The Stranger

Big Dicks

It was a hot day in Georgia and Amanda was dog tired. It was one of those sticky days when the heat is more humidity than hot. After getting a lot of the shopping done and doing the books for the business, Amanda decided it was time to sit on the front porch swing and sip a nice cold glass of Ice Tea. Her special Iced Tea, made with just a touch of bourbon to keep the soul satisfied and the heart beat going.

Sitting on the veranda and looking out on the day’s afternoon sun, she thanked God she was in the shade and out of the heat. She had a fan going and blowing cool air over her body. She was made up of long legs a strong back and a chest that was a for real thirty eight double dd. One needed a strong back for that. She worked hard and had a trim body and a pleasing look about her. She was in her early forties and was married and her kids were all grown and out of the house. Her husband was a hard working man who was out doing his job and most likely would not be back until late this evening, which left her on the veranda sipping a nice ice cold tea and bourbon mixture that satisfied her soul deep inside.

Down the road she saw a salesmen dip into a home and she like the way he walked. He had on a cheap suit and he must be sweating up a storm in weather like this. Whatever he was selling, the people in that house weren’t buying and he was headed her way with a big smile on his face and a tired look in his eyes. He carried a valise and she supposed, correctly so, that whatever he was selling could be found in there. As he approached the porch steps he took off his hat and tipped it to her and said, “Shore is a scorcher today, isn’t it?”

“That it is,” came her reply.

He looked much better up close. He had a lithe body, probably from walking neighborhoods so much, and a kind face. He had close cropped hair with beads of sweat running around his forehead. He stood about six feet tall and maybe weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds if that. His coat jacked was draped over the arm that carried his valise.

“Miss, I sure would appreciate just a sip of that Iced Tea you have there, just to cut the dust a little. I’m afraid I’ve worked up a bit of a thirst in this neighborhood.” If he had a gold tooth he couldn’t have been more like a door to door hustler than he was.

Amanda thought about it a bit and said, “Well come on up here and sit down and rest a bit before you go on, I’ll get you a glass.” She patted the empty space next to her and she made a jester form him to come on up.

“Why thank you so much, I really appreciate that.” He took the three stairs in one step and sat carefully down on the swing next to her.

“I’ll get a glass and be right back,” she said. As she rose and went into the kitchen to get him a glass of ice for his tea she noticed that she was somewhat attracted to him and would like it if he stayed around just a bit.

She returned with a twelve once tumbler filled with ice and poured him some of her special tea. He thanked her as he patted his forehead with a handkerchief and took a big gulp of the tea. When he swallowed his eyes got big and he looked as he might choke just a bit, but he got it down and let out a breath.

“Oh, Missy, that sure is some sort of Ice Tea that I’d like to have around.” He raised his glass to her in a toast and they clicked glasses. Amanda noticed Marggie Evens from across the street look out her kitchen window at them sitting on the veranda and she shot her a nasty look and turned and smiled at the salesmen.

“It’ll cut the dust in a hurry.”

“That it will,” he agreed.

That left them sitting on the swing with nothing but the tea in common with each other. He seemed a bit reticent and wasn’t talking up a storm like most salesmen.

“What are you selling,” she asked?

“Memories,” he said, with a absent toss of his head toward his valise resting on the porch.

“What kind of memories,” she was curious.

“Well, you’ve been so kind to me, I’m not sure you even want to see.”

“Try me.” It was more than just an invite to see what he was selling but she wasn’t sure he got it.

He seemed to hesitate just a moment before he leaned over and picked up his valise and opened it up for her to see. He pulled out one of the nice shinny color broachers and handed it to her.

“I work for a photographer who would like to give you a family discount for you and all your kids and your husband. Create memories to last you for a lifetime; what with the little ones grown so fast and all.”

“My littlest one is in college right now and won’t be back until winter break. My husband has enough memories to last him a lifetime and more.” She smiled at him and sort of nodded her head.

