Girlfriends Mother


I was waiting for my girlfriend in this snobby hotel she insisted on meeting me at for afternoon tea and buns, can you believe that?

And I was getting a little bit more than being pissed off about all this, she was always fashionably late, always came in breathless, and gushing loud apologies.

She would swish her way in, glance all around so people would see her, even though she would know exactly where I was, I was always made to wait for her “entrance”!

Her pirouette was perfect, she would do it for everyone’s benefit, then head toward me.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she was a better than great looking, fabulous body, sensitive to my touch, I could work her up in a heartbeat, a great fuck and I’d got her virginity, she would be past tense by now.

I have to admit here that she had got my virginity too, although I had strayed off the straight and narrow a few times, which gave me more experience, and expertise, she benefited from that, although she wasn’t aware of it.

Me? I’m Danny Jarvis, 6feet, good looking, Mary Roses words not mine, I work out, don’t drink a lot, don’t smoke, good body, again Mary Roses words, nice cock and balls, Mary Rose loves them!

Her family were rich, much more than mine would ever be, her dad was “something” in the city?

I had met him, he wasn’t too bad, but I had tagged him as one of the pin striped pants brigade. Bit of a niff naff if you know what I mean, talked the talk etc.

He was about 45, or early forties, balding a bit, the signs of a paunch coming over his trousers, but his wife Shelagh, my girlfriend Mary Rose’s mother she was something else, I would say 38 to 40 or thereabouts, maybe a little younger, I didn’t know, but she was and is a real darling, I could see where Mary Rose got her looks from, they were like twins really, but her mother had the air of a comfortable, assured woman happy in herself and what she was.

She was 5feet 7″ or so, nicely, no, lovely built, long soft chestnut hair down to her slender shoulders, with subtle highlights among her tresses.

Fine upright tits, her nipples could be seen poking through whatever she would wear, green eyes, pert nose, full lipped, narrow at the waist, long legs, small feet, and painted toenails

I could be describing Mary Rose, but she was, and did act sometimes like the girl she is, silly, and giggly at times, she had her mothers walk, but didn’t have the grace of a confidant woman that her mum was.

Some times when I was shagging Mary Rose, I would let my mind drift to her mother, I could imagine myself hard on top of her, and very hard inside of her too!

What I wouldn’t give to blast a load into her pussy!

I hadn’t tried anything with her mum, even though I knew I didn’t love Mary Rose in the true sense of the word, I wasn’t confidant enough to even attempt it, I didn’t want to lose the shagging of Mary Rose just yet, maybe when we would break up I would give her mum a shot!

So I am shagging the arse off a gorgeous girl, who gave me everything I wanted except that arse, that was totally off limits, a finger now and again but that was it.

And I wanted to fuck her mother too.

By the way, her mother works too, part time at my college, teaching art, and every guy there wanted to be inside her pants, lots had tried, all had failed.

She was always aloof at work, so no one ever got near her; some of the most wanted guys there had tried.

Nothing, Zip, Nada!

So here I am, I was a good 45 minutes early this day, sat there in this snobby lobby of the hotel, twiddling my thumbs, bored out of my head, waiting for Mary Rose and her grand entrance, it had 6 small boutiques up one side, selling bit and pieces at exorbitant prices.

I was sat to the left of the entry revolving doors, with my back to a window in the corner; I had a good view of the whole lobby, through the potted plants, standing lights, chairs etc, that split it into smaller areas, although where I was, was a little secluded, but this wasn’t intentional.

I was just about to get up for a coffee, when I heard the doors swishing I automatically turned towards it, expecting it to be Mary Rose, it wasn’t, who walked in? Her mother, Shelagh that’s who.

I started to raise my hand and call hello, but she stopped and turned to look in the opposite corner to me, and gave a slight nod of her lovely head, I could just see over to the corner, and there sat a man in a dark suit, shirt and tie, nothing unusual you might have thought, but what stunned me was as she got to him, he stood took her by her arms and kissed her!

She returned the kiss although it was a short one, and sat down next to him, she was obviously nervous because she was glancing around her. She was meeting another man, and it Ankara travesti certainly wasn’t her husband.

