Ragdoll Ch. 07


“Strip princess,” Victoria commanded Violet.

For the moment, Chelsea and Niobe lounged in sumptuous chairs and watched the scene play before them.

It was a short time after the end of Brentwood’s impromptu meeting, and the four girls were closeted away in Victoria’s room.

Victoria’s tone was icy, yet laced with a dark sensuality. She was in a mood to play, and to continue her campaign of domination, seduction, and perhaps ruin against Violet. The path was not yet set – it would depend somewhat upon Violet herself. Victoria had lost her favored status with Brentwood. She was no longer the center of attention for most things. She hated losing, especially to a gentle submissive like Violet who did nothing to earn the attention she received, except be who she was.

Victoria understood Violet’s allure and appreciated the way a dominant and a submissive complemented each other, but she saw herself as more than Violet. Victoria was the queen bee, and she would either own Violet willingly, or she would continue to torment Violet until Violet became an emotional wreck, a debased lost ruined waif with few friends and a broken spirit. Violet would then be just another haunted soul, fucking her life away until she was finally released from her service to Chalis. Victoria could live with either outcome.

Violet’s eyes shifted from Victoria to Chelsea and then to Niobe. Violet began to disrobe, bending down, first, to untie her workout shoes.

“Actually, leave those on. You may need the traction, but take everything else off,” Victoria directed.

Victoria glanced at the others as she herself began to disrobe. Chelsea and Niobe slipped from their chairs and followed suit.

Soon, all four girls were naked except for their respective few personal adornments and jewelry.

Violet was the only one of the four with a totally bare pussy. Other than the shoes Victoria had ordered Violet not to remove, she wore only her intimate chain and tongue stud. The top bead of her tongue stud looked like a small white pearl.

Victoria, as usual, wore her pubic hair in a thin dark stripe above her sex. She wore no stud in her belly button today, but her golden nipple studs were displayed proudly, light glinting from them as her motions caused her breasts to sway and jounce gently.

Chelsea was a true brunette with a natural pattern to her light brown pubic hair, but she kept it trimmed quite short.

Chelsea ran her hand between her legs once and smirked at Violet. “I’ve been waiting to have you lick me you little bitch. I’m going to enjoy this… a lot,” she said.

Niobe’s “fur” was groomed into a heart shaped pattern above her chocolate cunt. She also had six small nipples tattooed in pairs along her abdomen below her full jutting breasts. These were cosmetic alterations she had chosen to contribute to the feline appearance she desired. Niobe’s form was nubile and lush. Her body practically screamed of sex and feminine allure. She was made for fucking, pure and simple.

Violet fidgeted with her hands, waiting for what would come.

“Kneel down,” Victoria directed Violet.

Violet knelt, her shoulders drooping a little.

Victoria padded over to her Netdesk xslot Yeni Giriş and pulled something from one of its drawers, and then she glanced over her shoulder and spoke to Chelsea.

“Hey babe, can you get one of our vibrators, and a zip tie? They’re in the vanity I think,” she said.

“Yeah, sure,” Chelsea replied, and strutted off to the next room.

Niobe watched but remained silent for the moment, her cat’s eyes partially lidded.

Victoria fitted herself with the strapon cock she had taken from the Netdesk drawer, and cinched it tightly around her hips and between her thighs. The center strap applied delightful pressure to her clit, and she couldn’t wait to get things started. The artificial penis was about eight inches in length and slightly thicker than a normal human male sex organ, but not overly so. The straps were black leather while the silicone cock itself was a translucent pale blue.

Victoria turned to Violet. “Hands behind your back. You know the drill,” she said.

Chelsea had returned and now she crouched down behind Violet. Chelsea looped the zip tie around Violet’s wrists and drew it tight.

The tie hurt, and Violet knew that she would end up with a thin red line and bruises on her wrists when this was done.

Victoria came to stand directly in front of Violet and tilted Violet’s chin upward with her fingertip. While looking downward into Violet’s eyes, she spoke to Niobe and Chelsea, “You two lay back on either side of her. I’m going to have her take turns licking you both while I fuck her in the ass with our little blue friend here. Chelsea, have the vibrator ready for when we need it.”

Victoria flicked the head of the strapon cock with one of her black painted fingernails and then spoke to Violet, “I’m going to give you one chance to suck on this and to get it as wet as you can. It’s the only lubricant you are going to get. I’m going to keep fucking you until Chelsea and Niobe are satisfied, so for your sake, I hope that you are a really good little pussy licker.”

Violet communicated her understanding simply by looking at Victoria with her expressive gray eyes while Victoria reached behind Violet’s head and gathered her silky straight fine white hair into a tight fist.

Victoria drew Violet toward the translucent blue cock jutting from betwixt her thighs.

Violet opened her lips and accepted the strapon penis into her mouth, allowing Victoria to control the depth of insertion. Violet had little choice really. She suckled and worked as much of her saliva onto the silicone shaft as she could, knowing what would soon follow.

Victoria thrust once, deep, forcing Violet to gag, and then withdrew from her mouth.

“Good girl,” Victoria said. “Now turn. Scoot on your knees… toward Chelsea. You’re going to do her first.”

Violet shimmied as best she could until she was pointed toward Chelsea. Violet was nearly helpless with her hands zip-tied behind her back – that was pretty much the point.

Victoria grabbed a handful of Violet’s hair again and then pushed Violet forward and down, lowering her between Chelsea’s splayed legs. Victoria smacked Violet’s ass.

“Ass up, face down,” Victoria xslot Gir said.

