An interview with ‘Ruth Jameson’ 1-3


Interview with “Ruth Jameson” part 1

Interviewer:- so Ruth! Your well known throughout the worldwide web on various adult site as a ‘premier fuck-slut’ who’s always looking to get fucked as much as possible by men and women alike perhaps you could tell us what keeps you motivated?

Ruth:- well being nothing but a complete and utter nasty old fuck-whore does have its advantages! I just can never get enough dick or pussy action. I’m always horny and never refused no matter how nasty or perverted the situation is.

Interviewer:- please do tell us about some of your most recent sexual escapades Ruth.

Ruth:- well my partner recently whored me out to a group of his work buddies. I didn’t know that he had arranged and agreed to this! I knew nothing about it until five masked men burst in through the back door and grabbed me.

Interviewer:- wow! This must have been a bit of a shock! Were you frightened?

Ruth:- well at first I was scared but then with five strange men mauling me, slapping me and verbally abusing me I had an inescapable urge for them to pin me to the kitchen table and fuck me mercilessly! My pussy was soaking wet within the first few minutes and being the slag that I am I was groping and squeezing their cocks whilst telling them to do what they wanted.

Interviewer:- you sound like you definitely live up to you reputation! Please do continue.

Ruth:- well they used the shredded remains of my nylons that they ripped off me to tie my hands behind my back before literally ripping the rest of what little clothes I had on off and pushing me on to my knees. Before I could gather my senses I had five big hard cocks being slapped and rubbed across my face and lips whilst they called me all sorts of nasty things. Being the expert whore that I am they were taking turns roughly throat-fucking me with ease in no time at all and making me lick their assholes too.

Interviewer:- how nasty! but what else would we expect from a certified fuckaholic? Speaking of assholes did they make full use of yours?

Ruth:- oh my god they did! They made me bend over and grab my ankles while they took turns ravaging my poor old pooper with their hard dicks. At one point I said I had to pee Sex hikayeleri really badly! They just contorted me into a near impossible position so my pussy was merely inches above my face. They then continued to take turns battering my poor old ringpeice with their meat until I couldn’t hold back and pissed in my own face and mouth.

Interviewer:- again Ruth that sounds nasty but I’m surely you were loving every second of this treatment?

Ruth:- of course! It was so good to watch them pummelling my anus whilst I peed in my own mouth! But the best was yet to come! All five men came at least twice in my arse! A couple of them three or four times but by the time they’d drained their balls in me my ass was almost overflowing with hot creamy cum.
To show my appreciation and that I’m a nasty old spunk-gobbler I had them take pictures and film me squatting over a plate and emptying the spunky contents of my destroyed pooper on to it before licking every last drop up. I even fingered my hole and sucked up and remainder off my fingers. Desperate I know! But I just love the taste of sperm.

Interviewer:- what happened when your partner arrive home? Did he ask you about your gang-fucking from his friends?

Ruth:- the only thing he mention that the gang would be back one day soon and it’s would be a lot rougher and harder next time.

Interview with “Ruth Jameson” part 2

Interviewer:- now Ruth we’ve heard about your reputation for being a cock-worshipping whore! But tell us please Ruth if women are just as high on you sexual agenda?

Ruth:- well as I said earlier I can never get enough dick or pussy action and am proud of the amount of cunt I’ve had. For around a year now I’ve been regularly serving under a very dominant mistress.

Interviewer:- interesting! Could you elaborate further on your service of this dominatrix please Ruth!

Ruth:- yes I’d be glad to tell you about my serving of Mistress Michelle. She is of Jamaican decent and a SSBBW in her late twenties who ‘dom’s’ me at least once a week.

Interviewer:- when you say “doms me” what exactly does that entail Ruth?

Ruth:- anything my big beautiful mistress wishes! From sucking her boyfriends spunk from Sikiş hikayeleri her big brown arsehole or pink wet pussy to having my big old sloppy cunt punch-fucked and my arse caned red-raw by her.