“Well, I must admit that you don’t have much need for family photos. I bet you have hundreds already.” Amanda nodded her head in agreement. “I must say, however, that you porno are very photogenic and you should have pictures taken of you.”

Amanda reddened a little. “I don’t know about that.”

“Take my word for it, ah, Miss,” He left the sentence hanging.

“Amanda, call me Amanda.”

“Amanda, you’re quite beautiful women, if I may say so and I think you should be preserved in photographs.”

Amanda giggled a little and slapped his knee and took a sip of her tea. “I bet you sell a lot of these photo packages, don’t you?”

“I do sell a few,” he reached into his valise and pulled out a small digital camera, “Let me show you what I mean.” He pointed the camera at her and clicked off a shot. He turned the back of the camera to her to see the photo that he had just taken. An image of Amanda in her loose fitting everyday clothes appeared and she didn’t like the image.

“I believe I could take a much nicer picture than that if I had a chance to throw a little make up on and change my clothes.”

The salesman thought about it for a second and then beamed a smile at her, “Well it looks like you have a whole slew of tea available and it is a hot day, why not get yourself made up and I’ll take a few shots of you.?”

Amanda squealed with delight and jumped up, “Let’s do it!”

The salesman laughed at her reaction and got to his feet. “Let’s do it.”

She hustled the salesmen inside the house and sat him on the couch with the tea in front of him and she went into the bedroom and began to fix herself up a bit.

The Salesmen was about three quarters through the second glass of “tea” when she reentered the room. She had brushed her hair out and it was long and silken looking and it came down to the small of her back. She had managed to put a little lipstick and eye makeup on and this enhanced an already angelic face. Her Ample bosom was encased in a bustier of black leather that did little to hide her massive breast. In fact, her dark aureoles were showing and the pink stem of her nipples peaked out from over the top of the Bustier. This accentuated her slim waste and her hips. She had on a black garter belt with black nylon stockings and a pair of black satin panties on. The black high heels she wore showed off the muscles in her slim legs and the overall effect was devastating to the salesman. He almost dropped his glass when he saw her. His mouth hung open and he looked as if he might begin to droll at any moment. As she walked in front of him and twirled to give him a complete view she watched him for his reaction. She smiled when he was lost for words and she saw a rise in his pants.

“What do you think?” She slowly made a turn in front of him in a sensuous move. She could feel his want even with her back to him.

“Amazing,” He put the glass down and while not moving his eyes from her he fumbled around for his camera. He located it and snapped several photos in rapid succession.

“Would you like me to pose for you?”

“Would I,” his erection was substantial she noticed.

She led him around the house and he follower her like a puppy dog in heat. In the living room she posed for him on the couch by first sitting on the couch with her legs together in a demure posture, and then she spread her legs and rubbed her hands across her pussy and breast. She got on all fours and leaned against the couch as if ready to be taken from behind and she reached behind her and pulled her panties to one side exposing her pussy for the lens. She took a shot lying on the coffee table with her arm extended about her head and her legs wide open and the panties to one side, like some sort of exotic erotic art piece found in museums. She took several shots in the kitchen where she posed leaning against the counter and cupping her ample breast and just pinching her nipple. She thought he was going to faint just looking at her and she loved what she was doing to him. She sat on the inside corner of her kitchen counter and propped her legs to either side of her and cupped her breasts and pinched the nipples again and he was a little weak in the knees. She made his erection throb when she pulled her panties aside once more and felt herself, half closing her eyes. She lingered like that for a few minutes while manipulating her breast. She was definitely aroused and she knew he was also. They went into the bathroom and she took several poses in there but the space was a little cramped and she felt it just wasn’t conducive enough for what she had in mind. So they went into the bed room where she spread herself onto the bed. Just pouring her body onto the bedspread like thick syrup.

She was lying down on the bed with her legs spread and her panties pulled to one side, and she was lightly rubbing her clitoris when she asked, “Does that thing have a timer on it?”