Chelsea shifted a little and snaked her own fingers into Violet’s hair, and then pulled Violet’s face firmly between her thighs such that Violet’s mouth and small round nose were buried in Chelsea’s glistening cunt. Chelsea leaned back until she was flat on the carpet. With one hand on each side of Violet’s head, fingers laced into her hair, Chelsea started to slowly fuck Violet’s face.

Victoria knelt down behind Violet and rested her left hand on Violet’s lower back. Victoria caressed Violet’s silky soft skin, playing her sculpted black painted fingernails lightly along Violet’s flesh.

“I can make it nice for you if you give yourself to me… You need me,” Victoria cooed.

Using her right hand, Victoria guided the tip of the spit slick blue strapon cock directly against Violet’s little puckered knot. Slowly Victoria pushed it inward, coaxing Violet’s delicate rim to open. Victoria drew back a little, and then pushed inward again. On the third try, Violet’s ring relaxed open just enough for the first inch of the cock to slide inside. Victoria paused, repositioning her hands so that she held Violet’s hips, and then with no further restraint, she rammed the eight inch blue cock fully into the depths of Violet’s tender ass.

Violet whimpered into Chelsea’s cunt as the strapon was thrust hard and deep inside Violet’s ass. The pain was sharp at first, but then slowly faded to a dull throbbing ache and a sensation of impossible fullness. Violet had little choice other than to do precisely what was expected of her. She relaxed herself as best she could to accept the ass fucking from Victoria while she began to nuzzle and gently lick Chelsea’s pussy. Violet’s face was already smeared with Chelsea’s wetness. When Violet had a chance to breathe, all she could scent was pussy and the slightest hint of urine.

Violet was aroused – it was impossible for her not to be. Being dominated and controlled and used by others touched a chord deep in her spirit. While she felt most profoundly female and complete physically when being fucked by a male, with her legs locked around him while he pounded into her relentlessly and then spent himself inside her, female heat still aroused her greatly. She felt an emotional connection with other females, while with a male it was the biological need to be fucked that drove her.

Victoria began a slow rhythm, fucking Violet’s butthole with the strapon. There was no urgency as there would be if a male were fucking Violet with a real penis, seeking his own release. The motions provided a pleasing stimulation to Victoria’s clit but it was not sufficient to bring her to a climax – it merely sustained a modest level of sexual arousal for her. More gratifying to Victoria was the experience of exercising dominance and control, and the invasive “taking” of Violet in her most vulnerable place.

Chelsea had eased her grip in Violet’s hair somewhat and had started to arch her hips upward against Violet’s attentions.

Violet flicked her tongue lightly over Chelsea’s labia and then her clit. Violet settled into a pattern of fluttering her tongue and then stroking xslot Sitesi it slowly along Chelsea’s clit, applying pressure with her tongue stud, quite exquisitely judging by Chelsea’s reactions when Violet did so.

Niobe purred in her exotic voice, “This is… hot. That little bitch can lick some pussy.”

Niobe began to slowly caress herself, fondling her own breasts and pinching her dark nipples, occasionally sliding a hand down between her thighs to stroke herself.

“I’m glad you approve,” Victoria said softly, her voice tinged with growing lust.

Violet pressed her lips to Chelsea’s clit and suckled the super sensitive little button of flesh into her mouth. Violet rolled her tongue against the suckled flesh, again, and again, and again.

Suddenly Chelsea tightened her grasp in Violet’s hair and pulled her fiercely against her pussy. Chelsea arched upward and started bucking, cumming against Violet’s face.

“Fuck… fuck… nhHhH,” Chelsea cried out as she came hard, her body arching and quivering, her toes curled. “Fuck…” she said finally as her body eased back against the carpet. Her hips rose in one final twitch of sexual delight and then she released Violet’s hair.

After a moment, Chelsea lifted her head.

“Can we keep her?” she said in a voice still laced with sexual intent.

“Mmm…” Victoria murmured, not really giving an answer.

“Alright princess. Now it’s time to play with kitty,” Victoria said.

Niobe spoke up, “Actually, I would like a go at her full on, one on one, with no restraints and no strapon up her ass”.

Niobe slipped forward from where she had been lounging on the floor opposite Chelsea, half-heartedly masturbating while watching the other three girls engaged with each other. Niobe reached with her right hand, fingers spread claw-like, and pressed her nails against the delicate flesh of Violet’s neck, and then she slowly raked her nails all the way down Violet’s back to just shy of her ass which was still jammed full of silicone cock.

“What the hell!” Chelsea exclaimed as she noticed Niobe’s “claws”. “Those are awesome. You really went full in for the feline mods during your migration, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Indeed,” Niobe purred.

“How did they do it?” Chelsea asked.

“The normal nails were removed, and then they fused titanium claws to the ends of the bone in each of my fingers and thumbs. I can paint them any color, just like normal fingernails. I usually go with brown or black though. I’m glad you like.”

Niobe made a mock clawing gesture toward Chelsea and laughed softly.

“I didn’t have them do my toes though. Those are normal,” Niobe finished.

“You two are spoiling the mood, and my plans!” Victoria huffed indignantly, but it was more an act than how she truly felt. “But, Ok, we’ll take a little break before resuming,” she said.

Victoria gave Violet one more full hard thrust with the strapon and then slowly withdrew it from Violet’s sore gaped rectum.

“Go ahead and cut the tie Chels,” Victoria said to Chelsea.

Victoria removed the strapon, and then turned and addressed Violet, “Go on into the bathroom and clean up. Oh, and take this with you. Clean it up too. We may not done with it yet.”

Victoria tossed the soiled strapon into Violet’s lap as Chelsea snipped the zip-tie.

Violet sighed softly as she rose to her feet.

“Yes Mistress,” she said quietly, and then turned and padded off into Victoria’s bathroom.

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