Cougar House Ch. 19: Fitness Nuru


“Dude! That’s too heavy.”

Heath Talbot warned his friend and fellow roomie Brian Hancock of the added weight he was lifting, while utilizing the weight machine in Margo Needy’s fitness room. Why join a gym when you have one at home?

“I can handle it. Stop worrying Bubba.” Brian strained in heaving a respectable 380 pounds. He was well aware of the risk but had been lifting 320 when he was in High School. Of course, that was a year ago. Even though he still remained active by helping his dad cut down and core trees in the area he was still in good shape. All four roommates were pretty buff. What was a meager 60 pounds more right? Ah…ego. “SONUVABITCH!”

“I told you moron.” Heath grimaced at hearing Brian cry out in agony at the top of his lungs. Pulling a muscle in his shoulder made him drop the weights in a deafening crash. Even in pain Brian found the strength to flip off Heath. “You never listen Bro.”

“Bite me Talbot. Fuck that hurt, just a muscle but crap it’s throbbing hard.”

“Did I hear you say something was throbbing?”

They note the timely arrival of their sexy hot landlady Margo Needy who had been three rooms away watching Top Chef on the family room television when she heard the loud bang.

“Dufus here lifted too much weight and pulled a muscle. No, not his love muscle, his shoulder. Whiney bitch.” Heath laughs.

“There is a God.” She snickers fanning her face with her hand at the safety of Brian’s penis. Seeing his expression her thoughts shifted to motherly instinct, “Poor baby. Do you need to go see a doctor? I’m sure Heath would take you into town if necessary.”

“Like hell I will. I told him not to do it. Just pack some ice on the pussy.”

Margo pouts shuffling to Brian’s side as he still sat on the bench frowning at Heath’s reaction, “Stand up and stretch carefully.” Brian rises wincing and attempts to stretch, but the pain persisted to torment him. “Maybe not.” She fidgets, “Heath’s right we should put ice on that. You go relax as best you can on the sectional I’ll go get an ice pack.”

“She said SEXtional.” Heath chuckles as Margo winks at him on the way through.

“My sectional need I remind you. Let’s avoid having sex on it, cleaning suede is not fun.” She scowls as she passes by Heath. He reacts to her close proximity by slapping her ass cheek hard. Wearing only a pale pink G-string and a cut off hot pink t-shirt revealing most of her belly, she yelped and wore his hand print proudly. With a sheepish pout over her shoulder she continued on her mission. Even Brian had to admit that watching her tight heart shaped ass took his pain away, if only temporarily.

“Best fitness guru ever.” Heath grins at Brian. “Right pussycat?”

“Keep it up I’m gonna punch your ass out.”

“With what arm? Ohhh, your knitting arm. You swing with that you might hit me sometime in the next week.” Heath chuckles walking backwards to return to his own workout. In doing so he overlooks an obstacle in his path and literally stumbles backwards over a medicine ball. Who leaves one of those out? Blame it on Elliot leaving it there before he went off to Paris. Landing on his back one leg up over the ball he snaps, “DAMMIT!”

Brian busting up at Heath’s misfortune leads Heath into cursing, “Fuck you Hancock.” He quickly realized the fall had strained his own back muscles. A two for one special at Club Needy.

“Serves you right for mocking me. Karma’s a bitch Bro.”

“Yeah, yeah! I hear you Dickhead. I’ll survive until work tomorrow when I’m reaching to paint trim on the job.” He rises to his knees, lingering there while holding his back with both hands. He looked queer in that position.

“No shit! I won’t be lifting wood cores for a few days if this still hurts tomorrow. I might have to let my stepsisters take care of me.” He laughs at the thought.

“Which one?”

“All three.”

“Thought you had four.”

“Fourth one doesn’t count. She’s got a year and a half more before I tap that ass. Only sixteen.”

“Smart man for someone stupid.”

“Says you ball baby.”

“I used to think MJ was really hot. Still is, but after tapping Margo the younger girls just aren’t as appealing. Maybe I’ve always liked older women. Hell, I still have a crush on Mrs. Filmore my old Spanish teacher.”

“Fannie Filmore? Feelmore Fannie?” Brian snickers, “Yeah, for 40 she is pretty hot still, in a young Kim Basinger kind of back in the day way.”

“I should have hit on her. I bet she would have bit on my big boy.”

“Bit it off you mean. Before or after her husband Officer Riley Filmore shot you in the ass? Wildwood PD at it’s finest.”

“Wildwood DP. I heard Fannie was into that. Dammit! Why didn’t I corner blondie and tap her hASScienda.”

“Never too late. Stop by the school and let her know how your dick feels about her.”

