A lost day


I could wait to get home from school; all week long had been tough. The boys were always picking on me, calling me girlie boy. Let me explain at this point, I am 15 five foot five, weight about 120 pounds, I keep my hair medium length, my butt protrude out some. So I knew why they all called me that. I talked with my mom about, and she assured that once I hit a growth spurt it would all work its self out. So I just put up with it and suffered the school year out.
I made it through the door, a sense of relief overcame me, was glad to be away from all the shit I was getting. “Paul, is that you?” I heard moms voice. “Yes mom, its, me who else can it be”, I said sarcastically. “Young man don’t carry that tone with me”, she said as I walked into the kitchen. “I’m sorry mom, it’s just the whole year, has been a hassle, and I’m glad it’s over”, I told her. Mom smiled at me saying, “it’s okay honey, I know what you been going through, maybe this summer things will change for you”. What a statement is all I thought.
“I’m going to Aunt Jeans this weekend you want to come sweetie”, she asks me. Looking at her all’s I could say was, “oh man”. “Look Paul I know my sister can be trying at times, but all in all she is fun to be around”. “I know but right now I just want to hang around and relax, not do anything just vegetate”, I said. “Well okay, I will be back this Sunday evening and I think we need to talk, about all this”. I didn’t say anything.
Mom finished packing her bag. Before she walked out she left me a to-do list, “here honey a little something for you do when I’m gone”. Mom walked out the door, got into the car a drove off. I opened the list, the first item was do laundry, the second item was clean any messes up you make, and the third thing was just relax and have fun. Mumbling “guess I need to get started”, I walked to the laundry, and began to unload the hamper. I separated colors and white, I noticed that Mom had a lot of panties in the hamper this week. I started the wash, went back into the kitchen and got a sandwich, went to my room, and turned on the computer, but something happen that has never happen before, flashing across the was a message from mom, it said “I know you like to wear panties, the ones in the laundry room are yours, and anything else you desire to wear of mine, just clean them up when you are done.” I was in shock, how did she know, why did she leave this message Sex hikayeleri for me, and what was she up to. I jumped up, looked out the window, nothing out there, but our neighbor Danny. I went to front door and opened it, walked outside and looked around, Danny waved at me, and I waved back and walked back into the house, closed the door and locked it.
I went back to laundry room, and got the cloths out of the dryer, and took them to my room, tossed them on the bed intending to fold them later, sat back down at the computer, and opened my e-mail, trying to shake off the eerie feeling that had come over me. There was another message from Mom, I opened it, and it read “Paul I know all about your secret, and that’s okay with me, if that is your desire, then I suggest that you follow it through, and see where it takes, I have talked with Jean about this, and we both agree that you will either outgrow it, or stay with it, which ever it is we are behind you 100 percent, here are some sites that may help you out some”. Mom had listed 10 sites, that all dealt with transvestites and the issues that could arise. I began to scan them.
The first nine showed all kinds of clothing, from full dresses to nighties, and everything in between, they showed make-up tips, how shave your legs, your pubic area adds for creams to help enlarge your breasts, I spent hours reading all this. The last website I went to dealt with the actual issue of being a transvestite, the one article that got to me, was titled “Go For It!”, it suggest that the person try to live as female for a week and see how they felt about, it all made sense to me. I was about ready to fold the clothes, when my e-mail flashed, it was Mom, another message, try this website, she gave me the password to, I was wondering about that, but that wonder soon turned to awe, when I went to it.
It was a porn site, okay I though moms into porn, but it wasn’t your typical site, it all had short video’s, I clicked on the first one, the words came across the screen, “You love Cock”, and pictures started flash of all kinds of women sucking cock, my eye’s tried to pull away, but they couldn’t, I soon found myself watching the other videos, I would soon find out that they were Hypnos video’s, that would turn you into woman, in respects except one, we all know what that is, I would still have cock, it wasn’t very big, but it was still a cock none the Sikiş hikayeleri less. I must have watched twenty of them, and I was excited, it seems they opened up something in me. I left the computer and went to take a shower, I don’t how long I was in there, but when I had gotten out I noticed that my legs were shaven and my pubic hair was shaved off. What the hell happen, I couldn’t figure it out, I went back into room, and grab a pair of black satin panties and put them on, they felt so good against my bare bottom, my little cock started to get hard. I don’t know what happen but I found myself, in my mom’s room, and I selected a black nightie to wear. I sat down at her vanity and began to apply make-up, when I finished I brushed my hair out, how I wished it was an inch or two longer, O well, it will grow. I lay on my mom’s and fell asleep.
“Well, well what do have here”, I heard the voice coming from bedroom door. I looked up in sleepy haze, that whole night I just dreamed of being those women sucking cock, having sex, pleasing men. When I realized it was Danny, I should of jumped up, but I didn’t I just smile at him. “Your mom wanted me to check on you, every now and then to see if you’re okay”, he said with a smile. “Well Danny am I okay”, I said in my best girls voice. He smiled walked in and shut the door, “Yes you do, sit on the side of the bed” he barked at me, I did it willingly, not knowing why, but I knew it was right. He walked over to me, unzipped his pants, and said, “Pull them down Paulina,” I did it without a word, out sprang a big hard cock, at least 8 inches and thick.

