A Titillating Tailgate


“Lastly,” my boss said, concluding our team huddle, “I have some good news. The new girl, Amy, starts Monday. Mark, as we discussed, I’ll need you to introduce her around, show her the ropes.”

“Great,” I thought. Glenn, one of the other sales managers, had unexpectedly quit nearly four months ago, and the search for his replacement took way longer than expected. As a result, everyone on the team was absolutely buried. Especially me, since I had taken the majority of his accounts and it was peak season for many of my existing customers. This meant a ton of new orders, but with the attendant service calls, installations, and follow ups, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day.

Once she was trained, Amy would be a welcome addition, since she would take all of Glenn’s accounts off my plate. At this point, however, a babysitting assignment was the last thing I wanted.

“At least she’s cute,” I thought, in an effort to console myself. Cute was an understatement. She was gorgeous. With her clear green eyes, flawless tan skin, million dollar smile, and bouncy blond curls cascading down past her shoulders, she’d have been a beauty even if she didn’t have the perfect athletic body. Since she did, however, she was basically the whole package.

Luckily, in addition to being good-looking, Amy was a quick study. After just a few weeks of squiring her around, introducing her to our key business partners, and getting her up to speed on our systems, she was ready to fully assume her duties. Thankfully, because my own staggering workload was in dire need of attention.

Several weeks after I’d left Amy to her own devices, I heard her lilting voice approaching my cube. “Hey Stranger! What’s the deal? I’m old news now? Don’t have time for me anymore?”

“I guess it has been a while.” I replied. “But after doing your job for so long, I’m pretty swamped over here.” I smiled to let her know I was teasing.

“Haha. Fair enough,” she said with a big grin. “but at least tell me you have time for lunch. I’d love to catch up, plus I never got to properly thank you for doing such a good job training me.”

“Sorry, wish I could. I’m still way behind, and my busy season won’t be over for a couple of weeks. Maybe we can do something then.”

She pursed her full lips into a perfect pout. “You suck!” she scolded. I think kiddingly. “Well, how about this? Word on the street is you’re a Tech fan. You going to the State game this weekend?”

I’m a Tech alum, and utterly consumed with the fortunes of its teams. Also, the Tech and State campuses are only 15 miles apart, so it’s a huge rivalry, and whenever they compete it’s a happening.

“Everyone in the state is going to be there this weekend.” I replied, trying to sound more funny than condescending. “And I have tickets, so yes, I’ll be among them.”

“Great!” she said. “I’m not privileged enough to have tickets,” she continued, mocking my tone, “but Dave and I will be down there tailgating. You should stop by. A couple of beers is the least I could do for taking me under your eskort görükle wing those first few weeks.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I said. “My wife is going out of town this weekend, so you won’t get to meet her, but my buddy Steve and I will be making the rounds. Just text me when you get down there and let me know where you are and I’ll drop by.”

Come Saturday, we started even earlier than usual, and several drinks in I’d all but forgotten Amy’s offer. Around noon, however, my phone buzzed. I retrieved it from my pocket to find her text.

“Hey Stud!” it teased. “You gonna come see me?”

“Sure.” I typed back, “Where are you guys?”

“In the big field south of the stadium.”

“Oh, okay. That narrows it down to about 2,000 tailgate spots.”

“We have an orange tent.”

“Great, that gets it down to 1,000 to sort through. Much better.”

“Stop it. Just text me when you’re in the area and we’ll figure it out.”

Twenty minutes later, I heard that voice. “MAAAAAAARRRRRRKKKKK!!!!!!! Over here!!!!!!!!!”

I was blown away. I already knew she was hot, but I don’t know that anyone’s looked more resplendent in a more basic outfit. She wore a ladies cut jersey that was cropped enough to reveal hints of her flat belly and her cutoff jean shorts showed as much of those toned legs as they could without risking arrest.

“Dave, this is Mark, the other man in my life,” I heard her say as I reached the tent.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, extending my hand “I’m sure she’s overstating it.”

“Believe me, I learned long ago to tune her out. Especially when she’s been doing shots,” he said, laughing.

We exchanged a few war stories about life at the office as we happily downed a few beers, then, feeling we’d sufficiently caught up, I announced that I was heading out.

“What time is it?” Amy inquired.

“After 3:00,” I said “so we have about 4 hours ’til game time.”

“Which way are you headed?”

“Another friend of mine tailgates at the Smythe lot. I have to stop by there for our customary pregame shot of bourbon. It’s a tradition.”

“Perfect! That’s where we parked, so I’ll walk with you.” she said. “We got here earlier than I anticipated, so I feel like I’d better lie down and take a nap. Otherwise I may pass out before kickoff. That okay, honey?” she called back to Dave.

“I think that’s a good idea.” he said. “I’m putting the burgers on around 6, so just be back by then if you’re wanting to eat tonight.”

With that, we departed. I let Amy take the lead, under the guise that she knew better the way to her car, than I. The real reason, of course, was to give me more opportunity to check out her sexy ass as we walked. That voluptuous backside was a surprising but welcome feature on a body that otherwise seemed to allow no excess. Her arms, legs and, as I could now see, abs, were perfectly toned, and her breasts, while seemingly perky, were the small sort you’d expect from such an athletic type.