He stopped and considered it for a moment, “Why, yes it does.”

“Why not set the timer and join me in the picture?”

“What a great idea,” he found a place to set the camera on the bedroom dresser on its mini tripod and angled it toward the bed and hopped on next to her. The Flash went off and he made a move toward the camera and she stopped him.

“Wait a minute, hon, that’s no way to take a picture like this,” and she started to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt. She shoved the shirt off of his torso and rubbed her fingers through his chest hair and gave him just a little kiss to tease him a bit. He kissed her back and she let him. She rubbed her breast against his bare chest and stuck her tongue down his throat and pushed him onto the bed. She began to kiss him all over his face and neck and she licked his nipples. He pulled her up by cupping her tits and he found her nipples and sucked on them and she let out a throaty moan of pleasure.

“I think we ought to free this poor puppy up,” she said as she grabbed his cock through his pants with one hand and with the other she undid his belt. He took the cue and slipped his pants and underwear off and was lying naked next to her with an enormous erection, fourteen inches in length. “Did I say puppy, I meant Big Dog.” And she took him into her mouth and began to suck on him. She had to use her hand in a kind of encircling motion around the base of his penis to simulate her mouth encompassing the whole of him.

As she worked him he moved her over him and he gently pulled her satin panties aside and began to lick her. He used his fingers to find her clitoris and he gently used a circular motion to stimulate it. His tongue wetted her deep inside. She began to lick him along his length and took one of his balls into her mouth and sucked it. She began sucking him, taking him as deep as she could without gagging.

His tongue was wonderful for her and finding all of her passion. He pulled her panties down for a better access and she allowed him to take them off of her. When he returned to licking her he used both of his hands. One for her clitoris and the other probed her anus. He had his whole face in her pussy and was giving her a thousand tinny licks along her length. She was delirious with lust and needed to feel his big dick inside of her. She stopped sucking him and moved so that she was on all fours ready to take him in and He rose to the occasion.

He took the head of his dick and ran it along the length of her several times to get some of her own juices for lubrication. Then he sank himself deep into her up to the hilt. He was so big she could feel him putting pressure on her other organs, he filled her up and her head spun. He used his full length when he fucked her. The head of his cock almost coming out of her only to thrust itself as deep as it could go into her without splitting her open. He held her on both sides of her ass and pulled and pushed her to the rhythm of his strokes. This was an intense feeling for her and she was beside herself. At times she would lay her head on the bedspread and arch her back causing her ass to stick straight out and he would get that much more of him into her, then she would not be able to handle that for too long and she would rise up on her hands only to end up back down on the bed spread again. She was unaware that she was making grunting sounds and moaning loudly, but he was and that just spurred him on. The sounds of her lust drove him like a whip. The more noise she made the more he needed to fill her. He began to move with an ever increasing pace, his body slapping against her ass as he filled her up. She twisted and contorted to his movements and her sounds increased in intensity. He felt her tighten up and she arched her back and shoved herself against him with a mighty force getting all of him she could as she came. He kept on pulling her to him and grinding himself into her as she climaxed and he rode the waves of her climax until they subsided. Her whole body tingled and her legs felt weak. She was light headed and would have been giggly had she not been so out of breath. Beads of sweat had formed under her ample breast and trickled down her sides inside the bustier and she could feel beads of sweat along her forehead, matting her hair.

“Did you cum, baby?” He asked her as he slowly pulled and shoved the length of him into her.

She had trouble answering because she was still shaky from the orgasm, “Oh baby, did I!” She gently pulled away from him and collapsed at his knees and took him into her mouth and she took even more than she had before. He held her head with one hand and fingered her ass with the other. It was an erotic feeling for her, indescribable and powerful. It was like some hypnotist had mesmerized her and forced her to do all of this yet she was doing it because her own lust led her here and she couldn’t stop if she tried. She knew he wanted to shove his big hairy cock down her ass and she wasn’t sure she could handle it, but she was sure she was going to try to. His fingers seemed to open her up like a flower and she relaxed herself and let herself go with it. His was the finest penis she had ever wrapped her lips around. She felt that she was ready to take him and take as much of him as she could.