What should I do? I pondered for all of a second, got up from my seat, turned my head away from their corner and walked into the little shop that sold knick knacks, there on a shelf was what I wanted, throw away cameras, I bought the most expensive one that was there, it had a small but efficient zoom, I suddenly thought of Mary Rose, I was hoping and praying now that she would be as late as possible.

I made my way towards them surreptitiously, I was near enough now for the camera to get any pictures worth taking, they kissed a few more times which I snapped, he was talking shots at her body with his hands, I got a great one of his hand cupping her tit.

He leaned in and kissed her neck, she liked that for sure, I shot that one too, and her eyes were closed as he did it.

I must have got about a dozen photos, then they got up, and walked to the lift lobby, she kept looking around, I had to be careful she didn’t see me.

I snapped one of them, he with his arm around her waist, both looking up at the light showing which floor they were going to. The lift opened and in they got.

I took out my mobile phone, called Mary Rose, and told her I couldn’t make it, and would call her later, I closed the phone without waiting for a response, I hurried to the lift lobby, they were the only 2 who had got in, it stopped on the 12th floor, now what I thought, if they were going up for a fuck, it could be an hour, maybe 2?

It was 3:30pm she would have to be home by 5 to be there for hubby! 1 hour max I said to myself.

I rode up the lift to the 12th floor and waited, I had to wander around to try and be inconspicuous, 4:40 the door opened she still looked fantastic, albeit a little dishevelled, I shot a quick photo of them hand in hand

They headed for the lift, I flew down the emergency stairs, I got there just ahead of them and went outside, there was her car in the corner of the car park, I got behind a tree, and positioned myself for more shots with the camera, sure enough, he walked her to her car, I shot a couple more photos, she then turned looked around and kissed him, he must have given her a good fucking I thought.

I snapped that one, a cracker it was, she got in her car wound down the window, he leaned in, more kissing I snapped away until I ran out of film.

I went home then, hooked up my computer and attached the camera, downloading took minutes; every picture was a good one.

This was going to be my way into her panties; and pussy; I was determined now to get what every guy in college had failed to.

I knew her email address, so that wasn’t a problem; I just needed to open a new e mail account for me to ensure anonymity while needed.

And also a cheap pay as you go mobile phone.

The following morning, it must have been her day off for some reason, she wasn’t around, I called her home, her sweet voice came down the line, I gruffly said she had e mail coming in, and to open in it immediately.

I had loaded the e mail with the very incriminating photos, with her husbands, and daughter’s e mail addresses, and also that of the college secretary and Principal, and instructions to call the number of my phone, as soon as she had checked the pics.

I went outside to await my call, I was a little scared here, what I was doing was wrong I knew that, but I was hoping for fear from her, to allay my own.

The phone rang, I answered and said. ‘Hello Shelagh,’ I could tell she was stunned because I called her by name.

‘Hello,’ she responded.

‘Seen the photos Shelagh?’ I asked. ‘You’ve been a naughty girl, what shall we do about that?’

‘Please,’ she said, ‘what do you want, I have money I can pay you for the originals, just tell me, don’t reveal any of this please,’ she begged.

Gotcha Shelagh!

I was feeling good now; she was in my pocket for sure.

I said to her, ‘what is your next full day off work Shelagh?’

‘Thursday,’ she replied.

‘Okay, now I want you to book a room at the same hotel for early in the day, and text me what room number you have, and don’t let me down Shelagh, you won’t be happy if you do, hubby, daughter, and the college will receive emails from me, understand?’

‘Yes,’ she whispered.

I closed the phone; I got some funny looks when I jumped into the air!

I got a text the same day, room 512, 10:00am it said.

I texted back, that’s good Shelagh, well done, see you at 10:00 don’t be late!

Thursday came, I made sure I was fully groomed and spic and span, my cock was already twitching inside my pants, lovely!

I arrived at the hotel 30 minutes early, I didn’t want to walk into Konya travesti something I wasn’t wanting, I had left my phone at home, so there was no evidence on me.

I saw her come in at 5 minutes to 10, she looked terrific, heels, shortish skirt, blouse, light jacket, hair up, she was looking so good, another twitch in my pants!