“Yeah? Maybe.” Heath winces.

“Where the fuck is Momma Margo?” Brian grumbled, “There’s a fucking freezer with cubes down here.”

“Yes,” Margo arrives as he spoke up, görükle escort “But, the icepack was upstairs from Elliot’s skateboarding accident. It was never brought back down here.”

“Got two packs?” Heath looks up chuckling.

“One for my blazing bottom thanks to you?” She winks.

“Nope. I tripped over the bad medicine ball. My back’s got a nasty twinge.”

“My helpless children. I swear. Mommy is here for you.” She shakes her head smirking, “How bad is the back pain? Scale of 1-10.”

“Six. Just need the kinks out is all.”

“Mmmm! Six and kinky. Music to my ears.” She sticks her tongue out at him.

“Bigger than six and you know that.”

She ignores Heath’s bragging and turns to Brian, “I thought I told you to go sit on the sectional.”

“Distracted by blue balls there.” The medicine ball was indeed blue.

Go!” A swift point leads Brian into taking a stroll. That led her into offering Heath an assist in getting up. While on his knees face to face with her Heath merely yanks her close and kisses her tight belly, his forehead nudging up under her cut off t-shirt. “Mmm! Nurse Margo reporting for duty. Need help up?”

“Around you I’m always up.”

“Your stubble tickles.” She squeals as his tongue flicks within her belly button.

Biting at her G-string he growls, “You really need to stop wearing panties.” He tugs them about as if a dog terrorizing a toy.

“You keep insisting that. I enjoy how sexy they make me look.”

“Nude is the best sexy.”

“I agree, but I’m still going to wear them, so you can stop trying to tear them off with your teeth.”

“I need a massage Miss Fitness Guru.”

“Funny that you call me that. Darryl used to refer to me as Fitness Nuru.”


“Yes. He adored Nuru massages.”

“No clue what Nuru even is, but I’m game.”

“It’s two or more oiled bodies rubbing oil all over one another to increase sexual pleasure. I like to do it without using my hands, only my body.”

“I’m definitely up for that. It might take my mind off the lower back ache if your tits oil it up good.”

“I can do that for you and Brian at the same time. We just need to lay a plastic cover down on the carpet so the oil stays in our vicinity. I have a special cover with an upraised border so no oil escapes. Go sit with Brian, I’ll go up to the attic and bring it down here.”


“Of course. Darryl kept it in stock in case we ever had…visitors.” She wags her brows before shuffling away. Another slap to her ass made her whimper, he grit his teeth at overexertion. Served him right. So would she very shortly. In passing Brian she playfully flirts, “You boys get naked. I’ll be right back to massage you both.”

“Wait! What? Both?” Brian bulged his eyes. He expected only himself getting her attentions.

“Relax Atlas. She’s giving us a Nuru massage.”

“New room massage? Huh?”

“Nuru. Don’t you know anything?” Heath laughed then explained it as related to him. Brian was suddenly all smiles. Both boys lost their workout attire and sat impatiently. Nothing like two nude men forced to hear crickets that did not exist.

Ten minutes later Margo returns with her queen size Nuru bed cover and drops it to the floor. Kneeling she spreads it out into a perfect rectangle and eyes the boys sitting there stroking their cocks nervously. She realized that they sitting alone together this must not have been easy. Giggling she hops back up and whips her t-shirt off. Only in her G-string she holds her palms up in front of her. “Give me a few minutes longer to go heat up a bowl of oil. I promise you both the pain will go away once I work my magic. Ummm!” A strict point at both dicks she grimaced, “Try to keep those hard for me.” Off she ran.

“Easier said than done.” Heath looks at Brian.

“Dude! Stop looking at my dick.”

“Me? Stop looking at mine.”

It was not going to be so simple.

Another ten minutes expired before Margo made a slow return in an attempt not to spill her twin salad bowls of thick oil. Discovering both the boys sitting at a distance from one another she giggled, “MEN!” Resting the bowls to each side of the plastic bedding she stands up and eyes the two boys suddenly mesmerized by her. “That’s more like it. Eyes on me, not on yourselves. You’ve both fucked me at the same time, why act skittish now?”

“There’s a difference between all action and down time.” Brian hissed, “Mine is down for the count thanks to Peeping Heath over there.”

“Dude! You were looking at me.”

“ENOUGH! Both of you on the mat. NOW!”

Heath sneered at her for being so controlling, it was not to his liking at all. Brian quickly crawled from the sectional and stretched out on his back. Stepping to his feet Margo looked over at Heath, “Joining or watching?”

“He is NOT watching.” Brian grunts.

