What Happens in Vegas


My name is Kathy, and I am an ex-Elementary School Teacher from Ohio. By Ex I mean I just resigned and have begun a new and much more interesting life.

I was born and grew up in a small town in Ohio, and I became a Teacher in the Elementary School in the same town as my very first job. At first and for quite a while I loved the job. I loved working with the kids and seeing them grow and blossom. But after five or six years of it I became bored with it, burned out I guess.

I was also bored with small town life. My social life was dull, and my sex life even worse. The guys I had relationships with seemed to think that sex is 10 or 12 ins and outs in my vagina followed by an ejaculation followed by deep sleep.

I began spending my vacations in Las Vegas and I liked everything about the city. I enjoy gambling, mostly Black Jack which I have become fairly good at. I am not an addict, I have my limits and I win more than I lose so I stay ahead of the game.

I packed up and moved to Las Vegas a month ago and I rented a small apartment with just enough room for me. The rent is not cheap but I have some savings from my life in Ohio, and I could afford it while I looked for a job in town.

I got some good news today from one of the Casinos where I had applied for a job as a Dealer. They liked my resume and the first interview went well so they wanted me to come in for another interview and possibly a job offer. I nailed the interview and they offered me the job and I accepted it.

The starting salary is not great but it will go up, and tips always help. I know this is a sexist thing to say, but I think I am fairly attractive and I know how to flirt, and men will probably respond to that with nice tips.

I was so happy and pleased with this that I stopped at one of the Casino bars to have a celebratory drink. It wasn’t even cocktail hour yet but these bars are always busy, 24 hours a day.

The typical Vegas customers were there, some real freaks and some very normal looking people. Down at the other end of the bar there was a nice looking guy who kept checking me out. I didn’t encourage him but soon he came down to my side and asked if he could join me. As I said he was a good looking guy so I said OK.

I hadn’t had a casual sexual encounter in quite a while, and I have to admit that I started to think about it. He bought me another drink and introduced himself.

“My name is Bill. What’s yours?”

I noticed that we were keeping it to first names only, so I answered “Kathy.”

After a few minutes of very small talk he said “Why don’t we go up to my room and discuss price?”

My God, I thought. He thinks I am a hooker. I have a kind of twisted sense of fun so I thought I would go along with it to see what happens.

“OK, let’s do that.”

We finished our drinks and got up and went to the nearest elevator. Mind you I would not have done this if he was some grotesque loser. He is very attractive and I was intrigued by what was happening.

When we were in his room he cut right to the chase and said “How much do you want for an evening of intimate time?”

“Bill, I am not a hooker. I came up here willingly and some intimate time is fine with me, but you do not need to pay me.”

He seemed very disappointed at that which I could not understand. If he is going to get what he wants for free, how is that a bad thing?

He said “Sorry, I misunderstood. Don’t be offended. I guess this is not going to work out.”

Now I am really confused.

“Bill, I am not playing hard to get. I am ready and willing. Isn’t that alright?”

He was deep in thought for a moment, and then he tried to explain.

“I like to hire a woman so that her entire body is available to me, with nothing off limits. Professional women are not judgmental and I get what I want with no drama.”

Now I am a little concerned. What kind of creepy stuff is this guy in to? I am pretty open minded about different kinds of sex, but I don’t like pain, neither giving or receiving it. I looked at the door thinking maybe I should make a break for it. But he seemed like such a nice guy and I needed to know what this was about.

“Bill, I may be new to Vegas but I am not that innocent. What is it that you want?”

He reluctantly said “I will tell you, and then you will probably be out the door in a flash. I like anal sex.”

What a coincidence, I thought. Me too. It has been a while, but when I was just out of High School and eighteen years old, I had an experience with it. There was a guy who lived next door who was bursa escort a year older than me, and he had joined the Marines right out of High School.

He came home on leave that summer, and we “hooked up” as they say. My parents both worked so I was home alone all day, and he came over to hang out with me. One thing led to another, and it was clear that he wanted to have sex with me.

I was worried about pregnancy which would have ruined my life, but he said not to worry because he wanted to cornhole me. I had no idea what that meant but I said OK. We went up to my bedroom, and to make a long story shorter, he fucked me in the ass.

We didn’t even take all of our clothes off; we just took off our jeans and underwear. No romance or foreplay, he just got me to lie face down on the bed I had slept in since I was a kid. He took a pillow and got me to lift up so he could put it under my hips. He said “It will go in farther this way.” Now I began to understand what ‘cornhole’ meant. I was apprehensive but it was too late to turn back now.

I felt his cock touch my asshole and I held my breath. He pushed a couple of inches in me and I said “Ouch!” I squirmed and squealed but that didn’t stop him, he just held me down and shoved it in. It was very uncomfortable at first, but it got better. At his age it was no surprise that he didn’t last long, and I felt the semen gush into me. I liked that part.

