Craving That Bitch | Chapter Two


Chapter Two

It had seemed like forever that they had been carrying Mia in the woods. Both guys had to take breaks carrying her body because she was continually kicking and screaming. A few slaps across the face usually got her calm for awhile but then she was back at it again.
After about 15 minutes, from their guessing, they had finally arrived at the house. They carried her down into the basement and threw her in a jail cell, slamming the door shut. Her blue eyes stared into the dimly lit hallway.
“Get me out of here you motherfuckers!”she yelled.”
Liam cracked a few knuckles and grinned at her. “There is no escape, bitch.”
I escaped into the storage room. I grabbed a syringe, some bottles of medicine and the tattoo supplies. We were originally going to brand each of the girls but we figured that since I have done some tattoos in his life, we’d just tattoo the girls. I threw everything onto a cart.
I walked back into the hallway to see Liam taunting her. He was calling her names and telling her that he was going to destroy her. I gently pushed him back, opened the door and rolled the cart in. Mia was curled up in the corner, trembling. I pulled her up and threw her against the brick wall. She whimpered. I chained her to the wall, eagle spread.
“P-Please don’t hurt me”she said.”
“We’re not going to hurt you. Yet”I said.” I filled the syringe with some medicine. “This might sting a bit though.”
I pulled her arm around and spit on the spot. Sikiş hikayeleri I rubbed around my spit and then stuck the needle into her skin. This medicine was like Viagra for women. She would be given this every day to make sure she could reach her full potential and cum as many times as possible.
I spit on her arm again. I cleaned the needle and filled it with another medicine. I rubbed my spit in once again and stuck the needle into her skin. Now this medicine, would keep her body from locking up on us. A lot of times, women could make their body shut down and we obviously couldn’t take that chance if she knew how to do it .
And then I pulled a garter away from her thigh. I cleaned the needle for the last time and filled it with one more medicine. I spit on her thigh, rubbed my spit in and stuck the needle in. This time, she couldn’t help but scream. This medicine was birth control. There was no way we were gonna have protected sex with these girls and we obviously didn’t want them having children. There was a 80% chance of it actually working. A 20% chance that the girl would get pregnant. If the girl did get pregnant, we had the medical supplies to surgically remove the baby. An abortion if you must call it scientifically.
“I’ll let your body calm down for a minute”I said”And then you’ll get your tattoo.”
“I don’t want no fucking tattoo!”Mia screamed.”
“Don’t worry. It should only hurt a little unless you have no pain tolerance”I Sex hikaye said.”
Mia’s breathing got much heavier now. That just turned me on even more.
I grabbed her neck and whispered in her ear: “The way your struggling just turns me on.”
She froze. Obviously, saying that just freaked her out. Now it was time to brand her. I looked over her body to decide where I wanted to put the tattoo. I ripped the fabric off the side of her garter. The side of her body would be perfect. I opened the box of tattoo supplies and prepared it. With my left hand, I gripped her side and with my right, I began writing on her body. She was screaming bloody murder but it just made me so horny.
After I was finished,

67 was written on her side.
“W-Why am I number 167 and not number 1?”she asked, worried.”
“Your the 167th girl to come through this business. And you won’t be the last”I said.”
I pushed the cart out of the jail cell and slammed the door shut behind me. She was crying from the pain she had just experienced. She didn’t even know the half of what she was going to experience while she was here. It was going to be so much fun.


Upstairs, Liam and I sat in the living and watched the news. We didn’t know if police would go searching for Mia or not. And that’s when the news report came on.
21 year old Mia Lange has gone missing. Mia called her insurance company around Erotik Hikaye 1am this morning. When the tow truck arrived to pick up her stalled car, she was not in the car or anywhere nearby. The tow truck driver called the police and they searched her car to find a piece of her garment on the seat. That leads police to believe that she ran away from something. Police have done a basic search in the woods but have found no trace of any footprints. There was rain last night so police are assuming she could have run through the woods and the rain washed away her footprints. However, the police are giving up on the wood search for now. Mia’s brother said there are a lot of places she could have gone if she was running away from something. Her brother, quoted: ‘Mia is a great girl. I practically raised her after our parents died. Her personality changed this year and it worries me she could have run away with a guy or something’. If you have any information, please contact the Dallas police.”
I looked at Liam and grinned. It was good that it rained last night or else they would have found our footprints. Now there was a hunt for Mia and they were never gonna find her. It was absolutely perfect.
“Tomorrow is Hooker day”Liam said”Let’s hit the streets and see if we can get anymore victims.”
I grinned and nodded. Liam and I got judged often because we were two guys living in the same house. But we were not gay. Sure we’ve sucked each other’s cocks at one point but we’ve never fucked each other or loved each other. We both loved girls. And we loved torturing them also.
“I wonder how many girls we’ll get this time”I said, grinning.”
Torture time was about to begin.

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