Getting into My Sister


I lay in bed half exhausted after another sweaty, athletic workout with her. Our sex is always like that, incredible, hot and nasty, the best I’ve ever had. After her third orgasm she had gotten up and gone into the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running in the sink. Then the bathroom door reopened and my sister sauntered over and got back into bed beside me.

She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my chest with her nimble fingers. I kissed her on her forehead and cupped her breast in my hand. She raised her head and kissed my lips and gave my tongue another taste of hers.

“You’re incredible, Karen,” I said. “Another masterpiece.”

“It takes two, little brother.”

“I still can’t believe we’re doing this. And how fucking good it is.” It wasn’t the first time I’d said it.

“You’re not regretting it, or feeling guilty again, are you Josh?”

“No. Just hard to believe is all.”

“Good. Because I didn’t feel guilty when I came on your face,” she said as she pinched my nipple.

We’d started having sex unexpectedly several weeks before. She had come over to my apartment one night and we had a few drinks, and were talking and listening to some music. My girlfriend Kelly wasn’t there. We’d had a spat as we were prone to do and I hadn’t seen her for a few days.

I guess I should give a little background. My sister is eight years older so I didn’t really know her very well growing up. She was always a wild and free spirit and consistently clashed with my parents on just about everything, so she didn’t get along with them very well. On the day she graduated from high school she moved out of the house. She was still just seventeen but she’d saved some money and had already arranged to rent a room somewhere.

I only saw her once after that. It was about six months later when she came to say goodbye. She told us she was moving to Europe and would ride the trains. She never forgot to send me a card on my birthdays and would write about all of the European cities she’d visited, and I’d find them in my atlas. She spent a few years working with a traveling ice skating show as a costume manager and seamstress. She said that the garments were always tearing, ripping, splitting, so seamstress was an important part of the job, she was always mending something. She then had come back to the States and was married for a while, but that hadn’t worked out. That’s when she popped back into my life.

I was only nine or ten when she split so I didn’t remember much about her. I remembered she was attractive, thin with long, dark brown hair. Being that young, I don’t recall much of a sexual nature of course, but I do recall her being popular with the boys. As for now, her hair is shorter, but she is one sexy woman, with a slim, shapely body, pointy tits, a cute ass and an edgy wit. She’s thirty-three years old but she looks closer to my age.

Karen’s relationship with my parents is still icy and it probably always will be. We had some family meals together after she returned but things were always awkward. I invited Kelly to one dinner just to help crack the ice but it didn’t help much and she asked me not to invite her again, and I couldn’t blame her. She likes Karen, and she likes my parents, but the oil and water don’t mix and it doesn’t help the food taste too good.

Karen and I started spending more time together. We were getting to know each other better. And then on one particular night she came over to my place. We mixed up a big pitcher of mai tais and sat on the sofa with the stereo playing softly, and soon the conversation was flowing and getting a little looser with each sip.

She was very easy to talk to; it felt natural to both of us. She told me about her days with the ice show, her job, and all the strange characters she’d met overseas. It sounded so exotic. After a while she got around to some of the sexual relationships she’d had.

“Josh, let me tell you,” she said. “When a large group of people like that are traveling together, day in and day out, week after week after week, everybody gets pretty close and things are bound to happen!”

I asked her if she’d fucked any of the skaters.

“Hell, yeah!” she said. “Most of them. I ended up marrying one: the biggest asshole of them all!”

We laughed and refilled our glasses.

“There were these twins from Sweden, brother and sister, they were ice dancing partners. They were nineteen and blonds and the whitest people you ever saw. I fucked both of them. Neither one knew what they were doing.”

“How old were you then?” I asked.

“Oh, twenty-six or seven, something like that.”

“I didn’t know you did girls,” I said softly.

She looked me dead in the eye. “Sometimes things just happen because it feels right.”

There was a silence while we sipped our drinks. Then she chuckled.

“What?” I asked.

“There was this midget in the show, one of the clowns,” she said, laughing again. “An older guy, in his forties, I guess. Most of the performers görükle escort were younger but this guy was older and he would skate around doing belly-flops and pratfalls, comic relief between events. And there was this rumor always going around that he had a ten inch dick!”


“The rumors were true!” she laughed.

