Denise. Part 1


I had finished cutting the grass. I was washing the dishes and the phone rang. It was Denise. She wanted to know if I would stop over. i told he I could but I needed a shower because I was sweaty from cutting the grass. She said to hurry up.I went upstairs and took a quick shower. I knew that when Denise called, she was horny. Horny for anal sex. I think that she enjoyed it because at some point, we were ass fucking. She was an ass girl. Sometimes she would lick my ass and sometimes her finger would find it’s way into my ass.

She lived in an apartment a few miles away. I went upstairs and knocked. She answered and I went in. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips.I turned and there was a lady sitting on the couch. She introduced us, her name was also Denise.They were physically different from each other. The Denise that called me, I will refer to as Denise 1 and the other as Denise 2. Denise 1 was on the slender side with brownish hair that hung slightly over her shoulders.She was not gorgeous, I would say average looking. She was a good 5 inches taller than I. She had nice C cups.

Denise 2 was my height, short black hair. She was a black lady. ( I am white) I could not tell her breast size because she was wearing a loose fitting top.On the couch next to her was a baby. i was told she was 2 months old and she named her Carly. Carly was sound asleep. Denise 1 told me Denise 2 and Carly just stopped by. She stops by often because she lives downstairs. We all chatted for a while. I cannot remember what we talked about.All I could think about was hoping Denise2 would leave so Denise 1 and I could have some fun. Denise ! must have decided she could not wait any longer. Denise 1 came over to me undid my pants and started to pull them down. Denise 1 proceeded to remove her top and her shorts. She was not wearing a bra or panties. She took my shirt off and whispered to me to lay on the floor. She did not seem to care that Denise 2 was there. As I was laying on the floor, she got to her knees and put my cock in her mouth. A few ins and outs and she stood up. She stood over me with her back to my face. I had a great view of her ass. She turned her head to Denise 2 and said ” You can have anything up there you want,” waving her hand from my waist up. Denise 1 said “I want this!” She grabbed my rock hard cock. I am not quite Denise 2 knew what to make of it. Denise 1 then squatted down and her pussy swallowed my cock. She sat an my cock and squirmed. I thought, I wonder if Denise 2 would like some attention? What did I have to lose, If she left, I was still going to have fun with Denise 1, and if she stayed, it would be more fun. I motioned for her to come over. To my amazement, she did. I took her hand and gave it a slight tug to see if she would kneel next to me. She did. I slipped my hand under her loose top to Sex hikayeleri get to her tits. They were protected by a bra. I tried to slide my hand under her bra, but it was tight. I brought my hand around her back to undo her bra. It had 4 hooks so it took a few seconds. With the hooks released, I slid her bra up. She had large breasts and they were hard. I started to squeeze them. Much to my surprise, my fingers got damp. She had milk! I really wanted to suck on her milk filled tits. She must have gotten a bit embarrassed and said she was sorry. I told her not to worry and I would like to suck on them. She lifted her shirt and settled her dark brown nipple in my mouth. Her nipple got bigger and harder. A little milk trickled into my mouth. I started to rub her breast lightly. I was hoping to get a milk release. A few seconds later I got the much wanted prize. Milk started to flow into my mouth. I swallowed and more was coming.

Denise 1 stood up and left the room. She came back with some lube. She lubed my wet cock and her ass.She squatted over my cock while holding it in her hand and guided toward her puckered asshole. She squatted until all of my cock was buried deep in her ass.She let out a little moan. I had all I could do to keep from cumming right then. Denise 2 saw that and pulled her nipple from my mouth. The look on her face was one of disbelief. Meanwhile Denise 1 was wiggling around with my cock in her ass.She did not like getting pumped, she liked having my hard cock in her ass while she moved.I knew she was getting ready to cum. i could feel her ass tightening on my shaft. She started to shake. I knew she was cumming. I could feel her sphincter muscle relax and tighten on my cock. What a feeling! She got up and went to her knees and swallowed my cock. It was deep in her mouth.

Denise 2 stood up, pulled down her shirt and said she had to leave.She picked up Carly and left. Denise 1 never missed a beat. I reached between her legs with my hand and slid a finger in her asshole.I slid a second finger in.she took my cock out of her mouth and said ” One more finger.” I put a third finger in her asshole. She put my cock back in her mouth. She sucked until I had noting to do but erupt a load of hot cum into her mouth. I think that was the biggest load I ever had. I thought she would not be able to handle it.She swallowed it all down and continued to milk every drop of cum out of my cock.When she was done, there was never a drop left. I was empty. I thought she was going to coax another orgasm out of me as she normally does. She thinks it is hot that I can cum 2 times in short order. Not this time. she said she had to get ready for work I dressed and left.I was walking down the stairs to get to my car and Denise 2 came out of her apartment. I am guessing she was listening for me to come down Sikiş hikayeleri the stairs. She asked me to come in for a minute.I did. She said ” I don’t know how to say this but…….does Denise like anal sex?” I told her I think so because we almost always end up doing it, and she cums pretty quick. She said she always thought it was dirty. I asked her why? She said ” Because you …….shit out there.” I said “Maybe that’s what makes it erotic, The thought of it being dirty or forbidden.” She thought for a moment and said that she had never done it. I told her we could try if she would like. Denise 2 said she would never have wanted to try it until she saw Denise doing it and enjoying it.