She turned her back to him and laid her torso on the bed and arched her back and spread her legs, “Be careful and go slow sweetie, you a big un.” She took both half’s of her ass in her hands and spread them as wide as possible exposing her anus to him. “Make me wet, baby, make me wet!”

He took the head of his rock hard cock and began to shove himself into her. He was bigger than she had thought he would be and he really had to work at her to get himself in. She had to remind herself to relax and let him in and the few moments of discomfort would be worth it, and then, he was in her. He felt the length of him slide down her anus like a plow in a field and she let out an animal grunt from somewhere deep inside. It seemed to take an hour before he got the whole of him into her and she was amazed at herself for being able to take him in. Yet inside of her electric sparks like that of a downed power line were firing off throughout her body and she rippled with an orgasm just from his entering. She shook uncontrollably for a few minutes as he seated himself into her and then began to slide his shaft in and out in a slow steady rhythm. She had a fire in her brain and her whole body seemed like it was building up to something more than just an orgasm. She could not speak except for guttural sounds emitting from her voice box without her ok. She vibrated and radiated her lust to every single part of her body, and the intensity of his entrance to her anus magnified her feelings a thousand fold. The small amount of pain was negligible to the enormity of her overpowering sensuality and lust. She could no longer stay on all fours and had to change positions but she didn’t want it to end.

She maneuvered him to the edge of the bed and she straddled him and he again fed his penis into her now enlarged ass and she slid down the length of him and again sparks flew throughout her body. She had automatic reflex action and would tense her legs and rise up and down on him as if riding a horse. He was gripping her by her sides under her breasts and they were bouncing up and down inside their cups. She would connect with his lap and a slapping sound would result and she would let out a “HA” as she made contact. She found strength in her legs she never knew she had and she couldn’t make herself stop if she had wanted to. He was moaning loudly now and she was conscious of it and it only added to her guttural sounds. Both of them spurred each other on with their noises.

He while still deep inside of her laid her on her side on the bed and lifted one of her legs up and with ferocity never before felt by her he began to move faster and faster inside of her. She was begging to convulse with the oncoming throws of her orgasm. Words tumbled out of her mouth like water from a faucet but it was like speaking in tongue, they were unintelligible and garbled. She let out a howl as the first wave of the most powerful orgasm she ever felt hit her and he did not let up on her one bit. She found herself pinching both of her nipples as the explosion happening within her and she felt the rush of juice flowing from her pussy and into the open. She moved a hand to her clitoris and grabbed it like a life raft in the open sea. She had no more conscious movement that controlled her now, it was all reflex action let by the enormity of her orgasm. It lasted for what seemed like hours but was actually only minutes. Sweat poured from every pore in her body. She became conscious of her hand on his ass as he pounded her ass. He began to make noises like he was about to explode and she called out to him, “I want you in my mouth, Shoot your load in my mouth.”

He continued for a few moments more and then withdrew himself and laid her flat on the bed as he straddled her and brought his dick to her lips. She took hold of it and put it in her mouth and sucked greedily on it while moving her hand up and down his shaft. He let out a great cry and hot semen flowed from him and down her throat. Cum leaked out from around his cock and dribbled down her chin and onto her breast and she kept him there until she had sucked the last drop from him and he stopped moving. She then just sucked and licked that wonderful cock of his in admiration of the deed completed.

He left soon afterward and her husbands came home and sat himself in front of the TV and never know what had taken place there that afternoon. She missed her salesman from time to time and would dream about him and his penis. Then one day, she received a package and inside were color prints of her posing for him along with an address and telephone number. As she stared at the number, she noticed that her panties were getting wet.

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