“You fucked a midget?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep. A lot of the girls did,” she replied. “The curiosity was too much.”

Karen also told me about her failed marriage.

“Then Erik came along. Or as he became known to me later, The Norwegian Nightmare. And despite what he thought about himself, his shit did stink!”

“What happened?”

“He swept me off my feet and right into bed. He was tall, dark and handsome and had the charm to go with it. It was fine at first, but then he pressured me to get married and come to the United States. I fell for it. Basically, he used me to get to America. But once we got here and had been married for a while he lost interest. We were together not quite two years.”

We sipped in silence.

“It’s an uncontested divorce, and now it’s ‘Hurry up and wait’,” she said. Then she shifted in her seat, turned a little more toward me and said, “So, little brother, it’s your turn. I’ve enthralled you with all of my sexcapades, now let’s hear about yours. Fair is fair.” She held up her glass and we clinked them together.

I leaned forward and topped off my glass from the pitcher.

“Well, not much to tell,” I said. “Pretty boring stuff compared to you.”

“You’re not getting off that easy, kid,” she said. “Kelly is a hot-looking chick, you’re a good-looking guy, and you both seem to get along well, most of the time anyway. How is it in bed? Is the sex good?”

I hesitated and squirmed in my seat. “Ah, okay I guess.”

“Okay? Just okay? Well, that doesn’t sound good. A handsome couple like the two of you should be tearing it up! What’s wrong?”

So here it was. Here was my opportunity to finally get it off my chest, and I was going to tell it to my own sister. I couldn’t very well refuse after the way she had shared with me, and the new bond we were forming. Our eyes were glued.

“Most of it is good, but there’s something missing that would make it a lot better,” I said. “Better for me, anyway.”

“She won’t let you fuck her in the ass!” Karen guessed.

I shook my head. “No, that’s not it.”

“She won’t suck your cock?”

I let out a short snicker. I was enjoying hearing my older sister talk dirty.

“No, that’s not it either,” I said.

Karen got a perplexed look on her face and took a hefty swig of her drink.

“Well,” she said, “If it’s not anal sex, and it’s not oral sex, then what the hell could it be?”

Her eyes drilled into mine.

“I didn’t say it wasn’t oral sex,” I said softly, returning her stare.

She sat back and her shoulders sagged, thinking about it. “You mean…she doesn’t want?… She won’t let you…eat her pussy?”

I shook my head. “No, she won’t let me. She cringes every time I try. We end up fighting about it.”

She shook her head. “This is one I’ve never heard before. A chick that’ll take it up the ass but doesn’t want her pussy licked? Incredible! Did she tell you why?”

“It was something that happened when she was a young girl. She grew up on a farm and I think one of the farm hands did something like that to her, and she can’t get past it.”

“Damn, maybe she needs a shrink or something.”

I nodded. “I’ve mentioned that a few times. It just pisses her off.”

“Maybe you need to tie her down.”

“I tried that one too.”

“Maybe she needs a woman,” Karen said, as she rose from her seat. “I have to hit the john.”

I watched her tight, denim-wrapped ass as she strode to the bathroom. I sipped my drink, listening to a soft trumpet solo and thought about her: my mysterious older sister, who had disappeared from my life when I was a little boy, and reappeared fifteen years later. Over the last few weeks we had quickly progressed from near strangers to close friends, confidants. I’d already told her something I’d never told anyone. But I’d wanted to tell her.

She returned from the bathroom and sat back down beside me, a little closer than before. She took a sip of her drink and shook her head.

“Well, we are quite a pair, aren’t we?” she said, and turned to look at me. “I’m trying to get rid of a cold fish, and you can’t get at Kelly’s catfish!”

We both burst out laughing. The sofa shook from our hearty guffaws and the aura instantly eased around us.

“I appreciate you telling me what you told me, Josh. I’m glad you trust me that much.”

“I do trust you. It was easy to tell you. Especially after the way you opened up to me.”

I looked at her pretty face, and into her dewy eyes. It was like looking into my own. I wanted to kiss her, and not like a brother would. Instead, I raised my left hand to the side of her head and gently ran my fingers through bursa escort bayan her hair. She must have been reading my mind, because that’s when she leaned toward me and put her lips to mine.

