Adventure Series – Part 2


The following days were filled with never-ending meetings; late nights and early mornings all in an effort to finish up current projects as well as laying plans for the new one. After one excruciatingly long session, as the girls walked to their cars, Nikki threw her arm around Christy’s shoulders and said, “It’s Friday night. What do you say we go down to Pat’s for a drink before we head home?” “Sounds good to me, I could use a break from all this. As exciting as it is, my mind is turning to mush from thinking about it for three straight days. I’ll drive”, Christy offered and Nikki slipped in the other seat.

The music greeted them before they even reached the door, the full force hammering their senses as they entered the crowded, dark pub. Men and women turned to greet them although conversation was totally out of the question for the moment due to the band’s amplifyers. When the band took a break, the girls made their way through the crowd toward the bar where they each ordered a beer. They were beginning to relax and forget their work thanks to the drinks and the sight of luscious men. Men! Now here was something they hadn’t had time to focus on lately and they were out to remedy that situation!

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” Nikki greeted the fellows standing next to them. “Well, if it isn’t my two favorite ladies. Where have you been? I’ve missed feasting my eyes on your beauty this week. You know, the days just aren’t the same without seeing the two of you walk across the parking lot looking as sexy as Sex hikayeleri you do.” “Oh, Chet,” Christy smiled coyly, “you don’t mean that. I’ll bet you don’t even notice us!” That brought out a round of laughter from the surrounding group. “You better believe we notice you. With all that flesh showing, what guy wouldn’t?” Jake replied. Nikki and Christy just exchanged a sly glance at one another and giggled.

They had just finished their second beer and were beginning to get wound up. The band had returned and the place was rocking once again. Nikki grabbed Jake’s arm and pulled him to the dance floor with Christy and Chet close behind. As they danced, the girls gave them quite a show, their breasts bouncing with the rhythm of the music and their skirts riding higher and higher to give the guys glimpses of their hot asses. Before long, they all were hot and getting hornier by the minute so Christy invited them to continue the party at their apartment. Chet and Jake jumped at the chance. They stopped for a 12-pack on the way, allowing the girls time to prepare themselves and were pleasantly surprised by the scene that greeted them when they arrived.

Nikki answered the door wearing nothing but a short silk robe. Their eyes were drawn to her gorgeous legs and they stood there admiring them. She invited them in and gave them each a hug, letting them feel the hardness of her nipples through the thin cloth. In a husky voice she said, “Christy will be out in a few minutes. Why don’t we get comfortable.” Sikiş hikayeleri Nikki sat on the couch and patted the spots on either side. “Have a seat.” She lightly ran her hands over their asses as they lowered themselves on either side of her. “Nice buns!” She continued running her hand over their thighs until Christy appeared in the doorway wearing a sleek black teddy that hugged her curves beautifully. The men didn’t know which way to look first! The girls immediately took notice of the rising mounds in their jeans and continued.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I just wanted to slip into something more comfortable,” Christy said as she slid into a chair opposite them. She began to caress her body, rubbing her hand across her stomach, over her hip, then to the inside of her thigh, slightly parting her legs so give them just a glimpse of her pussy. As her hand came to rest over her swollen slit, she pushed against her clit and gasped with pleasure. “I’m so wet. Chet, why don’t you pull yourself away from Nikki’s probing hands and come over here for a little taste of my sweetness,” Christy said. He was across the room in no time, diving between her legs like a man on a mission.

He breathed in her scent and pulled the thin strip of fabric to the side to gaze at her smooth, clean-shaven pussy. His tongue flicked across her clit then slid down to lap the wetness gathered on her outer lips. She raised her knees over the arms of the chair and spread herself open for him. His hands slipped easily Erotik hikaye under her ass and he lifted her up to his hungry mouth. She squirmed and squealed as his tongue probed inside of her, pushing his face against her clit, each wave bringing her higher and higher to her point of explosion. She came quickly, the juices running freely from her. He moaned with pleasure at her sweetness and continued licking her slick, hot cunt. “Cock!” she groaned, “I want your cock!”

He stood up as she began fumbling with the zipper of his pants. When she got them open, she could see his raging hard-on sticking out above the waistband of his briefs. She slid her hands inside, stroking and squeezing his tight ass while pushing the clothing out of her way. His cock sprang free and bobbed in her face. She covered the knob with her hot sucking mouth, causing him to shudder and sway. Her tongue swirled around while her lips rubbed over and over him. Without missing a beat, they turned and she guided him to sit in the chair. She stroked his shaft with one hand, while gently squeezing his balls with the other. He continued to thrust deeper into her hot mouth. She greedily took his full length until he was slamming the back of her throat. She felt him stiffen and heard him moan just before his hot load shot into her waiting mouth. She drank it like a crazed woman….noisily slurping every drop.

When she raised her head, she continued to hear slurping noises, though she knew they weren’t coming from her. She glanced back over her shoulder to see Nikki and Jake tangled in a 69 eating and sucking each other in a frenzy. Nikki was on top with her knees stradling his head, rubbing her pussy over his face while slurping on his stiff prick.

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