We went into her bedroom and I took of my clothes and she took off hers.There she was standing there naked. To large milk filled breasts with dark brown nipples. A patch of black pussy hair protecting her pussy. I asked her if she had any lube. She said she had some Vaseline. I told her it would be fine.She walked to the bathroom to get the Vaseline. I got a great view of her ass . All I could think about was I was going to be the lucky to fuck that virgin ass. She was not the first black woman I I had been with, But this would be my first virgin black ass to cum in. I had sucked on milk filled tits before, but not a black woman’s. She came back from the bathroom with the Vaseline.I asked her to get on all fours.. What a view, her milk laden tits hanging. i so wanted to suck every drop of milk out of them. She asked “What now.” I said that her ass needed to be lubed.I asked her to reach behind and spread her cheeks.She spread her cheeks to reveal her cute little asshole. I spread some Vaseline on her hole. She flinched a little. I asked “Are you OK?” She said “Yea It just feels strange.” I said. I am going to put my finger on your ass. You push back as you feel comfortable.” I touched her ass and her hole quivered. She pushed back and my finger went in to the first knuckle. She said “It feels strange.” I told her we could stop. She pushed back a little more. My finger went in to the second knuckle. She was breathing heavy. I could feel her hole tighten and loosen. She paused and asked if I could take it out. I slowly slid it out. She took a few deep breaths and grabbed my hand and guided it back to her ass.I slid my finger in to the second knuckle. I felt her relax. She must have knew it and she pushed back until my finger was all the way in. She said “My tits are leaking.” I offered to lick up the milk. She said ok. I slid my finger out and put my mouth under her tit and eagerly sucked on her tit. I was rewarded with mouthful after mouthful of warm milk.She started to squirm. I went to her other tit. It was full. I wanted to suck it dry. She pushed it harder into my mouth. I took my finger and moved to toward her ass. Erotik hikaye this time it slid in easier. She said “Can you fuck my ass now?” I said “Let’s try 2 fingers.” I got out from under her tits an put more lube on her ass and my fingers.She spread her cheeks and I started to slide my fingers in. She pushed and let out a moan. I told her my fingers were all the way in. She said “Can you fuck me now?” I said ” I’ll try. I have to lube my cock first.” I lubed my cock from the head to the base. I got behind her and positioned my cock at her back door. I said “Push back as you feel comfortable.” She pushed back and the head disappeared. She took a few breaths and pushed back again. More of my cock went in. She said “I can’t believe how this feels.” She pushed again and a little more went in. Denise said “It feels like it hurts, but I want it there.” I reached under and started to finger her clit. She said ” I am going to cum.” I could feel the pressure building inside me i grabbed her hips and said ” I am going to cum>’ My cock was pulsing, shooting my cum in her ass.i thought her ass was going to overflow. I emptied my cum in her. She went flat on the bed. We were both breathing heavy, catching out breath. My cock was getting soft and it slid out. Some cum dripped from my cock on her ass cheek. What a sight. My white cum on her smooth brown ass cheek.I wiped it up with my finger and offered it yo her. She put my finger in her mouth and sucked ir clean. I asked her if I could suck her tits again. She told me I could.She sat up and put her hand under her tit and offered it to me. I put her tit in my mouth and squeezed her tit with both hands. Warm milk squirted into my mouth. I grasped her other tit and put it to her mouth. I said “I want you to suck on your tit.” She shook her head no. I said. You do not have to swallow it. I will take it from your mouth.” She said “Really?” She started sucking One breast while I sucked the other. She took her mouth off of her breast and brought her lips to mine and gave me the milk. I swallowed it. I slid my hand down her stomach to her pussy. i felt her body stiffen. She spread her legs and I slid my finger in her pussy. She was wet. I started finger fucking her pussy. She laid back on the bed. I had to look at her pussy. I released her tit and swung around to look at her pussy. I put my other hand between her legs and probed her anus. she opened her legs wider.I slid my finger in her anus. My cum was acting as a lube. She started fucking my fingers. Her huge tits were moving to her rhythm. The only thing separating my fingers was that thin piece of flesh between her rectum and pussy. She started pumping hard. Her tits were jumping all over. She tightened her legs together and her legs stiffened. I could feel her orgasm. Her asshole was pulsing. She said “Oh fuck, I am cumming again.” Then she entire body relaxed.I slid my fingers out of her pussy and ass. She laid there catching her breath. She said ” Can we do this again, but next time I want all of you in my ass.” I said ” I hope so.”

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