It was not a long kiss, but there was a cushioned force behind it, there was intent, I could feel it. I felt her lips part slightly and the flick of her tongue before we parted.

We held our gaze. Her eyes glistened; my heart and breath were on pause. Then I leaned to kiss her. Her lips parted instantly. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and hers entered mine. Our arms surrounded our bodies, pulling us close. It was a power kiss, one like I hadn’t had for a while. I had the feeling Karen felt the same way. I felt her nails dig into the back of my neck.

It was a long kiss. When we finally separated I realized she was holding my hand. There was silence while we gazed at each other.

“Uh oh. What did we just do?” I said.

“We kissed,” was her obvious answer.

“I know, but you’re my sister. I’m your brother.”

“I’m a woman. You’re a man.”

“I know that… But isn’t that…?”

“We kissed. Did you like it? It seems like you did judging by the lumber in your pants.”

She had me there. I tried to relax a little bit. This was new territory for me.

“Of course I did. I wanted to kiss you. But…”

“But, what? Come on, Josh, we’re not kids. We’re not going to damage each other for life, are we?


“Kiss me.”

I kissed her. She kissed me. It was better and longer than the last one. Her tongue was like a python trying to wriggle down my throat.

Then she put her hands on my shoulders and locked her eyes onto mine.

“Josh, I think we can help each other out,” she said.

“How so?”

We were both a little tipsy by this time. I remembered when she’d gone to the bathroom a little while before, and I’d briefly thought about her in there, unsnapping her jeans, lowering them, sitting on the toilet and wondering what kind of panties she had on. I admitted to myself, I wanted her.

“We’re both frustrated,” she said. “Obviously we are attracted to each other. You want to eat pussy, and I’m aching for it. I’m going through a divorce. I haven’t been laid in two months. We can help each other.”

“Karen, if I go down on you, I won’t be able to stop. My problem is that going down on a woman turns me on so much, it makes me go crazy, makes everything else so much better! I want to do it all, I can’t stop.”

“I’m counting on that,” she said.

We kissed again, hot and deep and lingering.

She squeezed my hand and said, “Will you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what?” I replied.

“Shave me.”

“Shave you?”

“Yes. Shave me. Like I said, it’s been a while.”

“Where? Down there?” I said, nodding at her crotch.

“Yes, down there. Where do you think?”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“You shave your face, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but that’s a…”

“It’s the same thing, Josh. Just a lot more fun.”

She smiled and winked at me. I smiled too and she led me to my bedroom. We spread a large towel on the bed and while Karen fetched a bowl of hot water, I found a new razor and some shaving cream. Then we stood at the foot of my bed. We broke into grins and kissed. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse.

“I’ll take off my top,” she said. “You can take off my bottom.”

It was then I noticed that she was not wearing a bra: she must have taken it off when she was in the bathroom. She removed her blouse and tossed it on a chair. Then she started unbuttoning my shirt.

“No man should ever shave with his shirt on,” she said.

We were both topless, facing each other, the lines of her beautiful body and her luscious tits only inches away. We stood still, a frozen moment staring into one another’s’ eyes.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked softly.

I swallowed and reached down to the front of her jeans. I unsnapped them. I heard her let out a little sigh as I gripped the pull tab of her zipper between my thumb and forefinger. I pulled it down. The front of her jeans opened and I saw she wore no panties. I wondered if they were also left in the bathroom. I hooked my thumbs into a couple belt loops and started pushing down her pants.

Karen wiggled her hips to help the process. When her jeans were down to her knees she sat on the edge of the bed and lifted her leg. I pulled one pant leg off, then the other. She scooted back on the bed so her ass was right in the center of the towel and lay back. She stacked three pillows behind her head. She said she wanted to watch.

She had pubic hair, but it wasn’t a wild bunch. It was neatly trimmed. But she wanted it shaved off and that’s what I was going to do. I moved into position and dipped a washcloth in the hot water. I looked at Karen and she had a cute smirk on her face. Then I pressed the warm, wet cloth onto my sister’s comely cooch.

I took a good look at her pussy while I shook the can of bursa escort shaving cream and streamed some lather into my hand. It was beautiful, its large, lush lips beckoning. I touched her, and she moaned softly as I spread a thick, even layer of cream all over her pubes.