She must have had it in her mind what was going to happen, what the price of the photos was going to be.

She signed in, got the key and went straight to the lift lobby and rode it up, I was on the next one, I got off one floor higher and walked down the stairs, peeked out of the stairwell, clear!

Now the dangerous bit, I hadn’t noticed anything suspicious downstairs, but there would be no way I could explain my presence if there was someone waiting for me inside the room, I nearly didn’t knock, but I did, I held my finger over the little spy hole in the door, it opened, I walked in, and looked at the opened mouth mother of my girlfriend!

‘Oh my God Danny its you,’ she said.

‘Yes, Shelagh, you have been a bad girl haven’t you?’ I replied.

‘What do you want?’ She said.

‘What do I want Shelagh? The first thing is, I don’t know who he is,’ I said, as I pointed at photos in my hand, and threw them at her.

‘But you do not see him again, do you understand.’ I yelled at her.

‘Yes,’ she cowered away from me; this was going well I thought.

‘You are Mary Rose’s boyfriend,’ she bleated, ‘you shouldn’t be doing this to me, what is it you want?’

‘You know what I want Shelagh, don’t you?’ I taunted.

‘Please,’ she begged, ‘I’ll give you money, anything, but please, not this.’

I stepped to her, she recoiled, but she could only go so far, before I was in front of her, and in her face.

‘I want you and your beautiful body Shelagh,’ I said. ‘It’s that simple.’

‘And you will give it to me, all of it, whenever I want it, okay?’

‘But I can’t Danny, it’s so wrong, please?’

I didn’t wait any longer, I took her by the shoulders, pulled her to me and kissed her, she tried to avoid it, but I wouldn’t let her.

I said to her.’ You might as well give in babe, because if you don’t those pics will be mailed in the next hour!’

‘Please,’ she begged, ‘don’t.’

She was giving in, she had gone from a no, to a please don’t.

I continued my kissing of her soft full lips, they tasted fantastic, I moved my mouth to her neck, I felt a shudder from her.

‘Please Danny, stop.’ She whimpered.

She wilted into my arms, I pressed myself and my massively hard cock into her, she tried vainly to move away, but I wasn’t having any of that.

I put my hand on her beautifully rounded arse, and pulled her pussy onto my cock.

‘Oh h h h my, please Danny, don’t,’ her voice was almost guttural.

Mine, she was mine now, I just sensed I wouldn’t have any problems with her now.

I continued kissing her, rubbing her arse in my hands, pulling her pussy onto my prick, I swayed from side to side to enhance the friction.

I would have to be careful or else I would shoot my load into my pants!

I walked her backwards to the large double bed, and slowly laid her on it, with me more or less on top of her.

She was relaxing a little now, starting to get into it, but before I went any further, I asked her who the guy was who had been fucking her.

‘Please Danny; don’t ask me, I can’t tell you.’ She said.

‘Shelagh, this isn’t open for discussion, who the fucking hell is he!’ I demanded.

She hesitated then said. ‘He works with my husband, I met him at a party, and he called me a few days later, and invited me to lunch as he had something he wanted to discuss with me urgently about my husband.’

‘What was it?’ I said.

‘He told me my husband was embezzling money, he has proof he told me, and unless I let him have sex with me he would reveal it, and my husband would go to jail, so that’s where I am, and now you!’ She wailed.

I felt immediately like a heel, which was quite true too!

But I knew a couple of guys who owed me, who would take care of that, no problem.

‘Give me his name, I’ll sort it before the end of tomorrow, he will never bother you again Shelagh, that’s a promise.’ I said.

‘Please Danny, I can’t afford any trouble.’ She pleaded to me.

‘There wont be any, that’s a given, now, his name!’ I ordered.

‘Peter Walker,’ she said, and wrote down his phone number.

‘Okay baby, your troubles are over, well they are with him anyway,’ I added, with a small laugh.

She smiled a beautiful grateful smile.

Now I murmured into her hair, ‘where were we?’

‘Im not sure now,’ she said, and giggled!

I kissed her again, and this İzmir travesti time she responded to me, she broke the kiss briefly, and said to me.