Without a word from him I licked the head of his shaft, oh my god I thought, so good. “Kiss my cock Paulina”, he said, I did it to the tip. I began to stroke his thick shaft, and take the head between my lips. “Oh yes Paulina, good”, he moaned. I had never given a blow job before, but apparently I was doing it right. I pulled my mouth making a popping sound, and ran my tongue down the bottom of his shaft, making my way to his cum filled balls. I sucked one in, “Oh yes Paulina, good, now suck on the other one” He moaned. I felt his hands grab the back of my head, and push, I gagged a bit, “Relax Paulina, relax Paulina”, he said. Once I began to relax he worked his cock in slowly, pumping it in and out my mouth, I could only get half of it in, but my mind was reeling, here I was sucking my first Erotik hikaye cock, dressed like a little slut. I don’t know if I could stand any longer, I was under someone’s spell, and couldn’t get away from it, but again why would I want away from it, I seemed to be doing a great job, Danny was moaning louder, and I was enjoying it. I reached down, and my little dick was limp, but it was seeping my black panties were wet with my pre-cum. “Yes Paulina”, He moaned as he pumped a little faster. All a sudden he pulled my head off his cock, looked down at me and smiled, and said “take the head in your mouth Paulina, suck it, and stroke me until I cum”. I did as he told me do. “Good girl”, he moaned. I could taste his pre-cum, oh so sweet I thought. Soon I heard “Yes Paulina faster I’m going to cum”.
I began to stroke him faster, and suck harder; it wasn’t too long after that he moaned, and I felt his first squirt fill my mouth, I chocked at first but tried to swallow it all, I could feel his cum running out the sides of my mouth he came so hard and so much. I had his cum on my nightie, neck, and chin. I keep his cock in my mouth, I looked up him and smiled, He ran his hand through my hair, smiling, and said, “Paulina, be a good little slut and clean me up”. I followed his order and licked and clean his cock up and took his cum off my nightie, and ate it. Wiping my neck and chin I had a glob of his sweet cum, and sucked it off my fingers. “Pull my pants up Paulina”, he barked at me. I did as he said. He handed me a piece of paper, smiled at me and said, “Your mom wants you to go to these websites”. He turned and walked out. I sat there. I began to unfold the note, the phone rang I picked it up, saying “hello”
“Hi sweetie, was Danny there with you”, Came moms voice. “I was stunned at first, but said “Yes”. There was silence for a moment, “Good, I take things came out all right, then” She said with a giggle, Mom continued to talk, “Aunt Jean will coming home with me today, and we want to hear all about it”, I didn’t say anything, I just sat there, “Did you hear me Paulina”,. I came to my sense’s, “I thought you were coming home Sunday” I said. Mom giggled again, “Silly girl it is Sunday, see you in about two hours, now clean up and put something sweet on for me and Aunt Jean”, the line went dead.
I got up and went into the bath room, and looked in the mirror, my hair and make-up was a mess, I sat down to pee, my little ass hurt a bit, but I didn’t think much about then. I was just wondering where my Saturday went, I would find out in a few hours, I ran the water and stepped in the shower.

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