds you will return to the real world and open your eyes. Five…four…three…two…one. Open your eyes.”

Marte bursa eve gelen escort slowly opens her eyes. Her arms readjust until she is hugging Terra’s right kneecap. She cannot believe how well she feels. All of her stress and tension is gone. She cannot help but smile. She begins giggling and she doesn’t know why.

Terra is curious as to how her friend is feeling. Did it work? She inquires, “How are you feeling Marte?”

“Amazing!” Marte replies with a lot of enthusiasm in her voice. “I cannot remember last when I felt this good. I am impressed with your skills.”

“Come here and give me a hug.” Terra says.

Marte arches her back and slowly moves to a sitting position. Her movements are graceful and look like she is floating in the air. Her arms slowly extend and wrap around Terra’s neck. Terra wraps her arms around her best friend. They embrace for a long time. Terra does not want to break the hug. It is best to let her friend disengage.

The strong hug creates a moment. Slowly, Marte’s hands finally start to pull away. Terra takes Marte’s cheeks in her hand and their eyes lock just inches from each other. Terra can see the glowing smile on her friend’s face. The blue eyes seem to go on forever. The dark blue color is what first attracted Terra to Marte.

Their faces slowly drift together as if they were magnetized. The smile on Marte’s face transforms into a serious look of passion. Terra licks her lips quickly then presses them very lightly against Marte’s lips. Terra kisses the edge of the unmoving lips, feeling the warmth of the skin. Her lips surround Marte’s bottom lip and suck it into her mouth. This is the moment when Marte starts to participate.

Marte closes her mouth and kisses Terra with passion. This is the passion Terra felt once upon a time. The passion in every kiss they shared when they were in a relationship just a couple years ago. Youth and stubborn will is what drove them apart back then. It was the first same-sex relationship for each of them and it felt a little uncomfortable.

Terra has since had a few more same-sex relationships and several opposite relations since then. Marte on the other hand, has had only one opposite sex relationship since then and has been single for the past couple of months. Her boyfriend went back to his home in Ohio with the spoken intentions of returning to move in with her. It broke Marte’s heart when he called and said he just could not leave his hometown. It has taken months for her to be okay with it.

Their arms wrapped around each other once again as they continued to kiss. Terra could feel the twinge between her legs growing stronger. No one could turn her on and make her feel complete the way Marte does. Being around Marte is heaven to Terra.

The embrace happened organically. It didn’t have to be forced by Terra for once, although she did the instructing. Marte pulls her head back and smiles at Terra. “I have never felt so free to just be. No worries. No reservations.”

A warm smile is returned to Marte. Terra’s heart begins to swell. All the time she spent reading, studying and practicing was paying off. In her mind, she hadn’t manipulated Marte, she had simply pulled away the weeds that were hiding her true feelings and emotions. She had opened Marte up to be true and honest.

The true test is in Terra’s next movements. Terra removes her right hand from behind Marte’s neck and runs the tip of her fingers down the front of Marte’s neck line, moving down to Marte’s breast. The fingers cup Marte’s breast, through her clothes. Terra pauses, waiting for Marte’s reaction. The normal reaction would be for her hand to be whisked away. Not this time. Marte leans in and starts kissing her friend with the same passion. Terra’s eyebrows raise in surprise. She takes the kiss as a sign that she is able to proceed.

Softly, Terra begins to caress her love’s breast through the shirt and bra. She hears Marte moan softly against her lips. Terra uses her left hand to press Marte’s lips hard against her own mouth. Their kisses become shorter and more aggressive, moving in a quick manner. Terra slides her hand under Marte’s shirt. In one swift motion, the clasps on Marte’s bra disengage. The bra starts descending.

Marte pulls away from the kiss just long enough to push her shirt over her head. She reaches up and pulls the bra straps from her shoulders. Her right index finger wraps around the bra strap. Her hand flings the bra to the floor. Marte turns her body to the side and pushes Terra down onto the couch.

Terra pulls Marte on top of her body. Their lips reconnect. Hands mussing through hair. Lips pressing hard against each other. Bodies begin grinding. Quick, unplanned and awkward body movements. Breathing starts to deepen. Gasps of air are short and quick. Estrogen flowing through the female bodies. Hormones exuding from their bodies. Sweat mingling and mixing. Clothes becoming strewn all over the the living room floor.

Marte straddles Terra’s left leg and görükle escort begins grinding against her thigh. Terra’s hands are running up and down Marte’s back. Marte’s soft skin feels amazing under Terra’s fingertips. Sticky wetness begins to leave a trail on Terra’s upper thigh with each thrust of Marte’s hips.

