Tropical Temptations Ch. 02



That afternoon….

It is late afternoon, and I am lying, alone and naked, on my wrap on the beach. It is that kind of place. Our second day here is drawing to a close, and I am content and happy.

The day began well, on a lounger by the pool, and this was followed by more excitement and orgasms in our hut before breakfast. The morning was lazy: reading, and talking about what we would do after our break here. Then we agreed to live each day here without thoughts of afterwards, and to dedicate ourselves to physical pleasure for the duration of our stay.

After lunch, we went back to bed and indulged our fantasies with some of the people we had seen in the morning, to explosive effect. Several times for me, and once for him. He, as always, fell asleep after our exertions. After I had lain beside him for a while, rehearsing some of the exciting fantasies we had enacted, I was very aroused again. I got up, wrapped myself in a light wrap, and wandered down to the beach. I walked a little, sought out a comparatively secluded place, unwrapped, and lay. And here I am, savouring my nakedness, the sun and breeze on my body and, once again, exploring some of the fantasies of this afternoon in more detail.

I explore my body with my mind, feeling the warm sand under my wrap on my back and buttocks, and the sand itself on my legs and the back of my hair. My nipples are stiff with excitement and my pussy wet and desirous, my clit throbbing once again with strong sexual desire. I recall one of the men, seen this morning in a small pair of briefs, and explore his muscular body, and in my fantasy I remove his briefs, and admire his big, long, very hard cock. I reach for it, and as I squeeze its hardness in my mind, my legs spread involuntarily and my hand squeezes itself at my side. But before my hand begins is inevitable journey from my side to adıyaman escort the now very wet and throbbing space between my legs, my fantasy is shattered by the sound of a concerned male voice, right, it seems, by my side.

“Are you all right?”

I sit up, startled, unsuccessfully trying to cover up my nakedness with my wrap. The man, who is indeed just by my side, steps back, muttering,

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.’

I look at him. He is not the man of my fantasy, but is equally well muscled and toned. His face wears an expression of mixed concern and desire, and as his deep green eyes meet mine, I feel a sharp physical frisson. His desire is apparent by the outline of his erection under his sarong, and the sight of this in my current state is almost too much to bear, and I have to actively stop myself from reaching out to grasp it.

“Are you alright?” he asks again.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I respond, continuing to try to cover myself.

“May I join you?” he asks, watching my struggles with the wrap. “Don’t worry about that, I think the wrap is better used covering the sand.” I relax a little, and nod to indicate that I do not object to him joining me. I am startled once more, when, before he sits down, he unwinds his sarong, releasing a handsome, very erect, long cock, and lays the sarong on the sand next to me before sitting on it. I am naked and there is a naked, erect man sitting next to me, whom I do not know. I am in a state of strong, and probably visible, sexual arousal, and he is certainly very visibly aroused. I have a momentary concern about this, and then realise that this is the kind of adventure that my lover and I had talked about, and I relax, and look more closely at the naked male body beside me.

He is leaning back, his elbows behind him, and is the very adıyaman escort bayan image of desirable male sexuality. His body is firm and well-muscled, his legs strong and fit, and he has noticeable biceps as he leans back. His short hair is dark, and he is looking at me with undisguised interest and desire with his deep green eyes. But my eyes are constantly drawn back to his long, straight, very erect and slightly throbbing member, and my pussy screams out her desire to be filled by it. I do not want to initiate a conversation with him, which might spoil the electrically erotic moment, but I turn towards him and ask, quietly,

“May I touch it?”

He has a similar taciturnity, and merely nods. I reach across and wrap my hand around it. It is hot and very hard and thick and long and I want it inside me, now. He reaches out, and strokes my big full breasts, and then squeezes my hard nipple. My clit is throbbing and I need to come, and I want this big hard cock in me. I sit up, then kneel, and then move to kneel astride him, facing his feet, as he lies back on the sand. Still holding him, I lower my very wet pussy onto his erection, and slide onto the longest, hardest cock I have ever felt in me. As he fills me up I am overwhelmed with pleasure, and I explode with a huge orgasm. I recover quickly, and he holds my hips and begins to move inside me. Eyes closed, I squeeze my nipples and rub my clit and get lost in the pleasure of being fucked and come again quickly.

My immediate need quenched, my sensible mind asks how I am going to extricate myself from this situation, though I am not yet ready to do that. It is also clear that the big hard member in my pussy has needs that have not yet been met.

I open my eyes, and standing in front of me, swimming briefs now cupping his balls as he strokes escort adıyaman his erection, stands my lover. I look at him with surprise, and perhaps a little fear, but he smiles warmly at me and moves closer so that his cock is by my face. He holds my head, and I lean forward a little to lick his shaft, and suck the sensitive join by his head. My nipples are brushing his thighs, and my pussy is still filled by an increasing active cock that is on its way to its own destination. The novel pleasure in my pussy, my finger on my clit, the rubbing of my nipples on my lover’s thighs, and a familiar, and much loved, cock now filling my mouth is too much for me and I come once more, moaning into my lover’s erection, as it slips out of my open mouth.

He begins to pump himself in front of my face, and I can feel an increase in the urgency of the cock pumping into my pussy, and I know it will soon pump its come into me. I lick my lover’s cock and watch as he pumps it and I know that I shall soon come as well. The cock in my pussy is now over the top and on the hard and fast slope to inevitable orgasm. The excitement of a strange cock coming in my pussy as I lick my lover’s tool is too much for me, and as I hear grunts and moans from behind me, I come again, and with a series of jerks and spasms, the cock in my pussy comes too.

My lover is pumping himself rapidly and says urgently,

“Suck my cock, I’m coming.”

I take him deep into my mouth and he holds my head tight as his come pumps into my mouth, where I savour it before swallowing. I rub my nipples against his thighs, and stroke my clit urgently, and with my pussy and mouth filled with come, and a cock detumescing in my pussy and in my mouth, I come once more, before collapsing against my lover.

My lover helps me to my feet, picks up my wrap, and helps me wrap it around me. The man is lying on the sand, watching us.

“Thank you,”I say to him, weakly.

He smiles broadly, and says,

“Well, thank you, that was remarkable. If you want to try that again…”

“We’ll see you around,” said my lover, perhaps a little brusquely.

With his arms around my shoulders, we walk off down the beach toward our hut.

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