“Then, he’s participating. Please lay next to Brian.” She motions Heath to relent. Growling, the boy moves to the mat and sits a safe distance bursa escort bayan away from Brian. “Scoot closer so I can reach both of you at the same time.” Heath moves closer. “More.” Another inch before Margo rolls her eyes, “HIP TO HIP.”

“Fuuuuuck!” Both boys hold their breath until their bodies touch.

“Good boys. Trust Mommy.” She then slips her G-string down her long legs and drapes it over Heath’s dick, the band used like a ring toss. “You can hang on to it for awhile. I do want it back.”

Crouching down she uses both arms at her side to gather oil on her hands before using one hand over each boy’s chest, it’s thick consistency webbing amid her fingers.

“You using hot glue on us?” Brian winces even as it felt remarkably warm on his body.

“Yes. I knew I couldn’t keep you together so I brought the Gorilla glue.” She threatens them. They knew she was joking. After multiple palms of oil coating their bodies she begins rubbing them slick and shiny.

“I thought you did this without hands.” Heath responded.

“In the beginning I have no choice. Just lay there and enjoy me.”

“Right.” Heath frowned, “Closing my eyes now.”

“Me too.” Brian agreed to that for the safety of their manhood. It helped because Margo was quickly able to coax their dicks into steel hard rods within her oily grasp.

“Mmmm! You boys have the most incredible cocks. So big. So thick. The heads purple and…” She shivers, “…I am so in love with you two.”

“We love you too. Now get busy MILF.” Heath grunts.

“Absolutely.” She oils herself quickly, pinching her nipples, before then leaning over them, her legs outstretched over both men. Using her knees and toes she caresses with strength gliding up and down over Brian’s right hip, Heath’s left. Her contortion talent was remarkably nimble. Moving her upper body from one chest to the other she gifted them teasing nipples that gave them both goosebumps. “I’m going to work on Brian for a minute then, I’ll move to you Heath. I need to give you both separate attention then do the incredible. Patience please.”

Moving solely over Brian she lowered her body to plant her breasts around his cock in order to titty fuck herself. All while her feet rose high and rubbed his shins up to his knees. She felt like a frog. Even her chin nudged his beefy crown as it passed through her cleavage.

“Damn that feels good.”

“I will always feel good to my boys. I devote my body to you.” She softly spoke. After more oil is collected she coats his chest again before launching her body higher into a slippery slide. Her thighs now claiming his huge erection she uses her thigh muscles to literally stroke his beast. Her labia molding around his shaft in a warm blanket.

“Christ I need to fuck you.”

“In time. Not right away. Just feel my adoration Brian.”

“Ohhh, I do Momma.”

Scooting even higher she surrounds her breasts around his neckline and uses her thighs and legs to massage his hips, her pussy trailing over his chiseled stomach. “Are you happy Brian?” She whispers into his ear.

“Never been happier.”

“Can we achieve Nirvana?”

“Cobain my pain Cougar.”

She giggles at his jest, “Do I smell like teen spirit?”

“Smell yummy that’s for certain. I’ll give you teen spear it.”

“Hold that fantasy.” With a kiss to his cheek she moves across his body carefully and molds over Heath. Reaching for the second bowl of oil she claims two handfuls to coat Heath from head to toe before repeating her earlier moves over Brian. Heath was equally as grateful for her contact, moving joyously about over him. The only difference in her course of action was spending time torturing Heath’s cock with her labia around it as if wanting penetration, something she evaded each torturous time her hole passed so very close. It was driving Heath insane.

“Handsome Heath?” Her soft lips whisper over his ear


“Do I make you happy?”

“I’d be happier if we took this damn G-string off my cock while you’re teasing my ass.”

“I thought it was cute to leave it there seeing as you don’t want me to wear them. I let you wear them for me.”

“HAHA! Not my size MILF.” He grumbles as she lifts her thighs in order to pluck her panties from his beast and toss them at Brian. Brian snatched them up sniffing them hard.

“I know Brian likes my panties.”

“Fuck yes I do. MMmmMMMmm!”

“Don’t eat them they’re not edible.” She snickers returning to Heath’s pleasure. Turning around with her head facing Heath’s feet she scoots back over his chest, again utilizing her legs and toes to massage his ribs, her thighs his chest. In her slithering body, her ass was right up to his chin. A swift tongue lick to her butt pucker made her tense up. “Now that can be eaten.” He did for a few minutes as Margo molded her tits around his cock for a backward Titty fuck. Her own tongue licking his massive ball sack as it huffed in size with each thrust.