Too soon, it seemed to me, we reached her car. Though it was kestel escort just as well, I supposed, as it had been difficult to maintain a conversation while trying to imagine what was underneath Amy’s shorts and thinking of all the fun Dave must have with that hot little body of hers.

“Well, it was great catching up with you. I’ll see you Monday.” I said, turning away.

“Are we caught up?” she asked forlornly. “I was hoping you’d keep me company for a few more minutes. I can’t just get in the car and go to sleep.”

“Oh, you need me to help you fall asleep? Do I bore you or something?” I teased.

That intoxicating grin once again flashed across her face. “Shut up and get in. In the back.” she said.

With that, we both crawled into the back of her SUV. I wondered whether her decision to nap was as spontaneous as it appeared, as the third row seat was pushed all the way back and the second row was already folded down.

“Pretty comfy, don’t you think?” she said.

“Not bad. And with the tinted windows, you don’t even have to worry about the sun beating in.” I replied. The alcohol was starting to take effect, and I’d really hoped she’d be the one to carry the conversation until I could reasonably excuse myself.

“Or people seeing in.” she said, then leaned over and placed a firm kiss on my lips.

I began to flush, and it wasn’t from the alcohol. I started to stammer a weak protest, but before I could get anything out, her lips had found mine again. As her tongue darted into my mouth, feverishly searching out mine, my body was ready to give into the temptation. I decided I should raise a proper objection, however.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Thanking you,” she said mischievously.

“Well, I did do a pretty good job by you.” I grinned back, my defenses slipping away.

“You certainly did.” She smiled wickedly. “And now I’m going to do a job for you.”

With that she slid to her knees in front of me and began rubbing the bulge that was rapidly forming in my jeans.

“I think someone wants to see me.” She said coyly.

Fully into it now, I reached down to touch her hair, face, breasts, anything I could get my hands on.

“Easy…” she admonished. “This is for you. Just sit back, relax and enjoy it.”

“I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy seeing that hot body of yours.” I replied.

“Hmm” she demurred. “I guess I can show you a little something. We’re about to be good friends, after all.”

Sitting up, she pulled her top over her head to reveal the breasts I’d been trying to picture through that jersey. Happily, they were as pert as I’d anticipated. In fact, she hadn’t even worn a bra.

“Oh my God.” I panted, as she continued to stroke my cock through my pants.

“I’m excited too. But I guess you can already see that” she whispered, flicking a finger across one of her stiff nipples. “Now let’s get down to business.”

In a flash, she had my pants pulled down to my knees and her mouth around the head of my swollen cock. As she played bursa sınırsız escort her tongue across its sensitive underside, I feared I might explode before she even really got started. I inhaled deeply and tried to relax.

After swirling her tongue around the bulbous head a few more times, she took it out of her mouth and began licking up and down the shaft. If I thought she was sexy before, seeing the way she hungrily attacked my hard dick accentuated it.

“Mmm…” she moaned, letting me know she was enjoying herself. Although I’m sure not as much as I was. “I need to get this back in my mouth.”

I fancied that she might not be able to pull it off, as engorged as I now was. Slowly, however, her talented mouth began to engulf me. Inch by inch, she worked her way down until I felt the tip of my 7 inches hitting the back of her throat. At this, she pulled back slightly, then began to bob her head earnestly up and down, again slowly at first, then increasingly fast.

As she adjusted to having the entirety of me pistoning in and out of her gullet, she also began to suck me even harder. When it comes to getting blowjobs, my stance is the more suction, the better, and I again worried I would lose control. Again breathing deeply, however, I adjusted to the feel of being in her mouth and allowed myself to focus on the pleasure she was giving me. And was she ever.

If I could’ve kept going on like that, I’d have even been willing to miss the game, but that wasn’t to be the case. Heck, maybe she did want to get a nap in after all. Whatever the case, she amped up her ministrations on my stiff rod, using her hand to pump my shaft and play with my balls, while her mouth homed in on my bloated cock head.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “I can’t wait to see you come for me.”

Her furious efforts to make that happen were having the intended effect and I knew that, no matter what steps I tried to forestall it, this encounter was approaching an end. When she deep throated me again, then cast her eyes up into mine, I knew I was about to go over the edge.

“I’m about to go.” I gasped, hoping it would be sufficient warning. “Do you have a towel or something?”

Again a devilish grin illuminated her face. “It’s sweet of you to ask, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

She then plunged her head down my length and, in a final flurry of thrusts, my cock began to spurt forth ropes of jizz. Each eruption felt stronger than the last and each surprised me more, given how many had come before. As for Amy, she handled the first few explosions well, but eventually she couldn’t swallow my DNA as quickly as it came at her and rivulets began to dribble down her chin, onto her chest and her still hard nipples.

Undaunted, however, she licked her lips clean and reached a finger down to scoop the errant strands off of herself. Looking straight into my eyes, she lasciviously sucked it clean as well.

“That was incredible.” I said, finally able to muster a sentence after a period of prolonged, though not awkward, silence.

“Glad you liked it.” she smiled. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while. Maybe next time you won’t be so quick to decline my lunch invites.” She added flirtatiously.

“Definitely not.” I heartily agreed.

“Good…” she said. “Because next time, I want to fuck.”

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