“I have missed you so much.” Marte gasps. “I have held back my feelings for way too long.”

Their lips smash against each other for a few kisses then Marte pulls back once more. “I have been lusting after you for so long, but I didn’t want to feel week.”

“Shhhhhh!” Terra instructs, pushing Marte’s body down until Marte’s lips are staring at Terra’s breasts.

Taking the hint, Marte wraps her lips around Terra’s hard round nipple and palms the breast with her hands. Terra arches her back, pressing her breast against Marte’s mouth. The warm tongue feels amazing on her hard, aching nipple. A long moan escapes from Terra’s mouth.

“You make me feel so wonderful.” Terra exclaims. Her emotions begin pouring out from her heart. It is like the flood gates have finally opened; the damn has been removed. Now her love is able to flow freely and transfer over to the love of her life. The love is returned equally.

One breast then the next, Marte’s mouth alternates. Sucking, kissing, licking all actions being utilized in order to please Terra. Their scissored hips begin to grind against each other, marking territory with wetness.

Terra rolls over off the edge of the couch, carrying Marte with her. The both burst into laughter as they fall onto the carpet. Looking deep into Marte’s eyes, Terra rolls over and takes dominant position. She leans down and places her lips on Marte’s left breast. Marte’s soft, yet small breasts fit perfectly into Terra’s mouth. She sucks on the nipple like an infant. Terra slides an arm under the lower part of Marte’s arched back and holds her in the air. Sweat glazes both women’s bodies.

It feels like Heaven once again to Terra. She has been waiting for the reformation of their bond for a couple of years. For awhile, she had almost given up and figured their loving relationship was a thing of the past. Now she has renewed faith. She doesn’t know if this will lead to a full blown relationship or just be another one of their many nights of fun, but she is encouraged it will be more than just a night of passion.

“I love you so much.” Terra blurts out as she mashes her groin against Marte’s groin. “I am going to devour you today, tomorrow and forever.”

Marte cannot help but laugh at Terra’s statement. “If you devour me that much, then there will be nothing left of me but bones.”

“Ha! You know damn well what I mean.” Terra responds.

“Kiss me you horny woman.” Marte exclaims.

Sliding up her lover’s body, Terra plants a long, wet kiss on Marte’s lips before sliding back down and sucking on the other breast. The wet tongue swirls around the hard nipple then travels down to her love’s mound. A series of kisses are planted all around the neatly groomed mound.

It had been months since she last saw Marte so intimately. Terra remembered it all to well, bare and wet. This time it was covered with a short coat of hair. The hair is soft and feels nice against her chin. Terra’s eyes keep drifting up to Marte’s face, checking her expressions in response to her kisses.

She loves the way Marte’s mouth falls open with each kiss then clamps shut a second later. After kissing randomly all over Marte’s mound, Terra is ready to take the plunge. She slithers further down Marte’s legs and prepares to dive in. She is caught off guard when Marte rolls over onto her side, throwing her left leg over Terra’s head.

“You are not getting access to my love spot that easily.” Marte answers.

“What?” Terra asks, in disbelief.

“Cuddle with me by the fire.” Marte answers.

Terra cannot believe what she is hearing. Here she is all revved up and ready to go. She is ready to taste her lover and be tasted. Instead, Marte wants to cuddle first?

Grabbing a blanket and pulling it over her body next to the fire, Marte invites Terra to join her. She holds a corner of the blanket open for her frustrated friend. Terra tries to stay calm and positive while making her way under the blanket. The warmth of the fire is almost too much.

Suddenly, Marte’s hand slides between Terra’s legs and starts massaging Terra. The expression on Terra’s face is priceless and says it all. She is beyond shock, utterly flabbergasted. This is not Marte’s style.

“Kiss me.” Marte whispers into Terra’s ear.

Terra practically devours Marte’s mouth with her own lips. The two of them kiss passionately as Marte slowly and intentionally strokes Terra’s outer labia with her fingertips. Terra’s bare skin feels smooth and puffy, yet clammy. The actions bring Marte back to when Terra was her girlfriend. The memories and emotions come flooding back to her.

Unable to fight the sensations, Terra’s hip raise off the floor; she moans inside Marte’s mouth. The kindling in the fire continues to crackle. The muscles inside Terra’s vagina begin to contract. She wants more, no she needs more. She attempts to reach between Marte’s legs, only to be met with closed legs, squeezed tightly. Instead, Terra’s hands move to her lover’s buttocks and begin squeezing.

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