“Fuck yes.” He snaps. Before bursa escort he could lick her ass more she slips away, her entire body moving halfway over his. His cock passing by her tummy, then vagina. He wondered where she was going when her feet surrounded his cock and jerked him off. “HOLY FUCKING HELL THAT FEELS AWESOME.”

“I told you no hands.” She looks back at him playfully.

“Don’t stop. I’m getting close to nutting.”

“Noooooo! I don’t want you to nut yet.” She pouts then removes her feet from around his penis. He gave her a hateful look but she abandoned him regardless. “Get even with me after I come back to you.” His loss left him jerking off. As she returns to Brian she reaches over and swats Heath’s hand, “Wait for me.” Literally spitting his temper he grits his teeth, and drops his head back on to the mat. The word bitch was heard. She could live with that nickname.

Back on top of Brian she increases the oil over him for a slicker ride. The sensuality of her gyrations led him to roam his hands across her backside. She kissed him warmly for thirty seconds then escaped to sit up over his cock. Molding her labia around his python she slides her wet pussy back and forth as he watches. She smiled down at him then arches her back to let her massive 40D’s point toward the ceiling, his hands sliding up, just shy of obtaining her tits within his grasp. Still she taunted his cock with a slippery warm trail of pussy juice cocktail.

“OH MY GOD!” She exhaled loudly, “I LOVE THIS COCK. EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT IN ME.”

“All yours Gorgeous.”

With a vast inhalation of oxygen Margo launches forward and leans over Brian for another steamy kiss, her palms to each side of his cheeks, fingers fanned wide. Her upper body swirling her nipples over his hairy chest. Forced to break away, she rolls off of him and back on to Heath. Brian felt cheated but knew she would always come home.

On her back atop Heath she moves her body higher until she literally took a seat on his face. He immediately ate her pussy as she treated him to a secondary foot massage around his cock, her legs extended straight out to grip his beast. Margo’s arms behind her supporting her upper body, utilized the mat for support, her hair dangling over her face like a wildwoman. She squealed at Heath’s digging tongue up inside her, reacting with increased trembling. She was drowning him in pussy juice. Heath drank up without one complaint.

“Yesssssssssssss! God yesssssssssss!”

Even as he fed, he spoke volume as her feet reached an eventful climax. How Margo completed that goal was pure adrenalin. Hot cum shot upward and came down on her ankles and toes. Seconds of convulsions over Heath she too gushed all across his face, showering him with her affection. Panting dramatically, she giggles at her good fortune. Lifted away by Heath she crawls back over Brian and offers him a similar footjob facing over him as if doing pushups. Her nipple in his mouth at a curled up stance she whined at his gnawing teeth.

While distracted Heath wasn’t done. Eying the oil bowl to his side he smirked and lifted it up. Careful in rising to his knees he stands over Margo’s backside and tilts the bowl. A large amount of oil cascaded over she and Brian making a vivid mess. Even her hair grew shiny and slick. Tossing the bowl to the mat he went so far as to pet her long hair into a greasy ponytail. Brian began laughing at the extra pool of oil all around them. With Brian releasing her nipple she lifts up to sit on Brian’s torso. Easing forward to surround his neckline with her thighs she arches her back over Brian into an amazing pretzel shape in order to devour Brian’s cock. Heath let her hair go and eyed the second oil bowl. Reaching for it he lifted it over Margo’s chest and drained the bowl dry. Her body could not get any slicker, the shine incredible.

Roaming his hands over Margo’s tits he squeezed them, while Brian caressed her tummy, ribs, and hips with roaming hands. The slickness of the mat made it hard for Heath to rest firmly on his knees so he used Margo as an anchor. Reaching his hand over her body Heath fingered her pussy. Even Brian was now alright with him being so close to him. Strange even as Margo sucked Brian’s cock, she found Heath’s dick pelting her face while extended over her. With a bit of help Heath made Margo gush over Brian’s face. What was fair was fair. Share the wealth.

“You asshole.” Brian laughed spitting up her juices that had entered his opened mouth. Laughter ended his disgust of the moment. It wasn’t that bad.

Hearing Margo gag a bit on Brian’s girth, Heath went so far as to surround her throat with his hands massaging the area, his thumbs caressing her chin. His stimulation made her eyes roll back into her head.

“That’s it Fitness Nuru. Feast on my boy there. Take it deeper.”

She did her best to swallow more of Brian but his size did not allow much more room in her throat. Her face was turning blue from trying but, Heath had to give her credit for the attempt. Breathless and nearly blacking out Margo had no choice but to pull away gasping. Whimpering at the loss she tried again lasting two more minutes before retreating. Even in the slipperiness of the oil she rolled over on Brian and tried a third time. Heath puckered at her hunger quest.

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