Dairy Park_(1)

Alex Grey

I slowly and deliberately stroked Emma’s breasts. My hands were not gentle but not harsh. I applied enough pressure to get her great heaving tits ready for a milking. While this would not have been unusual for our play, it was different in that we were seated in a park on a picnic table in broad daylight.

Other people in the park drove by without seeing what I was doing. From the roadway they couldn’t see her white tank top was soaking through already. That her big nipples were stiff and leaking sweet milk as I played with them. To the world we were just a couple sitting at a picnic table cuddling, little did they know what we were doing or about to do.

Or view was a pristine lakeside, bushes hid much of the shore and also hid our table from any other viewers except the road. I stood up and sat on top of the table behind her and turned her on the bench to face the water. As cars drove by on the road I peeled her soaking shirt from her sweet milky tits and pulled the tank top down so both breasts were free.

Emma moaned and shivered. The sunlight glistening on her big boobs as they were already coated with her sweet milky nectar. The sound of each passing car made her more and more excited. Even knowing that no one could see exactly what we were doing, the idea that they were driving by so close, we were so close every second to be caught, that was enough to make her pulse race.

My hands worked both great udders at once, hard enough to send the first true geyser of milk spraying Sex hikayeleri into the air. Emma moaned loudly as the release washed over her. working the creamy white tit flesh hard and those big succulent nipples between my fingers I sent another blast of milk through the air.

I know she could feel my hard cock pressed against her back, my loose shorts doing little to contain it. I began pumping her, one tit then the other. Milk went in a constant spray into the air and Emma began to tremble in my arms. The grass before her was wet with the sweet sticky liquid and still she was so full. Her huge tits holding enough milk to feed an army of hungry, horny mouths.

I pumped those gorgeous boobs faster and faster. Emma, unable to control her horny little self any longer reached under her skirt and started playing with her bare pussy. She was dripping wet, her fingers slid in with ease as she started to fuck herself in time with my milking.

As she got closer to cumming she leaned back into me so that, looking over her shoulders between her huge tits I could see three fingers fucking her hungry cunt. Both of her hands were soaking from milk spray and cum already.

She was a mess…such a fucking sexy mess. She moaned loud and started to tremble in my arms, her body stiffened and she pressed her head back against my chest.

She looked so edible, I had to taste her. Growling my extreme horniness in her ear I began to bite her neck hard. Her orgasm intensified and she fucked herself Sikiş hikayeleri so hard I heard the clapping of the palm of her hand against her clit each time she fucked in with her fingers and wet sloppy sounds from her pussy as it sucked her fingers in each time. There was a puddle of mixed cum and milk in between her legs as she finally screamed out and went limp in my arms.

She wasn’t done yet though. I wanted some. We switched positions and I sat below her on the bench as she sat on the table. Wrapping my lips around one big sweet nipple I began to suckle. We didn’t care who saw what any more. I needed to suck that delicious milk myself.

Emma pumped her other tit as I sucked and sent sprays of milk all over me. We hadn’t intended on being quite this bold or messy, but we were so fuckin horny we didn’t care any more. her milk splashed over my face and into my hair, matting it to my head with it’s warm sweet stickiness.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I reached up my shorts leg and pulled my cock half way out and began jacking off. Emma smacked her lips as she watched me stroking my cock knowing she would get to milk me dry when I shot my load.

She playfully squirted milk onto my cock head, soaking it with the hot liquid. It made it so slippery as I jacked off. Milk was filling my mouth and dribbling down my chin as I sucked harder on her huge udder. She threw her head back and moaned for me as my tongue worked the nipple hard to get the maximum milking.

I was Erotik hikaye getting ready to cum and I stood up on the bench. Emma leaned down and took my cock into her mouth as best she could. There was no way we were hiding anything now if anyone drove by but fuck it…I wanted to cover her sweet face with my load of cum. Her lips sucked me in as she continued to pump the shaft of my cock.

It was too good to hold back. Grabbing her hair and watching every second of her cock sucking I growled again and started cumming on her face. It was great. Watching my hard cock fuck her pretty face…watching each inch of it sliding between her full lips, it was heaven. Then watching her eyes light up as I started to cum, this hungry look as she tasted the first blast of my cum, it was the sexiest thing ever.

She sucked and swallowed and it splashed all over her cheeks and chin. It got in her hair and she loved every second of it. She sucked me dry and them some…she wanted even more. Squeezing my balls she got out every drop of cum and then smacked her lips and giggled. She rubbed my cock all over her face, smearing the cum everywhere and then sucked it clean again.

Then we noticed then exactly how obvious we were. We quickly pulled ourselves together as we dashed for the car trying to tuck in our naked parts, praying the cops weren’t called on us. I’ll never forget driving fast out of the park, Emma sitting there next to me still all sloppy wet from cum and milk, smiling at me with such a sweet grin, fingers still playing with her sopping wet pussy. I knew I was gonna have to fuck her hard as soon as we got home….if we could last that long…there was another park not far from here…

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