I wiped my hands on the towel and picked up the razor.

I looked at her and said, “I’ll try to hold this steady.”

“You’ll do fine,” she said. “I just hope I don’t come before you’re finished. Cause it will be a whopper.”

I went to work. I started at the top with short little strokes. Four strokes, rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Karen oohed and aahed and whimpered as I shaved and I was very careful the closer I got to her wet, open snatch. I took my time because this surely was one thing I didn’t want to screw up.

When I was done shaving I took the wet cloth and cleaned her off and she squirmed with the soft pressure of my touch. Her clit was aroused and swollen. I placed the bowl and the tools on the floor.

“Excellent job,” she said, nodding her head.

I spread her legs and knelt between them. I slipped my hands under her and gripped her ass cheeks and squeezed. Then I slipped my tongue into her salt mine and massaged her love bud with my lips.

She squealed and dug her strong fingers into my head and held it while she grinded her crotch into my face. I ate her with a passion I hadn’t felt in a long time. I fucked her with my mouth and choked her cheeks in unison with every stroke of my lips and tongue. I tasted her zesty tang and smelled the sweet funk of cunt and shaving cream, as hands, tongues, lips and Karen’s groin motored in perfect sync. It had been so long, so frustrating, but finally here I was, going down on a beautiful, sexy woman, eating her delicious pussy, and it was the pussy of my own long lost sister!

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come…” Karen screeched after a few short minutes, and with violent spasms, she hosed me with her pent up spunk.

Her body quivered as she sprayed and I sucked on her clit like I was hanging onto the edge of a cliff. She moaned and half-screamed throughout her eruption. When her spasms finally subsided she yanked my head up to hers and jammed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed with savage strength for thirty seconds or so until she pushed me away.

“Take off your pants,” she hissed, and groped for the front of my jeans. “Fuck me!”

I got them open and she helped me pull them down, almost ripping my boxers in the process. My pants were still wrapped around my ankles when she pulled me on top of her. She took my steel staff in her hand.

“It’s good to see little brother doesn’t have a little cock!” she said, and she slipped it into her passion pit.

She locked her legs around mine and started humping. She was fucking my cock with her pussy, not the other way around. Her sweet walls were trying to squeeze the semen out of me. I had to pound her pretty hard just to keep up. My hands were under her ass and I slipped a finger halfway into her asshole just to hold on. It was like a rodeo ride. I started slinging it into her good and hard and she thrashed with each shove.

Karen is not a quiet lover. She doesn’t say that much, just the occasional ‘Oh Shit!’ or ‘Oh Fuck!’, but she grunted and groaned and hissed and squawked with every power push. It made me want to fuck her even harder.

She kept squeezing every inch of my dick, milking me with every ounce of thrust, until I knew my rocket was about to blast off.

“I’m going to come…” I said.

“Yes! Give it to me!”

I didn’t think it would be possible but she picked up the pace even more and a few seconds later I felt the rush rising up through me.

“I’m coming…”

“Me too…”

Then I felt like a wildcatter striking oil for the first time. I felt the gusher almost in slow motion as it rose up through my shaft. I let out a loud groan with the first expulsion, which was large and long, and five or six more followed, each lesser than the last. Karen writhed beneath me as she discharged her own love potion for the second time.

When our big bang waned we shifted onto our sides and we held each other and kissed long, soft kisses. I kept my cock inside her until it eventually went flaccid and when I pulled out our combo cum oozed onto the towel, which was already soaked from her first orgasm.

As we lay in each other’s arms, the magnitude of what had just occurred hit me. I’m making out with my sister! I just fucked my sister! And it was the best fuck I ever had.

Karen must have noticed something in my face because she asked me if anything was wrong.

“No, I was just thinking,” I said. “How we came together on our very first time. That’s amazing!”

“I’m glad you said ‘first’ time,” Karen whispered.

“Well, it was,” I said.

“I know. But by saying ‘our first time’, you implied there would be more to come.”

A minute or two later I was still basking in our afterglow when Karen said: “I think you need a shave!”

I started to rub my chin and disagree before I got it. She hopped out of bed and carried the bowl to the bathroom for fresh water.

“You’d didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun, did you?” she called from the bathroom. “Get in position and prepare to be groomed!”

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