We got together two more times at my house, up in my bedroom with his cock up in my ass. The second time it was not so uncomfortable, and on the third day before he even brought it up I asked him if he would please do it to me again and it was not uncomfortable at all. By then I really liked it, feeling filled and stretched by his hard-on, and feeling his semen pump into me. Then he was gone, back to the Marines, and I never saw him again.

I could never tell anyone about this, not even my best girlfriend. I had a few relationships over the next years but none of them were interested in my back door and I couldn’t ask for it because the word would be out in town that I was an ass-whore.

All of those memories flashed through my mind in an instant, and then I answered Bill.

I said “No, I will not be out the door because of that. I’m pretty sure that many people like anal sex, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. If that is what you want I am willing.”

Actually I was more than willing, I was eager to do it that way. I remember what it was like the third time I did it with the Marine and I wanted to feel it that way again.

Bill said “Willing is nice, but I don’t want you to think I am a pervert. That’s why it is so much easier with a hooker.”

“Bill, you’re not getting me. I am not only willing; I want it that way too. I just moved here from a small town where the men are not very imaginative about sex. I had one experience when I was barely legal, and I have been craving it ever since. I was too modest or ashamed to ask any of the men I had affairs with in my home town. It is a good thing that I didn’t because they most likely would have refused, and then I can guess what the gossip in town would have been like.”

That seemed to convince him, that and the fact that I was deliberately sitting so he could look up my skirt and see the thong that was barely covering my crotch. I moved my legs farther apart and he stared at the wedgie in my panties. That did it.

“OK, let’s try it.”

He got up and started to undress and I did the same. When he pulled his pants and briefs down I got a look at his cock. It was already getting hard, and it was very nice. Not quite porn star size, but larger than I had ever experienced. It was completely straight with a nicely shaped helmet head. It bobbed and swayed around as he took off his shirt and undershirt, and I was thrilled with the thought that it would soon be up my ass.

His muscular, athletic body was beautiful, and his masculinity was like a magnetic field that I basked in. I felt like a High School girl that finally had the chance to make out with the star football player. Except I wanted to do more than make out, I wanted to lick his body all over. I especially wanted to lick his balls and suck his cock and make him cum in my mouth.

No time for that however, since he wants to cornhole me, to use the word for it that my Marine used. I kind of like the word, because it has a dirty, nasty sound to it that perfectly describes the act itself.

When we were naked he led me to the bed and indicated that I should lie down. I did, but on my back. He bursa escort bayan got on the bed beside me and I couldn’t resist, I took his cock in my hand. It was now rock-hard, and thick with an almost muscular feel.

I touched the pink head right at the little hole where the semen squirts out, and then I stroked it in the way that guys like. I felt his large hairy ball-sack, and carefully and gently squeezed each testicle. A man’s balls turn me on, and his were unusually large and virile.

He climbed over me and I spread my legs, and without the slightest attempt at foreplay he pushed his stiff cock up my vagina. I suppose he was treating me like a hooker whose body belonged to him for the paid-up time and he didn’t have to be polite. He began to fuck me in the conventional way which was a surprise. I didn’t care, it felt great going in and out of me.

I whispered “Did you change your mind?”

“No. Turn over.”

Please turn over would have been nice, but oh well. I turned over but as I was doing that I reached up and took a pillow from the head of the bed.

“Let me show you something you might like. You will go in me deeper this way.”

I positioned the pillow under my hips just like I remembered my Marine did, and it raised my butt up at a nice angle for him.

He said “God, yes. Thank you.” His cock was glistening and wet from my vagina, and I believe it was over eight inches of stiff shaft. I was dying to have it in me.

Instead of that he grasped my butt with both of his strong hands and spread me open. He moved in for a close look and I hoped it would meet with his approval. I have checked myself out down there with a mirror, and if an asshole can be pretty I think mine is. No hair or dark skin around it, just a puckered pink hole.

He moved in even closer and I felt like I was being inspected by the FDA. I must have been graded as ‘Safe for human consumption’ because the next thing I felt was his tongue on my asshole. He kissed and licked it like a delicacy. He couldn’t get his tongue in very far but he did his best and I loved it. I had never even imagined anyone doing that. I felt him deposit a dollop of saliva on my asshole for lubrication.

To complete his inspection he pushed his middle finger all the way up my ass. He has big hands to match his big cock and it was tantalizingly close to the feeling of a stiff hard-on sliding into me. I had been dreaming and fantasizing and craving that for over six years now and I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Bill, stop teasing me.”

He understood and moved into position over me, and I felt the head of his cock touch my anus. A thrill of anticipation went through me like electricity. After all these years I was finally going to be fucked up the ass again.

He began to push, and the helmet head went into me. I made a noise but it did not hurt, I just couldn’t help it. It felt like I was being stretched to the limit but it was not at all painful, it was exciting and I wanted it in me deeper. He methodically pushed it into me until his pubic hair brushed up against my butt and I knew it was all the way in.