‘What about Mary Rose?’

‘Don’t you worry about her,’ I said.

‘It’s a problem that won’t arise.’ I said.

‘Not like this anyway,’ I said as I guided her hand to my fully erect prick, she grasped it and squeezed, ‘Mmmm,’ she whispered.

Her left arm locked around my neck now, I was home and dry, but I wouldn’t be dry for very much longer!

We undressed each other, she was so hot, I told her she was fabulous in every department, and had she any idea, how much I had wanted this moment?

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I have!’

I was amazed. ‘You have?’

‘Oh yes,’ she kissed into my ear, ‘I’ve known for a while, I see you looking at me Danny, you young men can’t control your hormones.’

‘Well get to work Shelagh; show me what I’ve been wanting, and now!’ I laughed.

She bent to her task immediately, her luscious mouth closed over my prick, and she sucked and wanked me, tickled and stroked my balls, I jerked and jumped, she made me cum in a very short space of time, I blasted a full load down her throat, which she swallowed completely.

She continued sucking at my cock until it twitched in her mouth, she came up for air, and I took her into my arms, kissing and sucking on her neck she moaned and groaned, I squeezed her hard full nipples, twisting and pulling on them, I slid my hand down her wonderful warm body, and found her very wet slit, and her little man in his boat, I caressed it, and that made her cum all over my fingers, it was glorious.

I was getting back to full hardness, so I lifted myself over her hot body, and my prick homed in on her pussy, I nudged it open with the head of it, and pushed my way in, her arms and legs were now tight around me, no escape, who would want to?

Kissing as we fucked, I attacked her neck and nipples, she was now in the grip of her own body’s needs, as well as mine, she was maniacally thrusting her hips up at me, as I tried my hardest to pummel her into submission as we fought for supremacy, until we both came at the same time!

I rolled slowly off her, and lay at her side.

What a fabulous fuck, I had never had sex as good as that, and I told her too.

She was so happy at my words; she kissed me softly and gently, and told me that it was as good as it had ever been for her too!

We spent the rest of our time in each others arms, making love twice more, I had her on her knees, and her on top of me, which she obviously loved because she came in bucket loads, all over me and the bed, weeping and wailing in tears of joy, happiness, fulfilment?

We got up and entered the bathroom, where we had a soapy bath, with a lot of touching, kissing, caressing and fingering went on, followed by a very raunchy shower, my cock got its last BJ for the day, I was fully satisfied in every way, as she was too, wonderful.

We talked now, of how to keep our loving a secret, meeting her was going to be easy, because I could get to her in her house, and she would rent somewhere for us, motels, hotels, but then she rented an apartment, which we turned into a love nest.

That was where I got her arse, she hadn’t had it in there and it took me some time to convince her that she would like it, and that I needed it from her, she caved in to me, I was as gentle as I could be, but it still hurt her, but now she’s in to it as much as me, and she loves tucking her feet under my shoulders, and lowering her puckered little hole onto my prick nice and slow, she has to put a gag in into her mouth to stop herself from screaming out, and she cums like a banshee some times, its brilliant!

She told me her husband had become suspicious, and asked her if she was having an affair, and that she had hesitated at the question, which in turn gave him his answer, yes she was!

He said he understood, because he wasn’t looking after things at home in their bed, but begged her to keep it quiet, he didn’t want to know who it was, as long it wasn’t work related, his or hers, and that he didn’t want to lose her.

Well part of it was true when she told him it wasn’t work related, which kept him quiet.

I had called my 2 friends, and asked them to warn off this Peter Walker, they called him and under a pretence, they arranged to meet him in the underground car park of his office building, they got him into a corner, and to give him a small taste of things to come if he didn’t stop harassing Shelagh, leave her alone forever they warned him, and punched him very hard around his body, no marks!

He was now off the scene, I assured Shelagh that this episode of her life was finished.

I continued seeing Mary Rose, because it gave me access to her mother at home, I didn’t fuck her as often as I did, but she seems happy enough.

The trouble is I’m so in love with Shelagh now, and she has told me she loves me totally, and will never ever love anyone but me ever again.

So what to do?

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