Interviewer:- how exactly did you meet mistress Michelle?

Ruth:- it was in a nightclub! I was there looking to get picked up so I could fuck as many men and women as I could in the toilets that night when I see her! I was eyeing her up and flirting like the complete slut to see if she was interested in sex with me as I cannot resist very big girls. Eventually I managed to persuade her to take me back to her flat and use me.

Interviewer;- in what way did mistress Michelle use you then?

Ruth:- I remember her making me suck off her boyfriends big black dick whilst she whipped my arse with a length of USB cable until I had tears of pain and pleasure running down my mascara streaked cheeks. “Nasty old perverted white trash cunt” she angrily repeatedly as she beat my arsecheeks till they welted. She then laid me out, stood on my wrists and squatted her big black ass over my face! She commanded me to eat her smelly pussy and asshole whilst she spread my legs wide apart so her boyfriend could bang my old loose anus! “This is one fucked up old white bitch Michelle” I heard him say as he pummelled my overused ass. She even managed to fit her chubby hand inside my sloppy old cunt and fisted me so hard I passed out with pleasure. The next thing I knew I was laying in the bath with them both pissing over my face.

Interviewer:- sounds like quite a first encounter with your new mistress Ruth! Is this what normally happens during the time you spend serving mistress Michelle?

Ruth:- no! Most of the time she does find new ways for me to satisfy her needs and wants! Last week she had me give her a full complete tongue-bath until her boyfriend came home from work, then she put on a massive strap-on and they both spent the rest of the day fucking my pussy, ass and mouth in every conceivable nasty way they could. I was so sore and aching I could hardly move afterwards but it was worth every second.

Interviewer:- again thanks Ruth for sharing your nasty experiences. I’m sure anybody that doubted your Erotik hikaye reputation as a filthy old slapper now knows better! I can’t wait to hear more from such a dirty degenerate old cunt like yourself.

An interview with ‘Ruth Jameson’ part 3

Interviewer:- Ruth! You are a great fan of exposure and extremely renowned for being a slut! Being known for this how does it effect daily life?

Ruth:- well let’s say it has it advantages! Whenever I go out even if it’s just for a bit of shopping I get recognised!

Interviewer:- What do people say or do when they spot or meet you?

Ruth:- some will just shout out obscene stuff like “get your tits out Ruthie you old bitch” but a lot of the time I end up living up to my wicked reputation!

Interviewer:- in what way? Can you give us some examples please Ruth?

Ruth:- just only yesterday I got pulled into a shopping centre toilet cubicle by two guys who stripped me naked and made me suck them both off. I begged and pleaded with them to fuck me in the ass too but they had to leave! But not without first emptying their balls over my face and into my mouth while I frigged my sopping wet cunt. Then there was another time last week when I went to have my nails done! The young Thai lady working there recognised me and I ended up going back to her flat to spend the rest of the day sucking and fucking with her.

Interviewer:- sounds like a lot of fun Ruth! You mentioned sucking off strangers in a cubicle! Have you ever done any ‘glory hole’ work?

Ruth:- I love doing glory hole! In fact one of the nightclub I go to to pick up in has a toilet cubicle with a couple of holes in the wall. Every time I go to this club with my partner he makes me spend most of the evening in there servicing total strangers.

Interviewer:- silly question I suppose but do you enjoy doing this?

Ruth:- I loving having guys sticking their cocks through for me to suck or pushing their asses against the holes for me to tongue or finger-fuck whilst my partner takes pictures of me. One night I managed to suck off around nearly 30 dicks and swallowed every single big creamy load. To finish the evening I let the taxi-driver who drove me and partner home fuck me up the ass in the back seat then stick his dirty cock in my mouth to suck before filling my mouth with his sperm! I’m such a cum-slut but in those sort of situations I just can’t help myself.

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