He reached around me with both hands and grasped my right breast with his right hand, and touched my pussy with his left. He began to fuck me in wonderful slow motion, and fondled my breast and my pussy at the same time.

Most men just grab and grope your breasts, and shove their finger up your vagina, but he was much more knowledgeable than that. He manipulated my clit in exactly the way that I masturbate, all the while sliding his cock in and out of my asshole. He had to go slowly because I was still tight, the incident when I was eighteen was a long time ago, and my Marine was not as well hung as Bill.

The feeling of his beautiful long penis sliding all the way up in me was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced. Your asshole is the most personal and private part of your body, even more so than your vagina, and that made it so incredibly intimate.

This continued for several minutes and I was in a state of blissful surrender. I had never been fucked so expertly before and I knew I was going to have an orgasm. The head of his cock was poking and probing way up inside me, much farther in me than I thought possible. He continued in his machine-like way until I noticed some urgency in his thrusting.

He pushed hard against my butt with every last fraction of an inch in me and let out a grunt. I felt his cock pulse and twitch and a fountain of semen squirted into me. This is what turned görükle escort me on to anal sex during the first time with the Marine.

The sensation of being injected with his precious living sperm set me off, and I had an orgasm that was just as intense as his. It must have been like a Rodeo ride for him with me bucking and flailing around.

He collapsed on top of me but he was careful not to crush me. He was huffing and puffing but he kept his hands where they were, cupping my breast and pressing against my clit. He didn’t rub or stroke my clit; he just kept his hand touching it in a calming and reassuring way.

We stayed locked together like that for what seemed like an hour but it was probably only ten or fifteen minutes. He didn’t lose any of his erection, it stayed stiff and hard.

I whispered “That feels so good. Don’t take it out.”

“I won’t. It was so nice that you had an orgasm when I did. I have never had a woman do that.”

“When your semen went into me it felt so good that I practically exploded. I have never felt it like that.”

After another few moments I whispered “Do you think you can start over now?”

He began to move, almost imperceptibly, and I realized he was going to do it again. I think I love this guy.

He went faster now which was possible due to the load he had emptied into me. Semen makes good lubrication. There were some wet squishy sounds as he pushed in and out of me, almost like it sounds when I am being fucked in my vagina.

Speaking of my vagina, he resumed the masturbation technique on my clit and continued to fondle my breast. This guy is a fuck-master. Why in the world should he have to pay for this? I would gladly pay him.

He came up hard against me with every thrust, and his heavy balls slapped against my pussy. I was murmuring and muttering like an insane person while he hyperventilated.

He stopped all the way in and emptied another load in me. I was in ecstasy; it was amazing that this guy could do that again so soon. Twice without even pulling out.

I didn’t have an orgasm this time, but I felt a deep sense of satisfaction. It was as if I had been gang-banged by just one guy. Not that I have ever been gang-banged but you know what I mean.

He finally had enough, and he withdrew slowly. I hated that because I wanted him in me for the rest of my life, but all good things must end. When the head popped out of me I felt a sense of emptiness but at least I knew that his sperm were still deep in me, swimming around and no doubt confused.

We stayed side-by-side for a while, and then I got up and got dressed. I went into the bathroom to check myself in the mirror, and when I came out his eyes were closed. I didn’t know if he was really sleeping or he just didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Like a hooker, he wanted me out the door.

His cock was still half-hard, and I had an overpowering urge to take it in my mouth and suck it, but I didn’t want to disturb him. Instead of kissing him goodbye I kissed his cock right on the head. He kept his eyes closed but he flinched which proved he was faking being asleep.

I went to the dresser to pick up my purse, and on top of it were three crisp new one hundred dollar bills. I was a little offended, but then I thought what the hell, I can use the money, and I took it. Obviously he has to pay in order to not feel guilty about the nasty things he had done to me, so I was doing him a favor I guess.

There was a Hotel notepad and pen on the dresser, so I wrote down my cell phone number and “Call me.”

As I went down the elevator I felt my panties getting wet and sticky. My asshole was still stretched open and Bill’s cum was oozing out of me. Even though I was losing some I knew there was a lot more of it deep inside me.

I left the hotel and drove home, and I thought about my future in Vegas. I have a decent job so I don’t have to sell my body to survive, but I can do it on a case-by-case basis. I won’t have to deal with any guy that propositions me, if he is ugly or smelly I will just act very offended and tell him he should call an escort service.

But if it is an attractive guy that I would probably have sex with anyway, I will take him up on his offer. If I do that every week or so it will supplement my salary and tips from the Casino, and it will also satisfy my sexual needs.

I will have to come up with a way to ask the guys to fuck me in the ass that will sound modest and ladylike. I bet most of them will do it. I have come to realize that I am very anally erotic, thanks to the teenage introduction to it by my Marine neighbor and now the expert ass-fuck by Bill.

But I really hope that Bill will call me. I hope he wants to give me another shot, pardon the tacky play on words. If he has to pay me to get rid of his inhibitions I will just have to take the money.

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